List of 10 Best Ecommerce Website Builder – Find The One for You

So, planning to launch your eCommerce business in India? This list of 10 best ecommerce website builder will help you choose the most suitable website builder for your store.

These days, people prefer to shop anything to everything from the comfort of their homes to safeguard themselves and their family from getting infected with the virus.

These days, it is much easier to start an online store, because of the availability of many tools that let you establish your seamlessly, functional online presence where you can sell your products/services.

Running an eCommerce business in India is far more affordable than a brick-and-mortar as for the latter you require a substantial upfront investment, add to that cost of electricity and other utilities.

Whereas for an eCommerce store, whatever you are selling, you may only need a laptop and good internet connectivity to get started.

In a nutshell, all these aspects of the eCommerce business point to the fact you are making the right decision, if you are considering establishing an online presence for your business.

How to Find The Best Ecommerce Website Builder?

Now that you’ve made up your mind to start an eCommerce business, the next and the most important is to decide on the right website builder where you can build your online store and start selling. Today, a vast majority of small to big businesses prefers these website builders for the following:-

  • Low Cost of Development
  • A Scalable Framework
  • Easy to Manage Your Store

An eCommerce platform is an application that allows small, medium-sized, and big enterprises to manage their store, marketing, sales, and operations. You can think of it as a central hub to your business.

Today, numerous eCommerce website builders in that market let you quickly set up your online store, and are powered with a plethora of advanced features for effective store management.

As the eCommerce in India continues to grow and advance, the on-premise technology is falling way behind the many eCommerce platforms that have taken a massive leap ahead.

With endless ecommerce builders in the market, narrowing down on the right one seems baffling, but don’t you worry, as here in this article, we’ve rounded up three quick tips to help you out with your decision to find the best suited ecommerce website builder for your store.

#1 Compare the Cost

The eCommerce platforms don’t come for free, especially a reliable one that offers both complete security and convenience. The pricing model of each eCommerce platform is unique; it is crucial to research your options well.

You must pay great attention to the features included in the package, and then weigh it against other packages. This approach will undoubtedly help you make a well-informed decision. Do comprehensive research to determine which eCommerce platform offers greater value for money.

#2 Best For Your Store Design

The design of your online store is the heart and soul of your eCommerce business. Your eCommerce store is like your traditional physical store, and the overall design has to be impressive. Otherwise, whosoever landed on your store won’t hesitate to move to the next store. Today, the online consumer’s excellent store web design with good UX.

When building an eCommerce store, make sure you research the platform to find a template or theme that perfectly represents your brand. For building an eCommerce store from a platform, you don’t need to learn any programming language. Most eCommerce website builders have both FREE and paid themes.

#3 Scalability & Customizability

Because, up to now you’ve planned very well, expect your business to scale new highs of success with each passing fiscal year. But, as you grow, you require specific additional support from your chosen eCommerce website builder.

So, you must opt for an eCommerce platform that presents you the freedom to upgrade your online store to meet your growing demands. Choose a package that offers you such flexibility.

The List of Best Ecommerce Website Builder

So, to ease the burden of picking the right eCommerce website builder, today, we’ll provide a detailed review of best eCommerce website builder. Without wasting any time let’s get on with these:-

1. Shopify


  • Ease of Use
  • A Vast Selection of Templates
  • Excellent Support
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability


  • High Transaction Fees
  • Can’t Setup Multi-Language Store

2. WooCommerce


  • Advanced Features for Bigger Ecommerce Stores
  • Huge Range of Designs
  • Efficient Customer and Store Administrator Accounts


  • Lacks in Terms of Ease of Use
  • Lack of Support

3. Squarespace



  • Good Blog Integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • Wide Range of Templates


  • No Automatic Sales Tax Mechanism
  • Not Easy to Use

4. Wix


  • Ease of Use
  • Real-Time Shipping Calculator
  • Best For Both Physical & Digital Goods


  • Low Loading Speeds
  • Lack of Customization

5. Bigcommerce


  • No Transaction Fees
  • Solid SEO Features
  • Vast product Variants


  • Cannot Set up a Multilingual Store.
  • Expensive Compared to Other eCommerce Builders.

