Freelancing in India – What is Freelancing and its Benefits?

Freelancing in India is an emerging trend, many professionals, along with their day jobs are starting to provide freelancing services to make extra money in their spare times.

Have you ever thought that earning is possible while sitting at home, driving a car, enjoying a cup of coffee, or spending time with your family and friends?

In the past, if we’d think about this, people would’ve think that we were out of our mind, and laughed at us. But in today’s digitized world, flexibility and globalization, this kind of earning are possible by starting a freelancing online business in India.

What is Freelancing?

To know more about freelancing, let’s understand the term ‘freelancer’ first.

‘A freelancer is a person, who is not limited to one organization, he/she can work with multiple clients and with multiple projects at the same time. They work for their own by providing services according to their skills.’

Freelancing in India - What is Freelancing

Freelancers usually earn money as per their job’s nature like an hourly or daily basis for their work. Some freelancers also charge for the per project. They are not employed by an organization either they go for contract or project tenders.

Freelancers work on different projects with different employers at the same time but some contractors restrict them to work with them only due to privacy or security reasons. They bind the freelancers to work only with them while working on their projects.

Every coin has two sides, so does a freelancing business. Before you decide to start freelancing in India, let’s discuss its advantages and disadvantages.

The Perks of Being a Freelancer in India

1. Flexible Work Schedule

A freelancer has full flexibility to operate his work and to choose work hours which makes him manage other work commitments too.

2. Complete Control

Freelancers know what to do when to do and how to do it. They have full control over their work, so they make sure they provide the best services to the clients.

3. Choice of Work

A full-time employee is restricted to work with specific clients and projects, which their employers provide them. But while working as a freelancer you have your choice to select your clients and projects. Also, freelancers can pick their favorite industries to work with.

4. Professional Network

When freelancers work with many clients from different regions or countries, they also get the chance to know about their culture and beliefs. Freelancers get exposure to working with many clients and this will lead to a mutually beneficial network.

The Disadvantages of Freelancing in India

After knowing about the benefits of starting freelancing in India, let’s move ahead to know about its cons.

1. Lack of Stability

Due to more competition in the market, freelancers are not able to get financial security. Because their work purely depends on their project and client payments. A full-time salaried employee is more financially stable and secure in comparison to freelancers.

2. No Perks & Benefits

Freelancers are not pampered by their employers by monthly birthday celebrations, insurance, provident fund benefits, etc.

Also, freelancers may don’t have a secure future as well because they are not included in any pension scheme.  A freelancer is responsible for his/her own benefits or perks.

Who can become a freelancer?

A skilled professional can be a freelancer by lending his services to clients. Freelancers’ jobs are trending.

Most popular freelance jobs are website designing, website development, mobile app development, content writing, graphic design, logo design, SEO / SME services, blog writing, branding etc.

Freelancers can work in any field as per their area of interest and expertise like food catering, consultancy, teaching, etc.

In today’s business world, hiring freelancers is becoming acceptable and attracting more business. This creates an incredible opportunity for a large number of skilled people, who can start their own business by freelancing.

The freelancing business leads to self-employment and with more empowerment, to entrepreneurship.

Apart from this, low-cost maintenance, issues with office spaces, no other perks, and benefits to employees also motivate organizations to recruit more freelancers.

The percentage of Indian youth who want to start a business has grown significantly in past years according to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM). A great responsibility comes with the choice of becoming an entrepreneur or a freelancer.

Some tips for Beginner Freelancers – How to Be Successful

Here are a few tips and guidelines that can help a person to ease the way of becoming an entrepreneur with a starting freelancing in India online.

  • Set your goal and objective.
  • Know your client and market.
  • Determine a price list for your services and product strategically.
  • Having a good website will help you to reach more customers.
  • Put good reviews and feedback from your existing clients.
  • The selection of clients is much important so choose wisely your first client.
  • Get trained on the pitch, a good projection of services and the right pitch will help you to attract more clients.
  • Never lie to your clients or misrepresent your skills.
  • Build a strong local connection.
  • Set your priority and don’t mix them.

Most Freelancer work from home, so keep yourself focused and increase productivity, I’ve listed 14 tools that you can use:

Getting Started with Freelancing in IndiaHow to Become Freelancer

1. Keep Yourself Motivated

Starting a freelancing business can be easy but you should keep yourself motivated while establishing it. There is no shortage of jobs for freelancers in the market if you have the right way of approach and good service.

