Top 25 Online Platforms to Start Health Consultation as a Doctor in India

The concept of tele-medicine in India was slowly and steadily growing. And, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a sudden surge with most people from various states recognizing the new system of meeting their Doctor.

Most of the people are having a positive experience with online visits.  So, the benefits of online doctor consultation platforms in a nutshell are:-

  • No Need To Travel To Visit Your Doctor.
  • No-Risk Of Coronavirus Infection From Doctor’s Clinic.
  • Comfortable & Convenient.
  • Improved Ways To Check Your Symptoms. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed the way we work, interact with our friends, relatives, and in simple words, how we live. Besides, it has also changed the way we get health care facilities. 

Amidst the surge of coronavirus in India, it is not safe to go to the hospital or visit your Doctor’s clinic for a general checkup, because there is a threat of exposure to the novel virus, and it is on a significantly higher side. 

Fortunately, today, we live in the age of the Internet, where we can connect with a doctor online via a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Online doctor consultation platforms can address a myriad of health problems, including:

  • Prenatal Care
  • Diabetes Management
  • Primary Care
  • Urgent Care, Possible Evaluation of Coronavirus Infection. 
  • Counselling

The convenience factor is simply something that you just can’t ignore. There is no need to get all dressed up, wear a mask and gloves and head out of your house to visit your Doctor, instead stay at home and consult your Doctor in your comfy clothes. The real-time Consultation is as effective as face-to-face physical interaction with the Doctor.  

Today, in this article, we’ll be enlisting top 25 online doctor consultation platforms in India with a quick overview of each. So, without any further delays, let’s check out:-

1. Doconline

It is one of the leading online doctor consultation platforms that provide you access to a doctor while being anywhere in India via chat, phone or video. You can also get the prescribed medicines delivered right at your doorstep.

You can book your diagnostic test as advised by the Doctor online. Just like your Doctor, an online medical consultant will thoroughly listen to you, understand your medical history, symptoms, and then prescribe your medicines or advise lab tests. 

They have a panel of highly-qualified doctors with specialization in their own field. Download the Doconline App, and easily book your online appointment with the Doctor, store your health care records, read health tips, order your medicines online and get a lab test done easily. Doconline is accessible in various parts of the world, especially throughout India. 

Based on the many customer reviews and ratings, we can deduce that people are quite satisfied with the Doconline’s online doctor consultation services, it is both convenient and affordable.

These days on the official Website of Doconline, there is a COVID-19 symptom checker that lets you do your self-assessment. It is helpful too to access the risk factor, and for further guidance, the Doctor will consult you.  

2. Mycare India

Second, on the top online doctor consultation platforms in India is Mycare India, it provides personalized health care facilities. It connects you directly with a qualified doctor via a secure mobile platform that ensures the privacy of the patient.

Patients simply love the convenience of chatting with a qualified doctor anytime. Mycare India App is right on your smartphone, you can have access to the best health care facilities, without leaving your house in the COVID-19 era.

Their team of medical health care experts are responsive; you can consult anytime. While being anywhere. Each time you consult a Mycare India’s Doctor, you get an e-prescription. 

My Care’s Smart prescription allows you to order medicines right at your doorstep. Right from pediatrician, orthopedist to a heart specialist, the list of doctors on Mycare India is long. With the Mycare India App, you can efficiently organize all your medical history documents in the virtual medical folder.

Mycare India assures you complete privacy. The Mycare India App is available for iPhones and Android device’s. They can print, email, and fax the patient’s prescription. They have a panel of over 110 doctors, across 35 hospitals, and 160 labs throughout India. 

3. Icliniq

If you want a doctor, who is there for you 24*7, then Icliniq, the virtual hospital is one of the best online doctor consultation platforms. You can consult a doctor anywhere and anytime over a phone call. They have a team of specialist doctors, which includes 3500+ doctors, and 80+ have expertise in telemedicine.

The secured SSL encryption protects all your personal information and medical data. Today, Icliniq is trusted by more than 196 countries worldwide, and the numbers will further increase.

