How to Start Blogging in India – A Complete Guide

In this article, we will talk in detail about how to start blogging in India. How would you feel if you are getting passive income per month and as well as fame with your blog?

It’s an awesome feeling when you are getting extra money per month along with your 9 to 5 job. Most of the young people stay stuck in their jobs. And they desperately seek ways to be financially free.

Even high school and college students in India are also looking for a way to earn money to take care of their extra expenses.

You are here because you were searching on the internet about ways to earn money online in India. Starting a blog in free time can be a really good way to earn passive money.

But because of the lack of proper knowledge in starting a blog in India, most of us don’t consider it. So let’s learn everything in detail you should know about blogging from basics. Stay tuned!

A Step-by-step Guide to Start Blogging in India From Scratch

What is a Blog?

How to Start Blogging in India

Before walking through this guide, let’s understand what a blog is? The word blog comes from ‘weblog’ which means routine updates in the website content.

Let me explain it this way, a blog is an online diary where you can share your content. It may be in the form of videos, images, PDF, and others. A blog is a website where you regularly work and provide content.

You also help your audience who are curious to know the answer to their questions. These questions may be related to many categories like technology, online business in India, fashion, how-to, and many other interesting niches.

Firstly, let’s discuss:

Why you should start a blog?

I would advise you not to overlook the importance of blogging to make a career in the digital world in India. Today having an online presence for each business owner is very important to gain more exposure for their business in India. This is one of the many reasons you should start blogging in India.

Why you should start a blog in India?

For example, If we want to buy any bike, we search on the internet which bike is the best on our specific budget and what are reviews available about that bike. We also conduct price comparison among different dealers for that bike.

After researching all these factors, we make the decision to buy that product or not. For our satisfaction, we also check with the nearby stores before buying that product.

As you can see, we prefer to see any product online before buying it. We further go to buy that if it fulfills our needs. This is the reason you should start a blog.

To solve the pains of people who go to the internet to find their solution. Blogging works as a chain between the content provider and the audience.

Key to be successful in Blogging in India

When you focus on the quality of the content, you are providing on your blog. It brings a real audience to you and helps in building trust among people. Along with this, you can get passive income, free gadgets and other stuff for review.

Suppose you are writing a blog about the best restaurants in the city, where people can plan dinner with their soulmate, friends, and family.

If your food blog is popular, the restaurants will invite you to taste their food. They will pay you money to write their restaurant’s food review on your blog.

A blog also offers to sell your creativity to people. For example, you can sell your innovative photos to buyers. You can also charge a fair amount of fee to upload someone else’s’ content on your blog. You will also be invited to attend conferences by Google and other well-known bloggers.

If you put 100% percent effort in your blog, as you can.  It might be possible to make your dream true. But there is only one success mantra is-

Learn. Start. Grow.

I hope I was able to convince you a little bit to start a blog. There are some common questions that come from the beginners, I would like to address them in this article. As a beginner, you might be thinking if blogging will interest you or is it your cup of tea?

So the simple answer is that you should pick a category in which you think that you are comfortable and can write about it. If it is a cup of tea for you, you should go further.  Or else you should work on another category in which you could work for a longer time.

Why Most People Quit Blogging?

People quit blogging because they don’t get out of their comfort zone and don’t see fast results through their blogs. Actually, they do not wait for enough to see the results.

Now, who can make them understand that initial results are very menial and they don’t appear soon? In fact, according to the compound effect rule, it takes some time to quadruple the result.

The main problem is that we think blogging is an easy way of earning money.  But in reality, we have to give lots of time and effort to become a successful blogger.

For most of us, the reason behind starting blogging is to pay EMI, rent  & credit card bills, and other expenses besides our regular expenses.

So, before starting a blog, you should ask yourself why do you want to start a blog? Because to start blogging in India is like starting a business that requires a lot of effort, time and a considerable amount of money to promote it online & offline.

No worries, I am here for you. I will share my experience with you and help you start blogging in India. Even if you are not from India, these tips are helpful to start a blog. No matter which country you reside in, this guide will help you to start a blog from scratch.

The important thing before starting blogging is- you should take a deep breath and try to find the answer to this question- Are you ready to leave your comfort zone to start a blog?

