How to Sell on Amazon India – The Basic Guide

If you are looking for information on how to sell on Amazon India to increase your reach to multiple users and sell products then you are on right path to expand your business as Amazon provides you a massive and profitable market.

But it takes time and effort to become a successful seller on Amazon as the competition is much higher and everyone’s doing their best.

E-commerce has gradually captured the Indian market and became one of the most important segments of the economy.

Consumers are constantly switching their shopping interests towards online marketplaces and e-commerce websites rather than visiting physical stores.

The consumers are getting multiple options to compare and buy with the availability of different varieties in one place which helps them to overcome the exhaustion and ease shopping experience.

As technology is evolving day by day with the growth of the internet and smartphones, our shopping habits are changing as well. 

Various studies suggested that India is going to generate a huge amount of revenue from E-commerce in upcoming years.

Online shopping and E-commerce has entered into our lives with big opportunities and ease of shopping experiences. It offers a wider range of products at competitive costs.

Starting from foodstuffs to electronics, medicine to varied services, everything is available online to satisfy your daily requirements.

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Why should you sell on Amazon India?

There are many reasons to sell on Amazon India like Popularity and a large customer base. Amazon is one of the most visited and trusted shopping destinations for millions of people all over the world.

It provides a huge opportunity to showcase your products to crores of people around India and other countries. So you can easily extend your reach in the market and sell more products on amazon India.

why sell on amazon

Let’s look at important reasons to consider selling on Amazon India:

1. Large Customer Base

Amazon India is a paradise to millions of people for shopping in India. A large number of customers visit and shop on this website.

A recent study suggested that Amazon is the leading online retailer, representing around 280.5 billion dollars of net sales.

Millions of visitors become a part of Amazon in a month. When you sell on Amazon India you will be able to reach this large number of the potential customer base and increase your sales volume.

2. Brand Reputation

Amazon has made a remarkable brand reputation among online shoppers due to its efficiency, timely shipping services and top quality products.

Most people prefer to shop with Amazon India rather than other online marketplaces. because it facilitates them with large varieties of products at competitive prices in a single place.

3. Increased Sales

Amazon is a favorite and trusted source of online shopping for Indian audiences. You are more likely to get increased sales and make decent profits. It enables you to reach millions of users throughout India and other countries.

You can explore various online stores on the web but you will choose only the reputed one. As it provides a sense of trust and reliability. Amazon is one of the brands people can rely on for quality services.

4. Hassle-Free Payments

Amazon allows safe and secure payment methods to make hassle-free online transactions. Customers will never come back to a shopping website if their transaction fails every time.

Amazon assures quick and easy payments from customers and safe deposits into the seller’s bank account. 

Amazon does not charge a single penny until the product is delivered safely. When the product gets delivered, it transfers the specific amount into your account after deducting its sales commission.

5. Stress-free Sales Process

Amazon employs transparent selling procedures and schemes under which a seller can choose a  suitable program.

After making the appropriate selection, Amazon takes care of all the aspects of selling like shipping, delivery, transactions, etc.

They assure timely shipping and delivery of products with efficiency, doesn’t matter which plan you choose. That is why choosing Amazon India to sell your product is an amazing business idea.

You can select the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) to get rid of the burden of different selling aspects. As in this program, it is a complete responsibility of Amazon to take care of your listed products, its storage, packaging, shipping, and safe delivery. So, let Amazon take charge, sit back, and watch your business grow.

6. International Exposure

Amazon is connected to multiple users from different areas of the world. So getting your product listed on Amazon will expand its international reach. Amazon makes it easy to search for buyers in different other countries rather than locally.

These are a few important reasons to consider while choosing Amazon to sell your products and grow business online. This way you will get an opportunity to become your own boss and build a profitable business.

How to Become a Seller on Amazon India?A Step by Step Guide

To be successful on Amazon is a difficult task. It requires an adequate amount of investment, research, hard work, and dedication. As the competition is very high in this sector and everyone is putting their best efforts to stay ahead in the market.

So, if you work hard and have proper research before starting, you will be able maximize the chances to build a successful online business.

steps to become amazon India seller

In this guide, we will look into some necessary steps to become an Amazon India Seller, which you can use as a checklist to effectively plan.

1. Register on Amazon Seller Central

Essential information needed to register on Amazon Seller Central are:

  • Legal Business Name
  • Contact Information
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • GSTIN Number
  • Bank Account Details

To become a seller first register your Amazon account with a professional email-id and use a secure password. You will be asked to verify your email and after the verification, it will redirect you to the set-up page.

The set-up will complete in 5 steps- 1. Seller Agreement 2. Seller Information 3. Payment Setup 4. Tax Information and 5. Product Information. Once you fill all the required information, your seller account will be created, and you will be redirected to your seller dashboard. 

