Tailwind for Instagram – Best Hashtag Finder and Post Scheduler

Tailwind is a full-suite marketing management tool and scheduler, created exclusively for Instagram & Pinterest. Tailwind application is apt for bloggers, Internet marketers, and people who are running an online store or physical business.

Powered with some amazing features like post scheduling and hashtag finder, Tailwind empowers even someone with zero marketing knowledge to manage their Instagram and Pinterest pages.

Not just that, it helps you with content creation ideas and other features to effectively promote your brand over Instagram and Pinterest. It also provides real-time analytics of strategies, so that you can tweak them if they are not delivering measurable results.

Tailwind is a smart way to schedule posts on Instagram & Pinterest. It offers a wide variety of perks, such as a drag and drop calendar, bulk upload of images, hashtag lists based on their effectiveness, and several other shortcuts.

And, finally, measure the effectiveness with insights and complete analytics. The hashtag finder feature automatically suggests the best hashtag based on your Instagram post and industry.

The best part is, affordability even for a startup with a limited budget. Before I get further into it I just want to make it clear that-

“This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you choose to click through and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you.”

Instagram Page Management With Tailwind

Tailwind for Instagram
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Hashtag Monitoring
  • Scheduling
  • Audience Management
  • Listening
  • UGC Content Management

Tailwind Pricing Plans: There are four price package options, one is the FREE Trial, Plus Plan for $15 per month, Professional Plan for $1,199.99 per month, and finally Enterprise Plan by quote.

Read the full detail, and we’ll provide you with complete information on how to use Tailwind- a scheduler for Instagram to boost your analytics.

How Can Instagram Help Your Business Grow?

If you don’t have a business profile on Instagram, then you are missing out on an ocean of opportunities.

Instagram has evolved from being just about any other photo-sharing social platform to a powerful marketing weapon that helps startups, SMEs to big brands to expand their presence and visibility over the social world to drive traffic to your website, bring leads, and make sales like crazy.

Here are a few compelling reasons why your businesses must board on the Instagram train.

More & More People Are Using Instagram- Everyday!

As per the latest data, Instagram has over 800 million active users, and 500 million of them are active every day on this social platform, isn’t these numbers incredible?

So, with so many people on Instagram, it is easy to find your potential buyers/clients; however, for that, you need a well-crafted Instagram strategy.

The Business of Any Size Can Use It

Instagram is a social media channel that levels the playing field for startups, small businesses to compete with big brands of the industry effectively.

However, the path is not as easy as you might perceive, to strengthen your base on Instagram, you need to have an active presence and maintain a proper post scheduling mechanism to stay connected with your audience, at least one post per day.

Later in the article, we’ll be explaining how to schedule an Instagram post using Tailwind.

Make Money Directly on Instagram

Yes, you heard it right; you can even make money directly from the Instagram platform. Instagram has evolved over the years as a social platform, and today it has a unique program for businesses known as the ‘shoppable‘ posts.

These kinds of posts allow brands to add tags to their products in the image with a link to your landing page where the particular product is available. The shoppable posts feature is incredible for businesses to make a direct sale from Instagram.

So, you are not only enhancing your brand image over the social front, but also making a revenue, isn’t that a complete reason to get your business on Instagram.

Connect with Your Audience Through Stories

Instagram stories give you the power to connect with prospective audiences at a deeper level. The stories are a way to show that your brand is far more than just selling products; you can impress your audience with stories & live posts. Behind the scenes, insight often fascinates Instagram users.

For instance, showing how the product is being made, a live Q/A session, and a live tour of your business office isn’t a bad idea. The stories & live posts are non-marketing means to establish trust, rapport, and credibility among your Insta followers.

If your Instagram follower sees you more than a brand identity, the human side of the company, they are encouraged to become your customer.

Reach Out to the Influencers

In the world of social media, there are influencers, people those who have a stronghold over their audience, and termed as a recognised voice for a particular niche.

For example, tech influencers and food influencers. Everything they post leaves a significant impact on a broad audience base. These influencers in exchange for money are ready to market a brand or a particular product.

The right influencer can bring huge sales, thanks to their broad yet dedicated demographics, which is not possible for your business post to do so.

If you’ve joined hands with an influencer, their one post about your product or service can reach a million views in a couple of minutes, that’s the power of an influencer.

So, you’ve to research well to find an industry-specific influencer to promote your brand.

Hashtags Boost Visibility of Your Page

Generally, young brands with a limited number of followers often are scared about competing with brands that have been active on Instagram for years. The answer is 'relevant hashtags'. With a proper set of hashtags, you can drive more engagement to your post.

