How to Use Instagram for Online Business Promotion- A Complete guide

Can Instagram really help you grow your online business? The one-word answer is, “Yes.” With over 800 million users, Instagram is a powerful medium to promote your brand, generate leads & convert them into sales.

Instagram Users Demographic

The process of growing your business’s Instagram account calls for genuine efforts & dedication and is time-consuming. Fortunately, we’re going to help you out by putting forth effective strategies & tactics to grow your online business. So, let’s find out:-

Step 1: Get Started on Instagram with Business Profile

If you have your personal Instagram profile, then you know how easy-peasy it is to create an account on this social media channel; it hardly takes a few minutes. So get on and create a business account on Instagram. You might be thinking-

What’s the difference between a personal and business Instagram account?

So the key differences between personal and business accounts on Instagram are:

1. Business Accounts have Analytics feature to help you understand your audience and their activities. Personal accounts don’t have that.

2. You can connect only one Facebook page with your business account, with personal account you can connect multiple pages.

3. The business account has ‘Contact’ button that is not available for personal accounts.

4. Personal accounts have more organic reach capability than business account.

5. Business accounts have facility to run paid ads on Instagram to reach the sepcific target audience of your business, personal accounts depend largely on Instagram’s algorithm.

How do I create a business Instagram account?

To Create an Instagram Business account follow these steps:

  • Create a profile with your email or mobile number.
  • Create a User Name.
  • Open your profile page.
  • Go to ‘Settings’.
  • Select ‘Account’.
  • Choose to switch to ‘Professional Account’.
  • Click ‘Business’.
  • Provide all business detail and you are done!

The most important element of your business’s Instagram account is the profile, which tells a lot about your business account, name, website link, and where to find your business: online or physical outlet.

And, the profile picture, here you need to upload your company’s official logo. All these sections will make your company identifiable & legitimate for your customers and followers.

Step 2: Understand Your Instagram Followers

Now, when you’ve created a business profile on Instagram, the next step is driving followers. Ideally, they are people who are interested in your products/services or at least largely overlapping with your company’s target audience’s definition. This is the most critical aspect that will lay the foundation of your business’s success on Instagram.

First, make a list of top ten competitors on Instagram, carefully analyze their posts. Check all the comments and discussions people are having, this present you sort of idea what your prospective customers want?

Although this process is time draining, it will help you build your follower base on Instagram, run a relevant account, and drive highly-convertible leads.

At last, you won’t be able to post relevant content if you are unaware of who will be viewing your content — and you want those viewers to be your buyers.

Step 3: Keep A Consistent Theme for Your Page

If you want your followers to stay engaged, then you’ll have to make your Instagram profile like a T.V. show or channel by cultivating a consistent theme. Be it the videos, images, or quotes, continuously give your followers what they want & love?

A sense of affection will happen for your business, if you give your followers familiarity and comfort, and this can be established through a coherent theme approach. People skip their Instagram feed quickly; therefore, you’ve to make your posts instantly recognizable in a fraction of a second.

You need to think a lot about the visuals you share to connect with your users; it can be your restaurant’s menu, product catalog, or brand video advertisement.

Remember the time and effort you’ve invested in ensuring your business website has fascinating aesthetics (if you have a website). Now, put in the same energy for your Instagram profile.

So, in a nutshell, you’ll establish a consistent theme to help your customers quickly understand what your company’s about. Never forget that the visuals speak a thousand times more than the small caption or your company’s bio.

Step 4: Creating Engaging Instagram Images and Videos

A lot of thought process goes into finding worthy Instagram business ideas for creating engaging content.

So, by now, you’ve set up your business profile on Instagram, you know your audience, and you know your Insta style. But the most important part is creating engaging content to draw your followers to like, share, and comment right away.

There is so much when it comes to creating engaging content. It starts with the imagery quotes related to your industry. For example, you run a business coaching company, share motivating quotes about being your boss and entrepreneurship, as this will easily connect with your audience.

Images with people can instantaneously grab the attention of your followers. A recent survey suggested that Instagram posts with selfies & people images get 38% more likes than bland images.

Use Instagram to share photos that illustrate your company, like behind-the-scenes pictures, your team, and other stuff that makes your followers believe that a human soul runs the account — people love to do business with people, not with brands.

