Top 12 Online Marketplaces for Handicraft Business in India – Start Today!

India is famous for its ancient traditions and artistic heritage. People from all over the world visit India every year to get in touch with the old roots. These people love Indian handicrafts and are very fond of them.

Every Indian state has its unique art and craft like wooden work from Saharanpur, Terracotta works from Assam and Gems, stones, Silver, Brass, Jewellery from Rajasthan are the main attraction source for the tourists in India. This global demand makes it more important to take handicraft business online.

These artisans showcase their talent by selling handicraft items in various fairs and haat bazaars. But now, they are also getting benefits from digital platforms to reach a larger audience base.

Online retails give these artisans a chance to showcase their talent on a global platform. They can earn their living and get recognition by selling their handmade products on these handicraft selling sites. 

If you are looking for places to sell handicraft online in India, you have landed on the right article. You will get to different sites where you can list your products and you will also know what handicraft sells the best.

Scope/market Analysis for Online Handicraft Business

Handicraft products used to be in high demand in earlier centuries, but their demand lowered down after globalisation as the market was now having various affordable and variety of products in the market. However, the demand for these Indian handicrafts never decreased in foreign countries. 

Our PM Mr.Narendra Modi knows the value of Indian culture, which he always appreciates globally. PM Modi always encourages people to use products that are made in India. Make in India was launched by the government of India on 25th September 2014 to promote the products.

The main objective of Make in India is to generate employment and skill development in the required sectors of the economy. The initiative also aims to minimize the impact on the environment. 

In a recent address to the nation, PM Modi has again enlightened the ‘Make in India’ project by encouraging people for Atmanirbhar Bharat. ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat‘ means using products that are made in India.

The handicraft industry is one of the most employment generators after the agriculture industry. Not to mention it is giving employment to over 7 million craftsmen which include women too. 

Best Sites to Sell Handmade Items Online in India and Abroad

You can sell handicrafts online in India on websites like Amazon, Flipkart also but they have many products which are already listed which will increase your competition. Thus, you have to find a unique marketplace website for your handicraft business which focuses on handicrafts only. 

Some websites on which you can list your handicraft products – 

1. Etsy India

Etsy is an American e-commerce website that deals with handicrafts and vintage items. They provide a wide range of categories which include jewellery, bags, clothes, furniture, and home decor items. Etsy also offers a low listing cost. You can reach a large range of audiences across the globe if you sell your product on Etsy India.

2. The Indian Craft house

The Indian Craft house is an Indian website that sells unique handcrafted gifts from across the country to promote the artisans in India by giving them fair prices. They offer a wide range of products for the audiences.

You can sell Brass Craft, Coconut craft, Wood carvings, and Metal crafts on The Indian Crafts House. This website is best for the artisans who make handicraft and want to sell them online to start a business.

3. Engrave

Engrave sells beautiful crafts made by Indian artisans. The aim of Engrave is to showcase the talent of artisans to the world. It has unique products designed sensibly for online audiences. And the best part is that you can easily list your handcrafted product on Engrave.

4. CraftsVilla

If you want to sell some unique Indian handcrafted products, then CraftsVilla is the best place. This marketplace deals with traditional handmade sarees, handcrafted gift items, accessories, and home decor items.

5. Unfactory

Unfactory strengthens the power of craftsmanship and sustainability. They encourage young artists and creators by taking them to digital platforms. The main focus of this place is to give artists their deserving rewards and recognition.

This is one of the best platforms for sellers as it also has a section named “Meet Artists Section” in which you can see the profile of the artist.

6. Culture Truck

Culture Truck is an art and craft platform. It is selling many handcrafted products made by artists from all over the country. People who love unique, stylish, and innovative items love Cultural truck. And it uplifts the handicraft culture amongst the artisans by giving them the right recognition.

7. Coppre

Coppre deals with handcrafted metal-based products. They have metal jars, bowls, plates, kitchenware, gift items, and many more.

The products on Coppre carry our culture, and all the products can be recycled easily. 

8. ArtyOwl

ArtyOwl is a unique marketplace where you can sell leather art, marble art, stone art, paper art, and fabric art. Other than this, you can also sell wall hangings and eco-friendly cotton bags. On ArtyOwl, you can do business in both bulk and retail.

