Top 10 Freelancing Websites to Kick Start Freelancing Business in India

Freelancers are people with a skill set which they can lend to their clients. If you are looking to kickstart a freelancing business in India, I’m sharing the list of top 10 freelancing websites you can go to right now.

With all the craziness going around because of this global pandemic caused by COVID 19, it’s time to start that side hustle you’ve been thinking about starting for long. Prepare yourself for Global economic slowdown, by developing a freelancing business on the side.

Start with any of these following websites and expand your reach. Many small businesses won’t be able to afford full-time employees, and hiring freelancers will be an efficient choice for them. Start building your profile today as a freelancer and start an earning on the side with freelance jobs in India.

1. Upwork

Upwork is a well-known name in the world of freelancing and wears the crown of most popular freelancing platforms in the world. This is a platform for businesses and freelancers all over the world to come together and work.

Businesses can create profiles for their company and post requirements. Freelancers can create their profiles and bid on projects matching their skills. To place a bid on Upwork there is a fixed charge.

Upwork - freelancing websites India

Also, clients can rate an experience and give feedback for the work done by a freelancer. Positive feedback and higher ratings increase the credibility of freelancers and help in lending more projects.

2. Freelancer

Freelancer is also a well known online freelancing platform, which allows companies and freelancers to work together with mutual collaboration.

Unlike Upwork, there are no charges to bid on Freelancer, it’s free. But there are options for premium bids.

Freelancer - freelancing websites India

Here you can find any kind of work you can do. Professionals from any field whether it be a technical or creative field can find projects according to their interests and skillsets.

You can choose the payment method as you like either on an hourly basis or a fixed price project.

3. Fiverr

Fiverr uses a different freelancing model then Upwork and Freelancer. On Fiverr, a freelancer creates a portfolio of services he/she offers, which is called ‘a gig’. Companies looking for services can browse and check the freelancer’s gig and hire them for their projects.

Fiverr - freelancing websites India

Though signing up on this platform is totally free, there is a service charge for placing an order on the gig and vice versa. Fiverr has a good customer support system to help buyers and sellers in their difficulties.

Learn in Detail about How to Write a Freelancing Gig on Fiverr to get High Paying Clients!

4. Guru

Like Upwork and Freelancer, Guru is one of the top freelancing websites. Where a freelancer can find a project he/she is interested in and send a quote to the client approves they can work together.

There are different payment agreements allowed by Guru such as fixed priced, hourly, task-based or recurring payments.

Guru - freelancing websites India

Guru supports ratings and reviews for freelancers, so clients can look at the rating and make hiring decisions. With multiple payment agreements, Guru provides a smooth working environment for both freelancers and employers.

5. People Per Hour

Started in 2007, People Per hour has done an excellent job of providing a platform to empower companies and freelancers. It is commonly known as PPH. The working is similar to Fiverr. The environment is more professional and sophisticated.

start freelancing on people per hour

This platform supports both direct proposals and hourlies. Hourly on PPH means the same as a gig on Fiverr.  You describe your services in an hourly and set a price with a portfolio for the employers to look at.

6. 99Designs

99Design mostly focused on creative workers in the design industry as the name suggests. If you want to freely explore your creative side as a design professional, 99Design is for you.

It is a design marketplace that connects top clients to designers who live and breathe design. Designhill is one of the top freelancing websites for designers.

start freelancing as a designer on 99designs

There are more than one ways to land a job on this platform for designers. Clients can either search and find a designer for a project or start a design contest.

In the design contest, different designers submit their design ideas for the client’s requirements. The client picks the best out of them and awards the designer for his or her work.

7. Truelancer

Truelancer is certainly in the top 10 freelancing websites in India. Startups and large businesses alike come to this platform to build a remote team of talented professionals. Freelancers engage on this platform to find interesting jobs.

start freelancing on truelancer

Clients post their requirements for services and freelancers can send them proposals directly. You can find any kind of job from IT jobs to Accounting, from writing to voice-overs and from data entry to customer support.

Freelancers can also sell their services and determine your charges. If a client is looking for services they can search for and buy them.

8. Kolabtree

This freelance platform is only for scientists and researchers. Businesses look for researchers and scientists who can validate their ideas, before moving forward into the market.

Having a research team sometimes gets costly for start-ups. These people can get the required services from professionals on Kolabtree platforms.

start freelancing as a research scholar on Kolabtree

Expert researchers and scientists all over the world create their profiles here. A company can either directly contact the researcher for hire or simply post their requirements on this platform so the experts can bid on them. Clients have options to choose from well-renowned research institutes to hire freelance resources.

9. Design Hill

Like 99Designs, Design Hill is also focused on design professionals like graphic designers and web designers. It is one of the top design marketplaces online. Designers have to compete for a project and only the best designs are selected and get paid.

top freelancung websites designer designhill

The clients start a contest for designs, where they provide a brief of what they are looking for. Multiple creative artists and designers send their designs for the contest, clients select the design of their liking and that designer gets paid for work.

A client can buy multiple designs for a single project. Freelancers can also list their customized design services for their own prices.

10. Flexjobs

Flexjob is a multi-purpose platform, if you are looking for anything from a remote job opportunity, a location-based job, a part-time job or freelance projects, you can find it here. This is one the best freelancing websites in India.

These jobs and projects vary from IT job to Sales and Marketing. If you display a good portfolio and skills, there are plenty of freelance work opportunities for professionals.

find freelancing work on flexjobs

There is a subscription fee depending on your requirements. This website has an impressive search capability you can find projects with keywords like ‘freelance writing’, ‘freelance WordPress developer’ etc. There is an option for location-based search as well.

Starting a side as a freelancer in India requires a strong commitment. You have to build a reputation as a professional on one of these or multiple above mentioned top freelancing websites in India.

Initial progress is slow, but with time, dedication and discipline you will be able to establish yourself as a renowned freelance professional.

You will get to work on multiple domains and clients. And at a later stage, you can build your own small business and recruit people to work with you on different projects.

There are many opportunities to start working on your own and get out of the 9 to 5 cycle. Online business in India is an attempt to introduce you to such opportunities. Stay tuned for more curated studies and guides on different online business ideas you can start in India.

How do I start working as a freelancer?

To start as a freelancer follow these steps:
1. Find your professional expertise
2. Build soft skills (Communication and time management)
3. Sign-up for online freelancing platforms.
4. Build a portfolio by working for local contacts.
5. Be honest with your services and delivery.
6. Reach out to clients for projects.
7. Keep patience and discipline yourself.

Advice: Do not quit your day job until you earn thrice your salary amount from freelancing.

How does Freelancing in India work?

Freelancing in India works the same way it works in the world. You have to start by recognizing your key strengths and skill as a professional. Start by building a professional network. Take small projects initially and work on them with dedication. The only challenge you will face in India is competitive prices. Because of the large number of professionals working as freelancers. But if you are good at your services and provide a good support system for your clients, you will find it easy to be successful as a freelancer in India.

Is the GST number mandatory for Freelancer?

Freelancers in India are required to obtain a GST number and pay 18 % tax. There is no threshold for earnings from foreign countries. If a freelancer fails to register for GST, he/she will be liable for penalties.