What Mistakes People Commonly Make with Social Media Marketing in India

As the usage of social media is increasing rapidly, there is an opportunity for everyone. but there are some very common mistakes in social media marketing in India which usually go unnoticed and might harm your marketing efforts. We will talk about these social media marketing mistakes in detail.

Once social media was just used for connectivity with friends and families. But now it is widely used for earning sources by freelancers, social media marketers, and content creators. It also helps in expanding your businesses, to sell or Advertise a product, communicate with customers, and increase brand awareness.

If we look back a few years back, social media was much simpler as compared to today, where your newsfeed was not all about sponsored ads, live streaming wasn’t a thing, not many social media influencers were there.

In today’s scenario, social media has gone through many changes and keep updating from faster. The rapid rise in social media is leading to the establishment of more social media marketing firms in India, where SMM experts promote your business on social media platforms.

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A few years back live streaming wasn’t a thing, but if you look around almost every app has included this feature. Instagram stories are also a new thing for people, and it also introduced many GIFs and Emojis in recent times.

With data available on social media, companies can use it to form their strategies which can increase their reach on social media as well. It is proven to be less costly than PPC services on Google

7 Social Media Marketing Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Social media marketers in India are using this opportunity well enough to promote brands online. But still, they are making some mistakes that can harm their businesses in the future. 

Here, we will discuss some common mistakes in social media marketing which normally people in India do and pay hefty prices, as well as will know what to do to correct them.

1. Missing the ‘Social’ in Social Marketing

Even your social media updates are useless if you don’t engage with your customer, as it results in no shares or response to your post.

Continuous engagement is a common social media marketing KPI. Still, many brands do not engage with their customers in the comment section, or respond to queries on social media.

Which gives the bad impression that the brand is not keen to have a conversation with its community members. 

Even avoiding negative comments puts a bad impression on community members as they start thinking that the brand doesn’t want to resolve the problems that their customers are facing. 

Interaction between you and your customers is a must as it increases brand engagement. More customers, would gain the confidence to participate in a conversation. 

Do it instead : 

First, don’t ignore your social media audience & reply to comments and respond to inquiries. Which will help in surging your engagement rate. As well, It will help in converting your prospect to your customers. 

Using social monitoring and engagement tools, you can quickly respond to all messages and mentions on your profiles on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook from one place within a minute. Even audiences also expect fast responses from brands on their social media accounts. 

Your posts and content should be designed to start conversations that can contribute towards meaningful & relevant conversation among them. Whenever someone responds or comments on your post, doesn’t whether positive or negative, always reply to it.

Even other departments like sales, production, and billing, should start interacting with the customers. It will give them more insights and helps in forming future strategies towards customers. 

2. Not Being Consistent with Posting

It’s said that Action opens doors, but consistency keeps them open. Consistency is key social media marketing, to keep going forward. Consistency will grab the attention of your audiences.

Social media platforms run on algorithm and promotes a content on which user spent most time. Ever noticed why ads are shown on your screen similar to what you searched recently on the internet? And why Facebook & Instagram decrease your views if your posting decreases. 

Inconsistency in your posting hampers your reach and engagement among audiences. Consistency doesn’t mean uploading content every single day, but it should be balanced and relevant according to your audience. Monotonous contents can decrease the audience’s engagement with them.

Do it instead : 

Inconsistency can be removed by proper planning of content topics and the date of posting in the advance of the month. Make a spreadsheet and decide the date you would create content & when you will upload it on social media.

3. Overuse of Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media marketing tools are used by the social media marketer, and sometimes they rely on these tools heavily.

It is mostly used for generating a lot of social traffic by investing less time and doing more work. Therefore, it makes your brand popular and increases the chance of conversions on social media.

Using social media tools has its benefit, these new tools can help to manage your workload. But your relationship with your audiences becomes pretty unrealistic when you use these tools.

Connection with your audience lacks personal touch which may decrease in engagement rate in the long run. That’s why many social media marketers suggest limiting the usage of these tools. 

Do it instead : 

So, what can we do to improve our engagement with the customers?

Start interacting with your customers directly by going live often, replying to comments, and resolving their queries. This can improve personal touch with your audience and engagement with customers.

Also this helps in building long-term relationships with them. It may attract more customers to take part in a conversation with you, and it can boost the conversion rate as well.

4. Trying to be on All Social Media Platforms

Every additional platform costs you additional time & effort for creating content for that platform audience. It is a common practice among social media marketers to try to be on all social media platforms at once.

But most of their audiences come from 2 or 3 social media platforms. It’s a misconception among many marketers that being on more social media platforms helps in more reach. 

Every social media platform has its unique audience and type of content that resonates with them. To be effective, you need to differentiate among social media platforms and analyze where your target audience is present.

Do it Instead : 

It is also true that some social media platforms are famous in some countries, whereas others are famous in other countries. You need to research, take polls, or available reports to check which platform your target audiences are mostly using. 

