Top 10 Affiliate Programs in India that You SHOULD Join!

Everyone dreams of a passive income stream; making money while they sleep. Ever such thoughts strike our mind, we think of so much, but out of these, affiliate marketing seems to be more effective & practical.

Top 10 affiliate programs in India that pay very well for efforts. The concept is pretty simple; you sell someone’s product on your site or blog and get a commission for every sale.

The commission varies from one affiliate program to another; there are some brands which pay commission up to 50%, isn’t that incredible? The type of product you sell depends upon your site. For instance, you run a fitness blog, and then you can promote gym equipment, fitness books, courses, etc.

According to Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income, Affiliate Marketing is-

“Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.”

Whether the customer knows that they are shopping through the affiliate network depends upon the publisher. These affiliates have become more transparent; they let their consumers know; some don’t.

The Affiliate’s commission doesn’t go from the pocket of the consumers, as the manufacturer or the suppliers take the pain.

Today, in this article, we’ll take a look at the top affiliate programs in India you can join.-

1. Amazon Associates Program

The Amazon Associates Program or Amazon Associate, this unarguably the most prominent affiliate program in India. It is the most effective means to monetize your blog or site.

All you’ve to do is sign up as an associate, you’ll receive instant approval, and then seamlessly place the affiliate links of Amazon on your site.

Since the database of Amazon’s products is vast, you can sell specific categories of items or brands; there is no limitation whatsoever. When someone lands on your site, clicks one of the Amazon affiliate links, you get a commission that’s it.

There are several rules of regulations of being an Amazon associate; these include not mentioning the prices, as it varies from time to time. Secondly, someone in your website or blog, you have to mention that they are shopping from the affiliate links.

You have no rights to use the affiliate links of Amazon in offline modes, such as books or hoardings. No shortening of Amazon’s links.

The procedure is straightforward, go to the homepage of Amazon Associates, and there click “Join Now for Free.” You’ll be prompted to sign-in using your Amazon’s account if you have one or you can create one.

You’ve to begin making your associate profile by clicking on “New Customer.” Follow the instructions to complete your profile. You can create your preferred store ID; generally, it’s the main text of the website’s URL.

You’ll also have to tell you how to bring traffic to your site or blog. Tell how you build links and how much visitor traffic you receive daily.

You’ll also have to provide your payment method, and tax information can fill now or later.

You’ll get the access to a proper dashboard that clearly defines the number of clicks, your earnings, etc.

2. Flipkart Affiliate Program

Another e-commerce giant in India, Flipkart runs one of the top affiliate programs in India – Flipkart Affiliate Program. Just like Amazon, you’ve to become an associate, share affiliate links of products on your site/blog, and get a good commission.

It is easy to sign up as an affiliate member of Flipkart. Anyone can register, there is no restriction whatsoever; if you don’t have a site or blog, Flipkart has nothing to do. You can recommend the products of Flipkart over emails or in your friend’s circle too.

Go to the affiliate homepage of Flipkart, and click Join Now, then sign-in using your shopper’s Flipkart account. You can browse thousands of products, and pick a few with their referral ID links, and then to your site/blog or promote over your social profiles.

Also, track your earnings through a dedicated dashboard of Flipkart. You can either opt for weekly or monthly payment, but you have to attain the minimum threshold of 2500/- Rs, which is quite manageable if your site/blog has a good amount of daily traffic.

3. Cuelinks

Cuelinks is a popular content monetization tool for Indian bloggers. If you don’t want to join individual affiliate programs, you can enrol for Cuelinks, which has over 1000+ affiliate links, based on the niche, it will auto-select the links you can promote.

Some of the top-rated merchants partnered with Cuelinks are Amazon, Paytm, Freecharge, Jabong, Airtel, etc., the revenue distribution of Cuelinks is 75% to 25%.

If you work with a particular merchant, then you can email to Cuelinks, and they will remove their links from your site. You can also earn money from the referral program of Cuelinks.

The process to start as an affiliate marketer at Cuelinks is a stroll in the park, all you’ve to do is to visit the official website of Cuelinks, and click SignUp. Provide all the details, and wait for some time; ideally, the activation confirmation is received within 24 hours through an email.

Once you receive the email, go to your dashboard via your Cuelinks login, there you’ll see an installation code, you’ll have to copy-paste on your site/blog, and your job is done. Now, your focus must be on bringing greater traffic to your site to boost your revenue.

4. eBay

The eBay affiliate is the most popular program among affiliate marketers across the globe. You can earn big money by driving highly-relevant traffic to the eBay site or one of its partners. It is imperative to talk about eBay’s affiliate marketing program to start.

