How to Start Making Money As Freelancer on Upwork in India – A Basic Guide

Upwork is one of the most popular freelancing marketplaces for aspiring freelancers in India in multiple job fields. It allows the professionals to find suitable jobs, communicate with the clients, and gain high earnings.

If you are looking for freelance job opportunities in India, register to Upwork helps the clients and the professionals in the best manner by connecting them with their perfect matches.

Freelancing in India is trending as companies are starting to look towards freelancing to complete their tasks and cut costs. Finding a suitable job that truly fits your lifestyle seems a tough task but not really.

Because of increasing demands and interests, many freelancing websites have been developing platforms to match freelancers to clients who are looking for services.

We have listed the top 10 freelancing platforms to kick-start your freelancing business. Among many, Upwork is a trusted name and is a huge buzz right now. It is an online platform that provides wonderful opportunities to earn an income worth your skills and talent.

The company has collaborated with top high-paying clients who are looking for hiring skilled and talented professionals for different jobs.

Why choose Upwork?

Finding the right platform to market your skills as a freelancer is a tough job. While you are exploring multiple options to start with, building a good reputation in a single field is always advantageous. It helps to build a strong portfolio, find good clients, and high paying jobs.

If you are looking to start freelancing career on Upwork in India, then it’s a good thought. Upwork is one of the biggest online platforms for talented professionals seeking business opportunities in different niches.

Millions of companies and professionals are registered with it, throughout the world. Its efficient services and many other reasons make it the best platform for the freelancers that includes:

why choose upwork for freelancing in India

Wide-Ranging Job Categories

Upwork post jobs in a variety of niches for those who want to start freelancing in India. So they have better chances of finding a suitable project to work on. You can scroll down multiple categories and bid on the projects that completely suit your skills.

Find Plenty of Quality Work

Many freelancing websites are working to provide suitable freelance opportunities to the users but the matter is how qualitative it is.

You can seek plenty of work on these websites but if your motto is to find quality work to excel at your skills and make progress Upwork is the best.

It provides freelance jobs for multiple skill-sets but their hiring process might involve some tough assignments and tests, clearing these tests is necessary for profile approval.

Thus, it automatically narrows down the competition and allows only skilled and qualified professionals. After getting approved, you can apply for projects you like to serve top-class clients and get earnings.

Reliable Clients

Well, many freelancing websites host scammers also in addition to the honest clients, who fail to pay the charges for the services.

Upwork has an advanced filtering system that lets the freelancers know about the client’s reputation like their verified payment method and feedback from freelancers, who worked with them.

Better Chances to Excel at Your Skills

Upwork provides a lot of options to start your freelancing career in India. You can set up your profile for certain work categories and find a project relevant to your skill sets.

You may choose the wrong profile for which you are getting low payments or getting bored. In such cases, Upwork allows you to change your profile and switch work categories that capture your interest and help you lend better projects.

Upwork allows you to analyze your skills properly and enhance your profile to get jobs that interest you.  

Secure Payment

Upwork gives you assurance to receive payment for every work you have done, from the clients. It has certain tools like Upwork desktop app or Work Diary that keeps track of all the work you have done and time it has to take.

So that no to minimal disputes arise at the time of payment. They also provide complete support if any issue occurs between a client and a freelancer.

Upwork takes a percentage of your earnings as its commission and deposits the rest into your bank account. You should always communicate clearly with the client and work according to Upwork’s guidance. So that they can assist you in case any issues occur.

How to Start Working on Upwork?   

Upwork offers wide-ranging business opportunities to start your freelancing career in India. But to grab the attention of the potential clients and lend the desired job is also essential to excel.

It follows a vetting process that allows only skilled freelancers to enter into the competition. You can follow these tips to become a successful freelancer on Upwork:

How to get started with upwork in India

1. Set up a strong profile

The first step to start freelancing on Upwork in India is to set up your profile on Your profile is the first impression that grabs the attention of the clients.

It helps the clients search for the candidate with the skills they are looking for, to work on their projects. Carefully complete your profile on Upwork so that not only clients but the Upwork algorithm can also choose your profile for the most relevant projects.   

It’s in your best interest to be honest about all the details like skill sets, areas of expertise, and experience. Because you will be hired according to the mentioned information. If you are found unable to fulfill the project requirements, then your account can be put on hold.

To create a strong profile on Upwork, follow these effective steps:

1. Add an Attractive Title to Describe your Core Strengths.

It helps to capture the attention of the clients and increases your chances of getting hired.

