Top 10 Niches/Industries for Indian Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers are individuals who have essentially established credibility for a specific niche or industry. To be successful, they must have access to a broader audience, whom they can “influence.” People appreciate what an influencer does, and the majority of social media enthusiasts want to become one of them.

Do you, too, have such a dream to become a social media influencer in India, but confused about what niche or industry is best-suited for an Indian social media influencer?

Don’t worry, this article is curated with the motive, as here we’ll round up top influence marketing niches in India.

Before that, let’s talk about the myriad of reasons to become a social media influencer:

Reasons to Become a Social Media Influencer

(A) It is a Monetarily Rewarding Career

Yes, there are so many social media influencers out there making big money in six-digit form. The scope of earning is limitless; it depends upon how much effort you invest in.

(B) No Hard Work, Just Smart Work

Being a social media influencer isn’t your regular 9-to-5 job, you have the flexibility to work on your terms. This profession is focused on your smart work, not hard work.

(C) Learning Everyday

Since a social media influencer shares their knowledge with the audience, they’ve to stay updated with the trends in their knowledge, which means you have so much to learn every day.

How to Become a Social Media Influencer?

Here, is the step-by-step tutorial to become a social media influencer, so without wasting time, let’s check out:-

Step 1: First, Pick a Niche

Before you set on a journey to become a social media influencer, you’ve to select a niche. It must be an industry that you’re interested in and have good knowledge to become an influencer.

Step 2: Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Once you’ve decided on the niche, the next step is to optimize your existing social media profile to make you look like an industry expert. As a piece of advice, focus on one or two social media platforms during the initial days.

Step 3: Switch From Personal to Business Account

If you want to become an influencer, you’ve to move from personal to business accounts over the various social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Step 4: An Engaging Bio is Indispensable

Create an engaging bio that makes a first great impression in the minds of your prospective base.

Step 5: Add a Profile Picture & Cover Photo That Relates to the Niche

The profile pic and your cover photo are two fundamental cornerstones to personal brand identity. Typically, the picture must throw light on your industry or niche you’ve expertise in.

Step 6: Create Relevant Post

Finally, start posting content, it can be any form, test, video, podcast. What you share, try to connect with the audience. If you’re able to achieve that, big brands will reach out to you for sponsored posts.

Here are the top niches or industry for potential Indian social media influencers to choose from:-

Top Niches or Industry for Potential Indian Social Media Influencers

#1 Beauty Influencer

If you are a beauty freak, then why not share your knowledge with your audience. Being a passion-driven niche, you’ll not feel being a beauty social media influencer as a profession. You can share a how-to-do tutorial, where you make your followers try things such as the ponytail style of Ariana Grande.

Apart from the tutorial, you can write product reviews of the latest launches of popular beauty brands. Just search the #beauty on any social media platform, and you’ll there is immense scope to explore for young Indian social media influencers. But, you’ve to put-in efforts to build a base of followers, and content you share is what really matters.

Beauty and Fashion Influencer – Kritika Khurana

One of the most famous Indian Beauty Influencer is Kritika Khurana, aka @thatbohogirl, has an Instagram following of 896 K followers, and she charges around $3000 per Instagram post as an Influencer. She was also mentioned in Instagram Rich List 2020 by Hopper HQ.

#2 Health & Fitness Influencer

Believe me or not, even a guy close to 100kg won’t scroll down a video or post sharing health and fitness tips. Whether they try or not, people wish to be the best versions of themselves; your knowledge and tips can help them accomplish that.

The health & fitness industry is comprehensive; you can become a weight loss influencer, guide people to lose belly fat, video tutorials will come in a lot of handy to provide valuable information to your followers. Or, you be a health expert, where you can share different ways to achieve mental and physical harmony.

But, to be a health & fitness trainer on social media, you should have a body shape. If not, then devote time to yourself, and then share your story or personal experience, this will help you connect to your audience at a deeper level.

#3 Travel Influencer

If you love to explore places, then the travel niche is yours to pick when becoming a social media influencer. There are many places to travel in India you can visit and post videos & pictures of your experience.

Travel is a significant money investment, and if you have a good follower base, expect yourself to collaborate with big names in the industry, and make an earning by wandering.

A travel influencer’s job is to review & recommend places to visit, food to eat, airlines, and so many crucial things to help their audience plan a perfect and unforgettable vacation. However, with so much competition in this industry, you’ve to be ultra-specific to many any sort of impact on your audience.

