The list of 10 Best Platforms to Sell Your Online Courses in India

Teaching online is the new trend which is followed by many teachers these days. As they have learned the benefits of online teaching. But, there is a common problem which is faced by all teachers who want to get started with these online courses. And that problem is to find ideal platforms where they can sell these courses online.

That’s the reason I curated this list of best platforms to sell your online courses and start making a little extra money on side.

Many teachers have started making online courses to sell them on some major platforms.

I’ve curated a detailed guide on how to create an online courses, which you can go through by clicking on link here.

Let’s explore some of the best websites where you can sell your online courses. 

List of Platforms to Sell an Online Course in India

1. Udemy

If you are just starting with this idea, then Udemy can be a good option for you as it doesn’t ask you for a lot of money in starting. But, you have to share a portion of revenue up to 75% to the Udemy Brand.

It is one of the best platforms to create and sell online courses. You can get access to millions of students, after building your course on Udemy dashboard.

If you get a student with the help of Udemy promotions, you have to share your 50% revenue with Udemy. But, if you bring a student on your own, you get the 100% revenue to you.

2. Teachable

Teachable allows you to customize the look and feel of your course. It helps course creators to grow online audiences. The main focus of the Teachable builder is on branding and uniqueness. It also has a unique email marketing tool that lets you filter and message students whenever they enroll in your course or complete a course.

You can also collect students’ feedback and reviews about the course using Google forms and surveys. Add emails of the students who have completed your course to a list with Teachable’s integrations.

Its basic plan starts from $29 per month which includes a custom domain, email and affiliate marketing, coupon codes, and drip course content. And it also charges 5% transaction fees.

3. Podia

Podia helps you in building a site with features like selling memberships, digital downloads, or online courses. It provides you a clean interface for designing your website. And the best part about it is that you can remove unnecessary things of eCommerce.

It is one of the best websites if you are a beginner as it is only for online courses, memberships and digital downloads. 

It has a Mover plan of $39 which has online courses, digital downloads, and email marketing with zero transaction fees.

4. Thinkific

If you want to start creating online courses without spending too much, Thinkific is for you.  This will provide you with the first three courses for free with no transaction fees, unlimited student support, upselling opportunities for courses, and a built-in payment gateway.

Thinkific is different and better from its competitors because it is easy to use. You don’t have to change any code if you don’t want to. You can organize all of your content with a simple drag and drag editor. 

If you want to upgrade your plan, you can pay $49 per month for coupons and promotions, marketing, and email integration with drip content. 

5. Academy of Mine

Academy of Mine is one of the most expensive and best platforms when it comes to making and selling courses online. It starts at $499 per month, or you can pay a yearly $4999 for the whole year and get two months free. If you need a professional plan $899 per month or pay for the yearly pack of $9500.

It is one of the best websites because it provides an all-in-one solution, as it provides a complete website to launch your brand and start selling courses online.

Choose a fully hosted template that provides landing pages, course offering pages, and galleries. You don’t have to set up them for yourself, everything will be provided.

Other than this, it also provides a complete course generator and learning management system in which you can generate quizzes, certificates, assignments, forums for chatting, and badges.

6. Teachery

If you want to sell courses online and have tried all other platforms where you have to pay commissions and upgrades, which results in lowering your profit margins. Then, Teachery is best for you as you will not require any upgrades and improvements other than your existing plan.

Apart from this, you will have a dedicated team to support you, with full-functionality. No updates or transaction fees will be required by you.

Its plan is for $49 for a month and if you want to save some cash, you can choose the yearly option of $470.

7. Ruzuku

One more online course selling solution for you is Ruzuku, it is loaded with many features. You can upload any media files to sell your customers.

In this, students can track their achievements throughout the course and allow them to chat with other students in the community.

Ruzuku has daily backups, teleconferencing, and support options through social media, phone, live chat, and email.

The basic plan of Ruzuku starts with $74.75 per month when billed annually. If you want you can also take the upgrade for a single instructor to $83.08, or for multiple instructors to pay $125 per month.

8. Kajabi

Everyone who is looking for some easy solutions for creating and selling online courses, here is Kajabi for you all. This platform is most suitable for speakers, coaches, authors, etc.

Kajabi also provides amazing facilities to the newbies who are making their first courses. They provide many easy to use templates to create different types of courses.

The price tag of Kajabi starts from $119 per month for a basic plan for one site, three products, three pipelines, and unlimited marketing emails.

9. LearnWorlds

With LearnWorlds, it becomes easy to create and sell online courses from your own website and other platforms. It has an amazing page builder and marketing tool for all the people who like to set up their own online education platform.

You can set up with multiple instructors and a complete course catalog. Building a host of courses is made simpler by using its various tools.

LearnWorlds is a great platform that also provides a cost-effective price of $29 per month which includes a custom domain, built-in community, coupons, payment gateway, and unlimited paid courses with fees of $5 per course sale.

10. WizIQ

WizIQ is another one of best online courses platforms for people who want to create and sell. It has an affordable range of pricing which starts from $25 per month. They also allow a free trial for the users. It also provides two unique features, an online academy, and a virtual classroom.

