How to Nail Unpaid Twitter Marketing Campaign – A Detailed Guide

Twitter has evolved from being a high-end microblogging platform to a powerful, strategic business tool to drive traffic, generate leads, and make profits. So, ready to commence with marketing your business/brand and its products & services on Twitter? Yeah, then you’ve landed on the right article, we’ve prepared a detailed-guide on Twitter marketing.

Today, Twitter is being used by businesses of diverse sizes & complexities to promote their brand and connect with their prospective clients. Moreover, this allows the company to understand what are the needs and expectations of your potential customers.

However, Twitter marketing isn’t a stroll in the park; you require a proper strategy that involves stuff like- how to decide on the right hashtag to create a brand voice

This guide will prove helpful whether you don’t know a single thing about social media or a pro-Internet marketer. In this article, we’ll cover the following sections:-

#1 Reasons To Have a Twitter Presence For Your Business

Twitter was launched in 2006 as a microblogging social channel. Since then, it has come a long way to become one of the largest social media platforms, with over 3000 million users and 500 million tweets every day.

Here, are some completing reasons why you must have a Twitter presence for your brand and why can be the most important factor of your social media marketing strategy, so let’s check out:-

Direct Messaging

Like other social media platforms, Twitter has a direct messaging feature that allows brands to connect with their prospective customers. However, on Twitter, both the users must follow each other to allow the chat.

Although it seems like a hurdle, professional marketers can still connect with influencers or potential customers for engaging, authentic, and personalized communication.

Tags Boost Engagements

The @ symbol over Twitter has come a long way; it means sending a notification to the recipient to see and view. This lets you share your recent article or brand’s new offer with market influencers.

An incredible thing about Twitter is that occasionally, you can see the content of someone you’ve not followed. This is because multiple users in your network have engaged with a particular tweet.

The algorithm also perceives that you, too, wish to see similar content. With the new Twitter features, your brand’s office tweet can get into new users’ eyes, thus broadening your reach & engagements.

Post Multiple Tweets, Without Annoying

According to a recent study, Twitter is the only platform where marketers encourage brands/businesses to tweet multiple times throughout the day, up to 15 times.

Twitter remains to be chronological, in comparison to its rivals Instagram & Facebook. A tweet has a pretty short life span over the ongoing feed. Therefore, multiple times is necessary.

A tweet lives for ten to fifteen minutes.

Brands must perceive this as a grand opportunity to mix & match their content to educate & entertain their following base while keeping them engaged.

On Twitter, you can post videos, photos, polls, live videos to drive encouragement in various ways.

Showcase Your Brand Voice

Since it is advisable to tweet multiple times in a day, Twitter is a great platform to establish your brand voice & personality among your prospective customers.

With regard to the industry, you can create your authoritative voice or even have a sassy tone to promote your brand uniquely. But, one nothing to note here; your consistent brand voice will only leave your brand in your users’ archived conversion.

Twitter opens an ocean of opportunities for the imagination to try new things and boost your engagements.

Drive Traffic To Your Site

The various social media profiles have become the new homepages of brands. As we early mentioned, Twitter is a great platform to develop & showcase your brand voice, so users who visit your profile will consider clicking on the website link.

Latest study revealed that 47% of users who visit a twitter page also land on that particular profile website.

Marketers must keep in mind that their brand voice must be consistent on the overhaul, but don’t post the same kind of content and give something new every day for your followers to react.

Also, a playful social media account on Twitter must not land on an overly serious webpage, because then the users will be confused and hop out of the site.

Maintain a similar brand voice over social media and your website.

Follower Insights

The Twitter follow insights help marketers to formulate the content strategy for their brand. Twitter’s audience includes the four key categories: the Lifestyle, Consumer Behavior, Demographics, and Mobile Footprints.

The insight provides details of your followers’ interests and how they have interacted with brands; this will guide with creating a winning campaign on Twitter.

From the above reasons, it is straightforward to deduce that having your brand necessary over Twitter is necessary to directly or indirectly improve your bottom line.

Now, we’ll head to the next segment, which is how to establish your brand personality over Twitter.

Building a Brand Personality on Twitter – Golden Rules

Twitter is a powerful, modern weapon to build a brand identity and spread a word about your products/services.