6. 3DCart


  • Easy to Set Up and Manage an Online Store
  • Site Design and Redesign is Straightforward
  • Comprehensive SEO Services


  • Advanced Features Lacking
  • Doesn’t Provide Enough Customization Options

7. Weebly


  • Very Easy to Use
  • Supports Physical Goods, Digital Goods and Services
  • Shipping and Tax Calculator


  • No Offline Payment Available
  • No Integrations With Other Platforms

8. Big Cartel


  • Can Set Up and Sell Online for Free
  • Clean Navigation and User-Friendly Prompts
  • Perfect for Artists Selling Individual Pieces


  • Features Lack of Depth and Quality
  • Basic Theme Options

9. Zyro


  • Good Site Performance
  • Automatic Cloudflare Inclusion
  • Responsiveness Comes Naturally
  • AI Writer Helps Create Content


  • More Complex Domain Handling.
  • Slow Customer Support.

#1 Shopify – Complete Customization

Payment Plan-

Try Shopify Free for 14 Days, No Payment Information Needed

Basic Shopify – USD- $29 Per Month

Shopify – USD- $79 Per Month

Advanced Shopify – USD- $299 Per Month

First, on the list, Shopify is a premium eCommerce builder preferred by both smaller and larger eCommerce stores. Here, you have the complete freedom to list unlimited products; there are no bandwidth limitations on this aspect. Thus, Shopify makes it easy for growing eCommerce stores to scale their business.

While, with Shopify, you may not get the best of templates, but whatever available you can edit according to your preference. If you are a coding expert, then you add features to your online store with the help of an integrated API.

Alternatively, you can go with the Google Play Store for integrating standard features without the coding requirement.

If you opt for Shopify, you can sell your product and services from multiple channels, right from Amazon, Pinterest to eBay. You can even integrate a buy button from your website. Shopify covers all the majority of relevant payment & shipping methods. Shopify charge 2% for each sale made.

In a nutshell, if you are in search of a reliable eCommerce website builder with all the necessary features and complete security, then Shopify is your best bet.

Start your 14-day free trial today!

#2 WooCommerce – FREE Website Builder

Payment Plan-

WooCommerce Itself is Free.

But, you have to pay for the domain name and hosting. You can additionally buy a theme or plugins for improved functionality. The estimated cost of the domain name is $12, and hosting comes at 5$ to 25$ monthly.

WooCommerce, today is a leading eCommerce plugin for WordPress, best-suited for both smaller & larger eCommerce stores.

However, WooCommerce isn’t beginner-friendly, as the procedure to be the online store is not fully explanatory. There is a wide range of templates available; you can choose one that seamlessly fits your requirements.

WooCommerce is FREE of cost, but you’ve to take into account the cost of buying a domain, hosting, theme, plugins, and other extensions. By integration with the plugin WPML, your store can be multilingual.

Since it is open-source software; you can make all the adjustments and customizations at any time. However, the most significant lacking point of WooCommerce is that it lacks dedicated support.

If you’ve little to no knowledge of using WordPress, then look for alternatives such as Shopify.

Get started with one of the best ecommerce website builder by setting up your online store with WooCommerce.

#3 Squarespace – Perfect For Social Media Integration

Payment Plan-

Squarespace has four popular packages for building your eCommerce store.

1. Personal – $12 Per Month

2. Business – $18 Per Month

3. BASIC Commerce – $26 Per Month

4. ADVANCED Commerce – $40 Per Month

Squarespace is an ideal eCommerce platform to build a professional-looking online store with the necessary features. It offers more than 60 templates, and all of them are easily adaptable to smart devices.

The live chat support is excellent, they will resolve all your queries and doubts right away. At Present, no phone support available is available.

It has several built-in tools to manage your online store effectively. With Squarespace, both the PayPal and G Suite integration is available. Besides, you get SEO tools and easy social media integration.

You can build an exclusive eCommerce store on Squarespace, with zero technical knowledge. The latest version of Squarespace offers numerous customization features.

The Squarespace drag-and-drop mediator is simple to use; it is section-based so you can have advanced control over how your site looks. With Squarespace, you can easily create an online store that is uncluttered and easy to navigate.

Squarespace has several built-in security features to keep off malware and save your site from cyber attacks.

In terms of SEO, Squarespace outperforms its competitors, each webpage here adheres to all the best SEO packages. It provides several tools that allow you to add the page title, alt tag, and meta tags.

You can also integrate your MailChimp to Squarespace set up and effectively run your eCommerce campaign.