It provides students many facilities like mobile learning. They can assess tests, assignments, and document sharing whenever they want. 

How to Get Started and Sell Courses Online on these Platforms

If you have decided to try your hands in online teaching, then selling courses online is the best option for you. Here, we are going to discuss a step by step process to sell an online course on digital platforms. 

Step 1: Decide the Course Topic

If you are already a teacher, you don’t have to struggle to find a topic for your course. You can make a course on the subject in which you have expertise.

But if you are still in a dilemma to choose the right topic to create a course. Then, you have to think a bit to get a perfect topic. Here are some options for you which will help you in deciding a great topic for your course- 

  • Friends and family – Ask your friends, families, and colleagues about the issue which they encounter in their professional careers or academics. Know what are major fields where they need help or in which field they need to gain more knowledge. Asking your close ones will always help you in getting a true opinion.
  • Use your email list – If you already have an email list, you can use it to find an ideal topic for your course. You can send mail to everyone in your email list asking them about what kind of courses they would like to take. This will help you in knowing what most of your audience wants. After knowing people’s choice, decide a course topic which is most demanded amongst them.
  • Use Social Media followers – To find out which course is most popular among people, you can take the help of your social media followers. Make a group of people on Facebook and Instagram and collect their responses. Know which course is in the demand right now. Use your social media network to know the requirements of the people and help them with your course.

Step 2: Research 

Once you have decided on the topic of the course, you should start researching it. Your course should be made after complete research because no one wants to deliver incomplete or wrong information to their audience.

You can start gathering material for your course by reading online, professional books, and academic books. By seeing free or paid courses online, you can also see what your competitors are selling. 

This research should also consist of the audience which you want to target. Because you are making this course for your audience so you need to finalize the type of audience you want to target mainly. 

Step 3: Setting Outline and Objective of Course

You have to divide your course into sections and set them in an order which makes sense. The flow of the course should be smooth so that it will be easy to grasp. 

After that, write down the goals that you expect your students to learn after completing your course. And also mention what were your objectives when you decide to make a course as this will help you to know the things that you want to achieve from the course. This will also help you in setting up marketing campaigns. 

Step 4: Create Content

When you are done making a plan, start the main part of the process which is Content. Start recording videos according to the plan made by you earlier. Try to stay focused and stick to your plan to make content fast and effectively. 

Add some quizzes, assignments, and tests at the end of every lesson. These things will add great value to your course and will help you in attracting the audience. 

Step 5: Set a price to your Course 

Creators always get confused when they have to decide a price for their course. As it is difficult to decide a price which is fair for your customers as well as you. The same could happen with you too. Thus, be prepared for such kinds of situations. 

If you set prices too high, then people will avoid buying your course and if you set prices very low, then your profit will remain negligible. Thus, a better way to decide the price can be considering the market, finding out the price on which your competitors are selling the same course. 

One more thing which you can do is to decide a price after calculating the expenses done by you on the course in terms of money and time. Consider both things and decide on a fair price accordingly. 

Step 6: Choose the right platform

When you are done with the price of your course, your next step will be to choose the right platform. This step is incredibly important. You can choose any of the platforms that suit you the best from the list mentioned above. 

Don’t hurry while choosing the platform where you want to sell your course. Choose the platform which suits your budget and meets all the requirements of you. Go for the one who offers you the best services at a fair price. Try to read reviews before finalizing the platform as it will give you a clear idea about the platform. 

Step 7: Marketing & Sell

Every kind of product needs marketing because it is the key to sell the product. If you want to sell your course to many people, you have to do it’s marketing properly. 

  • You can start a blog and market your course there.  
  • Build your presence on social media platforms to increase your network and advertise your course to them.
  • Try adding your course with the other courses on search engines.
  • Even after the course is completed, stay in touch with the learner and keep them updated through regular email.
  • Try your hands in Email marketing. 

If you know all these strategies then it is a big plus point for you. But don’t get disheartened if you don’t know because you can take help from any digital marketing professionals to help you with this. 

After marketing your product, you are ready to sell your course to all the learners out there. Set a payment method in your course and be ready to earn a lot of profit through it. 


One of the best ways to leverage your teaching skills is to teach an online course. By working online you get a global exposure that you cannot reach by the traditional way of teaching.

You can also reach a wider audience and earn a good amount of money to support your family in this tough time of pandemic by selling an online course. This can be a great option for you to earn a stable income. 

I hope you will sell your first online course very soon. 


Which niche is best for online courses?

Choosing the right niche before making a course is a bit tough. You have to know what you are capable of and in which field you have experience. This will give you better insights into the niche which suits you best. 
Here are some best niches options for Online courses- 
1. Computer & Technology
2. Health
3. Business 
4. Personal Development
5. Writing 
6. Science

Can I make and sell an online course online without any experience?

Yes, you can easily make and sell an online course without any prior experience. If you follow the step by step process mentioned in the article you will easily accomplish your goal on time.