How to Create Content for Affiliate Marketing that Sells

In this article, we will explore the ways to create content for affiliate marketing that sells, in great length. We will learn different aspects of content and what makes it good. And also how to start writing content for affiliate marketing that sells.

Creating content for affiliate marketing that sells, is a science and an art at the same time. Content is the backbone of the affiliate marketing business in India. The affiliate marketing business model helps the affiliate to utilize powerful content to influence the buying decision of digital audiences.

What is “Good” content for affiliate marketing?

“A good content for affiliate marketing is something that influences the buying decision of the reader/viewer of the content.”

As simple as it may sound, it is quite an art to master it. In practice, you will need lots and lots of practice to actually master this art.

There are two main aspects of good content for affiliate marketing: 1. Technical and 2. Non-technical.

Aspects of Good Content for Affiliate Marketing

Let’s understand them one by one.

Technical Aspects of good Content

The technical aspects of good content are those which help your content to gain more visibility on the internet via search engines like Google. Your search engine ranking depends mostly on these aspects. So let’s understand them together.

1. Use Content Structures

Search engines such as Google, show search results to a user’s query based on an algorithm. This algorithm supports specific structures of data over others.

For Google these structures are AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) enabled articles, Q&A, Breadcrumbs, Carousels, Review Snippets, and How-to. Using these data structures can make it easy for the algorithm to identify your content to match a user query. 

2. Thoughtful Keyword Placings

The algorithm also works with keywords of a search query from the user. So to target a specific query from a specific user profile, you should try to thoughtfully place keywords in places throughout your posts. Initially choose long-tail keywords with 100 to 1k queries and low competition. This will help you rank faster on search engines and later you can target short-tail keywords.

3. Visual Elements

Visual elements like images, infographics, screenshots, and animations actually are very helpful to get a better ranking on search engines. According to many studies, visual content actually affects the read time of the user on the site and has effects on the engagement.

When you create visuals, make them branded for your site. If you use stock images, make sure it’s relevant to the subject of the article. Use other interesting visuals such as infographics and memes. But don’t do too many of them, because it would distract your user from the main content.

4. Voice Search Optimization

Voice search optimization is one of the latest trends in digital marketing in 2021. Good content for affiliate marketing needs to be optimized for voice search. Especially if the affiliate marketing website is a review website. Because review queries are voice queries in large numbers.

This will benefit in increasing visibility of your content and engage the more relevant audience. You can check out this article from Neil Patel, which describes how to optimize your content for voice search.

5. Embedded Audios and Videos

In affiliate marketing, the more you can connect directly to your users, the more you will gain trust from them. Trust is the key in this business. Using videos to explain your teachings, reviews, and recommendation and actually build your authenticity among your audience. 

You can also use podcasts audio formats to reach your audience on podcast platforms like iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcast. You can simply convert your written content into audio files and publish it as a podcast episode. Or you can create separate podcast shows for your audience which is relevant to the content in your website article. 

6. Plagiarism and Copyright free

Plagiarism is simply an act of stealing someone else’s content and publishing it like your own. To save yourself from creating a bad reputation on the internet, it is suggested to check plagiarism of the content before publishing it online.

Copyright issues are usually related to stock image and their usages. Images, which are copyrighted cannot be used without prior permission from the owner. If you are using images from the internet, make sure you have proper usage permissions, otherwise, it would result in disaster.

Non-technical Aspects of Good Content

Non-technical aspects of good content are those which are important from the user’s point of view. These aspects help your content to make user engagement optimized.

When you have finally got the user’s attention with your SEO efforts, now the time is to convert those users into paying customers. To do so, your content must have the following qualities:

1. Niche Focused

If you have selected a specific niche for your affiliate marketing business, then try to create content that is related to your niche. Niche focused content not only helps in search engine ranking but it also helps in building trust among your visitors. Because they will know that you have expertise in that particular area. And it increases your credibility.

Niche audience has a profile, to come up with niche-focused content ideas, I would suggest you think like your user. Create content around user queries from a niche audience.

Try to solve those queries, to add value to your user’s lives. Remember your user is more than a click and sales. These are human beings with genuine problems and questions. If you solve them, they will love you. 

2. Authentic and Honest

The second characteristic of good content for affiliate marketing is it is authentic and honest in all senses. Affiliate marketing involves the user’s money, they are spending their hard-earned money, on products and services you recommend. So, you should be very honest about your reviews and recommendation.

If you are using other user reviews as your source and don’t have any practical experience with the product, mention it to your readers honestly. Pretending to know about services you didn’t use, can backfire anytime.

3. Engaging and Expressive

With authenticity and honesty, another attribute of good content for affiliate marketing is engaging and expressiveness. It is very important for affiliate marketers to be expressive in creating content, especially for review websites.

Content styles like stories, experiences, and tutorials can be very engaging for specific niche audiences. For example, if your affiliate marketing niche is ‘travel and tourism’ then you can use stories to express your reviews for different travel packages.

