Role of Social Media in Digital Marketing in 2021 – How to Plan Ahead

The role of social media in Digital Marketing in 2021 is changing as we see the way we are conducting our lives in digital world. Before the outbreak of the Corona virus pandemic, people were not much aware of power of social media.

But, now they have realized how beneficial it can be for their business. When the whole country was staying home only and no one was able to go outside, digital marketing was one of the few industries that was growing. 

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Now, when everyone has realized the importance of social media, the world is ready to see the new generation of digital marketing. 

Digital marketing is a vast field that consists of search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and email marketing. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the role of social media in digital marketing in 2021. 

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a type of marketing that makes use of the internet and digital technologies like mobile, computer, and laptops to promote websites and services. It is used in improving sales leads for the company. And it also helps in branding your business. 

Digital marketing is an easy way to reach millions of people without stepping out of the room. Display advertising is also a part of digital marketing. These ads can be displayed on social media channels where people surf the internet. 

What is Social Media?

Social media is a type of website or application that allows users to create an account and interact with other users. It promotes the creation or sharing of information, photos, ideas, and interests with the network. It helps you in building a social network of the people in the online community.

Now, businesses are using social media marketing for branding and promotions of their business. People also search for their queries on social media and search for services or products on social media platforms.

Social media has become a vital part of human beings these days. People spend most of their free time by using social media. Any new information or news gets viral on social media in a few moments. 

How Social Media and Digital Marketing are Integrated?

In the modern world, people use the internet if they encounter any new thing or want to know about anything. If they find details related to you or your product on social media, they are more likely to trust and buy your product. 

Social media marketing helps businesses in creating genuine leads for their products and services. 

How has the Social Landscape Changed in Recent Years?

For everyone, this year has been a roller coaster ride. Social media has also seen many changes this year which will be seen in 2021 marketing trends as well. Although, changes in social media have been a constant thing from past few years. 

1. Steps to Stop Misinformation

Fake news has been a major topic of discussion in recent years. Social media was the main platform where some people used to share wrong information and misguide the people.

Now, many steps have been taken to fight this misinformation which is being spread by people on social media. New tools and rules have been used to keep users away from any misinformation.

2. Connecting for a Cause

This is undoubtedly the most important change in social media in recent years. Social media is being used by people and activists to create awareness about campaigns or social causes.

Like, we have seen the Black Life Matters Movement in America. In this movement, all the activists took the help of social media to organize protests and include people in their movement. This shows how powerful social media has become to connect people across the globe.

3. Video Content Gaining Popularity

Video content has gained a lot of popularity in the past years. Influencers and brand pages on social media are producing more video content to engage more audience. It has become an informative and versatile way to deliver messages to targeted audiences.

Most of the marketers are taking help from video content on social media because videos can become trending easily as compared to other formats.

4. Social Media Market Growth 

Internet users in the world have increased constantly. Most people use social media these days. They keep posting and sharing images, photos, and news regularly.

This has increased the importance of social media in all aspects. Businesses are also taking advantage of this trend by doing their promotions on social media. 

Currently, there are about 3.80 billion social media users in January 2020. This number of social media users is increasing day by day. 

This increasing number shows that social media can be used in many ways to reach a large group of audience. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you own, social media has every kind of person who you can target and sell your services and products to them. 

Effect of Social Media Marketing on Brand Image in 2021

Social media can improve your brand image if you use the right practices and stay constant with your efforts. Replying to people’s complaints, queries, and suggestions on social media platforms can make people feel comfortable and will increase their trust in your brand. 

You should keep interacting with people and try to have a direct conversation with the audience to make your brand look loyal and trustable. 

Actively engaging with customers on social media increases your chances to gain more loyal customers. Turn your customers into your brand ambassadors.

Building a better customer relationship that can differentiate your brand with your competitors can be done through engaging on social media. Having better customer relationships will always assist you in improving your brand image.  

Role of Social Media in Digital marketing in 2021

Social media is a great platform to easily get the interest of people and will help you in finding ideal customers for your products and services. If you want new visitors to your website, then social media can be a good option for you. 

using social media for branding

Social media have always played an important role in digital marketing and it will continue to be an important part of digital marketing in the future also. 

1. Increased Sales

People are more likely to purchase a product or service from you when you are easy to reach. Having a social media presence will help you in attracting the audience. You can start a marketing campaign on social media in which you can create a creative advertisement for your products.

