What Is Clickfunnels And How it Works?

The word Clickfunnels is still new for online businesses in India. There are questions like ‘What is Clickfunnels and how does Clickfunnels work?’, ‘How can I use it to increase sales?’, How much does Clickfunnels cost?’ which are needed to be answered and so on. So, let’s talk about it.

Whenever you see the websites that do online business and monitor every single process of selling their products online to customers then you will also think about how they can easily monitor their online business strategies and how they re-target the audience.

Don’t panic, I am sharing Russell Brunson’s Clickfunnels Software with you that is the most beneficial software for Business owners. Let’s talk about what is Clickfunnels, what is the purpose of ClickFunnels and how can it help scale your business? I will give you a short answer that is Yes, Clickfunnels will help you to get more benefits on the Internet.

Running an online business is not an easy task. You already know how difficult it is to manage your landing pages, market prospects skills, promoting products, to collect email information and to track online customers, etc.

Click-funnels manages all these difficult activities for your business. It allows you to build landing pages and sales monitoring processes, payment gateway, collecting email information, auto-response, re-targeting customers and tracking the customer’s information as well.

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Clickfunnels provides you with around 26 inbuilt templates for funnels, so you can simply edit these templates and design according to your choice. One more advantage of using Clickfunnels is that you can test the performance of your products before selling them.

You can test a funnel for your products online. Let’s Check below topics that cover important details regarding what is Clickfunnels, what are Sales Funnels and other topics as well.

What is ClickFunnels?

Clickfunnels is a software program that is designed to manage every stage of the buying journey of online shoppers like landing pages, customer tracking, sign-ups, email information, etc.

It is specially designed to generate a hassle-free process of securing sales leads, collecting sales leads, creating landing pages through Clickfunnels software.

What Are Sales Funnels?

Sales Funnels is an all in one solution for the management of an online business. We can understand sales funnels by an example.

Suppose, you have a website of selling beds and a customer arrives on your website to purchase a bed. But he sees a lot of options like beds, Sofa, chairs, etc then he becomes so confused and he leaves your website in a state of confusion.

That’s why people don’t complete the purchase process through your website because your website is not fulfilling user’s queries.

The sales funnel has one specific page and it also focuses on the user’s needs. Via sales funnels, conversion rates on landing pages are much higher than a multi-pages website.

If you are focusing on customer’s basic needs and pain then you would be getting more customers, who successfully purchased online products through landing pages.

After completing one purchase, you can re-direct them to buy other products also. Don’t consider that everyone who visits your page is converted into a customer but the conversion rate surely will be higher. Sales ratio may be higher through sales funnels.

How Clickfunnels Works?

Now, that we understood What is Clickfunnels, let’s learn How Clickfunnels works to make the sales process much easier. I am sharing a list of basic tools in Clickfunnels which help business owners.

Creating a Sales Funnels Template may be a tricky and long-time taking process that also requires deep pockets as well.

You can manage multiple marketing tools through Clickfunnels and also track every stage of the customer journey. By using the Clickfunnels, You can easily design landing pages and as well monitor every sales performance.

Clickfunnels is a very useful tool if you are planning to start an affiliate marketing business in India. Here is, the list of tools that will help to promote your products by using Clickfunnels:

List of features:-

  • Landing Page Design
  • Affiliate Management
  • Website Hosting
  • Product Testing
  • Email Auto-responder
  • Training Materials
  • Payment Gateway
  • Integrated Payment Systems, PayPal and Stripe
  • Integrated Clickfunnels With Shopify Online Store Portal
  • Ongoing Support
  • Multi-Million Dollar Templates

Guys if you would like to know about the Clickfunnels marketing tool, Check out Clickfunnels review as well. But to have a good look, you should sign up for the Free Trial.

How to Sign up for Clickfunnels?