You can also order lab tests online, available 270+ cities across India. The consulting specialists cover dermatology, internal medicine, sexology, dentistry, obstetrics and gynecologic, and 80+ more specialists. 

The Icliniq App is user-friendly for both the doctors and patients to operate. In this App, you’ll find several health tools for self-analysis such as menstrual period calculator, blood alcohol calculator, early pregnancy calculator, safe days calculator and many other tools. Icliniq gives you the freedom to choose a doctor and consult them online. 

Post your query, and get one online Consultation for FREE. There is also a facility of highly secured HIPAA compliant end-to-end encrypted video calls with a doctor or phone consultation for immediate help. 

4. 1mg

You can consult with a doctor across 22+ specialities, via chat, phone calls, and even video calls, as per your convenience. As per the Website 30L+ consultations done and 3+ daily consultations.

1mg assure your personal information and details is protected and confidential. And you have the freedom to delete the chat anytime you want to. They offer top-notch health care facilities from their vast network of qualified doctors.

With 1mg, you have great convenience, which means you don’t need to get in the long queues of a hospital all day long, instead book a consultation with the Doctor anytime and anywhere. 

They provide medical help for non-urgent queries for free, and the fee is starting from 50 Rs for an urgent response to your query. The paid Consultation is valid for three days, so you can do a follow-up consultation within this time. The process of booking an online consultation with a doctor is easy-peasy.

First, you have to select the type of category of Doctor you want to consult with, tell 1mg what troubling you is. You can type your concern, attach any medical prescription or lab test, and the next step is to connect with the Doctor to diagnose your condition and prescribe medicines. 

5. Docsapp

With Docsapp online doctor consultation platform, you can consult a specialist doctor 24*7 online on private chat and call. You can book a consultation with doctors from top hospitals across the nationwide. Also book a safe and hygienic medical test from a lab near you.

You can also consult with the Doctor for COVID-19 infection risk query or care 24*7. If you buy the gold membership of Docsapp, you’ll have the freedom of unlimited online consultations for your entire family, anytime. The video consultations are also FREE. 

You can also order medicines with great discounts. The specialities they cover are general physician, sexual problems, hair and skin problems, and more. The process to book an online consultation with the Doctor is a hassle-free process.

First, you have to ask any question related to your health; then a doctor will connect with you in minutes, pay the doctor consultation fee after that, get your diagnosis done and receive a prescription. 

Download the Docsapp App for an array of features. The online consultations are private and protected. You can consult with your Doctor in your native language. Get amazing discounts on lab tests and medicines. Consult with the Doctor instantly. 

6. Digiqure

Find the best doctors near you, and book a video consultation to one via the Digiqure. The doctors are 100% verified and experienced in their respective field. Whether you have the flu, diabetes or eye infection, Digiqure has doctors for everyone.

They have a panel of 1701 doctors across 31 specialists and in 101 cities. Their medical information and payments are safe and secured with Digiqure. They provide excellent support for all your queries and doubts. 

You can download the Digiqure App, and consult a doctor anywhere and anytime. The App is user-friendly to use; all you’ve to sign up and get started in no time. The App is available for Android devices. 

7. Second Medic

Get paid Consultation from top doctors from the US, UK, and India over Email, video and voice calls. Presently, the service is available in India, later will expand to the US. With SecondMedic, online visits are safe, easy, and affordable.

You can also seek immediate Consultation in no time. Being the most trusted telemedicine company India, as soon as you request online Consultation, you’ll be connected with the top-quality doctors.

They are trained to provide the best medical advice online. The personalized approach assures the most efficient online consultation experience. 

At SecondMedic, you’ll have access to highly-trained medical experts providing the best health care facilities for diverse health problems. They assure that they provide an unbiased opinion, based mainly on your medical condition, without any conflict.

The specialists at SecondMedic offer evidence-based treatment to provide the most accurate diagnoses. Their healthcare facilities are accessed through a variety of digital domains as per your convenience. 

