Online Business Ideas for HR (Human Resources) without Investment

If you are an HR and have years of experience with different types of people, there are some online business ideas for HR, that you can start without any investment. In this article we will explore all these ideas and how you can build a profitable online business in India as an HR.

This year has already been very challenging, with companies cutting off jobs, starting a side hustle will not hurt. These online business ideas for HR will help you build a side business, and start passive income, with little time and constant efforts. 

HR is a people person and an important part of any organization. HRs make sure that the working of different departments and their employees is smooth. They make sure that everyone is comfortable and happy in their job roles and have no issues in collaborating with each other productively.

Some HRs go into senior management positions later in their career, but most of them can go as high as Senior HR Manager posts, and then they see an awful pause in their growth. Are you going through the same phase?

A senior HR has enough experience to start a business on his/her own. I am listing these 7 awesome online business ideas, that as HR you can start and make legit money in your spare time.

7 ways for HR can start online business in india

1. Freelance Recruiting

The year 2020, will be remembered for the emergence of major freelancing job trends. SMEs and MSMEs are trying to survive and cut costs. This is making the switch towards hiring freelancers for different services.

Many companies have been already using services from freelance HRs for hiring and consulting. Now, even the companies, who preferred having in-house HRs, are considering outsourcing hiring jobs to freelance HRs. 

As a freelancing HR, you will be paid a fixed amount of commission for every person you hire for your client’s company. This commission differs based on job roles, salary, or industry that you will be hiring for. 

In this kind of freelancing, you can virtually work from anywhere, even from the comfort of your couch. You just need to find the right candidates for a job, contact them, and help them get the job. 

There are hundreds of websites where you can find candidates for jobs, and there are multiple ways you can find clients to work for.

Start with Freelancing Website

You can kickstart your freelance hiring business by creating profiles on websites like People Per Hour and Hrlancer. On these websites you can start by taking small projects and generating positive reviews. Once you build your reputation on these platforms, you will find it easy to find clients and projects.

Use LinkedIn to Acquire Clients

Along with this, you can utilize a professional networking platform called LinkedIn to promote your services as a freelance recruiter. To find clients on LinkedIn you will have to build a network, and for that you will need to create a strong profile.

If you start being active on LinkedIn and share meaningful content with your community, people will connect with you to use your services. LinkedIn has a high potential for any professional.  

Learn more about freelancing in India, click here.

2. Career Coaching

We are seeing a huge shift in the international market due to this pandemic situation. This shift will also affect the jobs as some job roles will become outdated and other new job roles will be introduced.

People will need to update skills in order to stay relevant and grow in their careers. As an HR you have more knowledge of in-demand skills, so you can offer career coaching to people, who are either looking to change careers or trying to upgrade their skills. 

As a career coach you can help people identify their strong pursuits, their interests, and emerging industry demands. To help them make better career decisions and lend better jobs that promote growth. 

There are some courses you can take online to learn how to become a career coach. Certification as a career coach will be proof of your credibility.

As an HR you already have experience in helping people in career advancement. If you start a side business as a Career Consultant it will grow gradually and you can start it as a large scale consultancy at a later stage. 

3. Resume Writing

The first step of any job screening is to resume shortlisting. Writing a professional and effective resume is a highly valued skill.

No matter how much experience and skills a person has, if the resume doesn’t show it properly he/she has difficulty in lending a good job. That’s why many candidates turn to professionals to help them write better resumes for them.

As an HR, you have experience with how the recruiting works and what skills recruiters are looking for. So you can help these candidates by writing professional resumes to get jobs.

To write effective resumes, you will need to understand the candidate’s skills and strengths. Then format them in a way that highlights those skills and strengths. You might have to interview these candidates yourself first to understand them. 

This skill is not limited to one industry or country, the demand for resume writers is global. If you showcase your skill in the right way to the right people, you can easily turn this part-time business into a full-scale business.

4. Training and Tutoring

HR is a wide field and there are many roles an HR plays. For larger organizations, there is a whole department of HRs. They have HRs for all different tasks, and they hire inexperienced HRs as well. You can provide training for these ‘HRs to be’ and tutor them for their job roles.

You can either provide one-to-one sessions to new coming HRs or create online paid sessions for a group. Some HRs create personalized lessons and some HR create generalized courses that HR trainees can take. These courses can also be a source of passive income, if you provide them online learning platforms like Udemy. 

You can contact organizations to help them in training their HRs as per their specific requirements. And also create training modules for them to be used by their inhouse HR trainers. 