Forms of all, you need to sign up on the official eBay partner website. After that, you’ll have a suite of tools available to advertise for the eBay products.

Once your Ads are up & running, you can track your progress & revenue via the analytics tools provided to you at the time of signing up for the eBay affiliate program in India.

You’ll receive one dollar and 50 cents when a reactivated user(who hasn’t purchased anything from eBay in pat 12 months), clicks on one of your Ads and begins bidding on the product. You can gain additional funds, whenever the transaction is completed, because of your click-through.

The eBay affiliate marketing program costs nothing to sign up, and it accepts the majority of the applications having a website with a decent amount of traffic.

The best thing about eBay is that unlike Amazon or Flipkart, they will pay you for directing high quality traffic to eBay marketplace.

There are 3k plus categories over eBay, right from hair wigs to hand tools, you can sell anything to everything. However, the top-selling category on eBay is electronics and accessories, which includes digital cameras, smartphones, headphones, and tablets.

Generally, you affiliate applications is approved in less than 24 hours,

5. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is India’s leading web hosting service provider. They run an affiliate program that helps Indian bloggers to earn a handsome amount of money for bringing highly-relevant traffic. Here, you can commission anything between 15 to up to 100%; it depends upon the product you sold.

All you’ve to do is to place the links of GoDaddy on your site/blog, whenever someone clicks on it and makes a purchase, you’ll get a decent commission. Sounds amazon? When you sign up a GoDaddy affiliate, you’ll get a customized URL; you’ve to add it to your website.

The commission percentage varies from one product to another. Every time GoDaddy gets a customer from you; you’ll be paid heavily. The popularity of this Affiliate is such; it was awarded the People’s Choice Award in 2013 by commission junction.

Apart from this, what makes GoDaddy stand out is that you can also make money from referrals. This means, if someone clicks on the banner of GoDaddy, and redirects to its official site. The GoDaddy referral’s reward is not fixed.

GoDaddy offers discounts and deals now and then. You can use it to encourage people to redirect to GoDaddy from your site and drive high revenues. You’ll find thousands of banner Ads and customized links to add to your site as an affiliate.

The best part is that you don’t need to pay even a single penny to become GoDaddy’s Affiliate. Also, there is no minimum purchase limit that you’ve to be wary of. Even if you’re able to sell a couple of products, you’ll get paid, so don’t worry about it.

The eligibility criteria are that you don’t require to have a site/blog over a specific niche to become a partner of GoDaddy. But, certain niches such as IT and technology drive measurable results.

But, the best part is convincing people to buy from a reliable web hosting company. Make sure you thoroughly read the web requests to become a member of GoDaddy.

You can earn up to $90, every time, an affiliate makes a purchase for web hosting from your affiliate link. There are no restrictions on how products you can sell. Even if you are selling just one product a day, you can make $1000 per year, which is a decent amount.

Since, every site requires hosting to be live over the Internet, so the demands are going to soar in the coming years.

$100 is the minimum required commission to process the payment. You’ll receive money via cheque, PayPal, or direct deposit to your bank account.

Your earnings are subjected to taxes, as you are based out of the US. So, make sure you edit the taxes information at the time of sign up, as it takes approx 60 days to approve and transact money.

The different types of products you can sell primarily include web hosting and domains.

To sign up, go to the official affiliate website of GoDaddy, and there you’ll have two options one is CJ and other being Zanoz. CJ is preferred because it is much easier to use. As soon as you submit your application, you’ll receive their reply shortly.

If you have a site/blog that meets the minimal requirements, there is no chance that you’ll be denied from approval. Once your request is approved, you can start selling products of GoDaddy right away.

GoDaddy’s marketing strategy is entirely based on coupon codes, so, therefore, you’ll be provided with several coupon codes you can easily use to effectively promote their products to drive decent sales.

6. Bluehost

Bluehost runs one of the top affiliate programs India with the highest rewards. With Bluehost, you can earn between $65 to $125, depending upon what sort of product you sell. $100 is the minimum threshold for requesting payment.

Besides, you’re required to have at least two qualified sales to process the payment. The payment is processed between 16th and 31st of each month. So, if you are looking for a decent passive income stream, then Bluehost could be your best bet.

The requirement for becoming a partner of Bluehost is minimum; all you need is a site with active hosting. You can easily promote Bluehost products & services. And, for every sale, you’ll earn a handsome commission, that will motivate you to go that extra mile in marketing Bluehost products.