Are you really passionate about starting a blog? If your answers to these questions are affirmative, you can start a blog. 

How to Start a Blog in India from Scratch and Make Money

Trust me Guys, if you are putting your effort in the right direction, you will make your own mark as a successful blogger.

Let’s check out the required steps to publish your first blog online. I will cover these steps in detail to fire up you in positive thoughts towards starting a blog in India.

Steps for How to Start Blogging in India
  • Select your niche.
  • Pick a suitable name for your blog
  • Register a domain.
  • Choose fast server/ hosting for your blog
  • Set up your blog on WordPress or Blogger
  • Create three important page on your blog:- About us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer
  • Publish your first post on your blog.
  • Get traffic for your blog.
  • Monetize your blog in different ways

How to Start a Blog in India : As a beginner with no experience

1. Select your niche

I will try to cover the steps mentioned above in detail. Let’s start with choosing a niche or category to start your blog. Let’s dive into it.

Before starting a blog, you should do some research about your niche in which you have an interest. Find answers to some questions like: Is it profitable for you? Are you ready to come in a relationship with blogging?

In a true relationship, you stay loyal to your partner. Take some time and research, then decide to start a blog.

You should decide the category for a blog in which you would love to write. It may include Technology Updates, Health, Business Trends, Education, Song Lyrics, Online Business, or any category that you find interesting.

Take your time to research in which category you will be more comfortable with. You can either work on evergreen content or focus on news related blogs.

For evergreen content, you should focus more on quality than news websites. Because in evergreen content, you can compromise with quantity but not quality.

Also, update your blog from time to time. In the evergreen niche, you can publish fewer articles but should be of high quality.

In news blog:- if you want to work on news blogs like entertainment, news and more, you would require more to write and upload content in high quantity.

So you might need extra help from a team who can help you with writing. For news blogs, the quality and quantity both count. You can’t afford to compromise with any of them.

If you are still a little confused, I have provided the categories ideas for niches for you to start blogging in India below:-

  • Health and Fitness     
  • How to make money online     
  • Lifestyle     
  • Fashion      
  • Government jobs updates     
  • Lyrics website     
  • Event blogging 
  • Status website   

These are some examples of the categories in which you can start your blog today. As a beginner, you can choose a specific evergreen niche.

For example, if you want to start your blog in technology, do some research on the internet about technology blogs. You will find some famous bloggers who are sharing a wide range of articles related to technologies.  

They are getting a lot of traffic and earning money as well from their blogs. That might allure you to start a technology blog, but if you don’t have any interest in technology, it won’t be a good idea.

Because this won’t generate good results for your blog. When you won’t see the result, you might quit the blogging career permanently.

If you try to cover all topics in broad niche say-technology.  It may not suit you as a beginner. You can choose a specific category from technology, where you can start your blog. 

For example, you can start your blog on only Application Reviews, Application Updates, Specific gadgets review or others.

Before you plunge into the sea of blogging in India, please take some time to wisely choose the specific category you are interested in. It’s a bitter truth that one wrong decision can ruin your blogging career.

You might quit blogging thinking that I am not earning from it and not seeing any result. So don’t rush, relax your mind, take a deep breath and start a blog.

4. Pick a suitable name for your Blog

Finding a name for a blog maybe a little bit dreadful for beginners. Picking a suitable domain name for a blog is a crucial task. I suggest you consider these specific points to finalize your domain name.

What is a Domain Name?

When you finalize the niche, it now turns to pick up a domain name for your blog. The domain name is the address of your blog where people can find your content.

For example, my domain name is, where I share the tips regarding how to start an online business in India with you.

Here I discuss the available ways for you to start an online business in India today. I hope that now you understand what a domain is. Throughout this blog, I’ve also tried to share my experience with you related to online business.

Easy to Pronounce

Before registering your domain name, keep in mind that you should not choose the difficult to pronounce nonsense domain names. Keep yourself from registering a domain name that is full of dashes.

For example “”. These types of domains are normally not considered by people.

Domain Extension

Try to find trustworthy domain extensions for your blog like “.com”, “in”, “.net”, “.org”. They are well known and reliable domain extensions. You should not go for insane domains like. Biz, .rocks, and others. Because these are mostly out of one’s mind.

