How to use Canva to Create Images for Social Media?

There are many reasons to use Canva to create images for social media. Social Media Management and Social media marketing are integral parts of the digital marketing strategy for any business. Even if you have an individual blog for yourself or you just want to make cooler Instagram images to leave a good impression on your followers, Canva is an excellent tool for the purpose. And the best part is- It’s FREE!

Shhhh! Don’t tell anybody. Make it the secret sauce and let the world be amazed at the beautiful images you create with Canva. I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that it is complicated. Let me assure you, you won’t even have to shake a single brain nerve to be able to create an image with Canva. It is that easy. Everything is just Drag and Drop, which makes it favorite among creators without Photoshop skills.

Sounds too good to be true? Let’s explore this fantastic tool in this article together. Keep reading!

How to use Canva to Create Images for Social Media

What is Canva?

First of all, let me introduce you to Canva. Canva is a web-based design tool for creative artists who make visual content for different purposes. Think of it as Photoshop but so much easier to use and you don’t have to install it on any computer. You can access it from anywhere any time using the internet.

Canva is a free image creation tool. It has some premium features which you can access with paid membership but for beginner level work, you can utilize the free features which are also awesome! It provides you with multiple templates for Instagram posts, stories, Facebook cover pages, LinkedIn cover pages, PowerPoint presentations and tons of other useful formats for creating visual content.

Why should you create visual content for social media?

  • Interaction

A huge amount of internet interaction for us happens through social media. We go to social media like Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for many reasons. Like news, daily updates, entertainment, and ideas. One of the reasons we engage on these platforms is because of engaging visual content.

  • Connection

To make your audience engage with your brand on social media, you need to create visual content that makes them connect to your message. For example, if you have a cafe and you want to reach your audience more effectively, you will want to share beautiful images of your food offers with creative messages like the following example.

  • Impressions

Think of your social media pages like billboards on the roadside. The images you share on social media leaves an impression on your audience’s mind. And as they say, ‘The first impression is the last impression.’ any image you share on social media can make the first impression. So you have to be careful and creative about what you share on social media.

How to use Canva to create images?

Now that you’re familiar with the reasons and significance behind creating images for social media, it’s time to learn the art and use Canva to create images.  

  • First of all, you have to sign-up with Canva using your email. To register with Canva you will need to provide your name, email and create a password. 
creat a free account with Canva
  •  Now, there is an on-boarding process that you will have to follow. They will ask you a bunch of questions related to your work. Answer them and move on.
onboarding with Canva
  •  Select ‘maybe later’ and skip the part where they ask you to register for a free trial for Canva Pro. Unless you want to take the free trial for pro. 
  •  To start creating your first image select a template from the next tab which suits your needs. Now we will learn how to create a super cool image for your Instagram post related to a fashion blog.
search template

Create your first image with Canva

To create an image with Canva is pretty easy with its drag and drop features. it provides you with some piece of graphics content. Which are:

  1. Templates
  2. Free Stock Images
  3. Elements (Icons and design patterns)
  4. Text Formats
  5. Background Music
  6. Short Video Clips
  7. Background Patterns

The Guide

We will create an Instagram post using these tools and elements. Follow this guide step-by-step:

1. Go to ‘Create a Design’. When search box appears, type in ‘Instagram’ and select ‘Instagram Post’. This will open a new window with so many template options for your image.

2. Now, select a template you would like to work with and it will be open to editing.

How to use Canva to Create Images for Social Media

3. You can edit and add anything to this template. I’m going to change the colors and images and add some elements to make it look cooler.

4. To change the image, select the ‘image’ icon on the sidebar. Type in ‘fashion’ and it will show multiple images related to fashion. Some of these are available to be used for free, some are available with Canva Pro subscription and others are available to buy. If you are using the free Canva tool, you can buy stock images only for your purpose.

5. Next, select the text and write your own content. You can change the color of the text as well and the fonts.

6. There are many cool stickers available, so I’m gonna use one of the stickers and make my image look cooler. These stickers are available under the ‘Elements’ section.

7. Now if you have a brand logo, just upload it and add it into the image to make it branded. I’m going to skip this part.

How to use Canva to Create Images for Social Media

8. Finally, if your image is ready it’s time to download it and share it with your audience. For the free version, download is available in PNG, Jpeg, pdf and video format. If you have Canva Pro, you can download the image as an animated/gif file.

How to use Canva to Create Images for Social Media

9. Tada! Your cool Instagram post is ready. Now you can share it anywhere you want on social media accounts. 

Pros and Cons of using Canva

Canva is no doubt a very useful tool for beginners who want to create beautiful and engaging social media posts for their business and personal accounts. There are some pros and cons of using Canva:


  1. Canva is a web-based tool, so you can access it from anywhere anytime. There is no need to install it on a machine. 
  2. It is very easy to use tool to quickly create amazing images and videos for your social media campaign and other visual documents.
  3. Canva has a huge database of templates and other elements to help creators in creating breathtaking designs.


  1. In the free version of Canva, the amount of design elements available for free is very low. 
  2. The search filter for images and elements is not particularly helpful. You can’t search only free images or elements. That sometimes is frustrating.
  3. There is not much flexibility in terms of making changes in design elements like icons.
  4. There are many limitations on how and where you can use free images and elements provided by Canva because of copyright issues. 


  • It is important for bloggers and businesses to create visual content like images, animations, and videos for social media. This helps them to engage with their audience more efficiently. 
  • Canva is a free web-based tool, which allows users to create beautiful visual content like images and videos for their social media.
  • To use the Canva tool, you need to register with Canva with an email address. The registration is completely free. They won’t ask you for your credit card details.
  • To create an image with Canva you can choose one of the free templates and edit it according to your needs. You can change colors, fonts 


Can I use Canva for free?

All the features which fall under ‘free use’ can be used for free. However, there are some limitations regarding where and what kind of uses are allowed. I suggest you read all terms of usage provided by Canva.

Is it worth paying for Canva?

Canva provides many design elements to use for free in its free version. But there are many limitations and the quality of free elements is not good. But if you are using Canva professionally and want to download your designs in multiple rich formats definitely paying for Canva Pro is worth it.

Can you print Canva designs?

There are certain limits of using Canva designs for use of commercial and non-commercial usage. You should check their terms of usage. But definitely you can print your Canva designs under those terms.