14 Profitable Small Business Ideas to Start on Instagram

Instagram has evolved from being a teen hangout platform to becoming a serious social networking channel with immense potential for the small business ideas of diverse industries to take advantage of.

Nowadays, Instagram is a powerful commercial weapon that empowers small businesses to reach out to a broader, targeted audience base with visually engaging content.

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In this article, we put forth the top 13 small business ideas you start on Instagram. So, without wasting any time, let’s explore:-

13 Small Business Ideas that you can start on Instagram and Make Money Online

#1 Sell your Social Media Marketing Services

One of the popular ways to make money over the Instagram channel is first to use it to get yourself hired by a company or any individual as a social media consultant. Many social media influencers are working with big brands to help them enhance their market image.

So, without building a professional website or registering yourself on freelance portals such as Upwork, you can pocket a handsome amount of money from big clients. But, before that, you need to pay a lot of effort into selling yourself via your Instagram profile.

Another means to make money from Instagram is to create accounts on Instagram, build followers, sell them on sites such as FameSwap and Viral Accountants.

On Viral Accountants, there is one condition that the active users on the profile must have at least 40,000 active followers to sell it. For FameSwap, it can, but more or less similar range.

#2 Sponsored Posts Are Big Money Maker

If you have a lot of followers that love you like a social media influencer. Then you make money from sponsored posts.

There are two ways to obtain sponsored posts opportunities:-

First, register yourself on iFluenz, there you’ll find a brand whose product you can include in content, and get paid for the same.

Secondly, have an email or phone number on your Insta’s about section, so that businesses and brands can connect with you for promoting their products.

For iFluenz, you must have at least five thousand followers to find matching brands. Using the calculator on the website, you can quickly determine how much money you can from sponsored posts.

How to Calculate Engagement for an Instagram post?

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#3 Paid Shoutouts To Make a Good Living

Another rewarding means to make money from Instagram is via the paid shoutouts, especially if you are shaping yourself into a social media influencer. Paid shoutouts are simply the endorsements of other profiles in a similar niche as yours.

A paid shoutout includes posting a photo of you with the other user, mentioning a few lines for them, and the profile link in the comment section. Shout Cart is a popular website where you can get paid for giving shoutouts to other people.

For Shout Cart, there are no minimum follower criteria. However, they’ll take a 10% commission from the profile.

Learn how to become a Social Media Influencer and start an Online Business.

#4 Promote Your Graphic Designing Services

You can promote yourself as a graphic designer and sell your graphic designing services. If you want to market your graphic designing expertise without investing in a professional website, then, include your phone number or email in the about section of the Instagram page.

However, to market your graphic designing services, you’ve to be good with the photos you upload on your Instagram. Put in genuine efforts to show your skills and creativity, because then only you’ll be able to drive the attention of people and get a couple of clients.

#5 Best Place for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has exploded in popularity over the past decade; it has become a passive source of income. It is a way to make money via commission from selling someone’s products/services.

There are a couple of ways to do affiliate marketing on Instagram, and these are as follows:-

1. Have a shortened link in the description part, where you can show yourself using a particular product and give your complete product review.

2. Include a link in your bio section, where you obtain email addresses and market affiliate products to them.

3. Include the link in the blog post’s bio section, where you’ve reviewed a product with its pros and cons.

There is no thumb rule; you’ve to try things yourself to make money from Instagram being affiliate marketing.

#6 Real Estate Agent/Car Dealer Can Find Clients

If you are a car dealer, estate agent, or something on a similar line, then Instagram is a great place to show what you are selling. You can upload video touts, real photos, and establish a local following without competing with a global audience like most influencers.

To get some ideas, search Instagram with your city name and industry, such as #NewYorkrealestate. You don’t have to do stuff like an advertisement. Instead, connect with your prospective audience who plans to invest in a real estate property in New York or search for a secondhand card.

A quick way to make more sales is to promote yourself as an industry expert, because then only people are going to believe in your words. This doesn’t happen overnight, so keep putting efforts until you reach a position that influences people’s decisions.

#7 Sell Your Digital Products

Instagram is a great place to sell your digital products. These may include eBooks, smartphone Apps, or courses.

