Well Researched List of 50 Most Trending Best Dropshipping Products In India

It is not easy to sell products online especially if you are new to e-commerce in India. It can be a difficult task for you, as it requires to fill your inventory with a high quantity of products, and manage warehouses.

So, what can be the possible solution to this problem? Dropshipping, yes you heard it right. In this article we are talking about best products you can choose for a dropshipping business in India.

According to market report from Grand View Research, Dropshipping is set to reach USD 557. 9 Billion by 2025 with 28.8% CAGR.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an e-commerce business model, which helps entrepreneurs to sell products without any need of carrying an inventory.

You can do this with ordering products from suppliers, whenever the customer places an order, which will directly ship products to the customer doorstep. It eliminates the cost of purchasing products and maintenance of warehouses to store them.

The starting cost of dropshipping is less than the old fashion eCommerce business, where inventory you need to store inventory in advance until the customer places an order. 

It is a simple way to start your entrepreneur journey with very little financial risk. Here, instead of focusing on inventory, you can focus on generating traffic in your online store and sales, and the best part is that you can continue this business without leaving your job till it starts generating a large number of sales. 

In case you haven’t check it out already, I’ve curated a full length article on ‘How to Start a Dropshipping Business in India‘, I suggest you read it thoroughly.

It seems easy to start a dropshipping business, is it? Yes or No. Well, the answer lies in your product value in the marketplace.

The customer response to your product decides your success or failures, so the selection of products becomes more important to you as it has the key to determine your demand in the market. 

So, what kind of products should one select for dropshipping business in India? It can be a trending product or niche product.

A person should make a selection after analyzing the market, but for beginners, the best way to test several products is to select products within a particular niche.

However, focus on one or two products at the beginning from a particular niche instead of many, because if your selected niche product doesn’t perform well, it can waste your efforts.

It is also recommended that your product should be a niche specific as well as trending, which increases the success rate.

Best Trending Dropshipping Niches You Can Pick Products From in India

1. Tech Supplies

If we see present circumstances in the world, the use of traditional desktop seems to be on the decline as most people shifted to mobile devices like tablets, mobile phones, laptop computers, etc.

It seems that these mobile devices, drones, and their parts & accessories are tech products with high demand today as well as will remain tomorrow.

Research also shows that people living in developed countries are likely to shift to 3D products in the next few years. 

It is also seen that there is a rise in sales of drones and camera’s in the recent period, which will simultaneously boost the sale of their parts and accessories as well.

2. Pet Supplies

Today’s, millions of households around the world are having pets, and these numbers will increase in the future also. It will generate demands for their food and accessories as well.

In this niche, new entrants should mostly focus on dog supplies which have a huge market share, and there is also a vast variety of supplies available in the market for dogs in which some are quite popular like dog food and medicines, dog shampoo, and conditioner, Dog clothes, toys for puppies, food and water bowl, dog collars.

3. Women’s clothing and Accessories

It may shock you, Why I included women’s clothing?. There is huge competition in this sector, but still, there is some gap in this market.

There are sub-niches present in this sector which we can look afterward like Inmates, which was the top category in dropshipping niches in 2017 and 2018.

Same in countries like India, where there is no such big competition in fashionable swimwear with unique cuts and various colors, which can prove profitable in the long run.

Even in accessories, products like scarfs, hair bands, and gloves come under the sub-niches market. Normally, it is sold at lower prices but it can turn out to be beneficial if it is sold in large volumes. 

4. Babies and Kids

One should know that while selling products related to babies and children, you are indirectly selling products to parents as well.

Food for children for babies can help in engaging with parents who can ultimately purchase your products for ensuring that their children eat healthy in the market.

Different varieties of baby food without any adulterations and chemicals & colors can win the trust of the parents.

5. Lifestyles Niche

For spicing up daily life, people normally engage with various products in their daily uses. There is a wide variety of products available in this category. This includes products from their personal liking, passion, and hobbies. 

This category needs a little bit of research where you need to find various products that are used by people in your geographical area and add some value to the life of users. Otherwise, products will not create demand if your region doesn’t have users of these products.