Whether you’re a freelancer in quest of new gigs or a company looking to sell their products/services, Twitter is simply a platform that you can’t turn a blind eye to.

Unlike Facebook or Instagram, it is very much easier to establish your valuable connections with influencers, marketers of marketers, credible personalities, and prospective customers.

Now that you know the worth of having a Twitter presence, it’s time to learn how to establish your brand personality on Twitter.

1. Follow All the Major Influencers & Industry Leaders

Establish connections with all the popular influencers of your niche & industry leaders. You cannot only engage with them by mentioning such people in your tweet but also understand how they interact with their followers.

If they like what you’ve been saying, they may even follow you or component on your tweet.

Even a small one-word mention can bolster your brand’s credibility to thousands or millions of people in a second, so it’s like an advertisement without spending a penny.

2. No Selling, Just Interacting

Twitter users hate being engaged by brands that are simply there to sell stuff. Just publishing tweets around your products or services won’t take you anywhere in your prospective to have an influencing brand personality over Twitter.

Instead, your primary objective must be to engage & educate your followers base in a manner they like your brand.

Top consumer brands have accomplished this by publishing entraining tweets, giving witty replies to their fans’ comments.

Although this will not open a flood gate of sales for your brand, it will make it memorable in a wide audience base. Also, finally, be prompt to every twitter direct message or comment.

3. Be Active & Consistent

Just by posting a couple of times in a week and following one or two people every now & they won’t create your brand robust personality on the Twitter platform.

Since Twitter is home to so much information published each second, it is easy to get lost in the crowd. Therefore, as we have said earlier, posting tweets in a day is highly recommended.

You’ll have to create a content plan that involves posting a mix of images and videos.

Consistency is indispensable to improve user-engagement. Posting in spurts is also bad, meaning tweeting five times on Monday, and then staying quiet for the entire week is no good.

First things first, your posting schedule must be regular and keep on experimenting with driving more engagement from your tweets.

4. Just Stick to Your Niche

Yes, it seems pretty tempting to retweet all the grand events happening. You must perceive your followers like it, but you are wrong.

Instead, create and curate strong content to become a well-established and highly-informed brand in your specific niche.

5. Create a Good Profile

Twitter users will establish the first impression of your brand, based on Twitter’s social profile.

It is the same way; no one will trust your business; if your website doesn’t have a good design, an incomplete social profile will simply impact your credibility.

First, ensure that the Twitter profile has a brand logo and a relevant cover image. So, complete your profile bio, and don’t forget to add a website link or blog.

6. Learn to Retweet

When it comes to retweet, you’ve to keep a couple of rules in mind. It is of great importance to have the right hashtags to boost your discoverability.

In the next section, we’ll learn how to select the right hashtags. Try to incorporate images and videos to your tweets.

If you’re sharing information you’ve taken from a reliable, non-competitor source, don’t hesitate to share it.

Always keep in mind, for twitter marketing, things that work for a brand, may not be useful for the other brand.

So, don’t try to copy your strongest market rivals; instead, create your strategy to promote your brand over Twitter. This can only be done with the hit & trial method, keep on trying, and you’ll end up discerning what’s right for your brand.

We are now ahead to our next segment, a mini-guide on choosing the right hashtag with each tweet.

How to Choose Right Hashtags for Clear Brand Message?

Hashtags, although they seem like a simple thing, they are vital to finding relevant content over social media. If you have a personal twitter, then you probably know what hashtags are.

Hashtags are a powerful marketing weapon as by adding relevant hashtags, you can broaden your tweet’s reach, amplify your brand, ensure your content in front of your users who need to see it. Hashtags are the simplest means to expand your influence beyond your present audience.

Trending twitter hashtags are no simple fad; they certainly boost engagement to a great extinct. So, here we’re putting forth practical tips to pick the right set of keywords with each tweet.

Learn From Your Influencers

When marketing a brand, the role of influencers is vital. Therefore, to decide on the right keywords, start with narrowing down on the influencers in your particular niche. Find all the relevant influencers which are relevant to your niche & brand, and employ them.

Make Use of Twitter Tool

There are so many Twitter tools, both FREE & Paid, to know what is presently trending. Also, when you sign-in to your Twitter account, you’ll see the current hashtags.

