How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency from Home- A Complete Guide

how to start a social media marketing agency in India

In the early 2010s, to start a social media marketing agency was a dream, and competition in the market was also low, so were the client expectations, but now, we will see a large number of social media agencies, infinite tools and platforms for learning, and high client expectations. Social media started as a fun … Read more

How to use LinkedIn for Personal Branding- A Complete Guide

using linkedin for personal branding

Once Jeff Bezos quoted – “Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room”. We have listened to many stories of business becoming a brand and these stories are pretty common in the market, and once any business becomes a well-settled brand, it starts earning money on their names. … Read more

What Mistakes People Commonly Make with Social Media Marketing in India

mistakes in social media marketing

As the usage of social media is increasing rapidly, there is an opportunity for everyone. but there are some very common mistakes in social media marketing in India which usually go unnoticed and might harm your marketing efforts. We will talk about these social media marketing mistakes in detail. Once social media was just used … Read more

How to Use Tailwind for Pinterest Marketing 101

how to use tailwind for pinterest

Smart marketers are now acknowledging that apart from Twitter & Facebook, there is another social media channel – Pinterest. It has a unique brand & content marketing potential. Evolved from being a place for DIY lovers & homeowners to be a powerful and influential social media platform. Startups, SMEs and big brands are marketing their … Read more

How do you measure ROI in Social Media Marketing – A Full Guide

how to measure ROI in social media marketing

ROI stands for Return on Investment which is used to know the efficiency of investment by measuring the performance. When we want to calculate the amount of return on a particular investment respective to the investment cost. In social media marketing, ROI is the sum of actions taken on social media that create value.  If … Read more

Role of Social Media in Digital Marketing in 2021 – How to Plan Ahead

Lanscape of social media marketing in 2021

The role of social media in Digital Marketing in 2021 is changing as we see the way we are conducting our lives in digital world. Before the outbreak of the Corona virus pandemic, people were not much aware of power of social media. But, now they have realized how beneficial it can be for their … Read more