Top 14 Future Online Business Ideas in India for 2021

The landscape of the Indian online business market is increasing due to many factors like international investments, government practices, and overall developing country. Seeing this I thought I’d share some future online business ideas which have big market share in 2021 in India.

India mostly has a young population that is growing towards leadership and technology-driven growth. They are more focused on innovation and growth by taking advantage of the online market. 

India is a developing country and starting an online business in India in 2021 will become easy for you as there will be an increase in resources. 

Top 14 Future Online Business Ideas in India

With the increase in resources, you are going to see some new opportunities to start an online business. 

Now, I am going to discuss some future online business ideas which you can start in 2021. 

Let’s start…

1. Micro-Niche Blogging

Micro-niche blogs are small blogs that are dedicated to one specific micro topic and a specific keyword. These kinds of blogs are made of a few pages only. Pages in micro-niche blogging lie anywhere within 10.

Micro-niche blogs are doing very well on SERP after the google algorithm update. They can help you in earning some extra income for yourself.

How to create a micro-niche blog?

Build a Website

Build a website on the platform of your choice or take help from professionals to build a website for you. Choose a web host and a unique theme. Make that website running and hop on the next step.

Choose a Micro-niche

Find a niche that is less competitive and something for which you are passionate about. Try to find out topics that can help you in educating people. 

Quality Articles

When creating a micro-niche blog, your goal should be to educate people, not just making money. Thus, write quality articles that are relevant to your blog. And target your keywords in the articles.

Get Traffic to Your Site

Promote your website. Try to get organic traffic to your website using authentic measures.

How can you earn from micro-niche blogging in 2021-

  • Affiliated Marketing: It is the most amazing way to earn money from micro-niche blogging. Finding a keyword that is relative to your blog and is less competitive can help you in making money from affiliate marketing.
  • Google Adsense: You can monetize your blog through Google AdSense if you are not selling any particular service or products. AdSense is the biggest Ad network and is trustworthy as it is associated with google. It is not limited to this, you are also going to get high CPC on AdSense.

2. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is also a form of online marketing. In influencer marketing, you collaborate with the online influencers to market a service or product.

This is mostly done for brand recognition. In the future, more people will indulge themselves in Influencer marketing as it is an easy way to market your product.

You can consider it an online business opportunity in India for 2021. You can become an influencer or can become an influencer marketing manager.

What works in influence marketing-

– Try to stay organized when planning the strategy.
– Spend time in deciding budget, plan, and invest time in researching.
– Find some influencers and offer them to be part of the agency.
– Make working in a friendly way with influencers as a habit because you are working with humans, not companies.
– Sending emails for the upcoming meetings and product promotions.

3. YouTube Channel

The love of people for video content made YouTube a big hit. YouTube is one of the most loved online platforms in today’s world and its importance will surely gonna increase in upcoming years.

YouTube is not only centered on entertainment purposes, but it is also used for educating people and earning money through it.

You can also create your very own YouTube channel on the topic of your choice. It can be an awesome way to earn a lot of money online.

How to Create a YouTube Channel-

Create a google account
Most of us already have a google account, this step is for those who don’t have any google account yet. For making a google account, you just have to fill some basic details of yourself.

Create a YouTube brand channel
To create a YouTube account for business, you have to set up a brand account. With a personal account, only you can manage your YouTube channel. It’s all up to you and your requirements.

You can choose any of both options while setting up a YouTube account. After that, you have to decide on a unique channel name.

Upload your first video
Create a video post for your channel and upload it after writing it’s description and including relevant keywords in them.

4. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a supply chain management system. In this, the retailer doesn’t keep the products with themselves but instead delivers the product to the customer directly through the manufacturer or a wholesaler.

In this process, the retailer doesn’t have to take care of the storage of the product on his own side.

The major difference between dropshipping and the standard retail model is that the seller doesn’t stock the goods in his own inventory.

When you want to start an online store but don’t have enough money to handle all the expenses alone, you can opt for dropshipping facilities.

Dropshipping comes with many benefits that will make it one of the great online business ideas in the future in India.

Benefits of Dropshipping

– Less Capital Investment
– Easy to get started
– Flexible Location
– Wide range of products to sell

How Does Dropshipping Work?

When a customer will buy a product from an online store, the vendor will pass that order to the third-party. After that, the product is delivered by the third party which can be a wholesaler or a manufacturer of a particular product.

The main tasks of a seller are to do advertising, marketing, and managing their online presence.

5. Outsourcing Services

There are many tasks in companies that they can outsource to remove workload from their employees. In outsourcing, companies usually give some particular task to an agency or an individual who provides these services.

This helps companies in cost-cutting and removing workload. By doing this, companies want to make their work done smoothly and fast.

If you know how to do a particular task that a company needs like customer services, technical support, app development, human resources, or digital marketing.

You can start by providing any of these services to any company or agency that needs an assistant in any task. This will help you in making money without stepping out of your home.

The outsourcing was not so famous earlier, but now their demand is rising in India and it is expected to grow more in the future.

6. T-shirt Printing Business

T-shirts are the most favorite apparel of people. Everyone loves wearing T-shirts, especially the customized ones. Many individuals and businesses also look for T-shirts printing services as they want their employees to stand out.

You can also start a business of printing T-shirts for such businesses and individuals. Or you can design T-shirts on your own and make them sell on online stores.