They offer several Download Our App & Get Consultations from anywhere medical packages; you can choose one based on your medical condition. Download the App & get Consultation from anywhere. They also provide COVID-19 support to help you clear your every minute query and doubt. 

8. Doctor Insta

Doctor Insta is one of the leading online doctor consultation platforms in India. See a doctor instantly for homoeopaths, dieticians, sexologists, psychologists, dermatologists, paediatricians, and other specialists all from the comfort of your home.

Their panel of doctors is certified and trained at some of the top-notch medical colleges and hospitals throughout the country. 

They have a highly rigorous selection process for their doctors. They hire medical specialists who have in-depth knowledge of their speciality and are committed to delivering patient stratification. 

Doctor Insta App is available on iPhone, iPad, Android. Their consultation fee is 400 Rs for homoeopathy, internal medical medicines, sexology, gynaecology, physiatry, paediatrics, and dermatology.

For 30 minutes session of psychology and diet & nutrition is also 400 Rs. Visit their Website to check out trending blogs and articles related to COVID-19. Use the code INSTA30 to get a discount of 30% on your first online Consultation.

9. Practo

Visit the website-

Download the App Android-

Download the App iPhone-

Ask for top Doctor’s advice at Practo. Skip the travel to a local hospital or medical clinic by booking an online private consultation with an audio call at Rs 199. They have a panel of more than 150 doctors with 25 specialities, digital prescription, and free follow-ups.

You can also obtain the membership for 200 Rs per month, and have access to unlimited consultations. The working of this online doctor consultation platform is straightforward; the first step is to select a symptom or speciality, then connect with the Doctor for audio and video consultation, and finally get the digital prescription and follow-up consultation. 

According to Practo, it has over 2,00,000+ happy clients, 20,000+ verified doctors. the key benefits of opting for Practo is that you can consult top doctors 24*7, start the conversion within 2 minutes, it’s both easy & convenient.

The online consultations are 100% safe, the online consultation experience is similar to a face-to-face with the Doctor, and the paid Consultation is valid for three days, so you can have FREE follow-ups.

Download the Practo App, and get ₹100 HealthCash, video consult with the Doctor, track your online medicine order, exclusive health packages, and ask free questions. 

10. Portea

With Portea, you can book your digital doctor consultation in no time, and don’t need to wait for hours at the hospital lobby for your appointment. You speak to your Doctor anytime and anywhere from your convenience.

They also provide in-house healthcare service at most reasonable costs compared to nursing homes and traditional hospitals. The home visit doctors are highly trained and qualified, and provide full treatment, and help you throughout the recovery process. 

Being India’s leading healthcare provider, Portea provided treatment in the comfort of your house, supported by your family. The in-home doctor service of Portea is quite helpful for elderly people or those with chronic illness who must not visit the hospital in the COVID-19 to minimize the risk of getting infected. 

Some of the medical services that are offered by their home doctors are General Checkup, Diabetic Care, Ortho Care, Post-Hospitalization Cardiac Care, Post-Hospitalization Neuro Care, and Home-Based Oncological Care.

Portea’s panel of general physicians has a wealth of practical industry experience in their respective medical field and treat each patient with compassion and patience. The frequency of the Portea’s doctor visit depends on the condition of the patient and the treatment plan. 

11. Health drop

In the list of top online doctor consultation platforms in India, Health Drop is amongst the top-ranked. Health Drop is a doctor-patient platform; patients have access to the best-specialized care about medical problems and get valuable advice.

The Health Drop App is available on Android. The customer support is excellent; they are ready to answer your every minute query or doubt right away.

Their team of doctors from various specialities are highly experienced and trained from top medical institutions in India. With Health Drop App, you can easily manage your medical records conveniently.

 The doctors are highly responsive, as soon as you make a consultation request, a doctor will be dedicated to your query in no time.