One relevant type of user-engaging content is videos; these days, people are ready to listen to the video while scrolling their Insta feed, rather than reading a long blog post.

Step 5: Developing a Following of your Targeted Customers

Yes, there are several hacks to increase your Instagram following count, but believe that it will serve no purpose in your ultimate goal of boosting your revenue:

Here, are some proven ways to grow your Instagram followers:-

  • Use the right hashtags to broaden your company’s reach.
  • Make use of the right filters to find the right audience.
  • Choose the right time to post, based on the demographics
  • Steak your market’s rivals followers.
  • Make use of geotags for boosting local discovery.
  • Organize all your stories and highlight them on your business profile.
  • Sponsored posts and reviews are no bad options to get your business off the ground over Instagram.
  • Hop on trends
  • Giveaways and contests are worth a try to get more relevant Insta followers.
  • Monitor your Instagram followers
  • And, finally, don’t use the Instagram automation tools.

Step 6: Converting Instagram Followers into Paying Customers

I’m guessing this was the part you all were waiting for because nothing can defy the sales numbers. Growing your Instagram followers are not worth it if they are converting into customers for you.

The Instagram sales funnel it includes:

How Instagram Sales Funnel Work?


How many people have you reached, and how many of them have seen it?


As you go down in your Instagram sales funnel, the numbers also follow the same suite. The interest aspect includes how many people have taken part in a post you published, like sharing, liking, or leaving a comment. As said earlier, you’ll have to make your content relevant and engaging to reach this stage.


This is one of the most element sections of your Instagram sales funnel. It represents the count of people who have actually clicked on your link and landed on the product or service page. This is one big step a potential buyer has made from linking your images to giving your money.


Eventually, the big thing is that, how many people have ended up completing the purchase, subscribing for your newsletter, joining your email list, or whatever your marketing goal was. The success at this stage highly depends on the efforts you made in the above sections.

Irrespective of your marketing goals, cultivating a healthy Instagram sales funnel is essential to drive customers strategically through a set of steps. Moreover, this sales funnel will help you stay focused on your primary objective.

Shoppable Tags

Make use of the shoppable images. This was a new feature that was introduced by Instagram in the year 2017 that allows businesses to publish product images.

Whenever people click on these images, they land on the product page immediately. To get your product published like this, you’ll have to get your Instagram business profile linked with your Facebook Shop Catalog.

Your Facebook Shop Catalog must feature the right product with correct specs and images; it’s just like eCommerce shopping.

Step 7: Measuring and Analysing your Instagram Activities to Optimize the Page

Last on the list, but not the least, make sure your Instagram efforts are heading in the right direction, you’ll have to measure & analyze your Instagram activities thoroughly.

The analytics can help you come up with new strategies and tactics to achieve improved results. Instagram presents a variety of tools for analyzing your results.

Instagram Insights is a resource integrated tool that provides some important data. It gives you the exact number of people who have viewed your profile. This tool links the analytics of each post under the image; it includes the number of likes, shares, views, reach, and impressions for both new profiles & followers.

It is vital to sit down with your Internet marketing team to have a meeting over these insights, and this eventually will help your company to come up with exciting Instagram business ideas that can deliver measurable results.

However, one thing you need to know: the analytics will not be in your favor overnight; you’ll have to put in efforts and have the patience to wait for something great to happen.

Steps to use Instagram fir Online Business


Instagram is one of the ‘Super Seven Social platforms‘, that you can use to promote your products and services to a specific targeted audience easily.

Is the business account free on Instagram?

Yes, Instagram’s Business Account is a free feature from Instagram that brands and small business use to showcase their products and services. Business accounts have more advanced features than the personal account like Insights into your page activities, Running Paid Ads etc.

What are top tips for businesses to be successful on Instagram?

For any digital platform, the content is the most important, and Instagram platform is no different. To create better content for the Instagram page, you can use these tips:
1. Understand the audience’s interest
2. Post when your target audience is active
3. Use relevant hashtags
4. Add creative and longer captions for post

Can I sell directly from my Instagram business account?

Yes, you can create shoppable posts for your products on Instagram business page. If people like the product and click on the tage, they will see detailed product imformation and a ‘Buy Now’ button. Clicking that button will take them to the product page on website.

To create shoppable Instagram Shoppable posts, you must have a Facebook Shop page and a Product Cataologue first.