6. Party Supplies

In this age of social media, Parties are becoming more extravagant and happening more often than ever. Here, you can help with supplies related to the party, which can be less costly to one if someone buys a product in bundles.

7. Jewellery

In the unisex category, Jewelry always comes at the top. From bracelets to earrings, necklaces, and many more, if it is made with good quality and designs, you will definitely find someone looking for these items.

Moreover, the Best part is that it has high demand although the year and has a high margin of profit as well. But, this sector has more competition as compared to others.

Above, We have seen that kind of products can be used in drop shipping which is widely in use with huge market growth, as well as profitable. If it is marketed by a person in a good manner. 

Most Trending Best Dropshipping Products In 2021

Here, let’s discuss different types of products that can be beneficial for people in India to start dropshipping with. These product varieties will be based on past performance and their market share, their present need, and their requirements in the upcoming year also.

1. Mask

Due to COVID-19, wearing a mask has become the rule in India as well as all over the world, hence its demand is an all-time high, but there are many manufacturers as well.

Here, one can focus on a niche area that is a designer mask, which has a limited presence in the market. People will happily buy these masks for parties as well as for their offices.

2. Scented Hand Sanitizer : 

Covid-19 also increases the sale of sanitizer in the market, but the smells of sanitizers are awful. Here, you can do dropshipping for sanitizer with fragrance which can make you different from sellers of sanitizer and target premium hotels, restaurants & lounges, malls, etc.

There are some brands in the market that are selling hand sanitizer with extract of sandalwood, Litchi oil etc.

3. Infrared Thermometer :

Keeping stock of infrared thermometers wouldn’t make you lose these days almost every office, restaurant, hospitals, malls, etc. are not giving entry to people without checking their body temperature. The profit margin on these products is also high enough.

4. Printed socks :

Printed socks have a very niche market as most people like to wear simple-looking socks, but still many people are there who always like to try out of the box things. 

Targeting the right audience and Proper marketing during the festival season especially Christmas can help you get in-stock clearance.

5. Tote Bags

These days bags are also becoming status symbols as they work well as an add-on on the style of person and also not expensive.

Tote bags are a big example of this they are useful in offices as well as parties. It has a lot of scope in varieties in design.

6. Charging Cables

Today, every mobile company has come up with their own different pins in charging cable, it made it hard for us to find your chargers at other places. So, here we can use all in one charging cable where you will get every pin.

7. Posture Corrector Belt

In colleges and offices, while sitting the whole day in bad posture, people are starting to have problems in their back and neck, which can be resolved easily by a posture corrector belt.

Even in the UK, about 70% of office goers have a back pain problem. These problems are also present in India as well due to sitting in bad posture. There is also no big brand competition present in this sector.

8. Car Phone Holder

Most drivers face problems using google maps while driving cars. To solve such problems, people have started using car phone holders, specially designed holders that match with car interiors as well.

Such a product has a wide scope of dropshipping as many car drivers of Ola and Uber also started using it.

9. Scalp Massager

Do remember days where messages were normally done through hands, But today, technology has replaced it with massagers machines. 

We are expecting rise in the global massager market by 6 percent between 2017 and 2021. 

10. Fitness Bands  

In 2020, People started becoming more aware of the importance of fitness. Many started to take it seriously by measuring it through fitness bands. 

These fitness bands can help people for measuring heart rate, several steps and distance traveled.

These bands have a good margin as well as dropshipping in 2020.

11. Artificial Flower

Decoration with artificial flowers is way much cheaper in any function than the decoration of actual flowers.

Moreover, it can be supplied to far distances and can be reused many times as well. So, one who is planning to start dropshipping, it’s a good option to start with.

12. Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers have seen vast growth in demand in recent periods of time and still, its future seems pretty good as it is expected to grow by 11 percent in coming years, & would be difficult for anyone dropping it in the dropshipping product list. 

13. Phone Lenses

Phone lenses are one of the items which are not drop-shipped by many people. It can be one niche for anyone who wants to start with this product. 

14. RFID Wallets

RFID wallets are new-age wallets, which protect chips of credit cards from digital devices used by fraudsters. It has a huge market opportunity in the future due to security concerns. It is expected to grow around 8% from 2017 to 2021.

