How Live Video Streaming Reinvents the Content Marketing Game?

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Although live streaming hasn’t been long with us, it is gaining traction and attention from businesses & brands which are in the lookout for new ways for delivering engaging content to their audience. This industry is projected to skyrocket in the next couple of years reinventing the content marketing game.

A recent report by Livestream revealed over 80% of the people prefer to check out the live video rather than reading the entire blog; they believe the latter option is quite dull.

Another statistic to put weight behind the explosive popularity of live videos include live streaming contributes to 2/3rd of the organic traffic, and it will soar to 82% by 2020.

From the above, we can deduce that live video streaming is a significant part of every successful marketing plan. Besides, live streaming is one of the top trends in Digital Marketing in 2020, this is one things you should master to cultivate profound results from your marketing efforts.

Live Streaming – An Extension of Video Marketing

B2B and B2C marketers are already investing big times in video marketing, and live streaming is the next level that can drive higher ROI.

Brands have made video marketing much more interactive thanks to live streaming. This is unlocking entirely new doors of interactivity, thus backing your business to survive & thrive in these tough times.

benefits of live streaming for brand marketing

It’s Cost-Effective to Implement

Yes, there are endless innovations that small, medium-sized to big brands can take advantage of: to reach out to a broader reach, generate leads, and translate them into sales.

However, the major roadblock is these innovations are skyrocketing high, way beyond the scope of SMEs.

Before implementing any new marketing channel to a marketing plan, the first thing we need to take into account is ROI, and live video streaming assures that.

As per Newswire, the market for live streaming will be more than $70 billion by 2021. This number is enormous to suggest live streaming is the future of content marketing, and now is the right time to grab this opportunity with both hands to secure your brand’s journey ahead.

In terms of costs, live streaming is no more expensive than video streaming. A couple of additional prerequisites are – stable Internet connectivity and a high-definition camera to shoot the film.

Promote Greater Active Engagements

Another reason that suggests live streaming is a useful marketing tool that encourages real-time engagements. Live streaming has become the new T.V. for Internet users who are hungry for spontaneous content.

With live video, you have the freedom to interact in real-time with your prospective audience, answer their queries, and garner feedback. So, in a nutshell, it’s a quick & convenient marketing tool.

A Higher Level Of Transparency

Gone are those days when brands could easily hide behind the safety of the pre-drafted ads. Nowadays, to drive more active engagements, the need for brands is to get as much close to the audience as possible; eventually, this builds trust. Not how much money you spend on promoting your brand.

Internet users love to see their favorite brands from a higher degree of transparency, not from the lens of scripted production. So, to boil down, live streaming makes your brand trustworthy and transparent.

Humanize Your Brand

As the veteran marketers believe people love to buy from people, not machines. If you want to establish your brand stalwarts at the interaction’s initial stages, a live streaming tool helps to accomplish that. This is because live streaming adds a human touch to the brand’s interaction experience.

As live videos are explosively soaring, it is important to include this marketing tool to your marketing plan over a variety of platforms, spanning from Facebook, Twitter to Instagram.

Boost ROI

Most marketers wonder does live video stream drive ROI? In comparison to the conventional videos, live streaming is interactive in nature, which ultimately drives greater viewers. As per the world’s biggest social platform, Facebook, live videos are viewed three times higher than the standard videos.

In addition to that, in terms of investment, it’s much convenient to live stream a video to create it. With a live stream, you need to hit the live button, connect with your audience, and then finish it. Plus, for live videos, you don’t have to go through a long process that involves a lot of editing, filming & creation. Thereby, you gain more engagement with such a low investment.

Build Long-Term Relationships

As we’ve stated earlier, one of the biggest perks associated with live video streaming is creating lasting relationships with your prospective customers. Suddenly by going live — no scripted videos — your brand has a personality and face on which builds loyalty.

With different streams, you can easily illustrate your brand personality, help customers with common problems, and position yourself as a brand that is there for its customers. To boil down, with live streaming, you can share your knowledge and be a market leader.