2. Find the right product to sell on Amazon

We cannot begin without researching the right product to sell. Amazon India has a large range of product listings available for selling. So a seller can explore multiple options, begin with. It is important to choose a product that you are passionate about and have deep knowledge. 

You will need to make a thorough study of the latest market trends and competition before making a decision. Try to bring something innovative and useful for the consumers.

Thus, invest a good amount of time while selecting a product. How you are going to perform and gain in the future will completely depend on the initial research you did. 

3. Choose The Type of Seller’s Account 

After the selection of the product, the next step is to register with Amazon. Create an account by following the guidelines and fill up all the necessary details. Amazon offers different selling plans to make the process easy and fully transparent. You can register as an:

1. Individual Seller

This seller plan is best for you if you are starting your online business for the first time. Here you can register as an individual dealer. It exempts you from the excessive burden of finance management and allows you to explore beyond limits. It includes:

  • Access to around 20 product categories. 
  • You will only be charged a nominal fee on each sale with some additional transaction costs. 
  • Maximum 40 items can be sold per month.

2. Professional Seller

If you are a big company or an established brand, then register under a Professional Seller Plan. It allows:

  • Access to around 30 categories with prior permission and guidelines.
  • A subscription fee of $39.99 is charged per month to access the services rather than per sale.
  • More than 40 items can be sold per month.
  • Make a suitable choice as per your capacity and start your own  business.

3. List your products on Amazon India

The next step is to create a proper list of items you are going to sell. Amazon follows a detailed informative format to list each product. Mention the product in the accurate category and give all the necessary relevant details. To sell your product on Amazon, you need:

  • A unique product identifier to make it different from other listed products(same category) and identifying the exact item you are selling
  • Product offer details that include price, availability options, and shipping methods
  • Product information that includes its name, description, specifications, and images(good resolution)
  • Searching terms that allow the users to find the item 
  • Select and fill all the details accurately with investing enough time to avoid any confusion as many other sellers might have made the listings for the same product. Anyway, Amazon has transparent, convenient, and easy-to-use methods to make the listings proper.

4. Select the appropriate shipping option

After making the appropriate listing and product catalog, the next step is to choose the shipping option. Amazon offers two shipping options from which you can select as per your suited needs.

It is also referred to as Fulfillment methods in other terms that simply means how fast your product reaches to the customer. There are two options:

1. Fulfillment by Merchant

In this method, the seller is completely responsible for the storage, packaging, and shipping of products. If the customer orders any product from Amazon listing then you will need to manage all the aspects of delivering the product safely to them. It involves risk as any delay, missed, or damaged delivery is under your liability. 

This method is beneficial for small and new sellers who don’t want to invest much in the initial. Also, in-house storage gives a feeling of safety.  You can avail more profit margins as an FBM seller which is reduced when opting for FBA to pay additional service charges to Amazon. 

2. Fulfillment by Amazon

It’s a wonderful service offered by Amazon in which their professionals take care of all the selling aspects starting from storage to safe delivery.

Under this model, you just need to send your listed products to the Amazon Fulfillment Center and then Amazon professionals will take care of its storage, packaging, shipping, safe delivery, and customer support. 

When the customer orders any product, Amazon prepares it for delivery in the best manner and ships safely to reach the customer on time.

We just need to invest some additional costs and take full advantage of the advanced operational schemes of Amazon to grow your business faster. 

This method is best for acquiring Amazon prime customers as fast shipping and delivery is involved.  

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5. Sell your product and receive earnings

The final step is to start selling your product with marketing effort. Link your bank accounts to Amazon and get paid for your sales. Amazon provides the biggest platform to reach millions of customers and helps your business grow.

Amazon deducts all the applicable charges and costs for selling your product and deposits the remaining profit into your account safely. 

Start your own business in a faster way with Amazon India and excel in the competitive online market. Just spend some time to promote your product on different platforms and then enjoy the ride of success. 

Your market research and hard work will help you to excel in online sales.

Is it good to sell on Amazon?

Amazon is one of the biggest and most visited shopping destinations for customers. Online shoppers trust Amazon due to their efficient services and fast delivery. If you choose to sell on Amazon, then you will get an opportunity to expand your market reach and acquire valuable customers. But it is important to keep patience and put in continued efforts to increase your product sales.

What products can be sold on Amazon?

Amazon offers many different categories for various segments of the products. You can explore the related category and list your products. There are few product categories that need prior permission and legal guidelines to sell.
You can browse and have an overview of different product categories there and select the appropriate categories for selling your product.

How easy is it to become an Amazon Seller?

To be true, nothing is easy to achieve. It seems to be very convenient and effortless to sell products online but it takes a lot of time and marketing efforts to sell your products. Amazon provides you a well-reputed platform and good customer base but you need to build good rankings of your product via various marketing tactics. Then only, your product appears on topmost rankings in Amazon listings for the related product search query.