How to Use Social Media for Affiliate Marketing in India – Pro Tips

One of the ways to grow as an affiliate is to utilize social media for your affiliate marketing business in India. About half of the world’s population is engaged on social media platforms one way or another.

And not so surprisingly, the number is ever-growing. These platforms have literally turned the world into a global village. 

Whatever is trending in the one half of the global, instantly reaches the other half and we are all synchronized.

People go to social media to keep themselves updated with the latest fashion and technology trends, to learn about the situation of politics and to take a peek into the lives of their favorite people.

This ability to connect to people on a large scale and according to your interest is proven to be very beneficial for affiliates in many ways. Let’s see what are all the reason, that makes social media so important for affiliates: 

Reasons to Use Social Media for Affiliate Marketing in India

The power of social media is that it can make anything go viral. It provides a platform to utilize the power of socializing for any business. The main reasons are listed below:

1. To Target Gen Z and Millenials

The most engaged population on social media are Millenials and Gen Zs. These people like you and me are the most influenced by social media trends and they visit these platforms at least once a day.

Gen Z is going to be the next earning generation. So any business which wants to stay relevant needs to be able to engage in this particular segment of the online audience. 

Millennials are currently earning people and on average they spend INR 10000 on online shopping in India. This data is very powerful in its own sense.

As an affiliate, you can influence their buying decisions by sharing valuable and educating content with them on different social media platforms.

2. If your products need visual marketing

Most social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc. are based on visual content. Instagram is about engaging images and story videos, while Tiktok gives you an opportunity to get creative in 30-second videos. Snapchat lets you use different filters to tell your story in effective ways.

All these platforms help you in promoting products that are visual like fashion, food, travel, fitness, and entertainment.

If you have chosen any of these stated niches, utilizing these social media platforms can give a boost to your marketing efforts.

3. To drive organic traffic for the website

Facebook is a very good platform to drive organic traffic to the affiliate website. Most people become members of relevant Facebook groups to keep themselves updated with the latest industry trends and news. You can utilize these Facebook groups to bring people to your website. 

Twitter is also a very useful social media platform to bring organic traffic to your website because it allows you to share links in your tweets. Using relevant and trending hashtags can draw people to your site in no time. 

4. Spread awareness about the product

When you start affiliate marketing, you choose a product niche, which you think has greater value and future. But you need to make people aware of the product before selling it to them.

And there is no better place than social media for this cause. Making your target audience aware of the product is the first step of any marketing strategy.

For this purpose, you can make use of social media, where the majority of your audience spends its time on a daily basis.

Create content that is educational for them, which helps them better utilize the product you are marketing for.

Help people to find true value for their money, and they will trust you. It’s Very helpful in personal branding as well. 

5. To research and analyze your target audience

One of the important jobs of an affiliate is to keep him/herself updated with the mood of the market and the audience.

As social media is daily updated with new and fresh content, you can use this to research about your target audience.

Sometimes some trends are short-lived, others stay in the market longer. If you keep updated, you can utilize both the long and short term trends to boost your marketing efforts.

You can also analyze the behavior of your audience like what kinda content engages them and what kinda content keeps them interested.

These analytics will help you make better content strategies for your affiliate marketing business in India. 

6. To engage with your niche audience directly

If your marketing strategy requires direct engagement with your target audience. Social media and especially Twitter is one of the best ways to directly engage with the target audience.

Big brands are using Twitter very actively to engage with their customers and provide them support and solve their queries.

Engaging with your target audience on social media directly can be exactly that extra spice your marketing efforts might be needing.

Affiliate marketing is a trust-based business. And what best ways are there then engaging with your targeted audience on social media to build trust. Build a strategy and engage to grow. 

7. Use social communities to spread the word-of-mouth

Like social gatherings and events work to spread word-of-mouth to create a brand identity in offline marketing, social media campaigns work the same way for online business. 

To spread word-of-mouth for your affiliate marketing niche product you can create social media campaigns and tie them to a social cause.

You can also utilize these social communities like Facebook and WhatsApp groups to bring people together for a social cause and then, make people aware of your own products.

Top Social Media Platforms to use for Affiliate Marketing in India

Every social media platform is unique in its own way and treating every one of them the same way is a big injustice to your marketing efforts.

Not each one of them is going to work for you. You need to choose social media platforms that suit best to your marketing needs. 

