How to find a profitable niche for Affiliate Marketing in India?

If you are here to learn about how to find a best profitable niche for Affiliate Marketing in India, you probably have a basic idea about affiliate marketing as a whole.

Affiliate marketing sounds really good and easy and stuff, but in the initial stage of the affiliate marketing business, you would like to plan and take every step very carefully. Because these initial efforts decide how far you’re gonna make it in the world of Affiliate Marketing in India.

Anyone can start affiliate marketing pretty easily. I mean, what is there to do? Join an affiliate program, choose the product, share your affiliate link on your website and social media. If someone clicks and makes a purchase you will get your commission. Done! Easy!

But what if the product you chose isn’t anyone’s favorite? What if people don’t have any need for that product? In this scenario, you might get sales, but you won’t be making that dreamy amount of money you were hoping to make.

To make your affiliate marketing profitable and long-lasting, you gotta come up with a specific niche idea. So, let’s not wait anymore and learn everything about finding best niche for affiliate marketing in India.

What is a niche in Affiliate Marketing?

To decide which product you are going to promote, you need to carefully choose a profitable niche for affiliate marketing business. The popular way to make sales with affiliate marketing is by writing blogs.

To writing effectively you will require a theme around which you can create content. This theme or area of interest you are going to work with is going to be your niche.

What is a Micro Niche?

When we talk about the niche in affiliate marketing, we are mostly talking about a broader area of interest. Like if you choose fashion as your niche then cosmetic products would be your micro-niche.

So micro niche is a small segment of a niche. Which has the same characteristics but the audience profile will be more descriptive and more specific for that micro-niche.

How to Discover Best Niches for Affiliate Marketing?

I’m pretty sure that your goal to start an affiliate marketing business is to earn a lot of money. So it is natural you will look to sell something that generates a good amount of profit for you.

There are some ways you can research about the profitability of different niches. If you haven’t already generated niche ideas, you can use some tips to help you choose the best niche for your affiliate marketing business.

best profitable niche for affiliate marketing in India

1. Start with Keyword Research

Keyword research with uber suggest

Once you have created an idea around what kind of niche you want to work with for your affiliate marketing business, you should now start researching keywords associated with that particular niche.

Suppose you chose travel accessories as a niche product for affiliate marketing. Now, you can start research about keywords related to travel accessories like ‘best travel accessories’ or ‘best backpacks for travel’.

To research associated keywords, you can use free keyword research tools, which are available online. One of those free keyword research tools is ‘Uber Suggest’, by Neil Patel.

While you are conducting your keywords research for your niche, you might want to take notes for keyword ideas you find useful. A good keyword has the following qualities:

  • It has good search volumes on search engines.
  • The competition to rank with that keyword needs to be from low to average because keywords with high competition will be difficult to rank for.
  • It provides good CPC (Cost Per Click) if you are planning to run Google AdSense on your blog site as well.
  • It has a good amount of queries/questions from users and visitors.

2. Market / Demand Research

When you pick up a niche to work with then you have a profile of your targeted audience in your mind. If this niche is related to your hobby, the audience would have the same profile as you do.

When you have this audience in mind, now you can research their interests and likes to make sure that the niche you have chosen has enough demand in the market to make it profitable.

The profitability of the niche is determined by your goals with your affiliate marketing business. If you have a very specific kind of audience and not the general audience for your niche, the profitability increases.

To do the demand research you can use social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Quora can be an excellent platform to research user queries related to your niche.

When you are researching demand using social media, look for the following answers:

  • Is my audience interested in talking about topics related to my niche?
  • Is my audience is looking for a recommendation and searching for alternates for my niche related products?
  • Are there any other influencers working with my chosen niche?

Answers to these questions will lead you to make decisions about the profitability of your niche.

1. Gravity Score from Clickbank

using clickbank to check gravity score of a niche product

While self-conducted research is the most reliable form of information you can get, you can use external resources to determine the profitability of your niche. One of the ways is to check the gravity score on ClickBank for the related niche.