To boil down, Squarespace isn’t only an eCommerce platform to build beautiful-looking stores, but also one with a punch of features, with improved security and support. Try this website builder for yourself, and share your experience with us.

#4 Wix – Ideal For Beginners

Payment Plan-

The Wix Premium Plans Are:-

VIP First Priority Support- ₹325/month Billed Annually

Unlimited Entrepreneurs & Freelancers- ₹185/month Billed Annually

Combo For Personal Use- ₹125/month Billed Annually

Connect Domain Most Basic ₹80/month Billed Annually

If you want an appealing and functional online eCommerce store, then Wix is an apt choice. They offer over 100+ design templates to build an online store. You can use their videos and images for an aesthetically attractive that makes sales crazy.

The Wix templates are responsive to the different sizes screens, right from tablets to smartphones. All the products on the Wix are centrally managed like the Weebly solution. You can sell both downloadable digital goods and physical goods.

Wix has the flexibility of a variety of payment methods, which includes all the traditional means such as money transfers, credit cards, and PayPal, and the best part, it doesn’t charge any fee for the transaction.

With Wix, you get one single package that let you enjoy all the basic and advanced features right away. You can also opt for the trial mode initially to see how it works, but it is only published when you pay for the package.

One of the popular features of Wix is the ability to send the newsletter to customers, to keep them updated with the latest offers and highlights.

Create eCommerce business website in India, for FREE with Wix.

#5 Bigcommerce – Best for Scalability

Payment Plan-

Bigcommerce’s Pricing Plan Options Include:

Standard ($29.95/month)

Plus ($79.95/month)

Pro ($299.95/month)

Enterprise Plans With Pricing Based on Customers Online Sales.

Even though the word big is there in Bigcommerce, this eCommerce builder works for both small and large eCommerce stores. Unlike the Wix or Weebly, Bigcommerce is a builder with a primary focus on eCommerce, similar to Shopify. With any plan of Bigcommerce, you can sell unlimited products, including both B2B and B2C.

Bigcommerce does not charge any additional transaction fee or have a cap on the flow of the traffic. However, every plan of Bigcommerce has a yearly threshold limit. If you cross the limit as your eCommerce business expands, you have the freedom to upgrade to premium packages.

The SEO features of Bigcommerce are impressive and easy to implement, such as 301 redirects and sitemap inclusion.

One drawback is that creating a multilingual online store in Bigcommerce is only possible if you are a programming ninja.

Managing an online store on Bigcommerce is easy-peasy, you can easily add products and categories without any limitations. This makes it one of the best ecommerce website builder from the list!

For a FREE demo to see how Bigcommerce works, visit their official website today!

#6 3dcart – Great Site-Building Experience

Payment Plan-

Package NameNo. of UsersSpecialNo. of Products
STARTUP STORE-11.40 Month1 Staff UserNo Transaction FeesUnlimited Products
BASIC STORE- 17.40 Month2 Staff UsersNo Transaction FeesUnlimited Products
PLUS STORE-47.40 Month5 Staff UsersNo Transaction FeesUnlimited Products
MOST POPULAR- 77.40 Month10 Staff UsersNo Transaction FeesUnlimited Products
PRO STORE- 137.40 Month15 Staff UsersNo Transaction FeesUnlimited Products

Features of 3DCart

3dcart is an excellent option to choose from the list of best eCommerce builders to create an online store. Today, it is one of the leading software for shopping eCommerce carts. It was a robust, eCommerce builder software that was launched in 1997.

It has a myriad of features that let you set up, and manage your online store quickly & effortlessly. As per the recent data, 3dcart powers over 17,500 international merchants, and best part the support is available 24*7, and free of cost.

3dcart has the first fifteen days free; no credit card is needed. 3dcart has partnered with more than 350+ App programmers for seamless third-party integrations.

3dcart doesn’t charge any transaction fee. The payment methods on the 3dcart are PCI DSS compliant.

When choosing the site design for your eCommerce store, you have over five dozen templates. With the more premium plan of 3dcart, you’ll have access to the premium design templates which are device responsive, perfect for browsing on your PC or smartphone.

In addition, you have several customization tools for creating a unique storefront. The drag-and-drop functionality makes editing the store anytime really easy. It offers easy navigation menus for products, categories, and blog posts.