However, that doesn’t mean you pick the most trendy hashtag; instead, if you find something similar to your brand, it’s worth incorporating it in your tweet.

You must also check the analytics of Twitter; they provide a trending list of hashtags and even those which are relevant to your brand.

Know Your Hashtags

Just because a hashtag has been popular elsewhere, it doesn’t mean it will help you.

Sometimes a trendy hashtag may not align with your brand image. Therefore, before zero down on hashtags, you must ensure that it perfectly fits your brand conversion.

Such due diligence is imperative in your pursuit to decide on the right hashtags that perfectly work for your brand.

Otherwise, you’ll end up creating a raunchy campaign that is irrelevant and unable to drive any measurable results.

Pick a Unique Hashtag

Start your brand’s very own conversion & campaign by creating a unique hashtag. Pick a tagline that is catchy and resonates with your brand identity.

While you can take the easy route of picking all the hashtags already out there, you create a worthy hashtag with a little effort.

Pick a Clear Hashtag

Apart from creating a unique hashtag, next is ensuring that the very hashtag is clear to understand.

The hashtag must convey a proper message, which is in line with your brand. Never be vague or ambiguous.

Just ensure that your prospective audience clearly understands your audience without any sort of confusion.

Make it Concise & Simple.

Always remember the concise and simple the hashtag, the better the engagement on your tweet. The hashtags need to be straightforward & short.

A length hashtag is often quite difficult to read; therefore, avoid long hashtags as much as possible.

As a rule of thumb, the hashtag must not be greater than ten characters. Also, don’t overflood your tweet with too many hashtags, just one per campaign.

Make the Hashtags Relevant

The objective of the hashtags is to broaden your audience reach. Therefore, if you do not convey relevant information with your hashtags, you’ve already lost in the race.

Each hashtag you use in your campaign must easily relate to your product or service. If you are not careful with the hashtags, you’ll end up promoting someone else’s business.

Generating Leads From Twitter – How to Do it Effectively

Twitter is a great tool to generate leads, whether you are a B2B and B2C. Today, we’ve created a proven guide for lead-generation on Twitter. Let’s find out:-

Generating leads from Twitter - How to do it effectively

Survey Your Followers

If you don’t know your prospective customers’ biggest problem, you’ll create an unsuccessful campaign on Twitter. So, survey to best understand your audience. You can even tweet questions and see how your customers respond.

Provide a Solution

Once you know your potential customer’s problem, create a product/service that solves it.

Educate Your Audience

Create an informational video or image that focuses on their problem and how your product/service could prove the game-changer.

Create a Landing Page

Make sure you include a link on each tweet, landing on your product or service webpage.

A landing page is nothing but a single page site with no external links or navigation that may distract the visitors.

Collect Visitor Data

A proper landing page includes a catchy yet simple to understand headline, followed by a couple of paragraphs, including explaining the problem and how you can solve it.

Include a call-to-action button to encourage each visitor to fill the quick inquiry form. Your primary objective of landing pages must be to capture your users’ contact details.

Set up a thank you automatically send to each user for their inquiry

Use Email As a Marketing Weapon

Once some sites have inquired about the landing of your site, you have the emails. Create a proper email campaign focused on how you can solve their problem instead of sassy marketing your products/services.

Create a FREE to view video, infographics, or report illustrating the USP of your product/service, which helps you stand tall in the crowd.

Don’t just try to sell your stuff; just explain how they make a difference to your customers’ problems.

What Are the Newest Trends on Twitter?

Twitter Trends, hey, we aren’t talking about the hashtags. Here are key Twitter trends you must not ignore in 2021. So, without wasting time, let’s explore together:-

#1 Dominant Site For News

Twitter has been the go-to social media channel if you want to live information, breaking, viral or trendy news. This covers anything to everything, right from politics, entertainment to the corporate world.

The tweet around breaking news with an image or video is bound to get great eyewitnesses and responders. You can follow the latest story and publish it over twitter, well before the mainstream media.

However, the news must be in the relevancy of your niche. For instance, you are a tech company and then share the latest news and technology updates.

