7 Social Media Platforms to Use to Market an Online Business in India

In this article, we’ll be discussing how to promote your online business in India with different social media platforms. Learn how to drive measurable results while investing just peanuts. Want to know how? Let’s scroll down and find out the answer right away:-

Why Invest in Social Media Marketing?

With each passing financial year, the number of online businesses in India is soaring at an incredible rate.

India’s online market is expected to reach Rs 13,97,800 crore by 2027, and online shoppers would be 220 million by 2022. These numbers are motivating remarkable for entrepreneur minds to translate their visionary idea into reality.

Whether you are planning to dive into India’s online business arena, or you just did, you must know that it is not a cakewalk.

Yes, the Indian virtual market is enormous, but the competition here is cut-throat; therefore, the road to survival is challenging. Especially when you are competing with big brand names in your specific target markets.

Fortunately, the advent of social media is leveling the playfield for startups and helping online businesses to succeed even with a limited marketing budget.

Social media can take your product or service to every home without spending big money; this is the limitless power of Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin.

#1 Facebook Marketing To Widen Your Reach

Social Media Platforms to Use to Market an Online Business in India

Facebook is no more a medium that bridges people of diverse cultures and traditions from across the globe. Today; it is a dynamic, powerful marketing weapon to get your online or physical business off the ground.

The first thing you need to do is setting up a business page on Facebook; it doesn’t cost you even a penny. Make sure you include all the details with regards to your products and services, clearly mention the contact details; this will help you gain the trust of your prospective audience.

To improve engagement, you can run existing offers and deals on your business page. But make sure you do it no more than once or twice in a month; otherwise, these things would lose their charm.

Encourage your customers to share the pic using your product or service on your Facebook business page. Give them special coupon codes and exclusive discounts. This is a crucial practice to establish brand identity.

“Contests are great fun activities to increase follower engagements on Facebook.”

#2 Twitter Marketing To Boost Brand Visibility

Twitter is another popular social media channel to promote your business and reach a broader audience base.

Use tweets to tell unique aspects of your business and products & services, don’t forget to add a link to the dedicated landing page.

Social Media Platforms to Use to Market an Online Business in India

On Twitter, follow potential customers and vendors as well as influencers such as bloggers, journalists or industry analysts related to your industry.

Promoted Twitter cards are an inexpensive medium to market your products/services.

To get more visibility, use trending hashtags when promoting your online business. Make people talk about your brand, use your voice to highlight social causes.

#3 YouTube for Interactive Video Marketing

In this fast-paced urban life, people don’t have time to go through long sales copies or lengthy promotional articles, they want something quick and interactive, and YouTube serves the purpose.

If you wish to share informational content with your potential clients, for instance, “How to Use Social Media for an Online Business in India,” if you’re a digital marketing agency.

Social Media Platforms to Use to Market an Online Business in India

On the other hand, you can promote your latest product launch on YouTube by publishing a detailed video explaining what the product and how it can solve your problem, and, above all, its USP.

So, set up your own YouTube channel, publish video content regularly and motivate your followers to like, share, comment to boost engagement.

You even go that extra mile in requesting your costumers who have used your products and services to share video testimonials on YouTube, don’t forget to give rewards for the same.

You can also use YouTube for live video streaming to powerfully market your brand and products. Because in coming years live video streaming is going to be a game changer in Digital Marketing.

Read the latest article to learn more about using live streaming for marketing.

#4 LinkedIn for Your Personal Branding

LinkedIn is a professional platform to market your business. Create a Linkedin profile and provide details of about you.

Share content related to your various products/services, so that the information appears on the social wall of people in your network.

Join the different LinkedIn groups that are popular in line with your prospective business products & services. Don’t be shy to post questions and comments related to the products you sell or services offered.

use linkedin marketing to build personal brand

Request people in your business and personal circle to give a recommendation for your business on LinkedIn.

Add PPTs, videos, and slide shares under the summary section of your LinkedIn profile, and it goes without saying to publish content that your followers will love to share.

#5 Pinterest to Establish your Brand Authority

Pinterest is a photo-sharing social media channel where you can refreshingly interact with your potential customers.

Set up your profile on Pinterest for your business. Create one or more pin boards related to your business products or services.