The interface of the Health Drop is smart and convenient; you won’t find any difficulty in using it for all kinds of medical services. You can also follow their Website for articles and blogs related to general health care and COVID-19. 

12. Tata Health

Consult a doctor online with Tata Health. If you have any query related to coronavirus, don’t rely on WhatsApp forwards, reach out to their qualified Doctor for the right advice.

You can also buy medicines online from trusted partners and book home lab tests. There is a myriad of reasons to opt for Tata Health App.

These include comprehensive healthcare facilities right at your fingertips, so you are in complete charge of your health. They promise a seamlessly caring experience for you and your family tailored and transparent. Besides, you get trustworthy tips and verified information to guide you with regards to your health. 

Each Doctor of Tata Health is selected through a rigorous process with the sole objective to deliver the unparalleled care that you deserve. You can get out to the Doctor instantly, also get personalized Consultation for skin and hair from verified dermatologists in the network.

You can also get medicines delivered right to your doorstep, apart from fast skipping, get an amazing discount on every purchase. 

Get your sample picked right from your home, each lab is certified, and get reports quickly online. With Tata Health App, you also get the steps tracker to monitor your steps. 

13. Doctor Trek

Doctor Trek is a one-stop solution for all your medical needs. You can find the best Doctor for Online Consultation. Each of the doctors is verified and experienced, and they are selected from a tough procedure that ensures you have the best experience you deserve.

100% privacy is what Doctor Trek promises; you have complete control of your data. Their medical experts are ready to answer your queries within 8 to 24 hours. You can schedule your appointment as per your convenience. 

Doctor Trek makes it simple and easy to connect with one of the medical experts. Both the web-based and App interface is intuitive, catering to your needs. The platform of Doctor Trek serves as a virtual clinic for the doctors. 

With a myriad of options available with the Doctor Trek’s App, it’s no longer complicated to seek medical consultations, advice, and best care from specialists.

Based on the customer reviews and ratings, Doctor Trek scores excellent compared to other online doctor consultation platforms in India.

14. Credihealth

Credihealth is India’s leading network of teleconsultants. It is easy, safe, and secure to find your preferred Doctor and time slot, according to your schedule. Credihealth is operative throughout many states and cities nationwide.

Talk to the medical expert easily, any time of the day, and after Consultation, know the treatment cost, book lab tests as prescribed by the Doctor, and order medicines. 

Some of the medical services they provide include a genuine second opinion, solely based on your medical treatment. They also provide quick ambulance service across India.

You can also book COVID-19 test online. Download the Credihealth App for a lighting and faster experience. Their team of doctors include top medical specialists from the best hospitals in India. 

15. Lybrate

Visit the Website-

Stay home and consult a doctor online at Lybrate. The massive database of Lybrate gives you access to 150,000 highly trained doctors. You can consult a specialist doctor for anything you want to with your fingertips.

This way you can save 70% of money and time for an upcoming general checkup, and you get the best care. Each Doctor on Lybrate signed after a stringent verification ensures 100% client satisfaction. Subscribe to the network of Lybrate Online Doctor network for free answers to all your queries, consultations, and appointments. 

Lybrate offers a friendly, easy, and fast way to consult sexologists, Ayurveda, homoeopathy, general practitioners, dieticians, nutritionists, and more. No matter what your medical condition is, you can connect with the Doctor straight thanks to Lybrate. 

The Lybrate App is easy to use; the interface is efficient and lets you avail the best medical services online. 

16. Cloudninecare

You can book an online consultation with the Doctor in this COVID-19 era, the official Website of Cloudninecare. Cloudninecare is the #1 pediatric and maternity clinic in India. Amid the rising coronavirus cases, Cloudninecare has started the Virtual Consultation for the patients.

You can easily book a consultation with “It’s Our Baby App.” The process is simple and straightforward. Register your profile using your email address, log in to your account. Then, you have to tap “Make an Appointment.”

You have to select a city, then hospital centre, doctor type, and your preferred Doctor. Choose the video and tele consult. You can check for the Doctor’s availability, and book a time slot. You can also book a consultation online through Cloudninecare’s Website, with the same steps.  