5. Blogging and E-book Writing 

Blogging a good option for passive income sources, even for HRs. There are thousands of HRs who can learn from your experience in the industry if you decide on sharing your knowledge.

You can share your opinions and analysis to guide them through their career paths. The problems you faced, the mistakes you made, and the opportunities you got throughout your career can be inspirational and useful for other HRs out there. You know why? Because of your stories matter.  

But to start blogging, writing needs to be your strong pursuit. But even if you are not that good of a writer, you can always practice and get better at it.

If you want to share your experience and knowledge in book format, you can write an ebook and publish it on self-publishing platforms online like Amazon Kindle. For ebook, you can even hire a writer to beautifully write down your stories and teachings. 

There are many ways you can monetize a blog if you have a decent amount of traffic. The most popular ways are running ads, sponsored posts, job listing, selling e-books, affiliate products, and online courses. Blog audiences might grow slowly, but later it becomes a huge passive income stream if you start today. 

If you want to learn more about how to start blogging in India check out this recent article. Click here.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable online business ideas for HR. You might be wondering what kinds of products an HR can possibly sell for affiliate marketing. But to your surprise there are hundreds of software products that can be sold from a blog using affiliate marketing.

All you have to do is write honest reviews of these products and recommend your fellow HRs to use them. If they make a purchase, you will get your commission in your bank account. The plus point is that software products have a higher commission than physical products.

If you are new to this word ‘ affiliate marketing’ and want to know more about how affiliate marketing works, then go and check out our dedicated section for affiliate marketing.

Here is the list of top affiliate programs you can join as an HR and make money online:

  1. Staff Squared
  2. Leave Dates
  3. AIHR Academy
  5. HR Locker 

You can join one of these or all of these affiliate programs, use their products, and write reviews on your blog. Or you can simply share these affiliate links with your fellow HRs, recommend them to organizations that need these products, and earn money while doing what you love. 

7. HR Influencer

Every industry has it’s top-notch influencers, and the industry is no different. Being an influencer is a long road to take, everything from your experience, PRs, Social Media influence, and professional network contributes to that.

Social media is a huge part of an influencer’s journey. If you are a social butterfly and have experience as an HR, you can easily monetize the influence you have on people. 

Many brands and organizations are looking to work with these industry influencers to endorse themselves. 

Influencer marketing is growing faster than ever and this is the right time when you can start building your influence on your niche audience. To be a highly valuable influencer, you should have knowledge about new trends and shifts in your industry.

Your expertise should reflect on the kind of content you are sharing in the digital and real world. If you believe you can bring change in someone’s life with your insights, experience, and expertise, being an influencer is your destiny. 

Here is the list of top 10 HR influencers in India, their journey might inspire you to be an influencer yourself:

  1. Kavi
  2. Vineet Nayar
  3. Gautam Ghosh
  4. Tanmay Vora
  5. Gurprriet Siingh Joy
  6. Shurti Tiwari
  7. Keerthi Kariappa
  8. Samantha
  9. Rajlaxmi Saikia
  10. Vipul Agarwal

You can follow these influencers in social media and learn from their journey towards being an HR influencer.


Digital platforms are huge and it’s never late to start a business online and make spectacular success. The key is carefully identifying your niche and working with a strategy to maximize the outcome of the efforts you put on these platforms.

Every platform whether it be internet, social media, search engine, web 2.0, or digital PR, is unique and can be used to drive growth for your online business.

I hope this curated list of Online Business Ideas for HR will be helpful for you to understand online opportunities and make a decision. 

What is the best online business to start as HR?

There are many online business ideas you can consider to start as HR, but one of my favorites is affiliate marketing. Because there is less competition for HR software products and blogs. If you focus on the right kind of audience and build trust among them, you can monetize hugely with affiliate marketing. The affiliate commission is pretty good for this niche.

How can I start my own HR business?

The best way to start your own HR business is by starting as a freelancer. Then slowly build a reputation for your services with a unique value proposition. When you have higher demands for services, train more people like you, and delegate your tasks to them while keeping some profit for yourself. In a year or two, you will have enough clients to start an LLC and sustain.

How do I become an HR Consultant from home?

First of all build a professional network on social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Showcase your expertise to them by sharing valuable content related to your niche. You can use LinkedIn InMail service to directly approach a potential client to offer your services. Once you get a contract, give your best to satisfy the client’s needs and ask for reviews and referrals from them. It builds slowly, but in the long run it’s very profitable business ideas you can start online.