7 Innovative and Profitable Online Education Business Ideas in India

According to the latest study, the online education business market size in India is expected to grow to USD1.96 billion with a user base of around 9.6 million by 2021.

With the advent of the latest technology reforms and digital media, revolutionization is taking place in every sector. In recent years, tremendous growth in digitization and technology-driven systems is being seen throughout the globe. And it is having positive effects on economic growth too.

Online Education is one such outcome of technological advancement in the digital world. It is booming all over the world and gaining popularity. 

E-learning refers to imparting education through digital media. And it has completely revolutionized the traditional ways of learning around the whole world.

It is booming in India as well and has become a preferred way of education among Indian students. 

Additionally, some other factors like cost-effectiveness, wide-ranging solutions, and easy accessibility, have made E-learning very popular.

Benefits of E-learning in India

Witnessing the incredible future perspective of online education, our government has initiated the Digital India Movement. It is creating wide-ranging opportunities for the citizens by exploiting digital technologies. 

Educating students with the help of electronic devices like computers, Mobile phones, Tablets, and iPods, has made learning interesting and interactive. In addition to providing digital learning solutions, E-learning has many other advantages that must be noticed:

Key Benefits of E-learning in India

    • Flexibility

E-learning allows individuals to learn at their convenience. It only requires a laptop and internet connection to attend online classes and tutorials. Thus students can learn from sitting anywhere at any time.

The working professionals and business owners can also pursue desired courses available online. That also in free time and without having to leave their work. This way e-learning is providing flexible learning resources to update professional skills and knowledge.  

    • Cost-Effective

With the help of online learning, you are free to join any academic courses available online and attend classes. This practice not only gives you the freedom to choose your learning time but it’s also a money saver.

You can save so much money you spend on attending regular classes in colleges or universities, buying books, transportation, and additional utility expenses. This makes Online Education the best option for those who cannot afford such expenses but they aspire to study.

    • Easily Update-able

Online courses and training standards keep on updating regularly and in online learning, these updates are easily and quickly accessible. You always want to pursue courses that are relevant to your professional needs and require updated versions of the same.

For better understanding and growth, you should always align your learning to the evolving business needs.   

    • Learning at your Convenience

E-learning allows you to pursue courses at your pace. Not every person is the same and so as his/her speed of learning. Online learning gives you the freedom to learn according to your requirements and convenience.

You have the choice to control the pace of education which lacks in traditional classroom learning. Apart from this, you can also clear doubts through live chats and forums in online learning.

E-Learning has not only transformed the old pattern of education but also raised better business opportunities in the Education Sector.

Due to the increasing demand and benefits of online education, many new business opportunities have been evolved to satisfy the requirements.

E-learning has also created incredible business opportunities in the Education industry. If you are looking to start an online business in the education sector then you can create better E-learning options for the learners.

Online Education Business Ideas in India to Explore

To improve the education system for students and to help the working professionals in learning easily and conveniently, we need innovative ideas. And lots of business models are finding their way into the education industry. 

With proper planning and a goal, that aims to provide an adequate platform to the individuals aspiring to upgrade their knowledge, you can launch an online education business in India. It can focus on either improving the existing skills or teaching a new skill to the students.

The current pandemic Covid-19 has hiked the requirement of online education as the situation does not allow opening schools and colleges due to the huge risk of spreading infection. Thus, all schools and colleges are providing online classes through various means. 

Hence, online education has offered a better business model for digital edupreneurs. Here are a few E-learning business ideas you can start with:

online education business ideas in India

    1. Online Tutoring

Students are facing enormous pressure of studies because of growing competition. Which compels them to take extra classes apart from regular school. 

If you have an interest in teaching and have enough knowledge and experience related to the field, then you can also start tutoring in online classes and sessions according to the requirement. 

You can easily carry out your online classes through video calls, video conferencing, or other platforms. There are many platforms available online to provide tutoring job opportunities. Those are IGuruCool, LearnPick, Vedantu, UrbanPro, Chegg Tutors, and many more.

These websites offer wide-ranging tutoring opportunities to educators and professionals. To make a good amount of money while working from home.  

If you have a business plan and right marketing strategy, then you can also start your own online teaching business. But it also requires a lot of hard work and patience to get conversions and earnings. 

But for starters, you can register to one of the above websites and find suitable work opportunities.    

    2. Build Educational Apps

Mobile applications have become an important part of our daily life and so as for interactive online learning. 

Once downloaded using an internet connection, it can be accessed anytime anywhere. Animated graphics, visuals, and audios inbuilt in the educational apps make learning fun and easy grasping.

The tremendous use of mobile apps in various fields has encouraged entrepreneurs to find a business perspective in the field of technology. 