Brand Name or Exact Domain Name

This may also be a crucial step for beginners to select one of two: Brand Name and Exact Domain Name for starting their blog. A domain name represents your brand name so you should decide carefully.

If you have a clear vision to promote your business through your blog, you should pick up the brand name. In this case, you should not move with Exact Domain Name. It might not suit your vision.

If you want to start the Amazon Affiliate niche website, you can choose Exact Domain Name. Let’s understand this with an example:

Let’s assume you have a business in a physical location. Now you want people to be aware of your business globally online. The wise step for you would be to build a website and write a blog.

In this case, you would like to prefer your brand name to promote your business. Here Exact Domain name won’t work.

In the other scenario, if you want to earn passive income from the affiliate program niche. You may want to select the exact domain name. Both the domain’s exact names and brand names are suitable for you in this case. It’s totally your choice, which you want to select. is an example of brand name and if you go with an exact domain name, you can use

3. Register a Domain Name

Register a Domain with Chosen Name

Register your chosen domain name

Now that you have finalized your domain name, the next step would be to actually buy/register a domain. The question is- Where should I buy the domain?

There are lots of platforms available on the internet, where you can register your domain name. Some of these platforms are Godaddy, Hostgator, and Bluehost which provide you 24*7 customer support. 

You can register your domain from Godaddy, Namecheap, Hostgator and Bluehost. I would recommend Godaddy to register your domain. Here you can get exclusive coupon codes for first-time users to buy a domain.

If you pick up a domain with ‘.com’ extension, its price will be around INR 600 for a year. This price might be different when you renew this domain after one year.

I will say, it is up to you from which platform you want to purchase your domain name. If you get exclusive offers from other platforms, you can go with that platform but make sure, it’s reliable.

4. Choose a fast hosting server for your blog

Speed of the blogging website and page load time are two factors of utmost importance in the world of blogs.  This is why choosing the right hosting is a crucial factor. Google loves to rank those websites which have faster-loading speed.

People love to stay on your blog if it is opening within a few seconds. The ideal page load time is 3 seconds for desktops and 4.5 seconds for mobile.

For fast hosting, you can go with Bluehost, Hostgator, and Siteground. As a beginner, you can also go with shared hosting.

If you are too confused about which one to choose, I will recommend you to Siteground hosting. It provides fast web hosting for your blog. Their hosting packages and customer support are really praiseworthy.

Note: By hosting your site on a slow server, you can lose a huge amount of traffic.

5. Choose WordPress or Blogger to Set up your blog

There are many blogging platforms available on the internet to set up your blog. WordPress and Blogger both platforms are widely used for starting a blog. 40% of bloggers use the WordPress blogging platform.

One of the common questions that are always searched for is ‘which platform to choose for my blog WordPress or Blogger?’.

I suggest you go with WordPress. In WordPress, you can use a wide selection of free plugins available to increase site SEO Performances. While in Blogger, there are not many tools for improving performance as per the SEO requirements.

For WordPress, you will need a server where you host your blog. But Blogger is a self-hosted platform, there you won’t need hosting for your site

When you use WordPress for your blog, it will take time to set up your blog. While designing your blog, think from the user’s point of view. Try to make it simple and attractive.

If you are using the free available themes, check that the theme is responsive and lightweight. You can check the theme speed with the free tool gtmetrix.

Your audience should be the most important for you. Interact with them and try to solve their pains through your content. They will surely appreciate you.  If the audience likes your content representation, they will definitely come back for more. 

6. Create the three important page on your Blog:- About us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer

Create three imporantant pages for your blog

Initially create and publish the most important pages i.e About Us, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer for your blog.

These pages are necessary to let people know about you, your blog and the vision of your blog. If you maintain these pages, people trust you and like to stay on your blog.

For creating these three pages for your blog, you can follow these steps:

  • Open your WordPress Dashboard.
  • See the ‘Pages’ option in the left corner.
  • Now click on ‘Add New’.
  • A new tab will open, in the title section. Now enter your page name and write your content for that page below.
  • Finally, write the content for these pages and publish them.