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You can promote your or someone else’s eBook on Instagram, but posting quotes from it, even a video interview with regards to what the book is about. Market your developed smartphone application by publishing video tours, similar video teasers for courses.

#8 Photo-shoot Stylist

If you have the skills and creativity to style people & products, then becoming a photo stylist isn’t a bad idea. Whether a business owner wants to look great in the photo, business needs stylish photos of their products, or an influencer requires help with their images, being a photoshoot stylist you can help and bag a good amount of money.

The only thing you have to do is set up your Instagram account, show your talent through publishing attractive posts of your photoshoot for getting business. Remember, starting from scratch will take time as you have to build an audience base, and promote yourself a photo shoot stylist.

#9 Become a Food Reviewer

If you love food, and you want to explore more, then become a food review. Since food is amongst the most popular niches on Instagram, try some local street foods, post a story on Instagram with a complete review, and then see how your Instagram followers jump.

You can make a living from your opinion. Once you acquire a strong audience base, restaurants and food points can reach out to review your place for exchange for money, and believe me; the scope is immense in the industry.

#10 Start Your Catering Business Without a Website

You can start an independent catering business over Instagram. For this, you’ve to build a follower base of locals, including corporate offices, those who now and then have events, and those who have planned to host a social gathering.

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You’ve to stamp your authority as a reliable caterer by being active on Instagram and sharing posts, including the delectable foods; these will instantly drive the attention of anyone scrolling their Instagram feed.

#11 Show your DIY & Craft Skills

If you have a creative mind, and the skills to create best from waste, then Instagram is a platform to show who you are. Making small, engaging videos of you making DIY and craft.

Build a follower base; affiliate links are bound to follow to make a good earning from your talent.

#12 Become a Travel Expert

Travel experts are quite popular on Instagram, and you can become one of them. You’ve to share your knowledge of different places, experiences, and opinions to make money from Instagram while traveling.

This isn’t a stroll in the park; you’re required to have the uncanny ability to connect with your potential audience who believe in you. Once you’re able to achieve that, hotels’ vacation spots will connect with you to review their place.

#13 Promote Yourself as a Makeup Artist

Being a visual medium, Instagram is the right social media channel for aspiring or experienced makeup artists. You can establish trust in the minds of your followers by sharing tutorials for various looks.

Right from Halloween effects, bridal makeup to makeup for special occasions. The more people see your skills; the increased are the odds of bumping on a big client.

Hairstylists can also use Instagram to leverage their business by sharing real pictures of their best works. If you’re starting out, you can share the hairstyles you experimented with yourself; hopefully, you’ll gain clients.

#14 Be An Entertainer

For those who love to entertain, people can use Instagram as a platform to showcase their true talent. The Instagram entertainment business ideas include dancer, musician, songwriter, and comedian.

In the end, the list of small business ideas you can start on Instagram is endless. Still, to make it successful, you’ve to devote time and effort just like being in a love relationship.


How to Find Your Target Audience On Instagram?

To find your target audience on Instagram is simple really, use these tips:

1. Explore hashtags related to your niche for example if your niche is lifestyle #lifestyleblogger is a relevant hashtag.
2. Check out your competitor’s Instagram pages, your competitor’s audience is your audience.
3. You can create a poll in your Instagram stories, people who engage with you are your target audience.
4. Explore content creators relevant to your niches, people who engage with them are your target audience.

How many followers do I need to earn money from Instagram?

First of all, there is no set of rules for earning money on Instagram. It has very little importance on the number of followers on your account. What matters is the engagement. You can have 1000 followers and more engagement than an account with 10,000 followers. There is one more thing that matters -it’s your targeted niche. Less number follower but with niche focused audience is much more beneficial to the brands and marketers.

What is the quickest way to increase Instagram followers?

I will give you these quick tips to increase Instagram Followers quickly:

1. Follow for Follow
2. Join Engagement groups
3. Use relevant Hashtags on your posts
4. Create and post content consistently.
5. Create Engaging content for Instagram stories, they have high engagement rates
6. Make use of Reels for product videos.