How to do Social Media Planning for Online Business in India

Using social media for online business in India isn’t an option anymore, that makes drafting a successful Social media planning and strategy a very important task.

While the internet is flooded with articles about the process, I here want to talk to you about some most basic but very much useful and often ignored aspects of social media planning.

Social media plays a major role in Branding and user acquisition in this digital era. It personifies your brand and makes your users engage with them.

Legend has it that brands that use social media to connect with their customers and communicate their visions and goals, turned out to be one of the most loved of all. With love comes customer loyalty, and what else could you possibly ask for your marketing campaigns. 

Can you think of a brand that was loved by the public because it has clearly communicated it’s social cause? I can think of several – McDonalds, Tesla, Netflix, Zomato and many more!

Whatever niche your business is in social media can add more value for your marketing efforts. These 7 major social media platforms can really boost your sales and business.

So what does it take to create a successful Social Media strategy for your online business in India?

How to Draft Successful Social Media Strategy?

1. Defined Objectives

Not just for social media, to execute any kind of marketing strategy successfully, the first step is to clearly define your objectives.

But in case of social media, this becomes much more important. Because the results you get from your social media marketing are not always directly visible.

The reason being that most of the time the effect of your social media campaigns are more psychological than statistical. You cannot really measure these effects in numbers as they can be deceiving.  

So define your social media marketing goals in follow terms before you start planning:

  1. Visibility Goals
  2. Engagement Goals
  3. Content Goals
  4. Psychological Goals

Your goals for your social media campaign need to be SMART:

S = Specific

M = Meaningful

A = Action Oriented

R = Realistic

T = Timely

2. Research and Evaluate about Target Audience

Once you have defined different goals and objectives for your social media planning, you need to really research your targeted audiences.

When you are doing research you need to find definitive answers of the following questions:

  1. What age group does your target audience belong to?
  2. Which professions they will be working in?
  3. What would be their common interests?
  4. On which social media platforms they are engaged mostly?
  5. What are their favourite activities on these social media platforms?
  6. Is there a problem your target audience faces that you can solve?
  7. What emotions that your target audience resonates with most?

With all the above information you collect, you will now need to create a profile of your ideal user on social media. Use this below format to do so:

how to profile your target audience for social media planning in India

Profile of Target Audience for Fitness Business

Finding definitive answers to these questions will let you understand your target audience better and thus help you in the next stage of your social media marketing strategy.

It is also advised to quantify your target audiences as groups. So you can also have an idea for your paid marketing budget. 

3. Define Theme for Content

After knowing your target audience better and aligning that with your brand values, the next stage is to define a theme for social media strategy.

When you have a defined theme for content you share on social media, it becomes easier to come up with content ideas for posts.

Depending on the analysis of your audience and your objectives you can try to write down themes and ideas that come in your mind. 

Theme gives a common idea to your audience that how they should perceive your content when they see it. These themes can be anything Educational, informal, promotional, updates, funny or creative. 

People connect to stories very well, so tell the story behind everything you make and do. Tell it to show how they can relate to it. 

Pick a theme that resonates more with your brand identity. You can pick more than one themes for your social media strategy but not too many that it confuses your audience. You can change the theme time to time though. 

4. Create Reach by Collaboration with Influencers

Collaboration with influencers in your niches should be one of the most important aspects of your social media marketing plan. The initial reach for a newly founded brand can be stressful, with so many new updates and trends. 

Influencers can spice-up your brand image and kick start your initial reach on social media. Finding right kinds of influencers and collaborating with them can be somewhat challenging but it can be very rewarding as well.

But to find a right kind of influencers for social media marketing campaign it is important to measure their with audiences.

5. Keep Analytical Metrics in Place

Measuring your social media marketing efforts needs to be in place in forms of analytical metrics. You will need to review the content which is performing better and which have not been well performing so far. 

Analytics means gathering the data and then transforming it into information. If you have the right kinds of analytics in place in your social media marketing campaigns, you will be able to harness very useful insights into what works and what don’t.

So at later stages, there will be lesser mistakes and lesser wastage of time. 

The most valuable types of analytics are:

  1. Sentiment Analysis
  2. Behavioral Analysis
  3. Engagement Analysis
  4. Performance Analysis
  5. Competitive Analysis

These analytics will help you better understand the response you are getting from your social media marketing efforts and channel them.

With help of these analytics you can measure your ROI in better ways. Plus, you will be able to make more informed decisions on what practices you should keep and which mistakes to avoid.  

6. Decide Tools to Use

While you are drafting your social media strategy, you will also need to decide which paid or unpaid tools will you use for your social media marketing campaign.

There are hundreds of tools both paid and unpaid for different tasks involved in executing social media marketing campaigns.

For example photo editing, graphic designing, social media post scheduling, social media analytics generation, content idea generation, and re-purposing of old content. Some of these tools are Sprout Social, Revive.Social, Canva and Social Bakers etc. 

This is a very important decision to make and should do it very carefully. Unpaid tools are good, but they fail to drive real value for your social media marketing campaigns.

But select paid tools very carefully after analysing all your specific needs. While choosing a paid tool, keep your ROI in mind and make smart decisions. 

I’ve curated a full length article explaining how to calculate the ROI for social media marketing which will help you better determine your spends and returns. Go through this article to get much more clear insights.

7. Evaluate and Automate

Once you have everything drafted and ready to execute in your social media planning now you need to evaluate it.

Make sure you have clarity over every aspect of the strategy including objectives, budget, expectations, theme and possible downfalls. 

If you find any unclear or uncertain aspect, re-conceptualize and make it as clear and concise as possible.

Once different activities involved in your social media are streamlined and made into defined processes, try to automate those processes.

This will save efforts and time in completing mundane tasks such as finalising hashtags, creating captions, and sending welcome messages to new followers etc. 

Pro tip: Keep up with Trends!

Till now in this article we have talked about certainty and pre-planned social media strategy. But here is a thing, there is nothing certain about what is going to trend on social media the next day.

So if you are a brand that wants to be relevant on social media, you need to keep an eye on everyday trends. There are some experts who can predict and somewhat manipulate things that are trending on social media.

Most of the time this is influencers on a large scale who make something go trendy, but sometimes it’s average people who make something on social media that goes viral in just a few days. 

In Conclusion

Social media has unlimited potential to make your brand highly visible, use this platform wisely. With emerging ways of digital socializing, people have become more expressive and we truly live in the times of revolution.

Doing business is no more mere transaction of physical goods, but  also emotions and values. 

Let people know what values your brand stands for, give them a sense of connection. This is the secret ingredient of all social media activities. Your audience is not just numbers, they are humans and treat them like that.