How to do Keyword Research for SEO -The Ultimate Guide

Keyword research in 2020

What kind of keyword your target audience in India is using to search for services and products on the internet is a subject of research. Keywords are a fundamental part of a search engine optimization- SEO campaign. These are one-word search terms such as Shoes or phrases such as “Best Nike Sports Shoes” that internet … Read more

Unleash The Power of Quora for Marketing Online Business in India

power of quora marketing

Quora is one of the great places to leverage customer engagement for your marketing efforts in India. This platform facilitates user-created content for user queries. Which means, this platform is a great way to really understand the target audience for your business in India. At first glance, Quora doesn’t seem like a powerful marketing tool … Read more

How to Write High Performing Content for SEO with Skyscraper Technique

how to use skyscraper technique for SEO

The world of content marketing has witnessed a myriad of trends over the years, and one such trend which is here to stay for many years to come is “Skyscraper Content.” Digital marketing experts have gone crazy about this new technique called the ‘Skyscraper Technique‘ to create more backlinks faster. Before we go any further, … Read more

7 Social Media Platforms to Use to Market an Online Business in India

online business with social media

In this article, we’ll be discussing how to promote your online business in India with different social media platforms. Learn how to drive measurable results while investing just peanuts. Want to know how? Let’s scroll down and find out the answer right away:- Why Invest in Social Media Marketing? With each passing financial year, the … Read more

How Live Video Streaming Reinvents the Content Marketing Game?

how to use live streaming for marketing

#A Miniguide for Professional Marketers Although live streaming hasn’t been long with us, it is gaining traction and attention from businesses & brands which are in the lookout for new ways for delivering engaging content to their audience. This industry is projected to skyrocket in the next couple of years reinventing the content marketing game. … Read more

5 Killer Tactics to Voice Optimize Your Business Website

Voice search SEO for website

In recent times, you probably heard a lot about voice search; and Internet marketers back it to be the next big thing that will reinvent the digital marketing game. They say that voice search optimization is one of the prime focus of their SEO strategy for website. There are several statistics and surveys that suggest … Read more