Top 11 Online Stock Trading Platforms in India – Start Investing Today

India is the fastest growing economy in south Asia and a very lucrative market as well. Many start-ups are building innovative and technologically advanced platforms to make online stock trading easier, faster and more transparent.

Not only start-ups, many well established stock trading firms are utilizing digital tools to create better platforms to aid investors of all sizes into making better financial and investment decisions. 

There were days when starting out in the stock market needed some kind of expert skills and had to be in a network of big investors for per sey. But that all has changed now that we have – Internet. Everything can be done and found on the internet and so are stocks. 

If you are looking to make some extra money by utilizing the extra time you got, you can start in the stock trading field. There are many online platforms that make it easy for you to learn and invest in better ways, I’m listing some of the best online stock trading platforms below: 

1. Zerodha

Zerodha is one of the oldest online stock trading platforms in India, started in 2010. Founder of Zerodha, Nitin Kamath is very experienced and changed the entire landscape of Indian Stock Broking arena. 

This is one of the biggest  platforms in India for stock trading. What makes it better is that it has a very helpful education system for beginners to begin in stock trading. The dashboard is very easy to use and with in-depth reports on tradings.

You can manage your trading accounts even on the go with their Android and iOS apps. The best thing about Zerodha is they have a powerful market alert system.  

2. Upstox

It is one of the most advanced online trading platforms in India. Blacked by the business tycoon of India, Mr. Ratan Tata himself, this platform is redefining trading. With a powerful dashboard to manage transactions and to get reports on recent investments. 

Founded by Srini Vishwanath and Ravi Kumar, Upstox is headed towards profitable years. 

Along with stock trading you can also work with mutual funds investment. You can become a broker with Upstox, but there is a brokerage fee in the process. All you need to have to open an account with Upstox is Aadhar Card details. You will also have access to partner accounts of UpStox like Fox, Dart, and NEST. 

3. Samco

Samco has an online stock trading platform called StockNote which is one the largest in India. They have mobile apps for both iOS and Android along with web applications and APIs. 

For mutual funds they have a separate platform called RankMF, to get rankings and analysis to make the best possible investment in mutual funds.

The best part is that there are no charges to access any of these platforms. While opening an account with Samco is free, you will only need to pay 20 rupee everytime you make an order on one of these platforms.

For the first month on Samco using Stock Note you will get 100% cashback on brokerage. 

4. Tradebull

Tradebull makes it easier for you to start with online trading stock in India. With their knowledge hub services, you can learn and start investing hasslefree. If you’re not new but looking to make your portfolio better than Tradebull helps you with that too.

Tradebull has a huge clientele of around 2 lakh plus clients on board. With 18 branches in big cities of India, Tradebull is a leading online stock trading platform.

This platform is all in one for stock market enthusiasts, with market news, services like ‘Target’, ‘Portfolio Optimizer’,and ‘DIY Screeners’ help you in making better financial decisions.

5. 5Paisa

They started their operation in March, 2016 as one of the most recognised online stock trading platforms in India. And now their app has more than 5 million users and is accredited as a premier depository participant by CDSL.  

The interface of this app is very easy to use and makes it very effortless for you to start and manage your investment accounts. They have a mobile app, a web application, a desktop application and an automated trading tool. 

If you are new to the world of stock trading, they have a very helpful learning system with articles and video series for topics related to stock trading. 

6. Sharekhan

Sharekhan is most popular among stock traders, mostly because of its high paid advertisements. But the other reason this platform is so popular is that Sharekhan was the first ever online stock trading platform in India which was founded in 2000. 

With more than 20 lakh customers, Sharekhan is the largest stock trading platform in India. 

They have a dedicated education and training system for wanna be traders, brokers and investors namely Sharekhan Classrooms, workshops and courses. 

Along with stock trading you can also invest in SIP, Mutual Funds, Equity, Bonds and IPO using sharekhan’s platforms. 

7. Angel Broking

Angel broking was established in 1987, is one of the most trusted firms of stock brokerage. However, they stepped foot into the digital world in 2013 with their stock broking online app. They also have a desktop app for stock trading, called SpeedPro. 

It gives you a single window trading experience with many other features like: 

  1. Real Time Market Updates
  2. Portfolio Management
  3. Online Trending
  4. Live Market Watch

They also have a very rich knowledge center filled with case studies of the market from years and years of experience with future predictions. You can also get certified as a broker from Angel Broking with their collection of different educational modules on Smart Money. 

8. Groww

They say their goal is to make investing easy, fast, and transparent with their online stock trading platforms. With around 90 lakh users, Groww is one of the fastest growing platforms. 

With Groww, you can invest in multiple categories along with Stocks like Currency, Gold, Mutual Funds, ETFs, and Commodities. 

Groww also has an extensive collection of learning resources curated by experts of the field related to investment in different categories. 

The platform is very elegantly built by keeping the users and their ease-of-use in the mind. Simplicity of this platform makes it stand out from other online stock trading platforms. It is still a start-up but it is backed up by world class investors, because of its potential to change the way we do trading in India. 

9. DB Online

DB Online majorly focuses on aiding NRI investors in investing in India stock market. They believe that Indian economy is the most exciting and emerging in the World. So, there are major opportunities for NRIs to invest in Indian market and also make profits. 

DBOnline helps you simplify the process of opening a PIS account, making sure that you follow the guidelines from RBI regarding trading for NRIs. 

So, if you are an NRI and looking to start trading in Indian stock market, then DB Online is one the best platforms to start. 

However, NRIs can only trade in delivery based transactions (t+2). They can not trade in BT/ST transactions. 

10. Trade Smart Online

Trade Smart Online is the latest venture of VNS Finances as a way to explore the online business world in India. This online stock trading platform is built using the insights from 20 years of industry experience of VNS. 

It’s a pretty easy process to open a Demat account with Trade Smart Online and start trading. The platform fee is flat Rs. 15 per order, you will be able to save a lot on the brokerage compared to offline methods. 

The mobile app for online trading is called SINE and the trading platform’s API they provide is Swing. For exclusive dealing Mutual Funds, there is a separate app named TradeSmart MF as well. 

11. Swastika

Swastika started in 1992 into trading, and has an extensive and rich experience of years and years in trading. They recently launched their online stock trading platforms, which has made it to the list of top in India. 

Their mobile trading app is called Justrade for both Android and iOS. The trading website for Swastika is Justrade. If you are trading using your PC, then they also have a desktop application- Justrade Pro.

You need only one account of all kinds of trading through Swastika. All you need is an Aadhar card, pan card and bank statements. You can anytime add and withdraw funds from your account. With the same account you can access mobile app, web app and desktop app. 

They are also providing short term professional courses in the stock market, so you can learn with experts and with a practical approach. 


So, that’s it. This is the list of top online stock trading platforms in India, that you can trust. If you are new into the world of online business in India, we have it covered for you. No matter if you are an inexperienced or small size investor, the need to have a broker to help you with investment is no more there. 

By utilising one of the above mentioned online stock trading platforms, you will be able to learn about stock trading and make better investment decisions.

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