Top 10 Online Self Publishing Platforms in India- Create and Sell eBooks

top online self publishing platforms in india

There is a writer in everyone, at least that’s what everyone thinks. At some point you might also have thought of publishing your own book, to share your thoughts and opinions or learning with others. Online self publishing platforms make it easy for you.  Online self book publishing has become a trend and many aspiring … Read more

Best Online Business Ideas for Teachers in India with Low Investment in 2021

online business ideas for teachers

Teachers and other Educators often feel free in their summer break and look out for small part-time jobs. But this time the reason to find a new job was different. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus in India many teachers and other professionals lost their job. Now, this situation has arisen the need of finding … Read more

Top 25 Online Platforms to Start Health Consultation as a Doctor in India

top online doctors consultation platforms

The concept of tele-medicine in India was slowly and steadily growing. And, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a sudden surge with most people from various states recognizing the new system of meeting their Doctor. Most of the people are having a positive experience with online visits.  So, the benefits of online doctor consultation platforms in … Read more

Top 11 Online Stock Trading Platforms in India – Start Investing Today

top online stock trading platforms in india

India is the fastest growing economy in south Asia and a very lucrative market as well. Many start-ups are building innovative and technologically advanced platforms to make online stock trading easier, faster and more transparent. Not only start-ups, many well established stock trading firms are utilizing digital tools to create better platforms to aid investors … Read more

Top 10 Affiliate Programs in India that You SHOULD Join!

top affiliate programs india

Everyone dreams of a passive income stream; making money while they sleep. Ever such thoughts strike our mind, we think of so much, but out of these, affiliate marketing seems to be more effective & practical. Top 10 affiliate programs in India that pay very well for efforts. The concept is pretty simple; you sell … Read more

How to Start an Online Health Consultation Business in India

how to start online health consultant business

The world is now different and the way we do things has changed, for better or worse. But we are adapting to this situation very easily and quickly. Like everything else, health care has come online too, and there is a big rise in online health consultation in India. Even the Government of India has … Read more