How to Find a Micro Niche for Blogging in India in 2021

Don’t get me wrong but deciding on a micro niche for blogging isn’t a stroll in the park. In this article, I’ll give you a complete guide on how to find top micro niche blog ideas in India that rank high on SERPs of top search engines such as Google and Bing.

The majority of bloggers look for trending topics or competitive ideas to write content, and most of them fail miserably. Why? Because although the micro niches have immense scope in driving organic traffic to your blog, they get very few hits on search engines.

But you will have to work to get traffic. How? For instance, you are running a helpful micro niche blog for entrepreneurs in India; then you’ve to reach out to such people via LinkedIn or via other means to check out your blog. There are so many other techniques to increase traffic to your blog.

Ask any pro blogger about a niche, and they’ll say it is baffling to survive, as there are thousands of blogs already ranking, then how would you be able squeeze in.

What is a Micro Niche Blog?

A micro niche is a sub-niche. Every niche has thousands of sub-niches. Now, let’s understand, you are planning to do blogging about dog food, but the phrase “Dog Food” is next to impossible to rank as there are so many websites out there already dominating the search engines.

So, instead of spending hours endlessly and making backlinks like crazy, why not pick a micro niche like “Labrador dog food,” you can work on this topic and rank on top positions on search engines.

You’ve to provide knowledge to the readers through these articles. If you’re able to do that, then you will have good traffic to your blog.

Now, make it even less competitive by adding the word “Labrador dog food in summer,” you have the opportunity to rank high and get whatever traffic.

How to Find a Micro Niche for Blogging in India

Most Common Micro Niche Blogging Ideas

Using the keyword ‘Labrador dog food in summer’, you can pick several topics to write. “Like what to feed my puppy Labrador in Summer?” Write ten to twenty articles on such keywords, and get exclusive traffic. Even if the search volume is low, whatever comes, it’s all yours.

Let’s say there are 10000 searches per month. By writing 15 articles, you can make 1500+ unique visitors to your blog, which isn’t that amazing, rather than ranking nowhere.

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How to Find a Micro Niche using Online Tools?

There are three popular, FREE tools to use when you are finding micro niche blog ideas that help you generate passive income, these include:-

1. Google Auto Suggest

The simplest yet the most effective means to find questions and micro niche blog ideas is through the auto-suggest feature of the Google search engine. So, let me guide you on how you can use it to decide on a micro niche.

First, go to Google and then enter the keyword you’re looking to write an article. After typing the keyword phrase into the search box, don’t enter, instead, use space, then you’ll come across several suggestions. This will suggest the things people are searching related to the particular keyword.

For instance, if you type “how to write an essay,” the suggestions may include in Hindi, English, IELTS, for University, etc.

The process of finding a micro niche blog idea using the technique is fairly simple, and in most cases, it works magically. Now, the above are topics you can include on your micro niche, and bring a good amount of traffic.

What to Do When You’ve Decided on Micro Niche Ideas?

Once you’ve zeroed down on a micro niche idea for your blogging in India, the next step is to get your domain listed, get hosting, and start ranking. Yes, the traffic to micro niches is less, if you monetize properly, you’ll be able to make a good revenue to survive.

But, it is imperative that you write informative articles, rather than text with the sole objective to rank, because that thing won’t take you too far in your success story. So, if you try to impress your readers, you’ll end up impressing the search engines.

A Bonus Tip: Just like Google, Bing too has an auto suggestion feature, so you can compare them, and select the right micro niche.

2. Quora

Another place to find top micro niche blog ideas without spending a penny is Quora. You can connect with millions of readers worldwide via Quora.

All you’ve to do is to create a FREE account, and after that start writing answers, solely with the motive to gaining recognition in the community, rather than any monetary goals.

Now, how can you find a micro niche blogging idea on Quora? Open quora and search a topic, let’s say you searched “sleep habits,” the related results you’ll get is the left corner, you can decide on anything and start writing articles.

The related topics will give you an idea about the different sub-niches of a niche. Don’t worry too much about the traffic, as the niche has a lot of traffic, and the sub-niche will have it accordingly.

Once you’ve decided on the micro niche, the next step is to find related niches, and you can use those questions to write articles. Again, content is king, as it has to be extremely good to have any chances of survival because medicare content stands no chance.

