How to use LinkedIn for Personal Branding- A Complete Guide

Once Jeff Bezos quoted –

“Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room”.

We have listened to many stories of business becoming a brand and these stories are pretty common in the market, and once any business becomes a well-settled brand, it starts earning money on their names. This is the ‘era of me’, and this is done by “Personal Branding”, it’s the same but done for people.

Most common examples of these brands are celebrities like Tom cruise or Dwayne Johnson, politicians like Narendra Modi or Vladimir Putin, Soccer players like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, Businessman like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, and many more.

They are not just normal people, they are influencers. They have become role models for society because of their success in their fields, and now if they do a thing, many follow them blindly, and that made them “Brand”

So, do you want to create your own personal brand? But first let’s understands what is personal branding.

Personal brand is not much different from business brands, it’s a unique combination of personality, skills, and experience that you want to present in front of the world.

You can do it through many ways like positioning yourself in your industry, differentiating yourselves from others, or by influence. It helps you make an impression in the minds of common people that differentiates you from the rest. 

Why is LinkedIn Important for Personal Branding?

Linked is one of the 7 most important social media platforms that you need to master to be successful in Online Business.

linkedin for personal branding

First, let’s discuss in short the attributes that apply from any company’s brand to your personal branding on LinkedIn

1. Relevance

Within the office team, a person can be relevant for a long time by making fast and effective decisions that motivate others to do well and carry a whole team with him. It can be done by building trust between them, so you can be relevant to them. 

2. Consistency

Consistency in a brand comes when they do not deviate from their core brand proposition. It same applies to personal brands as well, because their followers don’t expect them to deviate from key messages.

3. Proper positioning

A well-positioned brand always hits the mind of the target audience, well it same applies with personal brands.

4. Sustainable

A sustainable brand leads an organization to success and innovation. A personal brand also has to be sustainable for long, so it will ensure that your audience will remain attracted to you for long.

5. Credibility

Credibility differentiates a brand from other brands by delivering all attributes promised made to them. Even a person shouldn’t promise what it cannot deliver, otherwise, you will lose your credibility at first, it becomes problematic for you in the future to win the trust back.

6. Inspirational

A brand which inspires always surpasses the expectation of the people in the category they fall, which increases engagement. The same happens when an inspirational speaker speaks, & engages more people across the boundaries.

7. Uniqueness

A unique personal brand always makes itself look much better than their competition. For this, you must try hard on the area of your uniqueness before leveraging it for building your brand.

8. Appealing

A brand should be appealing to people, so it generates curiosity among them to know more about you. An appealing person always attracts audiences towards it and makes it better & interesting among others.

Why Personal Branding is Important in 2021?

Well, personal brands are not an important part of the past, they will remain as important as today in the future itself. Let’s see what makes a personal brand important not only in today’s scenario but also in 2021 and further.

As social media users keep on increasing, it gives scope for youngsters who expertise in certain fields to become influencers.

Personal branding is not defined by what you do or sell, it’s more about how you make other people feel about you. Whenever it reaches you physically, or through social media platforms. Their impression about you on their mind makes your personal brand effective.

1. Makes you Stand out from the Competition

A person with unique offerings, expertise, or values sets him apart from the competitors. It helps to bring something on the table that others can’t. These unique expertise, knowledge, skills, and beliefs make you different from the surrounding people.

It is done by capitalizing your strength by putting more focus on it, and the more you build a personal brand, the more it distinguishes you from the competitors.

If you take the example of car manufacturers, Tesla, with its rigorous hard work of engineers, makes the ‘Tesla’ brand in the electric car industry.

Even today, their brand value surpasses many old and well-settled brands of cars. The unique offering by Tesla, as an electric car in the market of petrol-diesel run based cars, helps them to stand out and shake the whole industry.

2. Helps you to Become an Influencer 

You can’t be an influencer until you adhere to your unique expertise, and make it serviceable to your audiences.

An influencer is someone who shapes other opinions and has an influence on their behavior. However, It’s a long process that takes time and passion.

As you keep improving your personal brand, more people will follow you and get influenced by your offering.  

There are significant benefits of being an “Influencer”, as you will get a chance to collaborate with a lot of brands to promote their products on your different platforms, and you can generate revenue from it with some freebies and other services.

3. You can charge a Premium Price

Personal Branding highlights how incredible and unique you are as compared to your competitors that you are offering. The unique value that you are offering on the table helps you in charging premium prices, as others are not offering it. 

The stronger your personal brand, the more people engage with your services, and more price you can charge from them.

As the best electric car manufacturer in the market, Tesla can charge prices according to their will, as others are not offering electric cars with the same specification, which distinguishes Tesla in the market.

4. Increases Chances of Visibility

Increase in the value of the personal brand, your reach among people also increases simultaneously. So, that’s why it said that personal branding is an ongoing process, it never ends. So, you should keep on focus on building your brand.

Once you start getting results, you will attract more fans on social media, then those will share your content with their known audience.