Use Social Media for Affiliate Marketing in India
  1. Instagram for fashion, jewelry, food, and entertainment niche
  2. Facebook for tech-tutorials and digital marketing niche
  3. Pinterest for fashion, jewelry, food, DIYs, art, education, antiques, vintage products, creative works
  4. Snapchat for fashion, jewelry, travel, food, online games, beauty, and makeup
  5. YouTube for unboxing, DIY, tech-tutorials, online gaming, fashion, travel, reviews, and almost every niche
  6. Twitter for a service-based niche where your audience needs constant support majorly technology and online payment niche.
  7. WhatsApp for both product-based and service-based niches, where you require constant contact with your audience. You can use WhatsApp business for any niche. It works for all.
  8. TikTok for entertainment, online education, fashion, and beauty. Tiktok is a rising platform and there is no limit to what you can accomplish with this platform. 

How to use social media for affiliate marketing business

Though every social media platform works it’s own way, yet there are few basic steps you should take to use social media for affiliate marketing.

Use Social Media for Affiliate Marketing in India

1. Create social profiles

To create social media profiles for your affiliate marketing business, first pen-down your marketing requirement. Then according to your niche and marketing choose which all social media platforms you are going to use.

Sign-up with those platforms and optimize your profiles with accurate descriptions and profile pictures. If an account needs verification, get it verified. Verified profiles are more trustworthy among social media audiences.

2. Share relevant content

Once you set-up the profiles on your desired social media platforms, now it’s time to create content that engages your targeted audience.

Before you start creating content, check out your competitors and content. See what kind of content is bringing engagement from their audience. Innovate around their content idea and start creating content for your profiles.

The second important thing is to schedule your content on a regular basis, for up to three months in the beginning. It helps most of the social media algorithms to identify active profiles to recommend them to more users.

3. Become the influencer

It’s good to have business profiles on social media, but the one-to-one engagement is worth the shot. Along with your products and services, promote yourself. Show people the real you, the person behind the mobile screen. Because people trust what they see.

People are not influenced by brands, people are influenced by people. That’s why celebrity endorsement works for traditional marketing strategies.

But social media influencer’s marketing is more effective these days. Only on Instagram, influencer marketing is a $1 Bn industry in 2020.

4. Target your specific audience

Gone are the days where the number of followers and likes used to define your success on social media. Now, it’s time to get in touch with people who are actually interested in your product. It’s always to have more followers on your accounts, but that should not be your only focus.

It is important to create a profile of your targeted user and then purposefully reach out to them in an organic way.

For this, you can research the relevant hashtags related to your target audience. Say for example, your niche is a healthy food, your targeted hashtags will be #fitnessfreaks #healthyeaters #foodforfitness, etc.

5. Collaborate with fellow affiliate marketers

Growth hacking on social media is not about competition but more about collaboration. It is a very effective marketing strategy to collaborate with your cross-niche affiliate on social media. You can talk to already established affiliates and reach them out for a collaboration.

If you do this, you will see a huge spike in your social media engagement. These social media platforms make it really easy to collaborate with other affiliates. And it’s win-win for everybody this way.

Suppose your affiliate niche is a fashion then you can collaborate with an affiliate who is working with a make-up niche. Your audience will get knowledge about make-ups and their audience will get tips on fashion and styling. 

Social media is it’s all glorious way became an essential part of everybody’s lives. You can find about anyone on these platforms.

In the initial struggles as an affiliate, these platforms can actually kick-start your marketing campaign. So that was a small brief of how you use social media for affiliate marketing in India. There will be longer discussions in our upcoming articles. 

If you want to learn how to start an affiliate marketing business in India and scale it, contact us and we will help from choosing your niche to building an affiliate website.


How do affiliate marketers use social media?

There are many ways you can use social media for affiliate marketing. Most affiliates directly use social media to share their affiliate link only. But social media can do more, if you have an affiliate website. It can 
1. Bring organic traffic to your website.
2. Give you a way to engage with your targeted audience.
3. Spread word-of-mouth within social communities.

Can I share Amazon Affiliate links on WhatsApp?

Yes. You can share Amazon affiliate links on your WhatsApp. But it is advised to use link clocking like to make your affiliate link less creepy and more user friendly.

Does Facebook allow affiliate marketing?

Yes. You can choose to share your affiliate link on your Facebook profiles and business pages. But please cross check with your affiliate program’s terms as well. Some affiliate programs don’t permit sharing links on Facebook pages and profiles.