Every social media platform has its audience and types of content. To become effective in your efforts, there is a need to make differences among all social media platforms available and analyze where your target audience is present. Instead of posting the same messages in different platforms, use your resources wisely.

5. Not Defining Your Social Media Goals

Your social media marketing goals can be like Drive traffic to particular websites, sell or advertise a product, communicate with customers, or increase brand awareness.

Whether running a campaign or building a brand, it cannot work flawlessly unless its goals are clearly defined. Don’t waste time in just posting content regularly, when you don’t have a clear strategy behind it. It will create mess.

Many businesses in India still do not take social media as an effective marketing tool and don’t align their social media marketing goals with business goals, which ultimately create a gape in their results.     

Do it Instead : 

Make sure you have a clear vision regarding content, so you can generate better results to accomplish your goals. Set S.M.A.R.T goals which need to be :

  • Specific: The specifics can help in figuring out your goals clearly, which you are trying to achieve. For example- Increase followers on my restaurant page is a specific goal.
  • Measurable: It’s a way to measure your success. For example, double the number of followers on your page.
  • Attainable: It questions whether you can achieve your realistic present scenario or not.
  • Relevant: Make sure your goal is relevant to your business objectives & vision.
  • Time-specific: Set a deadline to your goal like in the next 3 months, we will double the followers of the restaurant page.

6. Buying fake followers and likes

This is one of the most fatal mistakes in social media marketing, a deadly sin. Most marketers aim for quantity over quality when it comes to followers & likes, and involve in buying followers, or likes for their posts to satisfy their egos.

However, when it comes to giving results, it makes you look bad in the end. As it is not the number of followers that count in the end, it’s the engagement rate of audiences.

There is also a chance of losing reputation if uncertain increases in followers and likes caught in the eyes of the public. Even social media platforms generally delete accounts if such unethical practices get caught as it is against their guidelines.

Do it Instead : 

Instead of purchasing fake followers & likes, use your social media for providing better valuable and useful content to the target audience, which can help in providing good ultimate results in the future, as well as grow your number of followers in your account. 

7. Not Making Use of Insights and Analytics

Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to promoting your brand and tracking your real-time progress and it misses out hardly any point in insights.

Therefore, this would help you to make strategic changes in your marketing campaign and target audiences according to data given by analytics.

However, still many people don’t take it seriously to measure their efforts but keep on posting on social media without having good audience engagement.

Do it Instead : 

Start using in-built tools such as Facebook Insights and Twitter analytics, Google analytics or third-party tools to track and measure your progress.

In a short time, you would get data like actions on the page, page views or likes, reach, post engagement to make changes in strategy, if required. 

It helps in monitoring engagement and keeping eyes on prospects to convert into your customers. Here, through insights, you can check the following things like :

  • How fans are reacting to your posts, is there any surge or drop in customer engagement?
  • Are your customers happy? What does their response tell you about their product?
  • Analyzing customer purchase which can help in forming marketing strategy?

The Takeaway

Here, we discussed some common mistakes and their solutions in social media marketing. Overcoming these mistakes would require time, skills, and creativity.

It’s not an easy process at first, here it requires to take care of every aspect and align it with your final goals and vision. Once you start doing basics well, you can build yourself on that.

Always take an approach of the audience first & fulfill your customer expectation, and set your clear objectives aligned with vision keeping the audience in mind.

The key to winning for social media marketers is providing an effective marketing strategy and increasing engagement with audiences. Some tips to avoid these social media marketing mistakes in future are:

  • Your tone should be positive with the audience.
  • You have to stay professional while dealing with negative criticism.
  • Engage with your audiences by giving them replies to their queries as soon as possible
  • Take feedback from your audience from time to time.

Mistakes are a part of business, and life as well, but to keep moving, you have to keep them correcting by improving your set of skills.

The ultimate goal of your social media is to connect with people and increase engagement by providing relevant and authentic content.


Can fake followers get Instagram accounts banned?

Yes, with fake followers your account can get banned from Instagram for encouraging dishonest practices. Instagram quickly notices such kinds of practices, so it is always suggested to not buy fake followers.

Which social media platform will suit best for my brand?

Choosing the best social media platform for your business totally depends on what kind of audience you want to target. 

Audiences as well as your goals from your business are the main criteria which are required when deciding the best social media platform for your business.

Thus, consider every aspect of your business to know the best social media platform for your business.

How to handle negative comments on social media?

Not every negative comment is harmful for your brand image, but not responding to those negative comments can harm your brand image. Thus, handle those negative comments with care.

Whenever you see negative comments on your profile, try to solve the issue of the visitor with patience. Know why they are commenting and how you can solve their problem. And another thing which you can do is to try the content moderation solution provided by social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

What should I post on social media?

The answer to this is also based on the nature of business you are doing and goals which you want with social media. Try to know what your audience is looking for and start making relatable content for them.

This will make people engage more with your brand. 
These days video content is loved more as compared to other contents. Thus, you can also consider posting video content for better engagement.