10 Online Business Ideas for Photographer – Start Making Smart Money

In this article, we are looking into 10 online business ideas for a photographer that you can start. All of them totally depend on your pure talent and with some help from digital marketing, you can build a successful online business in India.

Photography is a creative expression of art, and many youngsters in India want to pursue photography as a full-time career. But there are very limited options to grow as a successful photographer in an offline business model. Mostly it’s a seasonal business unless you are a well-known modeling photographer.

1. Freelance Photography

There are many freelancing websites like Upwork and Freelancer, where people are looking for freelance photographers for different kinds of photography projects. These include product photoshoots, modeling photo shoots, real-estate photoshoots, and many other types of projects. 

freelancing online business idea for photographer

You just have to sign-up to one of these platforms and create an attractive profile as a freelance photographer. There you can bid for different photography projects which match your skill-sets.

Building a portfolio of your impressive work can easily help you lend contracts on these platforms. And there isn’t much competition on these platforms for photographers, so it will be really beneficial to you.

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2. Sell Stock Photos

If you have just started as a photographer and are looking for more exposure with money, then one way of doing so is by selling your photographs on stock photo websites. Even if you are a pro photographer, this can be a great source of passive income for you. 

The most popular stock photo websites are Getty Images, Shutterstock, iStock, and Fotolia. Every time someone purchases your photos, you will get a commission for it either in pay-per-use mode or pay-per-subscription mode. You can earn anywhere from $10 or $100 for these photos.

3. Start Photography Blog

If you are an experienced photographer and have knowledge that you can share with amateur photographers around the web, then you can start a blog about photography.

Where you can share information related to your work and your experience. With little knowledge of digital marketing like SEO and SMO, you can bring a good amount of traffic on your blog to read.

start a photography blog

Once you have a decent amount of traffic and around 20-25 posts, you can apply for Google AdSense and monetize your blog. This will provide you with a passive income stream. With time you can also write sponsored posts for different brands related to your niche.

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4. Affiliate Marketing for Photography Related

A blog is a great asset to have, not only for AdSense but you can also use it for affiliate marketing businesses. You can become an affiliate marketer with Amazon’s Associate Program. And promote photography-related products like DSLRs, Tripods, Lighting Equipment, etc by sharing the product links on your blog.

These niche products have higher commissions than most niche products. Every time someone clicks on a product link based on your recommendation and purchases a product, you will get a fixed commission. 

You can also use social media for the affiliate marketing business. People will trust your recommendations for equipment because of your experience in photography. If you post honest reviews of products on your blog, you will make great sales. 

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5. Influencer Business

For any visual art business, social media platforms like Instagram can be used as a way to promote your personal brand. You can also use these platforms to build an influence on people with your work. The greater your audience, the larger your influence. 

Many brands look for such influencer accounts to promote their brands and products. If you are a photographer then spend time and put effort into building powerful social media profiles on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat, etc. Reach more people and build a strong community.

Later, you can use these profiles to become an influencer marketer, for photography brands and earn money.

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6. YouTube Tutorials

Having a YouTube channel never hurts, if you are a photographer, you can make a good amount of money with this. You can build a Vlog for your work and share your experiences in video format with the online audience.

Or you can simply create YouTube tutorials for beginners photographers to learn photography tips and tricks. People are always looking on YouTube to learn something new, and your videos can help them. 

make youtube video for phtography

Some popular photography-related YouTube channels are PHLEARN, COOPH, The Art of Photography, and Tutvid.

7. Print on Demand Business

With the right kinds of equipment, you can also start an online print-on-demand store as a photographer. People like to send customized gifts to their friends and relatives like Christmas gift cards, t-shirts, photo mugs, or plates. With more experience, you can personalize more objects. These stores are really profitable. 

You can also offer services to big events to print their merchandise with creative photography skills you have. Visit these sites where you can sell print on demand items from your own store like mipic and redbubble. And you can list your products here and make money with it.

8. Online Photography Courses and Workshops

As an experienced photographer, you can also create photography courses for people who want to learn professional photography. There are many online courses available for photographers and there is a lot of demand for these kinds of courses.

You can design the course on your own, or you can take the help of professionals in writing and marketing of the course.

online photography course and wrokshops

Also, you can also host online paid workshops on different platforms like zoom or on your own website. You can learn about hosting a workshop in this article ‘ How to facilitate a virtual workshop’. Many prominent photographers and brands like Nikon host virtual workshops as well.

9. Photography Studio Website

To showcase your work effectively to potential clients, having a website works well. If you want to attract more clients for your photography business, a website can help you with that.

Build a website that showcases your best work in an attractive and user-friendly format. Optimize it for search engine visibility and use your social media network to gain more exposure for this website. 

This website will work as an online version of your photo studio, where people can come and see your work and contact you for work. You can either build a website yourself using WordPress CMS or hire an experienced web designer to do it for you.

10. Online Art Showcases

There are many online platforms where a photographer can showcase his work and participate in contests. Light Space Time is one such platform, where you can participate in different contests and win prizes. 

You can sell your art online one marketplaces or exhibitions like Mojarto. This platform gives your art a global exposure that it deserves and you can also express your views by writing your story on their blog.

These are the top 10 ways among many other ways to use online platforms to start a business. In today’s world, it’s important to build a digital presence for your business and personal brand.

Photography is a very competitive field, so you have to be very smart and open to new ways of business to generate a decent amount of money. You can choose one of the ideas or multiple ideas together to work and with the time you will be able to establish yourself as a successful photographer.


How can I make money online with photography?

There are multiple ways to earn money online with photography, if you know even a little about the digital world. For starters you can start a blog, and share your journey and experience with an online audience. You can start an affiliate marketing business with your blog and earn commission by recommending products to people. Selling stock photos is a very effective way to create a passive income stream with your photography skills.

Which is the best photo selling website?

There are many stock photo selling websites, where you can sell your photographs:
1. Adobe Stock
2. Shutter Stock
3. Etsy
4. iStock
5. Smugmug
6. Getty Images
7. Fotolia
8. Alamy

What type of photos sells best?

Though almost all types of photos can be sold on stock websites, some photos are more in demand like scenic nature views, candid photos of people representing emotions, people working together, unidentified subjects, and baby’s candids. Photos of people celebrating different festivals are most sold during festive seasons all over the world.