But, never overdo when it comes to hashtags and they must be relevant to your post; otherwise, they'll do more harm than any good. Remember, the hashtags are like keywords, so they must be meaningful.

I've curated a full length article on 'How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Business Online' and have covered pretty much everything you will need to know to about Instagram marketing. I strongly suggest you give it a read.

Keep An Eye Over Your Rivals

Another worthy reason on Instagram is that you get to know what sales tactics your closed rival is implementing, what sales they are running, is there any product/service they plan to launch?

Carefully analyze how often and what they post on Instagram. You can gather all the critical information to plan your strategy.

But, don't copy their marketing plan, because what works for them may not work for your brand.

In the next segment, we'll talk about the various features of a popular Instagram schedule, Tailwind, so without wasting any time, let's get on with it right away.

Features of Tailwind's Instagram Scheduler

Tailwind is a trusted Instagram scheduler tool that lets you effectively plan, create, and optimize your Instagram marketing strategy.

Thus, freeing marketing guys and CEOs of the tedious task of posting, allowing them to focus on the bigger picture of the company. Tailwind present a wealth of features, and these are enlisted below:-

Auto Post

The first or foremost use of Tailwind for me is to be able to auto-post on Instagram page, because when you are a small business or a blogger, it's not just practical to everyday plan, create and post on Instagram. You run at risk of missing important events where you could post something to get broader reach.

Now that I'm no more worried about posting everyday, I can really work on creative aspects of content I wanna post.

Schedule Carousels & Stories

What I've learnt from my experience is that stories on Instagram are really amazing to bring in engagement from your target audience. But I feel too lazy to everyday post stories, and that's where Tailwind's story scheduler for Instagram comes in handy.

Schedule Carousels & Stories

Hashtag Finder and Schedule Hashtags in The First Comment

I personally struggle to find out which hashtags are most relevant to me and can increase my reach as well. But with this I can choose from various suggestion that Tailwind's Hashtag Finder to make my every post discoverable with intuitive & relevant hashtags.

You can keep your image caption clean and distraction-free, by scheduling your hashtags to the first comment. And, Tailwind does it for you automatically. I've tried explain it to you in the next screenshot.

Smart Schedule

The Smart Schedule feature of Tailwind allows you to publish your post over Instagram at different times when you are more likely to engage with them.

Time-Saving Shortcuts

The various shortcuts available on Tailwind are location tagging, font formatting, and user tagging.

Drag and Drop and Grid Preview

You can quickly upload the images on Tailwind schedule, thanks to its drag-and-drop grid feature. Also can preview how your Instagram grid looks like before you schedule it over Tailwind.

Caption Templates

If you're a writer's block or don't have the mind of a writer, then the caption template feature of Tailwind lets you unlock your creativity quickly with pre-made captions.

Profile Performance

You can easily track your Instagram performance with all the key metrics, such as likes, comments, and followers.


You'll get to know the top-performing posts so that you can plan your strategy.

tailwind post inspector

Summary Reports

Tailwind provides all the daily, weekly, and monthly reports for the performance of your posts.

Smart Bio

You can add links to your Instagram posts while scheduling using Smart Bio from Tailwind. And this is what your Smart Bio page will look like, when someone clicks on the link in your Bio:

tailwind smart bio

Now, we move on to our next segment, and understand the perks of Instagram scheduling with Tailwind.

What Are Some Benefits of Using Tailwind Scheduler for Instagram Posts?

In my opinion, every tool you use has its own pros and cons, and that mostly depends on optimized uses as well. There are several perks of scheduling your Instagram posts over Tailwind, some of these are as follows:-

1. Saves Time

One of the most obvious reasons that make Tailwind Instagram scheduler so indispensable is that it saves a large amount of time that you might spend in scheduling every posts individually.

Rather than daily spending time on creating and publishing posts on Instagram, you can schedule all the week's posts at once, which saves a significant amount of time that you can invest in other things.

2. Post at the Right Time

Well, you are in Asia, and your target audience in the US, so you'll have to wake up in the middle of the night to post on Instagram and drive better engagement.

But, there is a solution: the automatic post scheduler of Tailwind that suggests times when to post on Instagram, based on when your prospective audience is most active.

Tailwind does it for you without making you wake up at odds hours of the day. You can schedule your posts as per your convenience. I've shared a screenshot for a better understanding:

tailwind for instagram

3. Easier to Maintain Content

Every day preparing the content for the posts often seems challenging as you might hit creative road blocks.