To set up a Bluehost affiliate site, you need to go to the official site of Bluehost, and there click on the navigation tab hosting, and under that shared hosting. Choose a website hosting package, then register a new domain. After that, you can apply for the Bluehost’s affiliate program.

To make big money with Bluehost’s affiliate program, you need to provide in-depth and straightforward content that provides valuable information to your clients. This way they’ll be encouraged on the products and services you’re promoting.

You don’t need tons of traffic, just targeted to drive revenue. You can promote the coupon codes and deals of Blue Hosting website hosting and domains to bag good commission every month.

The 24*7 technical support is there to help you out whenever you face any difficulty with adding custom links to your site or tracking your sales.

You’ll have to brainstorm better strategies to sell more products from Bluehost.

7. Instamojo

It is so easy to become a partner of Instamojo and make a decent amount of money. The payment links are much easier to create and use, from WhatsApp chat to your customers over the email. It’s free to sign up on Instamojo, and there are no annual charges.

You’ll only have to pay 2% + Rs 3 for every payment you receive. You can easily monitor the sales over the dashboard or the Android App. This is also the reasons of putting Instamojo on the list of top affiliate programs in India.

You’ll have the insights to be demographics, traffics, conversions, payment QR, invoicing, etc. You’ll get Rs 500, whenever someone registers on Instamojo via your reference/partner network. You must clear all your doubts and queries related to Instamojo, from their customer support team.

8. ShareASale

ShareASale is one of the top affiliate programs India, with more than two decades experience in sales & advertising. The affiliate signup is FREE. Presently, it has over 4,800 merchants, in diverse markets and niches, making it easy to find a product that fits your website.

To sign up, you’ve to go to the official website and sign up as an Affiliate. Then, you’ve to create your account using the username and password and then enter the country of residence.

The next step is to provide your website details, which includes the URL and the primary language. Is worth noting that to be an affiliate member, you need to be an active website. So, you make sure your site is up and running. After confirming the email, and the process is complete.

To optimize your site for ShareASale, you’ve to follow four key steps:-

Step 1: High-quality hosting that is fast, reliable, and updated with WordPress.

Step 2: Pick a domain that communicates your products, services or website. If you want to start a fitness blog, make sure you select a domain that is related to the specific industry.

Step 3: Pick a WordPress Theme that is easy to navigate and matches the tone and style of your posts.

Step 4: You need to do a lot of research to find & promote the products that appeal to your audience.

ShareASale offers a number of payment methods; you can opt for one that is convenient for you. Browse the products carefully, and narrow down on those which you think are best related to your site, and has higher selling potential. This comes with a hit and trial, regularly updating your strategy to gain more from ShareASale.

9. Vcommission

Vcommission lets you promote a wide range of Indian products online. It is one of the top affiliate programs in India that is comparable with Citibank and CJ. The signup process and the account approval on Vcommission are fairly difficult.

It took three days, you or the second attempt might be disapproved of. To sign up, you’ve to provide regular information such as phone number, email, name, along with the bank details and PAN number. In addition, you must have a site with a certain number of visitors. Otherwise, you won’t be approved.

As a publisher, you need to be careful with choosing the right product you could sell. The best part about Vcommission is that most products are Indian. Vcommission offers a wide variety of products; you can browse the categories, and pick what’s best for your target audience.

Choose products that are linked with your audience. If your site is about cars, then share product links such as accessories. The CPA can be anything between 10 to 200 Rs.

The performance reports provided by Vcommission let you perform on the monthly, weekly, and hourly basis. The conversion rate tells the number of leads generated.

The method of payment with Vcommission is no-hassle; you’ll be paid via PayPal and direct bank transfer. $100 is the threshold amount for Vcommission; you’ve to reach this value to receive payment. The payment is made in 30 days, 5th of every month.

10. Sports Keeda

One of the top affiliate programs in India is SportsKeeda. Launched in the year 2009, it is the largest all-sports website in India, having over 130 million per views per month. It’s the biggest PPC platform that pays for the social media traffic you bring.

The entire process is quite simple & straightforward, pick an article from SportsKeeda, and share it on your site, social media profiles.

The process of signing up as a SportsKeeda affiliate and FREE to join. There are a myriad of perks associated with being the Affiliate of SportsKeeda: monthly payouts without any delays, high CPM, multiple payment methods, high DA & PA, rich user experience, and easy tracking of earnings.


In the end, to get big earnings from top affiliate programs India, you have to invest time and efforts to build your site’s credibility, which translates into leads and sales, and later you can enjoy affiliate marketing as a passive income. You can either become an affiliate of one of the above programs or in combination, but be careful not to overdo.