Add the ‘pin it’ button on the different images on your business website and let your potential customers share it on Pinterest.

Use pinterst marketing to build audience

When pinning an image on the Pinterest board, make sure you add a short description of your product along with the link to the landing page.

“Pin videos to your board, this can generate a lot of shared pins & views.”

Another exciting way to market your online business with social media channels like Pinterest is by having a pinning contest on your business website. Offer a prize like a discount coupon to a random pinner.

#6 Instagram for Visual Marketing

Instagram provides an another visually interactive way to promote your online business with social media.

With over 700 million users on this photo-sharing social media platform. If you want to boost your brand visibility, then Instagram is a powerful platform to achieve this marketing goal.

How to use Instagram for marketing

Share creative visually engaging content on Instagram to help more people notice your brand. Compared to other social media channels, Instagram has a higher level of engagement. But to accomplish improved ROI, you need to be smart with regards to what you share here.

“Use the hashtags carefully to increase your reach and engagement.”

Learn more about how you can use Instagram to promote your business online on social media in this article:

#7 Yelp to Gain Customer Feedback

Last, on the list of best social media channels to market, your business is Yelp. On Yelp, people share their feedback on the products and services you used.

So, you need to encourage your customers to share their reviews on your Yelp; this will allow you to establish a credible image of your business on Yelp, which has millions of users from all parts of the world.

The best aspect of Yelp is that a negative review every and then can be neutralized by driving more number of positive reviews. So, bring more reviews, offer your loyal customers special promotional offers.

Tips Effectively Market Your Online Business on Social Media

Building a Community

Be it the LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook; your focus must not be on driving as many followers as possible, instead of looking out for potential people who can convert, and has the potential to be your loyal customers.

These people are most likely to like, share, comment on the content your share on your business page. Let me quote one of the most successful Digital Marketer’s thoughts on this:

“The problem is, we are all using social networks as distribution instead of native platform to actually tell stories.”

-Gary Vaynerchuk

So, you must put in all your energy into establishing a community around your business and its products & services. The people within your community will engage with one another and help you reach a broad audience.

You can always go that extra mile in reaching out to influential social media users and request them to mention your business in one of their posts or review a product.

Post Content daily

Note that you have your business profile on multiple social media platforms; it is imperative to be active.

If someone stumbles upon your business’s profile and discovers that your most recent is some weeks ago, believe them, they aren’t going to follow you.

Furthermore, just think of the people following you, are you justifying them?

Well, to create a positive impression in the minds of your followers post daily, but make sure you publish at least two to three posts each week and don’t forget the variation.

Form Relationship with Social Influencers

Finally, what if I say you can increase your business’s social media presence without putting in much effort into posting content daily?

Yes, there is, it involves connecting with social influencers in your geographical location, business industry, and respective products & services.

One thing you note is that the social influencers are by no means the top Bollywood celebrities or athletes of India, instead, these are people you have a strong influence on your prospective audience base.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it is essential to note that social media marketing isn’t an overnight venture; it requires time and real dedication to boost your brand visibility, drive leads, and generate sales.

What is the best software to automate postings in social media?

To automate social media posts is a bad idea if you want to build a brand image. But for regular article updates and promotions, it is wise to use automation tools. I personally use ‘Buffer’ for automation. I create the posts for the whole week in a day and post them all week on scheduled time.

What's the best time to post on social media?

Every single social platform is unique in terms of type of content that’s been shared there and the kind of audience that engages there. For Instagram, find out the leisure time of your targeted audience, because people open Instagram in their leisure time. It is best to post on LinkedIn during weekdays especially on Wednesdays and Thursdays. For YouTube posting videos in night time like around 7 pm to 11 pm works the best.

How do I make my company's social media relevant and professional?

The trick in social media marketing to be consistent and be relevant. Social media is a huge market so I will try to comprehend it as much as possible:
1. Do proper branding (Logo, Colors, theme, patterns)
2. Use relevant hashtags
3. Check out competition see what they are posting and create content to fulfill the gap.
4. Analyze which posts gets most engagements and create more similar content.
5. Add genuine details of your business.
6. Be very honest with your intentions.