Unleash The Power of Quora for Marketing Online Business in India

Quora is one of the great places to leverage customer engagement for your marketing efforts in India. This platform facilitates user-created content for user queries. Which means, this platform is a great way to really understand the target audience for your business in India.

At first glance, Quora doesn’t seem like a powerful marketing tool for small, medium-sized to big businesses for getting measurable results.

However, by underestimating Quora’s power, you’re making a substantial mistake; in fact, this is what separates you from your closest market rival, which is gaining a foothold of your prospective market.

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Why Choose Quora for Marketing of your Brand/Website in India?

quora marketing

1. Huge Organic Traffic

Did you know the micro-blogging website, Quora gets 1.5 million visitors each month? This number is tremendous to suggest Quora marketing can open floodgates of organic traffic to your business website in India, generate leads, make sales, and eventually improve your bottom line.

2. Search Engine Ranking

With Quora marketing, you’ll make a genuine effort to reach out to broader audiences and make them learn more about your brand.

Since the search results of top search engines such as Google features Quora posts, you have the opportunity to rank your brand high for relevant consumer questions.

I get the second highest traffic sources from Quora, so this shows how much effect it can have in your website’s ranking and engagement.

search engine traffic with quora

3. Powerful Way of Content Marketing

Quora is unarguably the most reliable content marketing tool; however,m you’ve subtle when promoting your website. Otherwise, you might get banned from Quora.

This micro-blogging question and answer forum provide valuable insights into how your content is performing.

How to Get Started on Quora?

To get started with this awesome content marketing platform called Quora, follow these steps:

1. Creating Your Quora Profile

The first step is to create an optimized profile on Quora platform, for that you can use these tips:

1. Use a professional profile picture.

2. Write an effective, creative, and attractive bio which describes you in best possible way.

3. Make sure to add your main website and other social media links, so that the traffic can be directed to other platforms as well.

2. Find and Follow Relevant Topics

quora marketing

To establish yourself as an expert in a domain, you need to show your audience your knowledge of that particular field.

So the second step is to find relevant topics and follow them. By following the topics you are also telling Quora algorithm to find you questions relevant to your expertise and interest.

3. Submit Questions and Answers

To drive engagement on your profile, you now have to start submitting questions and answers to your help and engage with your audience.

When you submit a question, you are given an option to add a link to provide a context for your question. Here you can add a link to your existing website content or any other website link which you can refer to as a context.

When you are answering a question on Quora, make sure you do not copy your answers from other contributors or any other websites. You might face plagiarism issue if you do that.

Also keep your answer as detailed and long as possible, such answers are shown on high priority. Don’t add too many links in your answer, which might look like self promoting. Add link only where it is relevant.

add answer on quora

4. Connect with other contributors on Quora

Last but not the least step is to find top performing contributor on Quora and engage with them. You can find them in your relevant questions, follow them and ask questions to them.

This will increase immediate visibility of your profile. Plus engagement is the whole point of marketing on Quora.

In a nutshell, Quora helps you create your brand identity and brings tons of traffic & customers to your business. Read further, as today; we’ve put forth practical yet useful tips to do Quora, so, let’s check out:-

Unleash the Power of Quora for Marketing Online Business in India with These Useful Tips

Quora is a great source of information created by the user for other users. This is mostly like any social media platform, but there are certain points that make it different from others. Like the content shared here is not for your own show-off, but to actually help people out with their queries.

So, be able to successfully execute the Quora Marketing strategy for your Online Business in India, you need to carefully construct your content strategy. You can utilize these following tips for this purpose:

1. Know Your Viewers

With each answer, there is a stat that tells the number of times it has been viewed, and who all have read it.

By clicking on #views, you’ll know how people are leading to a particular answer of yours. Do they find your content via Internet browsing through your profile or tagged topics?

quora marketing stats

Just visit your personal views page, and you’ll have all the information of who has seen your answer. With a glance at these stats, you’ll know what audience base can boost your popularity on the Quora platform.

After, the central idea of doing Quora marketing is the gin for exposure for your brand by establishing an audience base.

2. The Power of Editing & Formatting is Indispensable

The biggest mistake you’ll make on Quora by posting vague answers, poor grammar, or relevant. Make sure the answer you write on Quora is a blog post, do all the necessary typo, grammar, and plagiarism tests. Don’t publish right away; do edits to ensure your delivery value to your readers.

Since you want to make a positive impression on your prospective costumes and gain their trust, the answer has to be in line with the Quora guideline and worth reading. And, promoting your business must be the last thing on your mind.

For formatting, use the Quora editing tools. Break down the content in short paras, include bullet points for easy reading.

To emphasize a certain point in your text, make it bold or italic.

The link has been added naturally into the content. Otherwise, you not only push away the attention of readers but also not adhering to the Quora content guidelines.

3. Add a Picture/Graphic

Be it your website blog or your social media wall, pictures have an uncanny ability to pull the attention of readers, and Quora is no exception here.