But with Tailwind, you can create the content schedule, and effectively manage your content. You can stay scheduled with regards to the content with Tailwind.

4. You're Covered in a Busy Scenarios

What if you fall sick or have to travel anywhere urgently, will your branding come to a halt? No, Tailwind has your back in such situations. Your posts are already scheduled on Tailwind, so you don't have anything to worry about.

But don't forget to respond. Yes, you have the scheduler to manage all your posts on Instagram, but it is no-replacement to old-fashioned online communication.

Whether someone DM you or comment on your post, you must reply to them right away. Invest all the time saved from scheduling the posts into talking to your fans!

There is a FREE Trial!

Tailwind for Instagram

So, by now, you probably are interested in using Tailwind to schedule your posts over Instagram, but still not sure whether you pay for this tool. Then, you can join the FREE trial version of Tailwind. This will allow you to understand the various perks of Tailwind.

Now, we move ahead to the next part of the article, which is the detailed step-by-step process to schedule a post on Instagram using Tailwind. So, let's scroll down and find out:-

How to Schedule on A Post on Tailwind- A Practical and Step-by-Step Process

If you want to establish a stellar brand image, then your business has to be active on Instagram. This social media platform is among the fastest-growing social media channels as it drives the highest engagement.

On Instagram, you can organically drive traffic to your website, and make sales without investing in paid Ads. To strengthen your brand image, you've to post frequently over Instagram. This is typically 7+ posts in a week.

These days there are several social media management tools, and Tailwind is one of them. It offers an array of features, besides scheduling the posts.

So, here, I've created a mini-guide to use Tailwind scheduler for Instagram post scheduling:-

Step 1: Join Tailwind

you can either opt for the FREE trial version or enjoy features with the paid version. Create your username and password as login credentials.

tailwind for instagram

Step 2: Set-up Your Account

Now, when you’ve joined Instagram, the next thing, you’ve to do is to click the + button on the top right corner of the Tailwind main page, and then hit ‘Add New Instagram Account,” as illustrated through the above snap.

You’ve to authorize your account, and you’ve to connect to your responding Instagram page. You also have to verify your phone number to get started with scheduling your post on Tailwind.

So, your Tailwind account will be set-up. With the FREE version, you can schedule 31 posts on Instagram.

Step 3: Post Your First Picture

You’ve uploaded your first image, and after that, Tailwind will guide you with the entire process to schedule your post using Tailwind.

You’ll get to use a variety of advanced features such as Hashtag Finder, Add Description, Hashtag Lists, and then queue your posts.

Step 4: Use Hashtag Finder

The Hashtag Finder feature allows you to find all the relevant hashtags for your post to drive better engagement. You can add all the relevant ones with one click, so a lot of save time.

Step 5: Save Your Hashtags for Future

You can even add all the hashtags to your post, with one single click, how? Hit the # icon as shown in the above snap. Also, you can add more hashtags to the selection, and name this list to be used for future posts.

Did you know a post with eleven or more hashtags than that, gains maximum engagement over Instagram? So, this feature of Tailwind can help you increase the number of likes, comments, and shares for each post.

Step 6: Analyse Your Performance

Once your post is live on Instagram, you can track its performance thanks to the analytics feature of Tailwind. The Profile Performance will give you an idea of how a particular post is doing over Instagram, is it able to drive the attention of your followers or has it failed terribly? The Post Inspector feature will put forth all the top-performing posts.

All the insight you get from these features will empower you with the right information to tweak your present Instagram strategy for the betterment. It is a continuous process, so keep the performance of each post to always stay a cut above your market rivals.

In a nutshell, all the features of Tailwind save time for marketers and CEOs to focus on the bigger picture of the company, without compromising on the social media engagement of the brand.

In addition to that, Tailwind is the official tool of Instagram, so you can be assured all your account & personal information will be safe and secure.

The FREE trial version of Tailwind lets you schedule 31 Instagram posts. If you think the features of this tool are worthy, you can get the paid membership to take your Instagram marketing strategy to a whole new level. You can upgrade to the Plus Plan per month $14.99 per month, and $119.88.

Tailwind users opting for the Plus Plan can drive 1.3 times more followers over Instagram.

If you are serious about improving your brand visibility over Instagram and drive meaningful results, then you should upgrade.

Next up is how to drive traffic to your website with Smart Bio from Tailwind.

How to Use Smart Bio to Bring Traffic to Your Website

Your Instagram profile bio is unarguably the most critical aspect of your entire Instagram strategy, especially when it comes to building your brand robust market image.