3. Answer the Public

Another popular way to generate a list of micro niche blog ideas is using the tool Answer the Public. It is a FREE tool for bloggers & marketers to know whether a particular title makes sense, while the user searches.

Well, if you have an idea, but don’t know what to write, then you can use this tool to get worthy recommendations on ideas. Generally, the question topic provided by the website is quite user-friendly and meaningful. All you’ve to do is to type a search query, and then you’ll get many good ideas to write.

Out of the questions provided by this tool, how would I pick the best? Luckily, at the end of the page, this tool provides a comparison that you can use to choose the right one based on your blogging goals.

Are There Any Tools to Search Micro Niches Directly?

Yes, there are several tools that you search for and find a micro niche idea. One of the most popular is Semrush; it is a paid tool.

It not only helps you find a micro niche idea, but also enables you to measure the progress of your blog by analyzing the strength of your domain, back-links, website traffic, and several other critical SEO characteristics.

Is Micro Niche Blogging Worth Trying in India?

The best part about the micro niches is that there is less competition, but the bad thing is the scope. So, let’s have a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of micro-niches:-

Benefits Of Micro Niche Blogs

  • You can rank your website easily without putting in significant efforts.
  • A user-friendly article with informative content is bound to rank high, even if it’s new.
  • You need to update the content regularly to keep getting search traffic. Once you have ranked for a particular micro-niche, you’re going to stay for a long.
  • You can make several micro niche blogs and make good revenue.

Shortcomings of Micro Niche Blogs

  • As this trend is growing in popularity, you cannot expect the competition to be less in years to come.
  • The traffic will be low, even zero for some days, and you’ve to keep going with quality content.

How to Make Money from Micro Niche Blogging in India?

The answer is simply, endless, there are so many different ways you can make money from your micro niche blog is. You can start affiliate marketing and earns a healthy commission.

You can sell your products and services, but remember even if it’s a micro niche, you’ve to generate monetize it like a regular blog.

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Hot & Trending Micro Niche in 2021

If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer in India, then you need to pick the right niche, which can drive, ultimately revenue.

You’ve to be careful in choosing the best micro niche for blogging in India in 2021, as there are so many people already working on them. Here, we take a look at some of the popular micro niche trends, so let’s check out:-

1. Contactless Products

In this era of COVID-19, when social distancing has become the new mantra to survive in life. Contactless products are best to build an affiliate site, as people are searching for this a lot more.

Since it is a new niche, the competition is less, but the traffic is surging, so it is an opportunity for you to grab with both hands.

A lot of people are looking for contactless products, such businesses in search of contact-less visitor management systems to let your visitors check-in without touching any surfaces.

2. 3D Printing

This is another trending topic on Google for quite a while now. Yes, it is thickly-competitive niches, but the options are plenty for you to explore.

People may be looking for information like how to save ink in 3D printing; you can research the world wide web, and curate a gripping article that connects with your prospective audience at a deeper level.

You can write review articles for top 3D printers, as this will; help you reach out to maximum audiences. You’ve to be pretty honest with your audience, no biasing as your credibility will go down.

3. E-Gaming

E-gaming has always been in trend, and with so much to discover. Also, surf the Google play store, and find the games are new and immense that your users can try. You can review games and share your personal experience to connect with your audience better.


How can I build a micro niche blog?

Building a Micro niche blog is slightly different from building a broad niche or multi niche blog because micro niche blogs are very focused on users. If you are planning to build a micro niche blog, be sure that you know your audience well. You won’t get tons of traffic for a micro niche, but even few of the people who come to your blog are very important. So you have to work on creating value for your audience and convert them into loyal customers for products and services you are offering.

What is the best way to earn from a niche blog or micro niche blog?

The best way to earn from a niche blog is not AdSense. Affiliate Marketing is one of the most profitable ways to earn from a micro-niche blog. And also high-value brands really look for blogs with unique audiences related to their products and pay a high amount of money for sponsored posts. Also, with a micro-niche blog, you can sell your services like consultancy, online courses, and influencer marketing.

Would it be a good idea to start blogging with a micro niche?

With so many people starting blog everyday, to stand out of the crowd and make the most of your blog audience micro niche is the best option. If you are experienced and passionate in a particular field, through micro niche blog you can monetize it to a huge scale. In 2021, micro niche blogs are really being popular.