10 Tools You Should Know About as a Beginner in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has become the most practical way to achieve the biggest dream of our lives. If you have a passion for blogging and have good writing skills to connect with the readers, then with help of right affiliate marketing tools , you can create big success for yourself.

Agree or not, at one point in life, we all think about ditching our day job to be our own boss. There is nothing better than waking up in the afternoon and working late till night or enjoying your favorite snack and turning on the music loud while working.

Over the past decade, affiliate marketing has become an eminent marketing channel in the digital landscape.

Yes, affiliate marketing is lucrative, but it is not breezy-easy, as you might perceive. It calls for your true efforts and dedication to earn a good amount of money each month.

From content marketing to managing various social media profiles, you’ve to wear multiple hats, if you want to be a pro affiliate marketer. These tools can help in your journey to take up affiliate marketing as not only a source of bread and butter but a way to be financially free and realize your dreams.

If you are completely new to affiliate marketing then go and read this basic guide for affiliate marketing where you will find answers to your questions such as ‘What is affiliate marketing and how to start affiliate marketing in India’.

Today, in this post, we’ve rounded up practical tools you must be employed to drive measurable results. So, without wasting any time, let’s get on with it.

Buzz Sumo

buzz sumo affiliate markting tool

Buzz Sumo is a top-rated content research tool that provides content marketers with the right information to plan content that is relevant to your prospective audience.

This tool helps you search the Internet in no time and find out the trending content topics that can significantly boost your affiliate website’s reach.

Not only the written content provides information about other forms of content, right from videos to infographics. These key insights from Buzz Sumo lay the groundwork for your content marketing strategy.

This affiliate marketing tool is not for FREE; it offers several packages based on your requirements and budget.


Grammarly for grammar check

No matter if you are a beginner in blogging or a veteran writer, Grammarly is a quick & easy way to check your content’s grammar. As we know that content is the heart and soul of your affiliate marketing pursuit, you cannot survive with poor grammar and rookie English mistakes, that’s why you need Grammarly.

You can download and install Grammarly as a tool on your desktop to correct whatever you write or use the web version for purpose.

There is a myriad of features in Grammarly that helps to make improvements in your writing. Right from fixing the common grammar errors, spelling mistakes, content issues to passive sentences. This tool is easy to use; you don’t have to be a Grammar expert to understand the recommendation made by this app.

This tool has two versions: FREE with basic functions, while the other is the premium version having advanced features like a plag checker.


There is no survival in the world of affiliate marketing with duplicate content, that’s why DupliChecker is unarguably one of the most potent affiliate marketing tools that thoroughly check the Internet to see whether your content is unique or not.

It is a FREE web tool that analyses the quality of your content and offers valuable inputs regarding SEO. The desktop version has a smooth interface that ensures writers don’t have a hard time understanding where they can improve their writing. To be able to create more valuable and easy to digest content pieces for their audience.

Hemingway App

heming way affiliate marketing tools

Another FREE app that doesn’t ask the users to sign up to analyze their content, just visit the website and get recommendations right away.

The best part about this online tool is that it comes with a distraction-free interface that encourages writers to curate their content directly on this tool. The color-highlight feature is beautiful and soothing to the eyes.

However, unlike Grammarly, with the free version, you cannot save your document.


instapages landing page tool for affiliate marketing

It is a resource house of pre-built landing pages; you can use any to start selling products and services that align with your audience.

One of my most favorite features of this tool that makes it so popular among affiliate marketers is that it contains landing pages for diverse industries and niches. So that you can directly use it to get started with your affiliate website right away!

This way, you don’t have to spend big money on hiring a professional web coder to build affiliate landing pages. You can create ad campaigns directly on Facebook or Google and have a landing page relevant to it.


click funnels funnel tool for affiliate marketing

Almost the list of landing page builders, ClickFunnels, will always find its top spot. It is a premium tool that marketers can use to create a sales funnel that boosts overall conversions. The web app is quite useful in building sales funnels, integrating affiliate programs, and creating landing pages to improve the conversion rate.

If you’re hesitant about buying the paid version in the first place, you can opt for the 14 days demo. It comes with limited functionality to see how it works and then take the final call.


unbounce affiliate marketing tools

If you want to create a landing page that is more engaging and user-friendly, then don’t look beyond Unbounce. There are so many templates to choose from to run your Facebook and Google ads and convert every lead like crazy.

Using this tool is quick and straightforward; you don’t have to have graphic designers to create a landing page with Unbounce; it’s just drag and drop.

Conversion Optimization Tools

So far, the tools that we mentioned earlier are for helping you with writing content and creating landing pages, but these affiliate tools optimize the conversions to drive revenue. These tool offers a myriad of options to optimize your conversions better, and they have an easy-to-use interface.


mail chimp for email marketing

If you are keen on broadening your audience base, Mailchimp is among the top affiliate marketing tools you must use. This FREE and paid tool helps in the automation of emails that you want to send to your customers and even prospective ones. It takes care of everything when it comes to email marketing, right from providing the template to sending out emails.

You can use this tool to either create a single or multistage email campaign that backs affiliate marketers to achieve their big marketing goals. You can add third-party links to your composed email. If you opt for the pre-built email template, your email campaign will be up and running in no time.

This campaign builder lets you customize the different elements of your email following your mail. Whether you are selling sports gear or online courses, with Mailchimp, you can craft and compose an email that connects with the users intuitively.

With Mailchimp, you’ll report with regards to your campaign’s performance and what things you need to do to deliver meaningful results.


Get response affiliate marketing tools

Just like MailChimp, this is an affiliate tool that increases the effectiveness of your email newsletter. There are plenty of pro features that let you create professional business emails that ensure high ROI.

With this tool, you get the power to create responsive emails thanks to the intuitive user interface. This ultimately will uplift your conversion rate and bring more revenue.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics for affiliate marketing

Last on the list; Google Analytics is FREE. Yet, the most incredible affiliate marketing tool that provides valuable reports in the form of analytics tells you how your affiliate site is performing. You can use the insight to tune up your marketing strategy to improve your overall ROI.

First, you’ve to sign up on Google Analytics; then, you’ll get the code that you need to put in at the back-end of our website. Once done, you’ll start getting real-time reporting of your website performance. Which you can use to optimize the user experience for your visitors.

Let’s Wrap Up

At last, these affiliate marketing tools are quite useful and practical when it comes to starting your affiliate marketing journey. Still, if you want to be successful and make some good earnings, you’ve to put in a lot of effort.

However, there is one thing to keep in mind, affiliate marketing is not an overnight venture; it calls for true dedication and passion for going without thinking you are achieving anything initially. Affiliate marketing does take time, but when it works, you won’t have to work under anyone ever again.

What are the best ways to promote affiliate links in 2021?

The 4 best ways to promote affiliate links in 2021 are:
1. Website/ Blog
2. YouTube Channel
3. Social Media
4. Email Marketing

What tools are needed to start affiliate marketing?

To start affiliate marketing you will need following tools as beginner:
1. Website Builder
2. Landing Page Maker
3. Writing and Graphical Content Creator Tools
3. Funnel Tools
4. Social Media Management Tools
5. Email Marketing Tools

Can I send a different products list with affiliate codes to the emails of my subscribers using an email marketing tool?

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Yes, definetly. Using email marketing tools like Mail Chimp you can create marketing campaigns to send more customized list of products that your subscribers can actually interest then and they can use to solve their problems.