Cloudninecare also offers doorstep delivery of the medicines, and you can also book a home sample online. They also have the facility of vaccination at home for babies. The best part about Cloudninecare is that you can choose whatever Doctor you want from a wide database. 

You can make payment through your credit card, UPI, and digital wallets. If the video gets disconnected owing to an Internet issue, you can easily reconnect. 

17. Askapollo

Consult a licensed and certified specialized doctor at Askapollo. Apollo is Asia’s largest healthcare network and has an extensive panel of 1000+ doctors across 80+ specialities to consult. You can consult with the Doctor anywhere in the country, via mail, video, or voice call.

You can share your Doctor privately; they ensure that all your personal and medical information is safe and discreet. 

You can follow up your Doctor up to 7 days from your first paid Consultation. After the Consultation, their Doctor will provide the required medical opinion; they’ll identify the next step, which may include further medical tests or prescribe medicines.

All medical history and online consultations are safe and private at Askapollo. The Askapollo App is available on both iPhone and Android devices. 

18. eVaidya

Expert medical advice is just a call away with eVaidya. The digital clinic is the next big thing in the world of telemedicine, offering a full spectrum of medical services.

eVaidya has partnerships with the state governments throughout India to deliver better digital health care facilities to the entire population. Apart from Integrated OP facilities, they also offer lab tests and pharmacy services all under one roof. 

19. Contact Doctor

Visit the Website-

Medical experts of Contact Doctor are available for video consultation. They have a vast panel of qualified doctors to address all the non-emergency situations, along with post-operative care. All your medical information and records will remain safe. You can also seek a private second opinion. 

Visit the Contact Doctor’s Website, and there search for a general physician or a medical specialist who you think can provide the right online Consultation; there is also a dedicated mobile App. 

By providing your symptoms or preferences, you can obtain the complete detail of the Doctor. Next is viewing the entire profile of the Doctor, and finally, selecting the Doctor. 

20. Doctor 24×7

As the name suggests, Doctor 24×7 connects you with a qualified and licensed big city doctor any time of the day. Working on the Doctor 24×7 is simple and easy. Based on your medical problem or symptoms, you have to pick a speciality.

After that, instantly connect with the Doctor, and put forth your health issues. One of the experienced doctors will patiently listen to your health issue, and provide a digital prescription via the Email or in-app. 

If required, you can follow-up with the Doctor within three days. The speciality includes dermatologist, child specialist, emotional well-being, dietician, sexologist, diabetologist, and general physician. 

The patient is the first and last priority of Doctor 24×7; they ensure that the teleconsultation will run smoothly, right from the appointment to the prescription, others you’ll receive a refund.

They have 5 Lakh+ Patients Treated and 99% Happy Clients. Download the Doctor 24×7 App and have instant Consultation with specialist doctors. Guaranteed.

21. DocGenie

DocGenie is amongst the top-rated online doctor consultation platforms in India that offer online teleconsultation services. They provide complete healthcare services from the top doctors in the comfort of your home.

On DocGenie, you can select a highly qualified doctor from thousands of medical experts. So, with this app, you can be assured of receiving excellent, honest, and personalized health care. 

Why risk yourself from the exposure of COVID-19 infection or delay your treatment, consult a doctor over a video call at DocGenie. Why should you choose DocGenie?

At DocGenie, they have carefully handpicked, world-class doctors. They ensure complete protection of your medical & personal data. Free follow up calls, and if you’re satisfied with the services, you’ll get a full refund. 

22. MFine

With MFine, you can chat with a doctor online from a wide hospital network. Get a lab test at the comfort of your home. MFine connects you with qualified doctors across 30+ specialities, including dermatology, diabetology, cardiology, and gynaecology.

You have to talk to your Doctor online, select a speciality, pick a doctor, enter your details to consult with the Doctor online. The Doctor will recommend you follow health checkups, medicines, lab tests, based on your health condition. 