4. Quality over Quantity

In the affiliate marketing business, you don’t need to create content in bulk. A handful of articles focusing on your niche with authenticity and honesty can actually bring more sales, than loads of articles with no meaning in it.

Unlike other blogs, affiliate marketing-focused blogs need to provide quality over quantity. Because an article written for review purpose is evergreen.

Once you write reviews about products, there is no need to repeat it again. But it is advised to update those articles from time to time to keep them relevant and ranking worthy. 

5. Educate, don’t promote

Over promotional content can actually harm your affiliate marketing efforts. Rather than focusing on promoting the products, create content that actually helps your users. Learning the dilemma of your user can help you come up with ideas to create the content of educational kind.

This type of content generally includes use cases, how-to-guides, reviews, and product information. Like if you are an affiliate for kitchen appliances, you can choose to share different ways of utilizing those appliances for various kitchen chores.

Or if you are an affiliate for fashion you can choose to share different pairing of outfits with your user. And if you are an affiliate for an online course, you can inform your users about different career options related to the course.

How to Start Writing Good Content for Affiliate Marketing

Now that you know all the technical and non-technical aspects of good content for affiliate marketing that sells, it’s time to start actually writing. Whether you are just beginning with content writing or looking to improve your content writing process, these steps will help you.

1. Explore Ideas

The first step to begin with content writing is about exploring ideas to write about. For this purpose, you can use Google search and explore your niche bloggers and see what they are writing about. Because social media is where people share their lives, you can get ideas by exploring your niche related hashtags on Instagram and Facebook.

Exploring other content may give you an idea about the topic, but it is advised to write your own truth. Another way to come up with ideas is by experiencing products and services for yourself. And share your experiences and how that product added value into your life.

2. Research Keywords

Once you have finalized your ideas, now research keywords related to your subject and your niche. For doing keyword research you can use free tools like Uber Suggest and Google Keyword Planner. Choose keywords that are with medium competition and high search volume.

In the beginning, you can choose to target long-tail keywords such as ‘How to accessorize a Black dress?’ or ‘Where can I find genuine leather boots online?’ These keywords have low competition and are easy to rank for.

3. Practice to Perfect

Writing is not everyone’s strong pursuit. But practice can lead you to perfection. If you’re not creative at writing, that’s ok. You can master the process by dividing the whole article into parts and organizing them. A standard article has the following sections:

  1. Context (Intro)
  2. Main Block
  3. Summary 
  4. FAQs

But if you think you are a creative writer, you can write whatever feels right to you. You can also write your content in story format.

4. Be Consistent in Posting

Choose the frequency of posting at your convenience, but be consistent and schedule your posting accordingly.  Don’t share just for sake of posting, write what you feel like will help your readers. You can schedule your posts around major national or international events as well.

Analyze the behavior of your audience like how much time they spend in reading your article, what devices are they using and what time of the week they take time to read. Mold your posting schedule to your reader’s behavior.

5. Take Help if Needed

Taking help from professional writers can help you grow in the initial journey as an affiliate marketer. You can consult with already successful affiliate marketers. I’m sure they will be happy to help you on your journey.

Apart from professionals, you can also use online content writing tools like Grammarly for grammar and Power Thesaurus.

6. Create Content Strategy

Creating content for affiliate marketing needs a strong strategy behind it. Your strategy should be according to your niche and it’s products. Before you delve into actual writing, it’s good to have preset goals for your content creation strategy like what amount of content you wanna create, what platforms you are going to use to publish your content and what kind of promotional strategies are you going to use.


  • Good content for affiliate marketing can be defined as the kind of content that has the power to influence the buying decisions of a reader, such as use cases and reviews.
  • There are two aspects of good content 1. Non-technical and 2. Technical Aspects.
  • Non-technical aspects of good content are 1. Niche Focused 2. Authentic and Honest 3. Quality over quantity 4. Educational not promotional.
  • The technical aspects of good content are 1. Use Content Structures, 2. Thoughtful Keyword Placings, 3. Visual elements, 4. Voice search optimization, 5. Embedded Audios and Videos, 6. Plagiarism and Copyright-free.
  • To write content for affiliate marketing that sells you can follow these steps:
  1. Explore Ideas
  2. Research Keywords
  3. Practice to Perfect
  4. Be Consistent in Posting
  5. Take Help if Needed


How do you create unique content?

Unique content are personal experiences mostly. If you want to create unique content for your affiliate marketing business, go look on Quora. Find most asked questions with high views and check if your competitive affiliate has it covered or not. Then write a post around solving that query in detail.

How do I start writing content?

If you want to begin your journey in content writing for affiliate marketing, you can start from researching your niche. Search for people who are writing content for your niche. Check if they are missing on something, or if there is a lack of detailed information about your niche products and services. Get creative and be genuine, practice and take help. You will be able to write in a few months of practice.

What is spammy content?

Spammy content is basically created to decieve readers and spread misinformation to lead them to pay for something stupid. You can recognize spammy content with unnecessary keyword stuffing and misleading subject lines.