How to Start an Online Health Consultation Business in India

The world is now different and the way we do things has changed, for better or worse. But we are adapting to this situation very easily and quickly. Like everything else, health care has come online too, and there is a big rise in online health consultation in India.

Even the Government of India has built an online health consultation platform called ‘eSanjeevani’ which has completed over 5 lakh tele-consultations. Not only for humans, there is also a start-up in Bengaluru which is aiming to provide online health consultation for pets as well. 

So if you are a health care worker and want to start an online health consultation business, keep reading this article. I’ll explain a step-by-step process with necessary details. 

1. Choose The Platform

The first step into starting as an online health consultant is to choose the right platform. There has been a rise in the online health consultancy in platforms in India.

Start-ups have built these platforms to facilitate doctors and practitioners to meet patients online and prescribe the cure for their health concerns. This is the list of top 9 online health consultation platforms in India:

  1. Quikconsult
  2. Doctorinsta
  3. Practo
  4. eVaidya
  5. eSanjeevani
  6. iCliniq
  7. Tata Health
  8. Docsapp
  9. Lybrate
  10. Portea
  11. Docttocare
  12. Doctalk
  13. EUOR Health
  14. MUrgency

When you’re deciding on which platform to choose you need keep a few things in your mind:

  1. The platform should be built with the latest technology.
  2. Customer services should be top-notch.
  3. Check the reviews. 
  4. Make sure the payment process is secure.
  5. Dashboard should be easy to use.

2. Set-up Your Profile

If you have selected the platform of your choice, now all you have to do is set-up your profile. The basic information required will be your personal details and the proof of you being a certified practitioner. You can customize the consulting hours and kind of health concerns you are available to consult about. 

3. Set-up Payment Method

All the major platforms will require you to set-up your payment method to be able to transfer your consultancy fee to your bank account. Always make sure that the platform you have chosen has a secure payment gateway before you provide your bank account details. 

4. Digital Marketing for Visibility on Right Places

This is important, even though you have registered on one of the above mentioned online health consultancy platforms, the chances are initially you are going to face difficulty in finding clients. 

To be able to attract patients to your profile, you need to let people know that you’re available for online consultancy on a platform. 

You can do this by updating on your social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Also consider creating a business page for yourself on Google My Business, so that people can find you if they are searching for services you provide. Don’t forget to mention there that you are available on online platforms for consultation as well.

5. Take Feedback and Reviews

In the online world, feedback and reviews go a long way to impress your potential clients. Around 75% of people who search for health consultancy online, will look at the reviews and feedback beforehand.

So to build a good reputation for your services and your profile, always ask your patients to leave a review on your profile. 

Even on Google My Business page, asking people to leave a genuine and honest review, it helps in moving up on the list of recommendations. 

Is it a Good Idea to Start Online Health Consultation?

I know you have this question on your mind because you believe that health is something very vital part of modern lifestyle. So, how will people consider an online consultant over someone who lives a few yards away?

The answer is very much satisfying because the world is changing, and people these days value time over anything these days.

So, the overall hustle of stepping out everytime you need some health advice, driving through traffic that too for 15-20 minutes of interaction only to buy your medicines yourself from a pharmacy. This wastes time for many working professionals. The problem of using non-prescribed drugs is increasing all over the world.

If people have a choice to consult a doctor from the comfort of their couch and that too on demand, plus getting their prescribed medicine delivered to their doorstep, then why wouldn’t they take it?

Some of the advanced online consultancy platforms also provide the services to pick-up blood, urine and other samples for testing and you will receive the report at your home for tests. With a little extra fee, this convenience is worth it. 

This is the reason the Indian health care start-up ‘Lybrate’ has become a huge success and become a go to for people all around the country for health consultation online.

Tele Consultancy Guideline to Start Online Health Consultancy 

The Government of India has published Telemedicine Practice Guidelines in March, 2020. 

The Salient Features of Teleconsultancy Guidelines

  1. The doctor can use any medium for teleconsultations.
  2. Level of care needs to be maintained on the same level as face to face consultation.
  3. Patients should provide accurate information during teleconsultation.
  4. If the patient is minor or decapacitated, the caregiver needs to be authorised during tele consultation sessions.
  5. There is no need for a fixed format for prescription.

Dos and Don’ts 

  1. Patient identification is mandatory during first consultation.
  2. Patient identity confirmation is not mandatory during follow-up consultation, but may be carried out on need basis.
  3. Caregiver identity and authorization should be checked.
  4. Doctor should identify himself/herself to the patient before the start of every teleconsultation.
  5. Doctor should display his/her registration number at every touch-point with the patient.
  6. Doctors should not continue with teleconsultation if it is not appropriate.
  7. Doctors should maintain patient records of teleconsultation.
  8. Patient’s personal data should not be disclosed or transferred without written consent of the patient.
  9. Doctors should not deny emergency teleconsultation, but limit it for immediate assistance or first aid.

You can read about it in more detail here


The aim of teleconsultation or telemedicine practice is to make health care reachable for everyone at every place. People can actually get much better treatment for their illness from experts all over the country, not just from their locality.

Online platforms that are providing additional services like medicine delivery and sample collection are making big money in the niche. 

If you are a healthcare practitioner who wants to serve a larger audience in more convenient ways than starting out of one the mentioned above platforms is your golden chance.

In upcoming days, Government of India might make policy about necessary training for practitioners for telemedicine. That will make the online health consultation concept much more reliable and more people will opt to get their health services online.

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