Shivya Nath – A Travel Influencer in India

Shivya Nath is known as a popular Travel influencer in India. She quit her corporate life to enjoy traveling to remote places. Her USP is offbeat and informative travel stories, from her travels around the world.

#4 Fashion Influencer

The fashion industry has a kind of overlap with beauty but has its unique identity. Becoming a fashion social media influencer isn’t a stroll in the park. You’re required to have a personality and self-confidence that has an uncanny attract audience with your charismatic appeal.

You’ve to make people believe that trying a new style is strange, which isn’t easy-peasy. Any previous experience in the fashion industry would prove to be handy in your Indian social media influencer’s journey.

#5 Business/ Money Making Online Influencer

You probably heard the popular quote so often: “Money makes the world go ’round.” So, you have the knowledge that can help people make money, and then this niche is idyllic for you. Young entrepreneurs and industry veterans can share their tips, tricks, hacks, how-to-do, and generate money.

Ramit Sethi – An Influencer in Business Niche

Ramit Sethi is a known name in India’s Influencer market for his business blog ‘I will Teach you to be Rich’ and has an Instagram following of 191 k as per today. In his blog he talks about creating passive income stream, to increase your net worth.

#6 Lifestyle Influencer

Be it Instagram or Facebook; the social media channels are perfect platforms to share your life & express yourself. Luxury defines your status in the modern world. This is an incredibly profitable niche, but it is not everyone’s cup of tea. You must have a lavish lifestyle to make people believe in you.

#7 Gaming Influencer

The gaming industry is worth big bucks. Be it the teens or older-timers; people love to love to play games and learn new tricks and tactics by seeing how other people play.

If you’re a gaming enthusiast and have the expertise to share, don’t be afraid to share it over the various social media platforms. As a matter of truth, you can make jaw-dropping money by playing video games for a living.

#8 Animals/Pet Influencer

Most of us love animals; therefore, no wonder why the pet care industry is growing explosively. The type of content for animals’ social media influencers revolves around reviewing the popular grooming products in the pet care industry, advice on food & toys, bred tips, etc.

You must focus on presenting valuable information to your audience, and if you can do so if you gain an immense edge over other pet care social media influencers.

#9 Relationships Influencer

Relationships are complicated; therefore, people sometimes require the right advice on how to sort out things. Be it the marriage problems or dating troubles; you can share your modernized approach to dealing with relationships.

Relationship influencers relate the experience of their peers and the real world to create stories that help people weave healthy, long relationships. This industry’s demographics are quite broad, as most people are in relationships or have been through a failed one.

#10 Parenting Influencer

This niche is a subset of relationships; the parenting niche is growing exponentially in India. This is because young, working parents in this modern era and no one to look for when it comes to nurturing their baby. This is a preferred niche of most moms, who have vast parenting experience to deal with kinds of baby problems.

You can ease off the burden for such parents by providing worthy guides and product recommendations. This is a big money industry; the top brands of baby care will contact you if you have a good audience base.


Each of the above social media influencer niches has its own set of pros & cons; you’ve to weigh your options carefully to pick one that motivates you to succeed.

While grabbing the thought of becoming a social media influencer is easy, but to be successful, you’ve to work more than your 9-to-5 job because there is extreme competition in just about every industry, and you’ve to build your identity.


When can you define yourself as an 'influencer' in social media?

The interesting thing about being an infleuncer is that it’s not you who defines if you are an influencer or not is not upto you. It is upto your audience to make you an influencer. It does not depend on number of followers you have and amount of likes and share you get. It comes down to the fact that if your audience sees you worthy enough to actually follow you.

Likes and shares can be contributing facts, but trust is the base of relationship between an influencer and her followers. So if you have built trust among your followers, if they take your advice on different matters, then you are an influencer. Otherwise you are just a profile with loads of likes and follows.

What is the current situation (COVID-19) of digital marketing, especially influencer marketing?

The current situation (COVID -19) around the world has impacted every industry one way or another. But with people spending more times indoor they are consuming a whole lot more of digital content than they used to before. But the kind of content now they are consuming is much different.

This makes a good time for influencers to create a good image of themselves by being helping hand for people who are suffering. Brands can utilize their such image and connect more emotionally with their target audience.

What are some top influencer marketing platforms?

Some top influencer marketing platforms that you can start with are:
1. Upfluencer
2. Grin
3. BrandBacker
4. Creator IQ
5. Grapevine