It allows customers to go through your social media page and also to your website which ultimately leads to an increase in sales of your product or service.

2. Improved Marketing Strategies

Social media will mainly be used by digital marketers for planning their marketing strategies. As social media has become a vital part of human life. People use social media platforms to connect with other people virtually.

Marketers will use social media to know the online behavior of their targeted customers. They already take this user data to plan their brand’s marketing strategy but in the future, this is going to be something that will have the main focus of all the digital marketers.

Businesses get to know about the personal choices of the user by seeing their social activities. After knowing their choices, they use these data to plan the email marketing campaign and many more. They keep updating their marketing tactics according to the users’ behavior on social media.

Sending personalized emails and offers to the people they want to target will become common with the help of data gathered from social media marketing. This will give a unique look to their marketing practices and give better results.

3. Manage Reputation

Social media is going to be a a game changer for brands to manage their reputation in 2021. It is still being used to communicate with the end-users. And in the future also, it is going to be the main way to listen to queries, suggestions, and complaints of the customers. This will help the brands to maintain their reputation.

Managing reputation through social media marketing will become a common trend in the year 2021.  Most of the brands will focus on managing their reputation on social media as it will help them in lowering down the number of negative leads.

4. Customer Satisfaction

The satisfaction of the customer is the ultimate goal of the people while planning digital marketing for their business. The role of social media has always been crucial in digital marketing strategy.

Social media helps businesses to reply to problems of their customers in less time possible. This helps in attracting many customers to the business.

If your customers’ query is being solved in less time, they are more likely to get more satisfied with your services and can make a purchase again. Providing better customer services will always help you in gaining more loyal customers.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, social media can assist you in providing great customer satisfaction which makes social media an important part of digital marketing.

4. Better SEO ranking

Social media doesn’t help in improving SEO ranking directly but it does help you indirectly improve your website’s ranking. The more share websites get on social media, it will help in making your website stand out of the crowd.

Right now, not every marketer focuses on their company’s social media presence when they do SEO of the website. But, social media does help in improving your website ranking on the search engines. The more visibility your content will get when it is being shared on social media.

When people will share your content, they will link it to your website which can help you in improving the SEO ranking of your website. Improvement in your overall online presence will make search engines rank your site higher.

5. Website Traffic

Social media can be used to generate traffic on your website. Many eCommerce businesses will focus on social media to increase website traffic by sharing valuable content. The more valuable content you post on your social media, the more traffic you get on your website.

If you will share readable, interesting, and useful content on your social media, more people will like to visit your business website. And when you will start getting good traffic on your website, your sales will increase automatically.

Currently, this way of generating traffic is used by eCommerce businesses. Very few businesses apart from eCommerce are using this, but with time social media will become a basic strategy in digital marketing in 2021 to generate the traffic.

Accessing millions of customers by using social media will get easy for you. Social media has many benefits if used wisely. But, most of the time people choose to misuse it. Once you will realize the importance of social media in digital marketing, you will surely start looking at it in a way to make money. 

Cyber Security Issues and Social Media – How Secure is Social Media now?

Most of our personal data is saved digitally which raises a serious issue of cybersecurity. When most of the data is surfacing online on social media platforms. Many times our personal information is breached by smart hackers. 

There are many security threats related to social media which can harm your privacy- 

1. Third-party apps

Even after locking your social media accounts, hackers can still gain access to your accounts through vulnerabilities in connected third-party apps.

FC Barcelone was a victim of the same kind of hack this year. From their twitter account, many tweets were made by using a third-party tool for data analytics.

2. Human Errors

Mistakes can be done by anyone, it is a natural phenomenon. Employees’ weakness is the cause of approximately 20% of cyber attacks. With busy schedules, it is easy for employees to accidentally expose the company to the online threads.

Sometimes this can happen to you because you clicked on a link or downloaded a wrong file. Any wrong step in the online world can lead to spoiling your privacy in minutes.

3. Unmonitored Social Media Accounts

Social accounts which are unattended for a long time can be the target of hackers. They can use your name to post fraudulent messages on social media.

Once they gain control of your social media, they can do anything they want with it. They can use it to share virus-infected links that can create problems for your followers.

4. Unsecured Mobile Phones

People use mobile phones to access the internet most of the time. It is very easy to use social media apps on mobile phones. But, this facility to make our task easier can become a threat to your security if not handled with care.