Live Streaming Ideas

If you are considering to avail the perks of live videos, here are some practical live streaming ideas you can try:

5 live streaming ideas for marketing
  • Announcements: Why release a mega announcement — be it a product launch or a special discount — over a simple blog or a social media post, when you generate a lot of buzz with a live stream? People tend to give greater weightage to the video content (even more to live video) than text.
  • Interviews: Reach out to local influencers or an expert on the field to ask your brand a few questions; this helps you gain trust.
  • Answer FAQs: Your potential audience base probably has several doubts and queries with regards to your brand. And, live steam is an exciting means to answer the most commonly asked questions.
  • Events: Whether your brand is hosting an event or being a part of one, live stream it to bring your prospective audience closer to your brand. So, stream presentations, talks, and conferences.
  • Behind-the-scenes: this has become a trend these days, it helps businesses gain insights into what and how your business does things. So, how about showing off your operational office or introducing the team which has been working on the project? Internet shoppers love to connect with real people, and live streaming is a medium to achieve that.
  • Customer Support: Just like the questions & answers, you can open up the floor for anyone who has been facing sort of difficulty using the product, answer the query here rather than email or phone support. You can make a schedule of hosting a live stream once in a week to keep your customers happy.

5 Incredibly Effective Tips to Hold a Successful Live Stream

Finally, we put forth the five best tips to keep in mind when creating a live stream, so, let’s check out:-

marketing tips for a successful live streaming

#1 Never Over-Plan

As we know, live streaming is different from the scripted videos; you don’t need to plan too much. In other words, your audience is not expecting a pre-planned script; a couple of small goofs will not harm, only good in terms of customer engagement.

So, be imperfect, and let your audience know who you really are. At the same time, have some plan to help you go about the video, and a little rehearsal is a given to avoid a big mistake.

#2 Flexibility

When holding a live stream, you have to be flexible, let the following take control, and make your live video a grand success.

Moreover, let the users define the course of the stream with their real-time comments. When you are giving a tour of the workplace, if people have queries answered them right away, rather than moving ahead. So, flexibility is the key ingredient to a successful live stream.

#3 Taking Calculated Risks

While, not all the time, but once in a while, try something new. Instead of taking the responsibility of content all by yourself, get involved with your employees, clients, even suppliers to make the live videos seem real.

#4 Show Your Care

Next up in the list is understanding the importance of your audience, and show you care; without directly saying it. Offer customer support and answer common queries through live streaming,

#5 Call-To-Action

Yes, live streaming is all about fun, but a call-to-action is a must to drive value from your efforts. Encourage your viewers to take actions, point them in the right direction, before the ending of the live stream. Or, you can put the link in the description.

In the End

If you have been doing video marketing, then it makes clear-cut sense to dive into this particular bandwagon quickly. And, if you haven’t incorporated videos into your marketing strategy, then why not?

In 2021, you must try live streaming, not only it is simple to implement, but also the results are incredible.

So, why think or rethink, start with live streaming video marketing, and realize your every big marketing goal.


Why is live streaming important?

Live streaming important to increase user engagement with the brand. The more people engage with the brand the more they can relate to the products and services and trust them. Live streaming makes it very effortless to achieve engagement goals with the targeted audience.

What is the best live streaming platform?

The best live streaming platform for your brand is the one where your targeted audience is. So if you are a fashion, beauty, or similar niche brand, Instagram is the best live streaming platform for you. For educational, career, or similar niches, YouTube is the best. While for more social movements Facebook is your go-to platform for live streaming.

What makes a good live stream?

There is no definition for a good live stream, but a successful live stream is the one which achieves all the set engagement goals. You can keep these following tips in your mind while planning a live stream:
1. Define your engagement goals like; more followers, more sign ups, more comments etc.
2. Keep it simple and effective; don’t over plan, just keep a few thongs ready like proper internet, no interference, and no unexpected guests and no unnecessary surprises.
3. Always test before you go live and keep a person to monitor your live streams.