If you have experience in programming, then you can create multiple kinds of learning apps for delivering knowledge to all or specific groups of students, focusing on different fields.                                              

Many learning apps are available in the market which are providing virtual classrooms. Some are:

All these apps are specifically designed to focus on different courses starting from Kindergarten to various competitive examinations.

You need to think of some out-of-the-box ideas and develop apps that benefit the students.   

3. Selling Online Courses

Whenever any person needs to learn something new, he first looks for the online courses relevant to it. As it offers full freedom of time and place and the person can pursue the studies from any place at any convenient time.

But before starting to create an online course, it is necessary to do research about the niche subject and market demands of the same. 

Start your writing and format it properly for making it appealing, interesting, and beneficial to the users. Creating online courses does not require much cost but making it a buzz among the people is a task that totally depends on the art of marketing.  

Create your own website and upload the courses there. The most important step towards generating revenue through selling your online courses is to market it to a greater extent. 

Once people start liking your courses, then they will come back again and again looking for new content. You just need to make people aware of your business and help them with quality content.

 You can also explore many renowned websites like Thinkific.com, Podia, and LearnWorlds that provide an easy-to-use platform to create and upload your online courses and sell them. So, make up your mind to share your knowledge with the audiences and also make good money.

I’ve a curated a complete guide on how create and sell courses online following a proven and simple step-by-step by process.

    4. Online Library System

Online Library is also one of the most profitable business ideas these days. The Internet is a collection of enormous knowledge and content for people to get at the tap of a few buttons. 

In the era of digital media, nobody wants to visit physical libraries and read books.  For the individuals who love to read books and always search for a new collection, you can tap into an online library business. 

Build a collection of ebooks from different genres and make them available to the people at an affordable fee. A well-maintained and user-friendly website or app for the online library can be a lucrative business in the online education industry in India.        

    5. Online Skill Teaching

If you have a skill or passion and want to convert it into a profession, then teaching your skills to aspiring students can be a good option. Many people want to learn new skills but due to lack of time and hectic schedules, are unable to visit the training center. 

Online skill training can be a perfect medium for them to learn desired skills at their own convenient time and place.

If you are a teacher, it requires small investments just a computer, high-speed internet, and good quality camera to record videos, to start your own online skill training business. And you have multiple options and ideas for starting online business.

You can record your videos and upload them or can take live sessions through video conferencing and charge as per the services.   

Initially, rather than creating your skill teaching website, you can also explore various online platforms that allow you to teach and share your skills online and earn good money.      

    6. Educational Blogging

Blogging is one of the fastest-growing online business ideas nowadays. If you are good at writing and have passion and knowledge in a specific field, then you can also start your educational blog and earn income. 

You just need to post relevant and fresh content associated with the subject regularly which is also advantageous to the readers.

If you are able to find the right niche and deliver valuable resources to the audiences then you have a huge opportunity to make good money for blogging.

Read this latest article on How to Start Blogging in India and other blogging related information our Blogging in India section.

    7. Proofreading and Editing the Educational Content

It is one of the best options to start your business with very less investment. This service includes reading and editing articles, books, and other written materials to make them error-free. 

You can join any educational magazine or book agency and earn a handsome amount of money by providing proofreading services at home only and working online.

Many freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork offer such type of job opportunities for the aspirants. You can easily explore a lot of options as per your requirements and make money online.      

Online education is booming day by day and giving digital entrepreneurs incredible chances to build innovative business models for improving the pattern of online education. 

If you are ready to start an online education business in India, these few ideas can help you to perfectly kick start your career.

Explore the innovative ideas for e-learning and contribute to the betterment of the education system. It is a growing industry and so offers incredible business opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs.   


What is the scope of the Online Education business in India?

The trend of Online Education is growing faster with the advancement in technology as it provides freedom of time, place, and also an affordable medium to educate you. Thus, many wonderful business opportunities are finding their way towards improving the level of online education in India so that every person can take its full advantage. Thus, there is a wide scope of online Education business in India and even much more potential to explore.

What are the basic requirements to start an e-learning business?

In E-learning, there are a large number of options that you can explore but deciding what to do is important. After deciding the right niche, you can give a shape to your business goals by formulating its business plan and marketing strategy. Follow these few steps if you are starting your own online education business:    • Decide on a niche.
    • Research the market demands and customer requirements.
    • Create a suitable product or service.
    • Market your services and products through various digital mediums.
    • Get the conversions and potential customers.
You can also start with low investment through registering on various online platforms where it takes only a computer or laptop, high-speed internet, and knowledge to start, without a penny of investment.

Is online teaching money-making?

Yes, you can make a good amount of money through online teaching. You can get quality jobs on various freelancing websites like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, etc. for online teaching. You can also build up your website to start online classes for the subject. Once, people know about your services and teaching talent, you can get a good number of customers and handsome profits.