By t-shirt printing business, you can earn a lot of profit as it can be done in the upcoming years too because this trend will not fade so easily.

7. Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is Fulfillment by Amazon which provides storage space, packaging, and assistant to the seller.

This allows the seller to ship their products to the Amazon fulfillment center. The item is stored in the amazon warehouse until it is sold to a customer.

Amazon provides many benefits if you choose to work with Amazon.

Benefits of Using Amazon FBA

– Amazon associated products: If you will use Amazon FBA for selling your product, your product’s name will get associated with Amazon.

– Less Shipping fees: Amazon has a good relation with delivery agents so they charge minimum shipping fees from you.

– Customer Support: It also provides customer service at affordable rates and takes care of all the complaints and returns for the customers.

Read more about Amazon FBA here.

8. Organic Products Selling

The trend of buying organic goods online is increasing day by day. People are getting more concerned about the products that they are using on their skin and what they are eating. They only want to consume things that are natural and organic.

This concern of people has arisen the need for organic products in the market. Thus, some people are trying their hands in selling organic products online.

In the future, the demand for organic products will increase in India at a good rate which makes organic products selling can be of the best future online business ideas for 2021 in India.

9. Social Media Swapping

Social media swapping is a kind of content partnership between two companies. These companies share relevant content regularly and also share other company’s social media content on their own social media handle.

This helps in getting new content to post on social media. One more benefit is that other companies will also share your content on their social media handle.

How to do Social Media Page Swapping?

In social media swap, you have to find out a company that has an audience which you want to target. Contact the social media manager of that company to know whether they are available for social media swapping or not.

10. Local Product Promotions

Many people are selling local products in the Indian market. These business owners don’t have a  vast reach to attract new audiences. Most of the time they don’t have so many resources to have a marketing team.

You can help such kinds of local businesses to promote their products.

Local businesses have not adopted the modern way of marketing yet. Thus, your assistance can make their task easier and will help them in reaching a large group of people.

In this, you can work on a fixed amount monthly or you can make them pay you on every sale made by you.

Every business owner wishes to expand their business at some point of time, you can pitch such small businesses to provide your service to them. In this way, you will get some clients and you can earn good money through it.

11. Life Coaching and Consultancy

Becoming a life coach is not a new thing, but not many people are doing this. That’s why the demand for life coaches and consultants will increase in the future and makes this is one of the most profitable online business ideas.

A life coach and consultant is a person who has a deep understanding of the principles of success. Being a life coach, you have to teach people how to put these principles in life to get successful and get a happy life. Many businesses and people need help in reaching their goals or for their personal problems.

Apart from this, life coaches also help people in dealing with stress and anxiety. People dealing with such issues want someone to hear them out and guide them on the right path. They go to a life coach to help them in overcoming trauma or stress.

But not everyone can be a life coach, you must have some qualities to start this business, such as-

– Positive attitude towards life
– Have great listening skills
– Passionate about your work
– No Judgements
– Good communication
– Be Observant
– Stay honest

If you have these qualities, then you are ready to start an online Life coach and consultancy services.

12. E-commerce Consultancy

The Internet has taken over all the market and in the future, most of the things will take place online. People like the trend of online shopping which will give a rise to new e-commerce platforms in the future also.

The new business owners who want some help in starting their new ventures take help from e-commerce consultants. E-commerce consultants are experts in online business.

As an e-commerce consultant, you will be responsible for the e-commerce plan to market it and analyze the business. You also have to take care of tracking the progress of the business and should change the plan accordingly.

To become an e-commerce consultant, you must have knowledge of –

– Search engine optimization
– Social media marketing
– Blogging
– Search engine markets
– Product promotion
– Branding

By working as an e-commerce consultant, you can work flexibly. This work is very fun work to do as you will be meeting new people with their interesting startups.

You can start your own e-commerce consultancy services online or you can work virtually with a company or agency.

13. Content Creating / Marketing

The online market is increasing at an unbelievable rate. New marketing techniques are used to make a service or product to reach the desired audience. These new digital marketing techniques allow you to reach the audience without stepping out of the doorstep.

Content marketing is one of the most loved digital marketing techniques these days. Creating content and marketing it well is a skill that is in high demand and will remain in demand in upcoming years because Content is the king.

Content creating is an inbound marketing practice in which you create useful content for your audience. It helps you in attracting an audience to your website through content and improving engagement.

Most of the companies are focusing on their content marketing practices because it gives them great results. Apart from that, it benefits in improving the ROI of the company.

Businesses pay a very good amount to the content specialist these days. If you know the content creating and marketing process, you can become a freelancer and work for many businesses at the same time.

Earning a good amount of money will not be a dream if you have knowledge in this field.

14. Smart Home Consultancy

In the future, all traditional homes will switch to smart homes. Smart homes not only look good but also provide luxury services at your place only. Smart homes are more secure than our houses.

The more technology is progressing, the more demand for smart homes is increasing. Thus, you can also use this opportunity of increasing demand for smart homes for the betterment of your career. You can start an online consultancy service for future smart home buyers.

While doing this business, you should stay in touch with the people who provide related services, so that whenever you get a client, you can provide smart home related services to them easily at an affordable price.


All the future online business ideas mentioned above can help in earning a decent amount of money by starting at a small scale only.

Don’t copy other people while choosing your business. Pick an option that suits your skills, interest, and budget. If you will do so, you will achieve success in online business.