2. Freelancing Platform in India

There are freelancing sites like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer and Toptal where one can find lots of jobs related to the desired skill or market.

There is a list of top 10 freelancing websites where you can kick-start your freelancing business in India.

Getting good freelancing jobs from these sites is the easiest way to start a freelancing in India. Many organizations looking for folks for short term and long-term projects related to website designing, developing, SEO, writing, etc. You just need to place a good bid and an effective approach.

Learn how to Write a Freelancing Gig on Fiverr to Immediately Land High Paying Projects.

3. Focus on Client Satisfaction

Sometimes clients post jobs for a low rate but they have a good project. So focus on your client first when you don’t have any previous experience or new to the freelancing platform.

A good client and a single good timely delivered project may open your way to success as a freelancer.

In the era of globalization, freelancers get the opportunity to work with international clients. Working with international clients increases your exposure to the international market.

4. Build Local Connections

In freelancing businesses, local network connections build great trust, provide less competition and lead to easier communication.

A lead or business gig can be generated from friends, family, old colleagues, and school/college friends, etc. Personal connection with the local community helps in generating local business for freelancers.

5. Gain Experience First

As a fresher needs a job experience first, the same as a freelancer entrepreneur or a business person, should focus on the experience. The main objective of a new freelancer should be to gain experience.

The more experience you have the more money you can earn. Because more experience will give you expertise in managing jobs that will increase your productivity and enhance your process and increase prices as well.

Trust and Skills are Key Factors to Become a Successful Freelancer in India, How?

Let’s read in detail.

1. Learn Soft Skills

Learning all the business etiquette’s, soft skills, behavior skills will make you a more reliable and professional person for your clients.

Knowing your client’s beliefs and values also make you a trusted professional for them. Clear communication and documentation will also help you.

Also, an important tip, in starting a freelancing business in India, few people are ready to work for free to get the experience or to enter into the market.

This thinking must be completely avoided by freelancers. Because working for free devalues services and goods from the start and also gives a low or bad impression to clients.

Instead of working for free, you can go for a low rate to enter the market.

2. Be Honest with Clients

As an old proverb says- “Honesty is the best policy”. So, in business or while freelancing, never lie to your clients or in other words never misrepresent yourself.

When you have a small team or a single person who is going to deliver the project, don’t pretend to be a big organization in front of the client.

The same will apply to skills as well, be specific, clear and honest about skills and capabilities or else this will give you a downfall soon.

Many business organizations or clients don’t have a big budget for their project so they are looking for inexperienced freelancers, candidates from universities or fresh graduates.

If you are being honest, have a clear strategy and vision, the client will know exactly what they are getting and what they can expect.

3. Start Small and Grow with Time

Go for a small start, jumping directly into full time freelancing maybe not a good idea. Start from a small project or part-time.

It will take time to make a big client base. Start your freelancing business from a single project and move onto another once you deliver your first project successfully within the set deadline.

That will also boost your confidence and make you more productive. Once you complete your 4-5 projects you will get a fair idea of time and client management in freelancing.

4. Build Strong Professional Relationships

A high reputation and good relationship with clients is always beneficial for freelance entrepreneurs. A quality professional relationship with satisfied happy clients is the easiest way to get references for a job or prospective clients.

It’s only possible if you have good communication with them while doing the project and even after delivering the project.

The reputation you build while working with the local business community gives you a trustworthy network and helps you with word of mouth referrals.

Set short term and long-term goals and play for the long run. Be patient and keep yourself ready to take challenges and committed to delivering your best to your client on every project.

Being consistent and being professional will surely give you great results in freelancing.

Freelancing is a challenging path that requires lots of commitment and effort. To become a successful freelancer may take few years. But working for yourself freely is far better than working for someone else.


How do I freelance in India?

To start freelancing in India you should first determine your expert services which you can provide to other people like business consulting, social media management or web designing etc. Then create a profile and build a professional network over LinkedIn. Talk about your experience to your network and let them know you are available for business.

What are the most in-demand skills for freelancing?

Most in-demand skills in freelancing according to a survey from Pioneer are IT and Programming like web and mobile app design and development. The second most in demand skills are legal practices. Followed by Sales and Marketing and Graphics designing. There is a rise in digital content writing in India in the past few years.

What are the best freelancing sites?

Top 10 freelancing sites are:
1. Upwork
2. Freelancer
3. Feverr
4. Guru
5. People Per Hour
6. Toptal
7. 99Design
8. Simply Hired
9. LinkedIn Pro Finder
10. iFreelancer