2. Define some skill tags that let the clients find you for their relevant projects.

3. Add a short and captivating description of yourself defining your strengths and focusing on why one should hire you.    

4. You can also upload an exclusive introductory video describing your skills and achievements. It is one of the best ways to attract the client’s attention.

5. Complete your profile by listing your educational background, previous employment experiences, and list of certifications you have gained. To prove your knowledge, skills, and achievements.

2. Start with Small Assignments/Projects

To go for something bigger, you need to start by doing smaller things. Initially, to start freelancing on Upwork in India, try to do some small assignments to showcase your skills and acquire good reviews.

Good reviews and feedback from the clients are essential to build a strong profile and stand out in the competition.

For that, you might need to give your best to those small projects in the beginning to build your credibility. Send proposals where you are sure to perform best and get good feedback from reliable clients. It will help you to scale your business and acquire high paying clients later.

3. Send Effective Proposals

It’s the most important to submit an effective proposal for jobs that matches your interest and skillsets. The proposal should include an introduction, greeting, relevant experience, and convincing answers to the questions that the client has asked in the job description.

Also add a few links to the previous work samples relevant to the current job profile. So that the client gets an idea about your work experience and knowledge.

A proposal should reveal your excellence and interest to perform the task. The first thing is to get the client convinced with your proposal and think you are worthy enough to get a response.

The payments and project details can be discussed later once the client accepts your proposal.

4. Set Your Pricing

The next step is to set your pricing. Compare with the other freelancers to get an idea about what they are charging for the same task. You can set up your pricing accordingly.

Note that a certain percentage of your earning will be deducted as commission to Upwork and this percentage continues to decrease as you increase your earning from the same client. The specific deduction is like this:

– 20% deduction on the first $500 billings with the client

– 10% of total billings between $500 to $10,000 with the same client

– 5% of the total billings, if exceeds $10,000 with the same client

– Thus, try to build long term relationships with the clients and acquire good profile jobs with high payments. Upwork offers two payment schemes based on hourly work done and fixed pricing.  

5. Have transparent communication

Keep everything very clear and transparent between you and the client about the pricing and tasks to be done. It is necessary to understand the requirements of the clients before you start working.

Upwork allows you to contact the client via voice or video call so communicate with the client in case of any confusion to avoid time wastage in unproductive work.

Keep every detail about the project specifications and payment structure within the Upwork’s portal. So that no chaos occurs during the payment stage and if any issue arises, Upwork can easily handle it.

6. Be Fast and Vigilant     

Many freelancers have been registered on Upwork and all are waiting for a job. For a single job post, there are multiple applications and proposals submitted.

You have to be very quick while writing and sending a proposal. Any delay may lead to losing some big opportunity.

Plus, it is also necessary to check the client’s reputation before applying for the job post. You can find the reviews on different reviewing sites and Upwork also keeps track of the client’s previous records.

So be quick and smart while applying for a job post and accepting the deal once approved.

7. Apply for Larger Projects

Once you have accomplished a few smaller assignments and got good reviews from the clients too, now you can apply for bigger projects and demand for higher payments based on your experiences.

It’s necessary to focus on scaling your business while keeping in mind the Upwork’s fees.

Once you have crossed $500 billing from a specific client, the fee automatically gets reduced for further projects. Thus, chase for bigger projects and focus on building long term relationships with the clients to be successful.

Invest time in building a strong portfolio on Upwork while doing small projects in the beginning and then chase for bigger ones after a time. On Upwork, you will find many opportunities to excel at your skills and become a successful freelancer. 

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What kind of projects can be done on Upwork?

Upwork offers wide-ranging jobs in multiple fields that can be done online on the computer. You can scroll different job categories on and bid for suitable jobs. 

Is Upwork good for beginners?

Yes! If you are starting as a freelancer, Upwork can be a beneficial platform as it allows you to understand how to attract clients and build a strong portfolio. It offers a wide variety of smaller and bigger projects, doing which you can gain good work experience and exposure to world-class companies.Upwork provides you a suitable platform to enhance your skills and stand out in the competitive world.

Can I make money on Upwork?

It takes some time to earn a high income on Upwork. Initially you need to work on small tasks to make goodwill and strong profile. Once you get good exposure and reviews from the clients, you can bid for high paying jobs posted on Upwork.It’s a time-consuming process to earn the best value for your services but not an impossible task. Hard work and efficient time management can lead you to success as a freelancer and get you good earnings.