These days the images have evolved to become infographics that communicate a message to the readers.

It is imperative to select a picture that visually supports your answer; some Quorans go that extra mile in creating a unique post for each post.

Compared to text, images have better engagement; they encourage the readers to click through and know what you’ve to say.

Finally, the images have to be engaging and must connect with the answer for improved engagement.

4. Answer Quick

To obtain more upvotes, try to answer as soon as possible after it has been published on Quora. This means the question is very much fresh into the asker’s minds, and they’ll be most likely to upvote your answer or connect with you further.

By being there first, you won’t have to compete with other answers for the time being, and you’ll be regarded as the original. And, you don’t end up rewriting someone else’s answer.

Moreover, if others have more upvotes, the older answer tends to stay at the top, which means a fresh eye will see your answer.

5. Get Even More Social

Link up your Quora account to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin will let you easily share your answers on your social profiles.

Immediately what you’ve answered or posted a question, an update will be there on your various social media channels.

This way, you can drive more visitors to your Quora answers, and especially those who actually are interested in what you’ve to say.

6. Stay Clear of Answer Collapse

Your Quora answer may get hidden for a myriad of reasons, which includes:-

In a scenario when your answer has been downvoted many times.

The answer by the moderator hasn’t been addressed.

Not submitting real-name verification.

However, the first factor is entirely subjective, but the later ones can easily be addressed. So, ensure that you check your Quora notifications regularly and fix whatever issues that come up.

You can easily verify your Quora account by connecting it to your social media profiles, so it’s a big win-win situation.

7. Backup your Answer with References

The best answer to Quora provides the right references, statics, and sources; all these things can support your answer. Personal stories are another way to force your reader to go through your entire answer and believe in you.

However, this takes time and effort to create an answer that is relevant to real-world examples. For instance, if you’re answering someone’s query on weight loss, refer to your story, and then see how many upvotes you’ll get.

You can link the facts and statistics to your existing blog post, which has the same information and gets even more traffic.

8. Be Genuine While Answering

Sometimes, I find insane answers, published to promote their website like for a backlink. For instance, how to select the best Nike running shoes?

And, your answer, here is my website to discover the complete range. Your answer must revolve around their query, have tips for picking the best shoes, and, at last, you can link gently.

Don’t forget that you are representing a brand on Quora; each answer affects your brand image, so better be sure what you are posing. Moreover, avoid the joke answers, as they might get collapsed by the moderator.

On the flip side, posting a well-researched, engaging answer can significantly boost your company’s overall reputation. It will drive traffic to your landing page, generate more traffic, and ultimately help you make more sales.

Now, We’ve Come to Bonus Tricks for Quora Marketing in India:-

1. Top Answers Suggestions to Edit

In addition to writing your answer to the question, you can also suggest edits to top answers. Simply go to the bottom of the answer and click “Suggest Edits.”

This will open up someone’s article in Quora editor, and you can make genuine edits as needed. However, you need to know that you simply can publish the edited version without their permission.

So, the whole idea is top answers get the most number of views, by getting a link on their answer will attract more traffic to your website.

But, it is quite challenging that the other writer will accept your edits. You can directly connect with them to request them to post their link for an exchange of reward, which you understand.

2. Your Profile Matters

Before you post your first answer, devote time and effort to complete your profile, it must look genuine with a profile pic of your face, not anything random.

You need to know that the first 50 characters of your bio will be highlighted with each Quora answer. So, if you’re promoting your business in India, make sure it stays at the forefront of your bio.

So what are you waiting for? Answer your audience on Quoara and build your brand for your Online Business in India.


How could you use Quora for marketing?

Quora is a huge platform of User-generated content to resolve user’s queries. This concept makes it a unique platform to leverage customer engagement by helping your targeted audience in resolving their queries related to products and services your business in the offering.

That’s why you have to make Quora engagement a top priority in your marketing plan for your business. This will ensure Brand visibility, customer engagement and as a result, customer acquisition. Plus, you can run paid ads on Quora for paid marketing efforts, and trust me if done right, this can be a big game-changer for your business.

What is the best way to promote your answers on Quora?

The best way to promote your answers on Quora just keep these few points in your mind while writing an answer:
1. Be as much detailed as possible with facts.
2. Get to know the context of the questions.
3. Be very genuine while answering, use your own stories and experiences if possible.
4. Try to be a ted humorous in your answering tone. Nobody wants to read a boring article in answer to their questions.
5. Join relevant spaces and share your answer in those, you will get a large exposure.

How do I appeal a Quora Moderation decision?

When Quora Moderation team flags your questions or your question gets collapsed, then you can appeal to Quora Moderation decision, but you should do these things first to make your appeal look decent:
1. Know and understand the reasons that your answer got collapsed.
2. Make necessary changes to make your answer compliant to Quora Policies.
3. Add a detailed comment in an appeal that how you misunderstood the Quora policy with an acknowledgment that you will not violate policies in the future.