9. IndianShelf

If you are making coasters, glass bottles, spice boxes, wall art, and handmade stationery, you can register yourself on the IndianShelf’s seller registration column. 

The benefit of selling on IndianShelf is that you can list unlimited products without any cost for one year. 

10. Gaatha

On Gaatha, you will sell men, women, and kids handwoven apparel. Other than this, you can also register for products related to Terracotta, Puppets, Organic Beauty, Miniature Paintings, Handmade Kolhapuri Chappals, and Madhubani Paintings.

11. Fizdi

If you have an interest in painting or you are a painter, then you can sell your handmade paintings on Fizdi. Fizdi is a marketplace where you can sell handmade paintings, Canvas paintings, Watercolour paintings.

12. GetKraft

GetKraft is an online marketplace where you can sell and buy natural, organic, handmade, and craft items. This platform focuses on promoting the creativity of craftsmen of North-East India.

After registering on GetKraft, you can also sell decorative items, bamboo crafts, jute crafts, pickles, and spices.

Handicraft Products that You can Sell Online

Indian handicraft never fails to awestruck people all around the world. This is still a source of income for many people living in villages. There are many handicraft products available in the market which you can choose to sell online to earn good profit. 

I’m sharing a list of some amazing handicrafts from India which you can sell online easily : 


You can sell wooden items on online retail stores as they look elegant and are always in demand. The Northern part of India has a rich culture of wooden work.

Punjab region in India is most famous for wooden furniture. Artisans in Punjab make the best wooden items. If you are a third-party seller, you can contact these artisans or a wholesaler to get items at a reasonable rate.


Handmade pottery has been used in India since the Harappan Civilisation. In India, different-different designs of pottery are made. Like, Black and dark red in Himachal Pradesh and orange, brown in Uttar Pradesh.

In Rajasthan, you will get painted pottery in Bikaner, Geometrical patterns from Pokhran, Kagzi pottery in Alwar, and the world-famous beautiful blue pottery in Jaipur.


Jute crafts include bags, footwear, wall-hanging, and many more other items. Leading jute producers that lead the jute market in India are West Bengal, Assam, and Bihar.

Bamboo Handicraft

Bamboo handicrafts are made in Assam, Tripura, and West Bengal region, they are the most eco-friendly handicrafts which are made in India. Items made with bamboo like dolls, jewellery boxes, baskets, furniture, toys, wall-hangings.


In India, Uttar Pradesh has the largest carpet weaving industry. This is one of the most important crafts in North India. These carpets come in various beautiful designs and sold worldwide.


Zardozi embroidery is embroidery which is done with gold and silver threads, studded with pearls and precious stones. Lucknow, Bhopal, Ajmer, Delhi, Agra, Kashmir, Mumbai, and Chennai have the best artists of Zardozi.


Indian leather products are famous worldwide. Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra are known for their leather-craft. Items like bags, shoes, and garments are made of leather.

Every region in India is enriched with its own unique handicraft. You can choose any of them which is available in your budget and region. 

Examples of successful people in Online Handicraft Business

Purnima Singh and Chinmay Banthia

Purnima Singh and her husband Chinmay Banthia left their jobs to start their own business, Shubham Crafts. This Jaipur-based engineering couple started Shubham Crafts inspired by ‘Make in India’ to empower the women from villages to make paper made products and grass baskets.

Both Purnima and Chinmay are engineering graduates of NIT Kurukshetra. They started Shubham Craft with an investment of Rs 5 lakh which is now ready to see a turnover of Rs 1 Crore this year. When they started their journey it was with three unskilled women. And now they have 35 skilled women artists from five villages. 

Shubham Crafts is a B2B business in which products are sold to wholesalers and big-retailers. In less time only, they have received a great response. Consequently, they have done business with clients from all over the world which includes Europe, Canada, North America, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and Singapore.

How to Get Started with Online Handicraft Business on Marketplace

Selling handicraft online is a bit challenging business because of the cheap Chinese products in the market. But after PM Modi’s appeal which highlights the “Vocal for Local”, people are showing more concern for the products which are made in India.