As more content keeps on sharing around, it will create more fans and boost your social media following. It’s a powerful cycle that keeps on repeating until you keep on doing work on your personal brand.

Even media outlets also keep on looking for experts in particular fields for taking expert opinion or making a long tie-up with them. So, once you become an expert in your field, your chance of featuring in media portals also increases. 

5. Connect with many Individuals

People tend to connect better with people than their companies. If you twitter followers of Elon Musk and its company, Tesla, you will find Elon musk has more followers than his company. The reason behind it is that people see him as the man behind this company, which inspires them to do the same. 

Here, we learn that Elon musk is a big example of personal branding. Building personal branding requires time, here you need to connect with more people, it will help you to send your message to more audiences and ultimately it will generate more opportunities for you in the future.

However, it’s a long process, so you need to keep on connecting with people, as it increases your followers, & chances of taking the business to the next level also increases.

How to use LinkedIn as a Personal Branding tool for Yourself?

Amid global lockdown, people started focusing on their personal branding and start improving their profiles social platforms. Especially on LinkedIn, to be in the eyes of hiring employers, & building personal branding also helps in generating extra income apart from your job.

As we have seen so far, there is a huge crisis worldwide, & economies are massively hit. It resulted in huge job losses. So, this is the right time to start focusing on the personal branding to be prepared for next year.

And the importance of personal branding tends to be more in demand in 2021 than this previous year if you want to look different from your competitors.

Here, first, learn some tips for how to use LinkedIn for building personal branding for yourself: 

1. Contribute Value to your Target Market

You can’t create your branding in the minds of people unless you provide some value to your target market. Social media has a low barrier entry market, where everyone can be entered without any hindrances. So, you need to look out to your target market and start sharing valuable content with them.

2. Use your Descriptions to ‘Sell Yourself

Take time while making a description in the LinkedIn profile which can help in selling yourself in the target market. A well-defined description can help you make an effective first impression in the minds of people. Which can help in getting connected with many people.

 3. Creative with Your Cover Photo

A good and creative cover photo can help in standing out in public, and it adds extra value to your profile on LinkedIn. Always try to use the company logo or image which is associated with your work, so the target audience can relate with you. It is recommended to use dimensions 1884 x 396.

Consistent in Posting Content

If you want to stay on top, there is a need to stay consistent in posting and engaging with the customers. Not only does Posting regularly help you engage with customers, but the LinkedIn algorithm also helps whoever put consistent effort in putting the content. 

How do you use Personal Branding on LinkedIn?

1. Accept all Connections Request and Engage Meaningfully

Engaging with more audiences gives you better results while engaging with the audiences. When your profile is for a public-facing figure, then you should accept all connections, it will widen your network and bring more opportunities. Provide some value to your audience so they are benefitted for being your follower

2. Never be Afraid to ask for Recommendations

Don’t wait, somebody recommends your profile, always be proactive and ask for a recommendation. First, start with your friends & colleagues, and ask them to give some recommendations in your profile. It should be done politely, and don’t force someone who is not recommending you even after your request. 

Always recommend in return in good gestures to the ones who are recommending you.

3. Help your Connection in Your own way

Like every community group, your LinkedIn users appreciate your act of kindness. This engagement will give you valuable visibility in the minds of hiring managers, or investors.

You can share valuable experience and expertise in the field of industry, you have worked, and guide a young audience about it. This can be done by providing regular content to them, as well as a personal message to people who have the curiosity to know about them.

4. Always keep your Content Positive

LinkedIn is a professional platform, where your connections don’t expect you to say anything illogical, or without any facts. These things spread negativity in the community. So it is always recommended to share positive posts as much as you can, which can work as the betterment of your community.

Keeping your feed positive will encourage more users to get connected with you, and will help you establish as an influencer on LinkedIn.

5. Become a Micro-Influencer

You don’t need to have millions of followers to be an influencer on LinkedIn. You can do it by sharing your experience and knowledge to small group of people, which is useful to them.

Here, you can do it by sharing unique content that makes you stand out from the crowds. You will never know when your small audience becomes a big community.


These key tips and tactics about personal branding on LinkedIn can help in forming a knockout strategy for one, but it can’t be done without following the good strategies. Thus, it’s become necessary for one to have a proper well-decorated plan for himself, which can be easily implemented.


How much time I’ll be needing to create a brand?

Creating a brand is not a two-day process, you have to be continuous with the practices to create a brand. It takes years to create a brand value. 
Efforts made by you or the person you have hired play a crucial role in creating your brand. 
Apart from all these things, when you are willing to provide satisfactory service to your clients, your branding process will automatically get some help from this.

Why is creating a brand important?

Creating a brand will not only help you in making a unique impression on your customers but also allows your customer to know what they can expect from you. Clarifying what you offer so that your customers have realistic expectations from you and they will choose you if they feel you can provide them a solution. And all this will happen if you will do proper branding practices.