The qualification and the experience of the Doctor are taken into consideration to recommend a doctor. The privacy of the users of MFine is the top priority; therefore, all the medical discussion and history will be stored in a secure and safe database.  

All the information will remain confidential. When conducting a lab test at home, proper norms of social distancing and safety is followed by professionals.

They have got 50000+ 5 star ratings online, and 2 Million+ Downloads of their App. By using the code MF1, you can get an exclusive discount of 300 on your first Consultation, only for 199 Rs. 

23. Zoylo

Zoylo is a one-stop solution for your full spectrum of medical services. People can connect with top doctors across specialities, order medicines online, book blood tests, all at the most affordable prices in the market.  

Whether too busy to spend an entire day at the waiting room of the hospital or need a second opinion privately, Zoylo’s teleconsultation has got you covered. Consult with some of the most experienced doctors throughout the country.

Before booking the profile, you can easily check the profile and availability of the Doctor, and schedule an appointment based on your convenience. 

Zoylo takes utter care to ensure the privacy their patients deserve. Some of their value-added services included complete healthcare solutions under one roof, quickly order medicines online, you’ll receive time alerts for appointments and notifications.

Zoylo has amazing deals and discounts on their health care services. 

Zoylo also let you maintain your Electronic medical records; you can access the services of Zoylo in more than 600+ locations throughout India. They offer a wide array of health checkups for the complete family. 

Upload prescription, and get medicines delivered right at your doorstep. If you don’t have the prescription, you can talk to their specialist for FREE. 

24. Docstat

Docstat is definitely amongst India’s largest teleconsultation networks. They have taken online Consultation to a whole level in terms of affordability and accessibility. You promise access to an experienced medical specialist in less than 60 minutes.

Since the inception of Docstat in the year 2016, it has partnered with over 500+ MBBS doctors across the nation, servicing more than one million families, and they have successfully conducted more than 2 million teleconsultations. 

DocStat has also started video consultations. Many times, patients are in need of specialists and don’t know which one is right for them, this is where Docstat’s teleconsultation platform comes into play, connecting the patient to a qualified doctor within minutes.

The dedicated Doctor then connects with the patient for a detailed consultation according to their chosen schedule. 

The interaction between the Doctor and patient happens through DocStat’s patented technology platforms that work seamlessly on a manifold of mobile devices.

What a patient has to tell the Doctor is the symptoms of their health condition, allergies, side effects, previous medications, and complete medical history. Based on all the above information you provide, they’ll issue a digital prescription via DocStat’s platform.

25. eSanjeevani

It is a safe home national OPD. eSanjeevani is a government initiative to get the best healthcare online amidst the coronavirus pandemic. As per the recent data, it has completed over four lakhs teleconsultations since its launch in the month of April.

The eSanjeevani platform is operative in 26 states, and 12,000 listed practitioners of various State government Health Departments. 

“As a digital modality of healthcare services delivery, eSanjeevani is gradually shaping into a parallel stream for the Indian healthcare delivery system with the number of teleconsultations per day on the platform touching the 8,000-mark in the last few days,” the ministry said. 

“The eSanjeevani OPD enables access to OPD services by the patients in the confines of their homes. ESanjeevani OPD has been accepted evenly by both patients and doctors.

Over 100 telemedicine practitioners have completed more than 1,000 teleconsultations, and a few of them have logged over 10,000 consultations. “On the other hand, over 20 per cent patients have used eSanjeevani to consult with doctors for more than once,” the ministry said in its statement.

eSanjeevani services are FREE. You can consult the Doctor over chat and video. 


So, we discussed the top online doctor consultation platforms in India. To choose the best, it is advisable to thoroughly visit the Website of an online platform you find appropriate for you. If you have any queries or doubts, you can directly talk to their customer support team, and get the answer right away. 

I’ve curated a detailed article on ‘How to start an online health consultant business in India‘, please makes sure you check it out, if you are a health practitioner or an online business enthusiast.