#2 Character Limit Expanded

The character limit of Twitter has surged from 140 to 280 characters in 2017. So, you’ve the advantage of adding more content to each tweet but making it too long.

Ensure that you add an image or video to each tweet. Communicate the message through the image or video you share, rather than forcing your users to read your long content.

Yes, the character limit is now 280, it doesn’t mean you have to create lengthy tweets, stay true to the core of Twitter, which makes it a microblogging site.

# 3 Twitter Will be Video-Centric

A HubSpot recent survey revealed that most people wish to see the video content rather than text or images.

Video is a powerful yet effective way to market your products/services; it has transformed the way brands create & deliver content to their audience.

Although Twitter isn’t the social media platform that strikes a chord with your mind when it comes to videos, it is an ocean of opportunities for you to explore video content.

Some numerous surveys and reports suggest that Twitter will become video-centric; it will be the platform to broadcast live streaming and broadcasting for your brand.

The trend of videos began in 2015 when Twitter acquired Periscope. Then, Twitter allowed users to post live from their smartphones.

Thus, empowering Twitter users to create quality and engaging videos to better connect with your prospective audience.

#4 Twitter Will Show Up in Search Results

In 2015, a deal between Twitter and Google was inked, which allowed the search engine giant to show up in the search results, as it allows crawling. This ensures all the live feed information can be obtained from the Google search, rather than the profile results.

Now, Twitter is providing content to Bing and Yahoo. This will positively impact your SEO rankings. So, what you need to do to get your brand to be found on twitter:-

How to be found on twitter as a brand
  • Constantly tweet, prepare a proper schedule.
  • You must interact with other twitter accounts.
  • You must build a robust follower base.
  • Tweets what can drive likes, shares, and comments.
  • Make use of the hashtags.
  • Humor Tweets Are Worthy.
  • Make use of the emojis.
  • Experiment to boost your engagement.

Special Tips on Twitter Marketing – Increase Your Marketing Results Dramatically

Here, in this article, we’ll be enlisting six killer tips for Twitter marketing:-

#1 The Art of Twitter Searching

Make use of the Twitter search tool; it is one of the most powerful tools. The search tool of Twitter packs a huge punch, and it can be helpful to your business. With this Twitter feature, you can check out the conversion with regard to any topic.

The search tool will allow you to find all twitter users who have mentioned your brand and your market rivals and endless debts. There is plenty to explore. So, invest a good amount of time in researching the twitter search tool to drive valuable information.

#2 The Twitter List

Have multiple Twitter lists that align with your business interests. Lists let you find the celebrities, marketers, and businesses, without missing a single tweet.

#3 The Right Time

Although Twitter marketing is no rocket science, your tweet’s timing, retweet has a major role to play. Numerous studies and surveys were published around the twitter timing, so explore them to know the right time for improved consumer engagement.

#4 A Creative Tweet Description

Creativity is the key to capture the attention of twitter users when they are scrolling through their feed. The description must be short and relevant to the link or with the image.

Not complex vocabulary, because you don’t want your followers to take out their dictionary to know the meaning of a particular word in your tweet. Keep it simple and straightforward; avoid technical jargon.

#5 Optimize Your Bio

Your Twitter is merely 160 characters under your profile photo; it has to be a killer to be an instant attention grabber. But, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Just what your business does, its USP, and how it is beneficial to you, in a line or two.

The bio must be targeted to attract the right audience. Add one or two hashtags with your profile, so that if someone searches for those particular keywords, your profile comes up.

#6 Use of the Hashtags Must be Minimum

Do you know tweets with more than two hashtags have a lower engagement rate? Yes, hashtags are the heart and soul of twitter, but make sure you are using minimum and only the right ones.

Don’t overuse the hashtags, have only those in context with your tweets. Twitter analytics can be navigated to the most relevant keywords. Various third-party tools provide greater insights into the science of hashtags.


So, we’ve reached the end of the article, and now we understand the importance of Twitter marketing, how to build your personality on this social platform, picking the right keywords, and generating leads.

We also talked about the new trends in Twitter and incredible tips for Twitter marketing.

For more information on Twitter marketing you can check out this Cheat Sheet on Hubspot for by Kristen Baker. It is very detailed and insightful.