Tiktok Ban in India and Instagram Reel Launch – What’s in for Us

A couple of days back, the Government of India made a bold decision against China by putting a ban on their 59 Apps including TikTok, after the clash at Galwan Valley and the dragon nation’s possible involvement in the spread of the virus.

TikTok, with over 20 crore users, was also included in this list. Since its launch in the year 2017, this entertainment App has gained popularity in India. It was a medium in which individuals in every nook & corner of the country could show off their real talent.

TikTok has made hundreds of strangers stars with lacs of followers. However, our government had evidence that the Chinese government is accessing our TikTok.

A Grand Opportunity

For App Developers

If we’re optimistic, then we’ll find it has presented an open opportunity to the App developers in India to put-in their efforts to develop Swadeshi applications that are produced in line with the cultures & traditions of India.

This 59 Apps ban has created a big void to fill-in. So, the coders out there, what are you waiting for, it’s your time to shine. There is hardly any Indian entertainment App that could easily replace TikTok and what legacy it has left behind. App coders and analysts have to think out of the box to develop worthy apps.

Not using the App developers, the TikTok ban India has presented a golden opportunity to Internet marketers. With the development of new apps in India, we need more marketers to promote these Apps and create the same loyal audience base that TikTok had.

For Digital Marketers

Digital marketing companies in India must be all geared up to market a variety of Apps that are there but were unable to come at the forefront because of the utter dominance of TikTok.

When promoting an Indian App, Internet marketers must have a different strategy to connect people’s emotions. Tell the people the App is by them and for them.

Motivate them if you download the App you are like a warrior at the Chinese border. If this is how people feel, then take my word, the App is going to be a mega-hit, and no one is going to stop it.

App developers and marketers have to work in tandem and try to come up with something unique and worth trying. If you are planning to create an App that can replace TikTok, don’t build a replica, because TikTok is the original and will fail miserably.

First, understand the needs & expectations of Indians, and create an App that is loved by people of diverse age groups. If you are also to capture India’s interest, then your App will break every record created by TikTok.

Amidst the Chinese App Ban, Instagram Reel launched

Instagram Reels is now available in India, is it an attempt to capture the TikTok market of India? Instagram had no plans to launch its new feature Reels in India if the Indian government hadn’t banned the 59 Chinese App.

There is no dilemma. Facebook’s Instagram has unveiled this TikTok-like feature to significant inroads in the world of short video entertainment.

Over the years, Instagram has been doing great in India, and Facebook saw its opportunity to get the TikTok users on board with this new feature.

Instagram highlights reel in the quest to seize some, if not all, the user base of TikTok, which has 200 million users. But, Instagram isn’t alone in this race.

There are so many local Apps that are battling it to achieve more downloads. Thus, the road ahead for Instagram a stroll in the park, with public sentiments aligning with Indian Apps.

Now, let’s know what the Reels update is?

A year back, Instagram experimented with this feature in Brazil, and after getting appreciation there, it has decided to put this feature for the entire world. It is a 15-sec short video feature within the Instagram App. This feature has been available for iOS and Android users in India since June.

Officially, we need to know that this feature is still in its experimental phase. Yes, Facebook is known to kill products but will not be able to do the same with Instagram Reels. Plus, content developers wonder how they’ll monetize their content as they did with Instagram; it is a big question that will determine how much it will succeed in India.

There is an ongoing debate amongst the India market analysts, whether Instagram Reels could replace TikTok in India or not? It turns out that the road ahead is not easy is for Instagram’s Reels.

Should TikTok users switch to Instagram for Reels?

Existing Instagram profiles with a large audience base have hopped from TikTok to Instagram in the hope of getting the same love they got from TikTok.

Unlike TikTok, Instagram Reels will pay more significant emphasis on the quality of content, not the number of followers. So, the TikTok freaks have to come with a whole new strategy to better connect with the audience.

But, what Reels lack is powerful content creation options compared to TikTok. As a feature on Instagram, Reels has fewer odds of succeeding, but it is worth a shot as a standalone app.

Final Thought

The time has come for Indian App developers and marketers to shine to their true potential to fill the void of TikTok ban India with a swadeshi App. Rather than relying on Instagram Reels or any other International App. There is so much potential in India that requires inspiration like this to blossom.

Thus, the App coders, it’s not the moment to think or rethink, it’s time to act, the race is on, and you’ve to be unique and traditional to win this race. Do you know TikTok was more prevalent in rural regions of the country with over 2 billion downloads? That’s why culture and traditions could become your USP for success. And, digital marketers need to be vocal for local!