Best Online Business Ideas for Teachers in India with Low Investment in 2021

Teachers and other Educators often feel free in their summer break and look out for small part-time jobs. But this time the reason to find a new job was different. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus in India many teachers and other professionals lost their job.

Now, this situation has arisen the need of finding new jobs. However, there are some online business ideas for teachers where they can work from home with low investment and still can earn a good amount of money easily. 

The main problem which arises when you think about starting a business is capital investment in the starting stage of the business. A lot of people don’t have a good amount of money for investment, so they decide not to start a business.

But, not all businesses require a lot of investment, there are some side jobs that you can start online and later scale them as independent business. You can utilize online platforms to earn a good amount of income by using your skills. Whether you are a teacher or a doctor, anyone can find a suitable business online. 

When you work online you don’t have to stick to a particular time like a regular job, you can take breaks at any moment and have fun with your family without any rush. And the plus point is that online platforms have a great scope in the field of education. 

Market growth for Online Education in India

Education is the key to a locked door that brings success. For opening this door you have to grasp every bit of the knowledge that is required in your field. If you are a teacher, you are already a master in your field. 

Taking things online is the new trend in the market, so why not take education online too? 

the growth online learning market in india

Not only due to pandemic but before this, the demand in online education started seeing a boom. Research has shown that the online learning market size was 171 billion in 2019 and was expected to increase at a CAGR of 10.85% between the years 2019-2025. 

Online education provides a lot of perks to the people as they can learn from anywhere at any time from their favorite tutor. Both students and teaching professionals are getting benefited from this online education. 

Online Business Ideas that can work well in India for Teachers

In India, the number of internet users has increased from the past 10 years which has given rise to the online market. There are approximately 480 million internet users in India as per the year 2018 and it is projected to grow to 660 million by 2023. 

India is focusing on digitalization, and everyone is trying to shift its focus on online work. Thus, the teachers have also started building their online presence as it is the right time to do so. 

Here are some online business ideas for teachers that will work well in India with low investment: 

Online Tutor

It is the most common online business option chosen by teachers. IN this, teachers choose a subject of their choice and make videos on it. You can also select one subject, upload some videos on Youtube, and can target the audience of your choice.

For starting this, first, you have to make a Youtube channel and record some lessons. Upload all your videos and make a playlist of them.

You can promote your channel by using various digital marketing techniques and can generate some leads through them. The one thing you have to take care of when doing online tutoring is that you have to post regular content on your channel to engage people.

If you want to create your own course for a particular skill or technology, you can do so with this complete guide on how to create and sell courses online.

Become a Freelancer

When you are looking for things to do online with low investment as a teacher, the first thing that crosses the mind is working as a freelancer.

While working as a freelancer you don’t have to work 9 to 5 daily like boring jobs, you can do your work at any time of the day. And the best part is that you don’t have to invest money in this.

Here, you can register yourself on various freelancing portals like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc. On these portals, you will see many jobs related to your profile and skill, you can bid on the one which you find most suitable.

Pro tip: Make your profile bio and bidding proposal unique and eye-catchy to attract the clients.

Education Blogger

Gaining knowledge never ends. Many people keep looking forward to learning new things in their field. If you are a teacher who has expertise in a certain field, you can start blogging about it.

Before starting on with the blogging career you first need to find the right niche. Once you find the right niche and can provide them some meaningful content, there are good chances that you can earn a lot of money from blogging by advertising and sponsorships.

If you follow the right strategy to promote your blog, you can earn a large amount of money through it. Education blogging is one of the best online education business ideas for teachers that requires the least amount of investment.

Ebook Writing

Writing E-book is an innovative business idea for teachers as it is not that common. If you think you are good at writing, you can start writing an Ebook for yourself or you can also write for other people.

Teachers with experience in writing can do this job easily and do this work at their home only. You will only need a desktop with stable internet connectivity at your home.

Examples of People Already successful in Online Education Business

BYJUS Learning App

The famous learning app Byjus was started by Byju Raveendran who became a teacher by accident. Byju became famous for helping his friends to pass the CAT exam.

After this, Byju’s Classes started getting so much love that he quit his job and started traveling from one place to another to take classes. And in 2015 he took his passion to a new level and launched the BYJU’s learning app for school. 

After taking his business online he started having a lot of investors for his business and this made his business India’s one of the most trusted online educators. As of now, BYJU’S reports having around 40 million users overall.

Byju started his journey with low investment and still managed to achieve the great heights in his career. If he can do it, so can you.

Online platforms are mostly free and can help you in making your educational career phenomenal. You just have to gear up and start your journey today without procrastinating.

How to Get Started with These Ideas?

You have to be well prepared before starting a new journey. Before starting you have to make a plan that can help you in achieving your goal. This plan needs to stand out and must have the power to handle all the hurdles that may come in your path. 

However, your online journey can become smooth if you will follow the steps mentioned below. 

Steps to Start Online Business as a Teacher

Step 1: Decide a Business Model

Find a suitable online business model which is relevant to your skills and interest. 

Step 2: Make Yourself Ready

Learn new things related to your business. There is no age to learn new things, start learning things which you will be needing to make your business successful. Do research or enroll yourself in some online courses.
You can also take help from people who are already working in the same field.

Step 3: Build an Identity

Try to build an eye-catchy profile that attracts clients across the globe. Build a website of yours if needed. Build an Audience

Step 4: Decide Your Services and Pricing

Search for clients who may need your services. You can search for them easily on all the freelancing platforms. 

Step 5: Maintain Relationship with Clients

After getting your first client, put all your efforts into getting the job done right on time. Submitting work on time will always help you in maintaining a long term relationship with your clients. 


So, these were all the online business ideas that teachers can start and create a passive income stream. Starting a business online in the educational field is a great way to earn a lot of profit. You don’t need to invest all of your money in it, you can start with a small amount of money only.

Many businesses have started their journey with low investment and still managed to earn a good amount of money from it. Thus, choose the one which suits you the best and invest your time other than investing a huge amount of money.


Which is the most suitable online job/business for teachers?

All jobs mentioned above are appropriate for teachers but if you need to choose one from this, you should choose online tutoring. As you don’t need to learn anything new for this, you just have to shoot videos of lessons and upload them on the right platforms. You can also partner up with any online tutor agency and work with them as an online teacher.

How do I start teaching online?

After knowing the field in which you have the most expertise, start making videos or write Ebooks on it and publish them on ideal platforms.