  • Firstly, You have to visit on the official website that is https://www.clickfunnels.com/, Click on Start Free 14 Days Trial Now.
start free trial with clickfunnels
  • A new tab will open, Now You have to create your account (Start your Free 14 Day Free Trial Now), Fill the required details like Your Full Name, Your Email Address, Create your Password and finally click on Start Building My First Funnel!
create an account with clickfunnels
  • Now you will have to select your funnel. You will see two options there, you can select any of them according to your choice. For first, Platinum Funnel, the price would be $297 after 14 days of Trial in which you will get unlimited funnels, unlimited pages, 3 users. You can build 9 domains in the first funnel and there are lots of other benefits.
subscription packages from clickfunnels
  • If you go with the second funnel then the price of this selected funnel would be $97 per month. In this selected funnel. You would be provided 20 funnels, 100 pages, 3 Domains, Email Support, and 3 payment Gateway option. Now, this is up to you which plans do you prefer for promoting your product.
  • To Complete ‘Create your account’ process, You will be required to fill your full address, city name, your state/ province, zip code details, and your credit card details. To complete the process, it is necessary to fill your credit card details to use 14 Days of Free Trial.
add billing details for free trials

Clickfunnels Templates

Clickfunnels provides easy set up for users and it makes complex funnels super simple. When you will get access to this platform, you will find some tested and proven funnels that you can easily edit according to your needs. These funnels are designed to get high conversion rates.

How to Use Clickfunnels Editor?

Once you have chosen your selected funnel editor, then you can customize the template as per your requirement. One more important thing that should be on your mind that you have to focus on the needs of your audience as well as you should try to create an attractive design for promoting your products.

The editor of Clickfunnels is also simple and user-friendly. It allows drag and drops features just like WordPress. It allows customers to customize their funnels (Like insert Videos, Text, Code Blocks, and Social Links)

Similarly, you can customize all your pages in the selected funnel. The best feature is that you can easily test your products if customers will like to buy or not. You will also find payment gateway options and email auto-responder service.

How to Monitor Sales Analytics in Clickfunnels?

Once you finished your funnel design then you should be promoting your landing page to sell products using social media platforms. Then you will start driving traffic and start tracking new customer’s id via your landing pages.

Once your funnel’s promoted via social media platform or organic ranking then you can monitor the performance of your landing pages with the help of analytic tools in Clickfunnels.

How to integrate Clickfunnels With Shopify?

If you have Shopify store and you want to integrate into Clickfunnels then you can easily integrate Clickfunnels With Shopify and there are basic steps to integrate Clickfunnels with Shopify, you can follow these steps:-

  • In the beginning. you have to log in to your Shopify account and open your Clickfunnels account in another tab.
  • On the right side, click on the account menu in the right section then click on “integration”.
  • Now, hit on “Add New Integration”.
  • Search and select Shopify.
  • Type your Shopify account name and your Shopify URL and click on ‘Connect Integration’.
  • Finally, step on the next page, to scroll down and just click on “Install Unlisted App”.
  • Now, You will see Shopify is successfully integrated.


Clickfunnels is the best software for tracking the process of sales on your online store. Here is the summary:

  • Sign up for Clickfunnels or You can use 14 Days of Free trials.
  • Select Your Funnel according to your budget.
  • Customize your funnel design that especially fulfills the basic needs of users.
  • You can create a design by using a customized funnel, you will find in Clickfunnels Platform drag and drop features.
  • Promote your landing pages by using social media platforms like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Quora Ads.
  • Collect the customers’ email id with the help of landing pages that might be used for re-targeting customers.
  • Create a ‘Thank you’ page when customers exchange their email id.


Can you make money with Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels offers users to earn an affiliate commission. If you are not interested in promoting your products by using the Clickfunnels program then you can simply promote Clickfunnels and can make money with Clickfunnels.

How much does Clickfunnels cost per month?

Clickfunnels program has two subscription funnels option, ranging from $97 to $297 per month depending on the features of the subscription of each plan. You can select Clickfunnels as per your choices.

Is Clickfunnels a landing page?

Clickfunnels is a bundle of a complete package in which landing pages are part of the entire funnel. It provides the best features to create landing pages to promote or sell products.

What are funnels?

A funnel is the set of steps a visitor needs to go through before they make the purchase.