For this reason they are focusing on buying products that are produced in India only. Thus, it is the best time to start an online business of handmade items in India. 

Some steps that will help you in giving your business a kick start: 

Step 1: Determine Product Source

To begin with a handicraft business online, filter the product categories in which you want to deal. If you are already a manufacturer or have a physical store of Indian handicrafts, you don’t need to think further. You already have your final product. This step is for those you want to sell handicrafts products online but is not manufacturing them currently.

You can also visit the local handicraft market to get a better understanding of the various products. Meet with the craftsman and sign a merchant agreement with them after finalising the product price and delivery dates.

Step 2: Market Research 

This step is compulsory for everyone who is starting their business. Market research of the product which you want to sell needs to be done very effectively. It is important to know the demand and price of the product.

Besides, you should know at what price your competitors are selling the same product, this will give you a better idea about the product you want to sell. 

Apart from this, you have to also research the audience which you want to target. This will include the demand of the customers, ideal product price, and areas where the potential customers are situated.

After finalizing the product, you need to do market research without any delay. 

Step 3: Choose Product Price

The price of the product plays an important role to make a sale. Never forget to know the prices on which your competitors are selling the same product. Include all the extra charges like base price, taxes, shipping charges on the product. And decide the price which is feasible for your audience. 

Don’t make the prices of your products too high that your audience decides not to buy the product and make your business a flop. 

Step 4: Good Pictures or Videos of Products 

The first impression of your product is last. You have to be professional while adding photos of the product. You need to post good pictures of the product to impress potential customers. Because the image is the first thing that they will see before buying. Thus, put pictures that are descriptive and show features of a particular product. 

In this step, you will be needing the help of a professional photographer to click eye-catchy pictures of your product. You can also create a video that tells the features and dimensional details of the product. But, always post original pictures of your product. 

Step 5: Writing Product Description

Write a description that covers every bit of details related to your product. Product description which has the quality of the product, name of the material used, dimensions, etc. should be written. 

A well-written description will help customers to know all details of the product. Be clear about your product, you don’t lie just to please people or make a sale.  

Step 6: Pick a brand name 

Find a unique name for your brand which sounds interesting. Choose a name that has a domain name available because you have to make a website for your business to make your business stand out of the crowd. 

Step 7: Choose a platform to sell

You can choose any site which suits you the most from above. Register yourself on these sites and list the products which you want to sell on these sites. Listing products is a serious task that needs to be done carefully. 

After listing all the products on the site, find a shipping partner with affordable rates. Because you have to ship the products to the desired locations. 

You can also opt to build your own online store for your handicraft products. I’ve written a complete guide on how to start an online store that you can check out.

Step 8: Market online

Reach of online stores is more as compared to a physical store. But still, you have to do some effort to gain reach. For this, you can use various digital marketing tactics available: 

  • Paid Advertisement
    Reaching a large group of audience can get simpler when you use paid advertising. Spend some money on paid advertising using Facebook and Google. In this, you can target your audience and a particular area and start advertising in your budget.
  • Social media marketing
    Market your brand on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook to reach more audiences. You can take help from Influencers to market your product.
  • Email Marketing
    After getting all the email IDs of your customer, mail them details of the upcoming sale and send discount coupons to see an increase in sales. 


Indian handicraft has always been in demand for the years across the world and this demand is increasing day by day. Seeing this as an online business prospect for handicraft, they still are very promising.

Selling handicraft online can be a good option for you if you are looking for products to sell online. You can earn a lot of profit by selling handmade products online. 


Which handicraft product should I sell online to earn a profit?

You can sell any handicraft product online which is available at reasonable rates. You can also go for the products which are the specialty of your state as you will get them easily at very low cost.

Which handmade items have the highest demand?

Jewellery is one of the most demanded handicraft items. Handmade jewellery attracts people from all over the world because of their unique designs. If you are thinking of selling handmade products online, the jewellery can be a good option for you.

Can I sell handicraft items in the international market?

Yes, you can sell handicraft items in the international market easily. You can use e-commerce sites to list your products for the global audience. Sites like Etsy can be a good option for people who want to sell handicraft items globally.