How to Write High Performing Content for SEO with Skyscraper Technique

The world of content marketing has witnessed a myriad of trends over the years, and one such trend which is here to stay for many years to come is “Skyscraper Content.” Digital marketing experts have gone crazy about this new technique called the ‘Skyscraper Technique‘ to create more backlinks faster.

Before we go any further, it is imperative to know what Skyscraper Technique is?

It is an inbound technique that involves discovering new & trendy topics both over the search engine as well as social media. Skyscraper technique implements the reverse engineering strategy to produce content which is far better than the existing one.

How Effective Skyscraper Content Marketing Technique is?

Brian Dean, a globally renowned Internet marketer & analyst in a post, said that the skyscraper content marketing technique had increased the organic traffic by 110% in just two weeks.

A Mini Guide to Create a Skyscraper Content

In this blog, we’ve created a practical guide on how to write skyscraper content for SEO. So, without wasting any time, let’s get on with it:-

how to create skyscraper content step by step guide

Step 1 Find a Trendy Topic

First, search the Internet to narrow down on any topic that is doing well over the various channels of social media and search engines. Ensure that the topic you choose is relevant to your industry; otherwise, the whole skyscraper content marketing exercise will serve no purpose to you.

Another thing to keep in mind is that topic has to be clickable, not “ClickBait.”

These days there are numerous tools like BuzzSumo that bring you the most popular content for a given set of keywords. You can obtain a lot of insight details, even without opting for its paid subscription.

The results provided by this tool are based on the number the particular content piece is shared over the various social media platforms or in the network.

Step 2 Analyze Content from Top Performers

Once when you’ve zeroed down on a topic that you think aligns with the industry your business in and performing well over the Internet, the next step is to find the top performers to that particular topic.

You are required to do a comprehensive audit of the content pieces that are ranked top. This will guide you through curating relevant content that can rank higher everywhere.

Here are some of the critical aspects you may look into a top-performing content:-

  • What is the average length of the content?
  • How many images are there to make the content visually appealing?
  • What is the specific keyword or search term used?

There are tools such as “Word Frequency Counter” that let you guess what keyword is targeted by a particular content piece.

Step 3 Create Better Content than Competitors

Here are things you must do to make your skyscraper content marketing efforts successful:-

creating content with skyscraper technique

1. More in-Depth and Lengthy The Content, the Better It is

One of the most effective tactics to rank higher than your competitors is to create a much longer post. Longer content has an uncanny ability to pull the attention of Internet users in search of genuine information, or simple words, after reading a blog post, they want to end up with loads of new things learned.

So, don’t be in a hurry to publish 300-400 words like any other of your blog posts, devote time and efforts; believe me, a few hundreds of extra content will pay off.

Above all, the topic determines this word length itself, for instance, if you are writing a beginner’s guide to invest in the stock market, you’ll have to make it lengthy, including all the vital information.

On the other hand, if you introduce a single like five mistakes to avoid when investing in the stock market for the first time, you don’t have to write too much content.

2. Add Images, Videos, and Other Media

If you want your reader to the end of the post, you’ll have to make the content visually creative that connects with the users.

These days, you often see well-performing blog posts with more images and less text. Videos, images, and other media like infographics all have an uncanny ability to make the content copy relevant, something your readers love to read & share.

Do a quick search to find top sites using the power of images to drive results? If not, then this is a mega opportunity for you to make a big leap.

Now, the images have to go sync with the text, and at the same time, ensure you don’t overdo; otherwise, the images will feel lame. You can always customize infographic-like images to communicate a message through these photos.

Creating a video is not a stroll in a park, but several handy tools allow you to create a professional video in no time. Unlike the content, avoid a lengthy video, an average four to five minutes video is just fine.

3. Go Deeper into the Topic

Regardless you are writing technical or nontechnical content, to come up with shareable content, you need to offer value to your reader. You just can’t expect to rank well for content that has hundreds of similar copies over the Internet. Include as many details as possible.

Give yourself time to familiarize yourself with the topic to write a concise content piece. Every sentence should provide value to every visitor that stumbled upon your blog post.

You put in lots of information to make the skyscraper content look deeper, make sure you don’t go off-topic; otherwise, it will encourage your readers to hop out of your post without going through with it.

You are going deeper means to start razor with the topic in the first para itself. For example, if you write a blog post on a guide to improve the loading speed of a website, you can’t have long initial paragraphs explaining what SEO is. This is because this is the kind of information they know very well.

4. Adding the Relevant Keywords

The keywords are the most integral part of your scrapper content; after all, this is what will get your content piece to rank higher for a relevant set of keywords. Be it the one-word search terms or long-tail search queries.

Keywords must be placed naturally throughout the content so that they don’t act as bumpers while reading your blog post. It is imperative to have the focus keyword in the first paragraph, conclusion, and two to three in the middle segments.

As a rule of thumb, two keywords must be placed 100 words apart to avoid keyword stuffing, which has become an unpopular practice nowadays.

5. Use of Short & Crisp Sentence

If you want to maintain your readers’ attention span, then your sentences have to be short, not more than 20 words, and crisp to get into the minds. Also, look into the readability score, it must be over 60.

More importantly, it must be easy to read, as you don’t want your reader to open a dictionary now and then to find the meaning of words you used.

Hold your vocab, for instance, if you are curating a cooking recipe guide for the housewives, you have to make the content as easy to digest as possible.

Step 4: Drive People to Link To Your Content

This is the hardest and the most critical aspect of the skyscraper technique; after all, this is what you want. So, how to get people to link your blog post?

There are so many ways out there, but promoting your content piece over the different social media platforms is far more effective and quick than anything else.

One thing you need to know marketing your content is not an overnight effort, it takes time, but if you invest your energy the right way, you’ll drive meaningful results.

Learn about social media platforms that you can use to promote your content online:


Try skyscraper technique all by yourself in the step-by-step approach I mentioned in this blog.

What is skyscraper technique for link building?

Skyscraper technique for link building is used by Digital Marketers to create more valuable backlinks for a piece of content to rank higher on search engines. This technique is most useful for new websites that have low DA/PA and looking to build organic ranking.

What is a skyscraper article?

A Skyscraper article is a piece of content that is created to make use of skyscraper technique for back link building. This article is better than the top performing article on the search engine for a particular keyword.

How to Execute the Skyscraper Technique ?

The Skyscraper Technique is executed in three steps:
1. Identify the top-performing content for a particular keyword.
2. Create better content than the top-performing article.
3. Reach out to websites that are linking to the top-performing articles to use your article link instead.