Top 10 Online Self Publishing Platforms in India- Create and Sell eBooks

There is a writer in everyone, at least that’s what everyone thinks. At some point you might also have thought of publishing your own book, to share your thoughts and opinions or learning with others. Online self publishing platforms make it easy for you. 

Online self book publishing has become a trend and many aspiring writers are using these platforms, to find an audience for their writings. Ebook writing is one of the most popular ways of making passive money online in India.

It takes time and effort to write a book that’s worth reading, but once you write it, you will need to publish it, then only you can make money. But the money will keep coming as long as readers will keep reading your book. It’s one time work and all time passive money for you, if your book is good enough and creates value for readers. 

I’m listing here top 10 online self book publishing platforms, where you can publish your book as an aspiring author.

1. White Falcon Publishing

White Falcon Publishing is one of the fastest growing online self publishing platforms in India. They provide print-on-demand self publishing services for authors.

The benefits of POD self publishing are many, like: control over your content, lower cost for printing, and easier to increase and decrease the number of copies. 

White falcon publishing provides two plans for self publishing:

  1. Starter Pack 
  2. Standard Pack

You can also ask them for a custom plan for your exclusive requirements for self publishing a book by filling some information here. Their executive will get in touch with you shortly and help you create a custom payment plan. 

2. Buuks

Buuks is one stop online self book publishing platform for an author. They provide very promising features like:

  1. One login for everything
  2. Real time progress tracking
  3. Instant notification for orders
  4. Royalty Dashboard

Their services include:

  1. Editing
  2. Book Cover Design
  3. E-book publication
  4. Conversion
  5. Distribution
  6. Copywriting

3. 24 by 7 Publishing

24 by 7 publishing has all it covered for self publishing authors, you need not worry about anything at all with this one of the best online self publishing platforms in India.

They provide worldwide electronic book printing and are the only publishers in India to provide 700 GSM full colored board books for children. 

If your manuscript is handwritten, they also help you to convert into digital format with DTP for some language. You will get your book print ready by 14 days with 24-by-7-publishing platform.

With their author’s sales dashboard you can easily track your book sales on all retailer platforms online with graphical representations. 

This is a 7 step process:

  1. Write 
  2. Upload Manuscript
  3. Fine Tune
  4. Approve
  5. Print and Distribute
  6. Promote
  7. Sell and Earn

4. Pothi

Pothi is one of the completely Indian online self publishing platforms, so it is very useful for especially Indian writers. They make self publishing as easy as it should be for both hardcover and ebooks. 

You will be able to create and set-up books format, design and fine tune the final look and make it available to be sold on a wide variety of online shops. 

The team at Pothi is very well versed in providing publishing aid to new bee authors as they have already published more than 11,000 books by now.

Steps involved in publishing your print book are following:

  1. Write the book
  2. Finalize the content : You can choose to use their own editing services for proofreading.
  3. Format the interior
  4. Design the cover
  5. Upload the book
  6. Final Approval
  7. Print of Demand and Sell on
  8. Keeping Track of Sales
  9. Extended Distribution on other platforms.

5. Notionpress

Notionpress provides two types of publishing services: 1. Express Publishing and 2. Guided Publishing

In Express publishing you will be able to control every aspect of publishing your book from cover design to fonts and marketing, all of it. 

Using Guided publishing method you can opt for their expert services to aid you in processes like positioning and designing, editing and marketing. 

The team is efficient and expert, as they have already published and assisted in publication of more than 4000 books. 

6. Blue Rose Publishers

It is India’s one of the top online self publishing platforms in India, with more than 4000 titles published in almost all languages. 

Their huge channel of networks is very helpful in providing a recognition platform to new authors. 

The steps involved in self publishing with Blue Rose Publishers are following:

  1. Consultation
  2. Contract
  3. Publication 
  4. Post Publication

7. InkArt Publishing

InkArt was started in 2014 and since then has become one of the most premium print-on-demand online self publishing platforms in India. 

With so many appreciated and recognized bestseller authors working with Inkart Publishing they have a reputation of being the leaders in the industry. 

They have three self publishing packages:

  1. Basic: it is perfect for authors who are just starting out as it is very cost effective and costs only rs. 5500. You will get all formats of book, plain interior, 5 print copies as complimentary, with complete distribution and marketing services. 
  2. Business: If you are already an accomplished writer and are sure your book is worth a read, this plan is best which costs rs. 10,500 with 10 complimentary prints and advanced editing services. 
  3. Luxury: This package is suitable if you are reprinting your already successful book, and are sure of profit you are going to make. It costs around 25,000 and you rest assured that your book will be published in 7 days max.

8. Online Gatha

Online Gatha is not only an online self publishing platform but also a wide community of authors in India. In this community, everyone gets a timeline, where they may publish their work. 

They provide all kinds of services for authors like:

  1. Editing
  2. Design
  3. Marketing
  4. Distribution

9. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Amazon Kindle also provides self publishing especially for eBook, you can publish your book in 5 minutes and it will be available all over the world in 24 to 48 hours. 

You will have complete copyright and 70% profit sharing. Amazon Kindle has the world’s largest audience of book readers. So, if you are publishing with Amazon KDP, you are more likely to find a more relevant audience for your writing.

Self publishing with KDP is free, they only take part of royalty as a fee for their platform. It’s pretty easy too. 

10. Starlet Publishing

Starlet Publishing is one of the fastest growing platforms for online self publishing in India. They make it very easy to write and publish a book like a piece of cake.  

They also provide expert marketing and distributing and you will have your book ready to publish in just 30 days of time.

More than 1200 authors have published more than 1900 books using starlet publishing services. They have 4 publishing packages:

  1. Silver
  2. Gold
  3. Diamond
  4. Platinum

Becoming a writer is not an easy path, to be honest, but self publication has become a thing of the new generation of technology.

So, if you are really someone who enjoys writing and want to share your thoughts with the world and make significant money in terms of book royalty, you can start your career with one of the above mentioned online self publishing platforms in India.

All of them are reliable services providers, you can choose according to your requirements and budget. I hope this article will help you out with your journey to become a writer.

For more online business ideas for teachers and writers and more information on how to start an online business and make money, follow this site regularly. I will be back with more interesting articles in the coming days.