7. Publish your First Post on your Blog

Publish your first post with WordPress

Now that you have done everything to set up your blog like installing plugins, creating pages and adding WordPress theme.  Here comes the big task – to write your first Post!

To write your first post on the blog, you go to the left corner section of your WordPress Dashboard and click ‘Add New Post’. 

Just start writing your thoughts and say ‘Hi’ to the Digital World. P.S. You should be consistent with your blog. It keeps your blog alive.

To write your First Post, you can check these helpful tips:-

  • Focus on the quality of the content. Be careful of plagiarism and don’t copy content from other blogs. You should provide genuine content without copying from other sources. 
  • Try to write 500-600 words for your first blog in your picked niche.  
  • The slug of the Url:- You should check your slug and try to fit your keyword in the URL slug.  
  • Be regular and work consistently to post content on your blog.
  • Promote your blog with Off-Page SEO techniques.
  • Try to be active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.
"When you start, you may fail but don’t think it is the end. 
Learn and try Again. It is the only key to get better in blogging. "

To Learn more in detail about writing your first Blog post on WordPress in details with this complete guide:

8. Get traffic for your blog

One of the most searched questions in beginners’ minds is – how can I drive traffic on my blog? I would like to suggest you follow the 80/20 rule.

According to this formula, you should give 80 percent effort in the promotion of your content and the rest of 20 percent effort you should focus on creating new content. 

You can use the Quora platform initially to drive traffic for your blog. There are some off-page SEO techniques, which you can use for getting the traffic:-

  • Social Bookmarking 
  • Questions & Answering Sites
  • Article Submission 
  • Web 2.0 Submission 
  • PDF Sharing 
  • PPT Sharing 
  • Video Submission 
  • Guest Post

9. Monetize your blog in different ways

All these efforts we put into setting up a blog to use blogging for earning money. Remember, if you provide quality content to your audience, the money will flow towards you as a consequence. 

You can monetize your blog in 5 different given ways:

–  Affiliate Marketing

–  Sell your own products and promote your business.

–  Launch E-commerce Portal

–  Earning through Google AdSense

–  Earning through Sponsored content

Explore these top 13 ways that you can use to monetize your blog and earn money in India in 2021:


  • ‘Blog’ is an abbreviated term of ‘weblog’, it refers to online portals and websites which provide regularly updated information on a variety of subjects. The process of managing and growing a blog is recognized as blogging and a person with such skills is known as a blogger.
  • Blogging can be a way to share your knowledge, become famous and document your life. When you monetize your blog you will have a passive income stream.
  • Most people quit blogging because they don’t give enough time to see the results. Blogging grows slow at the initial stages. It’s better not to expect fast results.
  • To start a blog first choose a niche. Then pick a suitable name for your blog and book a domain.
  • Next, find a reliable hosting platform for your blog and set up your blog with WordPress or Blogger. Create three initial pages like About, Privacy Policy and Disclaimers. Then publish your first blog post with your unique perspective.
  • Once you have established your blog successfully, it’s time now to generate traffic with different on-page and off-page SEO techniques.
  • When you get enough traffic for your blog you can start monetizing your blog using the following ways and many more:
  1. Google AdSense
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Sponsored Posts
  4. Launch E-commerce
  5. Sell your own products
  6. Promote your business
  7. Promote your personal branded services


When should you monetize your blog with Google AdSense?

There is no short term goal in blogging. You have to work hard to make money. When you are getting at least 2000 users per day and at least 20 blog posts on your website, you can apply for Google AdSense. One more thing, don’t believe in fake Google AdSense earning proof. You should do hard work in a smart way and give your blog time to earn for you.

What do we need to rank on Google in 2021?

Content quality with the promotion of your content on high domain authority and trustworthy websites. You should also keep an eye on competitors and try to provide better content than them always. Make your content optimized for voice searches. You can also create podcasts for your website.

How do I find blog topic ideas?

There are several ways you can find blog topic ideas related to your niche: 1. Google trends 2. Uber Suggest 3. Quora 4. Social Media 5. Repurposing the existing content 6. User queries. The best way is to brainstorm around your niche keywords. Check social media for trends and check what interests people in your niche.  You can also create content ideas with your user interactions. You can answer the most searched questions under your niche.