Gravity score is a special algorithm created by click bank to determine the profitability of a niche. It uses the data gathered by the site to check how many affiliates have made at least one sale under that niche.

If you choose your niche from the list on the left at the marketplace page, it will show you a list of available products on the site which are related to your niche and you will see a little ‘grav’ score under there.

The higher the gravity score the higher the profitability. It also means that making a sell with that niche product won’t be too difficult.

2. People’s Interest

People search about their interests either on Google or on YouTube. The profile of an interested audience is already on your mind.

You can go where they engage the most with the digital world. People’s interests can be figured by three methods:

1. Ask

To ask people about their interests, there are multiple ways. If you have a good database of emails, you can conduct surveys with relevant questions.

If you have a large audience on social media, you can ask your audience by creating twitter question surveys, Instagram live-sessions, webinars, or any method you find that fits your requirements.

2. Observe

People are engaging with the digital world, every day using different mediums. Observe their behavior on those platforms.

Find out what kind of content engages your ideal audience. What kind of videos they like? What kind of channels do they subscribe to? Which kind of tweets do they retweet? Which kind of Instagram posts did they save to their collection?

If you are able to identify any pattern in behavior that indicates that they are interested in your niche and its products than you have finally found your best profitable niche for affiliate marketing in India.

3. Analyze

There are advanced data analytics technologies, which can almost accurately predict the interest of people, based on different kinds of data gathered.

These tools and technologies make it easier to come up with the right kind of niche ideas. But most of them are paid and free ones aren’t that effective.

Though there is no certainty that after all the research you will come up with the most profitable niche idea, but if you make consistent efforts in the right direction, there is a good chance you will make a big profit in the niche-specific affiliates marketing business.

Some beginners in affiliate marketing chose a niche that is popular at that time. But when time passes and popularity fades they struggle with keeping it up. So always look for a niche that has growth opportunities in the future as well. The niche that is introduced with new and innovative products with technological advancement with time, is the most profitable evergreen niche.

Once you’ve decided on your niche, it becomes easy to find the right affiliate program which you can join for affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate marketing is a business opportunity that comes with a very low risk of losing money. You can start it with almost no investment at all and grow it to the fullest potential.

But before you jump into it, make sure you know everything that you need to know about online affiliate marketing business in India.

I suggest you get in touch with successful affiliate marketers in India and learn from them. Usually, these people are very helpful and will definitely help you with your journey.


  • A niche is basically a theme related to a subject to direct your affiliate marketing efforts. Finding a profitable niche is a part of the affiliate marketing strategy. A micro niche is a small part of a niche, which has a similar but more descriptive character to it.
  • To come up with profitable niche ideas you can:
    1. Do keyword research using free online keyword research tools like Uber Suggest.
    2. Do demand research using different social media platforms and marketplaces.
    3. Check gravity score of niche related product using Clickbank.
    4. Find out about peoples’ interest in your niche by asking them, observing their behavior or analyzing their interest using data analytics.
  • It is always better to choose a niche that has a scope of growth and has constant innovation happening around it. These niches are evergreen.


What are some profitable niche ideas for affiliate marketing?

Profitable niche ideas are different for every affiliate marketer. A profitable niche is the one which suits your field of interest, has a good amount of demand in the market and has growth opportunity in the future as well.

How can I start affiliate marketing?

Starting with affiliate marketing is pretty easy. But it is important to first completely understand the basics of affiliate marketing. You can check out our recent article about the basics of affiliate marketing.

Where can I learn about affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing has earned a good reputation among marketers in the past few years. There are many paid courses available for anyone who would like to learn affiliate marketing. If you are looking just for curiosity, the internet has millions if not zillions of websites that are providing various information about affiliate marketing. You can start by learning the basics and then can move to learn in-depth.