10 Practical Tips to Start Freelancing in India and become Successful

In this article, we will explore ’10 practical tips to start freelancing as a beginner in India’. If we look at the Monster Salary Index, 75% of Indians are satisfied with their jobs, but only 21.6% were satisfied with their pay in 2019.

This leads people to start a business or change their careers as freelancers in India. Because they feel frustrated and distressed about not being able to lead their lives as per their choice due to low pays. 

All such reasons are the convincing factors to choose for a self-employed job where you can get full freedom to work in their way. This is what Freelancing means.

It is basically referred to as working independently to earn a livelihood by providing your services to people and companies that need them.

You can serve different companies with your valuable services rather than restricting to one company as per the convenience.

With some pro tips to start freelancing in India to help you in establishing yourself as a successful freelancer, you can enjoy money and time freedom.

How is Freelancing beneficial for you?

With the freedom of choice and selection of work, freelancing offers many great benefits that include:

  • Free to adjust the workload according to the capacity and time limitations.
  • Freedom to choose the type of work that suits your interests, skills, and conveniences.
  • Free to work from any location at any time without restrictions.
  • Allows selecting the clients and company of choice to work with. 
  • It gives immense opportunities to work hard beyond the limitations and enhance the skills.
  • Better pay compared to day time jobs.
  • It gives a chance for growth and better exposure to excel in your skills.

As freelancing means to work in multiple situations with different people and clients at the same time, it not only improves your skills but also grooms the overall personality.

pros and cons of freelancing

There are many benefits of freelancing that we cannot ignore. But, becoming a freelancer is not an easy task. You have to prepare yourself with in-depth knowledge, determination, hard work, patience, and dedication to make it a successful venture.

Many have a misconception that freelancing is about staying at home and work. But to find the quality work and get high earnings, a lot of research and preparation is needed.

Let’s look at the following tips to start freelancing in India and how to prepare yourself.

How Can You Prepare Yourself for a Freelancing Career?

Giving up a full-time job and opting for self-employment sometimes may leave you discouraged and disappointed. But if you are chasing your passion and areas of interest then never lose hope under any circumstances.

It’s better to be well prepared about all the major aspects of freelancing before moving forward in the direction. But, make up your mind to the fullest to face some of the challenges along the way.

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Here are a few tips to start freelancing and prepare yourself in the best way to work as a freelancer in India:

Tips to start freelancing

1. Set The Goals

The very first thing to consider before you enter into freelancing is to clearly define your goals in terms of what you want to achieve both financially and personally.

You need to be precise and transparent in your mind about the work you are going to do. Make a plan and conduct in-depth research if you want to make freelancing as your ultimate career option.

Get an overview of the demands and competition in the market and also think something unique to stand distinctly.

2. Prepare a Plan

Planning is an essential step before you start any new business. Deep research and proper strategies will help you to get started in a systematic manner and also saves your time and money. 

Whether you are starting freelancing just to pursue your passion or you desire to make it your career, in the long run, invest valuable time in deciding your business goals.

Think over the benefits you can get with it like money management, career scope, and then make the final decision.

3. Start Saving and Investing

Every new business or idea takes time to provide a return on investments. Thus, you must have a strong back up of money to fulfill your basic needs easily for some time until you get sales and generate profits. 

It would be a good step for financial support to start freelancing while doing your day job. This will help you to save some money for the future. And also you can explore better options to start freelancing without having to worry about money so much.

4. Time Management

Time management is one of the most essential requirements when you are looking to start a freelancing career while working on a day job. It becomes crucial to manage both in a limited amount of time. Providing services on time is vital to building client loyalty and trust.

Hence, try to make a balance between both the jobs efficiently. And if you are not working on your day job, still you need to learn to manage your time for different projects you work on simultaneously.

5. Create a Strong Portfolio

It is always better to build a strong portfolio to show the services and products you offer. It’s the first impression that helps you to get valuable clients and offers.

You will need to work hard to create a strong portfolio that will showcase your services in the best ways and attract clients to work with you.

Take time to build an impressive portfolio and then start your freelancing career.

6. Marketing Tactics

To create a buzz in the market about your freelancing job, you need some marketing tactics. 

In the digital world, online marketing is a very good option. You can build a website to showcase your services and create accounts on different social media platforms to promote your work. 

In the beginning, offline marketing is more effective like designing pamphlets and visiting cards that you can give to your family, friends, and relatives to make them know about your services.

It not only introduces your freelancing business but also creates a sort of mouth publicity among the people. 

Efficient marketing strategies will help you get potential clients and businesses.

7. Building Networks

If you have decided on freelancing rather than continuing the day job, then put time and effort into connecting with people from the same industry as you. So that you can get some work through their network.

Like if you are starting as a graphic design freelancer, it would be good to connect with people from marketing and branding agencies. 

Getting two or three strong clients from this network will help you to kick start your business. And also inculcates a sense of security that will encourage you to work better and effectively. 

Before heading towards full-time freelancing, start doing homework on introducing yourself to different people relevant to your industry.

You can visit business and marketing events to meet new people and explain to them about your work and services. Building a professional network can take you a long way as a freelancer.

8. Set Pricing and Payment Systems

Service pricing or rates can vary as per the industry and requirements. Conduct research on pricing patterns and benefits before starting your own. You should have proper knowledge about the market rates to get worth for your services.

You may sometimes need to work at low prices but not always. Decide on your pricing and how you are going to invoice the clients for your services and on what basis like hourly or per project or based on performance. Use tools to keep track of your invoices and payments to avoid confusion and losses.

Once you grow as a freelancer, you can also hire a tax professional to perfectly manage all your accounts and payments.

9. Be Disciplined

Although freelancing offers flexibility in terms of working hours and choice of projects, you can’t afford to be lazy and careless about your work.

If a client’s requirements are not fulfilled in a given time or you are not accessible at the moment they need you, then you may lose the client. 

Everyone is busy and in a hurry to get their work done on time and with accuracy. So be disciplined about your services and working style to become a successful freelancer.

10. Strong Determination

Success depends on a person’s determination and self-belief. Keep it in mind while you are making a decision. If you doubt your abilities then no one else will believe in you. 

It is possible that you will feel distressed and disheartened. And feel like giving up because of difficult situations.

Because business can have both bright and dark days so at times, try to keep calm and be persistent. And focus on the solutions rather than the problems.  

Build a strong focus and belief before giving a start to a full-time or part-time freelancing and be fully determined to face all the challenges.

In Conclusion

These are some tips to start freelancing you can use for your journey. Freelancing demands dedication, a lot of time and focus, willingness to make your venture successful.

You can explore many freelancing career options as per your interests and needs and can start a freelancing business in India.

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How can I find the best freelancing jobs in India?

There are a large number of freelancing websites available where you can find multiple varieties of freelancing jobs as per the specific skill sets. Most popular among them are Upwork and Freelancer. On these websites you can scroll down different jobs and choose the suitable option according to your interest. Read our article where we have listed top freelancing websites in India.

Is freelancing easy to do?

It depends on how well prepared you are for this. Working as a freelancer requires time and energy, dedication, and experience to provide efficient services to the clients. A strong portfolio can help you to gain more sales and businesses. But the quality of work you deliver will determine your success. But prepare your mind for a roller coaster ride as a freelancer.

Should I quit the job before starting freelancing?

It depends on your choice, time, and money management. If you have enough money to back you up to fulfill your basic requirements while you leave the job and fully concentrate on freelancing, then go ahead. But I would prefer to start it as a side business. So that I can explore new opportunities to get good clients and gain enough experience before devoting to full-time freelancing.