The bio of Instagram Profile is just like a business website's About Us; if you are not transparent and genuine, you won't be able to establish trust. If you've well-crafted Instagram bio that quickly connects with your prospective audience and make them feel like trusting you.

To attract your desired audience, make sure the bio is simple to understand, and something your followers can relate to. Highlight the USP of your brand. The Instagram bio also contains the clickable link. When you add #, and @ in your profile bio, they become clickable.

How to Create a Great Impression on Instagram with The Smart Bio:-

While writing an Instagram bio seems easy-peasy; instead, it requires a lot of thought processes. It takes only a couple of seconds for your online visitor to form an impression of your company viewing your Instagram bio.

A good Instagram bio clearly illustrates what your business is, what it does, you've to explain all this in a few characters, that's the trick.

To stand out in the crowd, you've to define your USP. Give deep thought to what makes your business special, is the affordability factor of your product or advanced features?

You've to strike a chord with the mind of your potential followers to derive more engagement from Instagram. If someone hasn't heard of your brand, they will read your good bio, and often end up searching your company on Google.

You must take a look at the profiles of Instagram influencers related to your industry or related. Doing so, you'll get a quick guide on how to better connect with the audience, without being sassy.

Keywords are the key

Yeah you heard it right, even in an Instagram profile, you must add all the relevant keywords in the form of hashtags. Not only the keywords in your bio will boost your profile's search-ability, but also give your audience the reasons you must follow your profile.

When deciding on the keywords, you must think of them as one-word or a search term; people often use to search something on Instagram, such as #technews #EPLnews, #COVID-19, etc. Only choose what's relevant to your brand; otherwise, they will serve no purpose.

Solve the Problem

Your Instagram bio must not highlight what your business does, like offering full-suite digital marketing solutions, instead of the project as a company which can help startups to get off the ground with a tailored Internet marketing strategy. So, in a nutshell, be a problem solver, and not make your Instagram your sales boy or girl.

Website Link

Yes, you can make people click on your link, but to make sure the clickable link in the bio serves any purpose, then you've to choose a link appropriately.

Don't land your follower to any random page like the About Us OR Homepage, instead ensure that they go to a webpage where they are encouraged to take action.

If you're an eCommerce company, then it could be the product or category page, where they can buy the product.

For instance, you provide professional services, then your follower must be taken to a page where they get a quick idea about your services, and can book online.

Tailwind's Smart Bio gives you an option to add custom links to every post. So when you add the link generated with Smart Bio, it creates a page where all your post show up with custom link to redirect your audience to the most relevant to them.

The website link must be placed strategically in the bio, avoid placing it too early or too late in the bio. The link must go seamlessly with the biography; it must sync with the text.

The Email

Yes, adding your custom Smart Bio link is of paramount importance, but you must not ignore the email, as all the professional B2C communication happens over there. So, share your business email in your profile bio.

Be Creative

There is a vast scope of creativity when it comes to your Instagram bio. Be professional, but be creative with what you writing. Don't be too formal, show your company's human side. Here are some ways to be creative with your Instagram bio.

  • Make use of emojis in the bio text.
  • Included your branded hashtag.
  • Pick a stylish yet readable font in your Instagram bio.
  • Add line breaks to your Instagram bio.
  • Don't forget to add call-to-action in your bio.
  • Include your physical location and contact.

A Quick Instagram Bio Checklist:-

  • Explain what your business is, and what it does?
  • Target your audience with all the relevant keywords.
  • Add your website link to the bio carefully.
  • Provide a way to get in touch
  • Be creative with the description.

Special Tips on Using Tailwind for Instagram

Find the Right Keywords or Hashtags

You don't have to spend time researching for all the keywords/hashtags as Tailwind Instagram scheduler has a unique feature known as Hashtag Finder to provide you with excellent advice for adding hashtags. Above, we've clearly explained how you use this feature in a detailed manner.

The Best Time

With Tailwind Instagram scheduler, you get to know the right time to post on Instagram. You'll know when your prospective audience is most active. And, the best you don't need to break your sleep to publish posts on Instagram, as you can easily schedule on Tailwind.

Measure Performance

Apart from helping you understand when it is the right time to publish posts, Tailwind's Instagram scheduler also keeps track of each post. It provides all the essential details related to post engagement, such as links, comments, and shares.


So, we learned in detail about Tailwind- An Instagram Post Scheduler, what it is, how it works, and most importantly, its key features.