The 3D zoom feature allows your customers to have the energy version of the product photo whenever they place the cursor over the product. It is also compatible with point of sale (POS) system. The 3d built-in search functionality helps your buyers search and order products.

The Core Marketing Tools of 3dcart

  • Targeted EMail Marketing
  • Promotional Coupons
  • Gift Cards
  • Built-in Affiliate Program
  • Complex Marketing Checklist – Pre-Built
  • Advanced SEO Tools

Try 3dcart website builder for FREE today!

#7 Weebly -Build Any Kinds of Websites

Payment Plan-

Free – Basic Use $0

Connect – Connect a Domain $5.00 Monthly (When Paid Annually)

Pro – Groups & Organizations $12 Monthly (When Paid Annually)

Business – Small Businesses & Stores $25 Monthly (When Paid Annually)

Weebly makes selling products online super easy. Today, it is one of the most trusted website builders to develop an eCommerce business in India.

The simple structure of Weebly makes it quite easy to set up and smoothly manage an eCommerce store thanks to Weebly’s centralized system.

As your store grows, you can also import and export products. By integrating third-party systems like Excel, you can quickly update your pricing as well.

Over Weebly, you can sell so much, right from t-shirts, jewellery to digital goods like books. The Weebly App Center makes managing customer reviews a piece of cake. If you sell goods worldwide, you can add tax information individually for each country.

In addition, the real-time shipping rates allow your customers to know what the shipping fee is at the time of placing the order.

Not to mention, the excellent support of Weebly, that is included in every package. You can email, live chat or call the Weebly support team.

Get started with one of the most reliable and best free ecommerce website builder- Weebly.

#8 BigCartel – Best for Beginners

Payment Plans-

No. of ProductsPricingWhat’s Special
5 ProductsFREENo Credit Card Needed
50 Products$9.99 MonthNo Listing Fees
250 Products$19.99 MonthNo Listing Fees
500 Products$29.99 MonthNo Listing Fees

Big Cartel is a perfect eCommerce builder for those who are establishing their commerce business from scratch, rather than a scaling eCommerce business.

Using Big Cartel, you can start your eCommerce in India store for free. This eCommerce website builder is best for artists selling their artwork, and not bulk uploads. Big Cartel offers support to beginners.

It offers three types of payment methods, PayPal, Stripe, and Square. You can easily customize the payment page by adding features like confirmation mail. There is an order section to track payments.

The payment methods of Big Cartel are not PCI compliant. Big Cartel doesn’t charge a transaction fee, even when the on-boarding plan is free.

With Big Cartel, you can integrate several features for improved e-commerce functions. You can also sell on Facebook and tag products on Instagram using Big Cartel. You can use this feature, even for a free package.

One of the biggest drawbacks associated with Big Cartel is the no abandoned cart recovery. The abandoned carts increase sales by completing some of the incomplete orders from the customer’s side.

There are 16 Big Cartel themes to select from. They all appear professional and clean for a sophisticated online store. You can preview the template before publishing it. Most of the themes of Big Cartel are mobile responsive; each one fits the screen perfectly.

#9 Zyro – Amazing Interface

Payment Plan-

BASIC For personal brands $1.99/month

UNLEASHED For businesses $2.99/month

eCommerce Start selling online $8.99/month

eCommerce + Grow your business $13.99/month

Not on the list, but not the least is the Zyro website builder. It has an excellent interface with some powerful features that provide you with better control of how your store looks and functions. Yet, it lacks in terms of theme customization options.

Zyro offers excellent uptime with an easy drag-and-drop interface. With Zyro, you also get the FREE SSL certificate. Some of the shortcomings of Zyro include not switching the templates, can’t schedule the blog post, and lacks add-on.

Zyro not only let your create attractive and responsive e-commerce shops, but also standout features like logo-building tool for complete professional assistance,

Getting started with Zyro is easy; all you’ve to do is to create a username and password, and then pick a site template. Zyro has over 55+ beautiful themes. Zyro’s templates are responsive and look good on mobile and desktop.

The eCommerce features include the media-rich, HTML product descriptions. Customers can pay using PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, and many other options. Zyro’s 24/7 customer support solves all your queries and doubts right away. You can chat with human representatives.


So this was the complete list of best Ecommerce website builders, with reviews and co

In the end, we can say each eCommerce website builder has its own set of pros & cons; you’ve to weigh your options before you reach a conclusion carefully.

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