Like, if your phone gets stolen or lost, accessing your social media by the thief can become easy. These thieves can use your social media accounts to message your connections with phishing and malware attacks.

5. Imposter Accounts

It is the easiest way for attackers to breach the privacy of people. Imposter can create a fake account that is similar to your account to disguise people. That’s why it is always advised for businesses to get their social media accounts verified. 

If you are a part of social media, you have to secure your social media by using preventive methods- 

6. Choose unique and strong passwords

Passwords that are unique and strong is a must when you want your social media accounts to stay secure. Using the same passwords for all social media accounts can make it easy for hackers to access all your accounts if they get access to anyone of them. Thus, always choose unique passwords for your all accounts.

7. Lock Your Phone

Always set a password or lock pattern on your phone so no one can access through your phone without your concern. Sometimes people forgot to lock their phone and leave it open.

This can allow external users or people to use your social media accounts to do frauds and use the information for their purposes which can harm your privacy.

8. Block Spammers

When you get a message from an unknown id, you should make a habit to block it for the first time only. Many times hackers send you links that can do serious damage to your security.

Thus, it is better to report that account and block it. This will also help other people who are less aware than you.

If more people will do the same, social networking services will monitor it and can delete that spam account later. 

9. Watch out Your Mailbox

Most of the time hackers send you mail which looks like it is from a friend or colleague and makes you click through the link which will expose all your data to them.

The hackers who do this kind of hacking are professional, they design mail like it is from any known person. Thus, differentiating between real and fake emails can be tough sometimes. To avoid such a situation, you should stay aware when you get a direct mail with links.

10. Keep Profile Private

People tend to keep all of the information on social media. From the date of birth to education, you can find anything about the person on their social media handle. Just imagine how easy it will get for the hackers to find out your personal details.

The questions which we choose as security questions like childhood best friend, pet name can be easily found if you have put all your details on the public domain.

Thus, keeping your social media privacy is the best thing you can do. Apart from that, you should not get too personal on social media and try to avoid telling personal details. 

Paid Advertising on Social Media – What’s the ROI?

Social media advertising is the fastest way to reach new and targeted audiences. Displaying advertisements on popular social media platforms to target specific audiences is the easiest and fastest way.

Every social media channel is different like Instagram focuses on visual content whereas twitter offers short-form content. Thus, advertising on different social media platforms has different kinds of requirements.

ROI stands for “ Return of investment ” but when talking in terms of social media, ROI totally depends on your business’s objectives. There are many tools available –

 These tools can help you in the calculation of the ROI of your paid advertising on social media. 

Top Social Media Marketing Networks in 2021

People’s engagement on social media channels has been increasing constantly. It is estimated that more than one-third of the world population will be on social media by 2021. 

Here, we are going to discuss top social media networks in 2021- 

  1. Facebook

    The largest social media site currently in the world is Facebook. Facebook has 2.6 billion active users monthly. Most of the users who are active on social media are active on Facebook. It provides a large audience for the businessman to advertise their product thus it will be in demand in 2021 also.
  2. Instagram

    Instagram focuses on a highly visual-based content platform. When we talk about the fastest-growing social networking sites, Instagram comes on the number one spot. Businesses who want to target young audiences use Instagram as most of the Instagram users are young. 
  3. YouTube

    YouTube is the most famous video sharing platform where users watch many videos in a day. On average YouTube, users spend 40 minutes watching videos on this platform which makes it the most lovable video sharing platform.
  4. Twitter

    Twitter does not have as many users as compared to other top social media sites. But, it is the best platform to get real-time data like things that are happening right now. Users who want to know what’s happening in the world will love Twitter.
  5. WhatsApp

    Initially, WhatsApp was used to contact family members and friends, but now the scenario has changed. Businesses are also using WhatsApp for customer support and updating customers about newly launched products or services. Now, it has 1.5 billion active users per month which are increasing at a rapid rate. 


Digital marketing is all about reaching your targeted audience using digital platforms. Social media is emerging as an integral part of digital marketing as it is providing amazing benefits like reaching a global audience.

Starting from now, it is going to be an irreplaceable part of digital marketing. The secret is to use it smartly as a tool of growth and it will make your digital marketing campaign a huge success. 

Don’t wait for the next year to start with social media, start it today, and make your business social savvy. 

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