15. Waterproof Shoe Protectors

Waterproof shoe protectors have very limited use, it normally gained its demand on rainy days. A drop shipper can have this product on his list.

16. LED Strip Lights

The scope of LED strip lights for decoration purposes is increasing as its uses are increasing day by day. You can install it anywhere easily like highlighting certain areas or wrapping around some objects. 

17. Projectors

Projectors normally come at high prices, which have limited sales, but their profit margin is also high. Due to COVID-19, theatres are closed, so it’s an opportunity for a person to place it in front of the right audience in the market.

18. Sleepwear

Designed sleepwear especially for young girls, has a good market value, where you can have your own market share by offering fresh design in the market.

19. Feminist T-Shirt

Being a feminist has become a trend in India. Many girls want to participate in this revolution and make others aware of this movement.

It can be done by giving messages through printing on T-shirts. Here, you can target any particular rally where you can sell your t-shirts in bulk, while you can also target individual ladies.

20. Moon Lamp

Moon lamp is a replica of the moon itself and has gained popularity on social media sites recently. A dropshipper can use this trend to convert it into monetary value.

21. Phone Cases

The phone cases market is very huge as even many people usually have 2 to 3 cases for their phones and will keep on increasing as the demand for phones increases.

However, competition in this market is huge as well. So, it becomes necessary for someone to offer fresh designs.

22. Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are very much useful when luggage gets exchanged with anyone, or misplaced anywhere. Details given in Luggage tags help in finding the original owners of luggage.

It has its niche market and a person operating in a niche market can have it on his list.

23. Stainless Steel Straws

As people are getting more environmentally friendly, they are moving away from plastic. Here, you can give them options for steel straws that are not widely in use and will make you differentiate from other drop shippers. Also, they are not expensive. 

24. Laundry Basket

Almost every household has use of laundry baskets. Moreover, people started buying designed baskets as well. So, here if you can offer something new, people will purchase your product blindly.

24. Facial Masks

Facial masks demand has risen high in the past few years. People have started experimenting with many substances for their oily skin and dry skin and so on.

It’s expected value to reach about $37 billion by 2020.

25. Sports Bras

Sports bras are normally termed as “new age T-shirt”, But from its name, you will assume it is used only in sports.

However, its demand in millennials is increasing day by day, and data shows that 4 out of every 10 millennials wear it within a week.

26. Solar Powered Toys

Solar-powered toys are new generation toys which are backed by solar cells and replace old batteries. The demand for these new generations’ toys is less today, but it’s increasing year by year.

Here, dropshippers can start selling it through their store, and this would help them in the future.

27. Home Security

The global value of home security in 2014 was $28.3 billion, many believe that this figure would touch $48 billion by 2020.

So, it’s a huge market with good profit margins, which dropshipper shouldn’t ignore.

28. Foldable Water Bottle

According to experts, the market of global reusable water bottles will grow to a CAGR of around 4% during the period 2020-30.

Many countries also restricted their laws of plastic use. That’s why, these foldable water bottles can be boon as it is reusable, and can be folded once it becomes empty.

29. Wireless Chargers

The wireless charger has its limited demand for now, but with the way changes in phone technology is happening these days, surely it will replace wire chargers.

Keep in mind the future demand for this product, one can keep it in his store.

30. Reusable Shopping Bag

Taking an environmentally friendly approach, many people started to avoid polythene bags for shopping, and replacing them with paper bags, but still, this is not the ultimate solution.

Reusable shopping bags come with better options which we can reuse for shopping many times. 

31. Paper Clips

Paper clips are widely used in offices as well as by students, but the only drawback of this low priced product is its profit margin. For earning higher returns, dropshippers focus should be on bulk sales.

32. Stationery Kit

Instead of focusing on Single Stationery products, dropshippers can make kits of these products which include a pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, stapler & its pin, cutter, and rubber bands, and so on. 

Supplying these products in a kit can improve overall profit margins, and also solve problems of companies by getting every product inside one kit. 

33. Men’s Toiletries

Men’s toiletries normally come in demand during the traveling season, but still, it’s worth selecting it. Here you can offer products like deodorants, Cologne, Body wash, and shaving kits.

34. Resistance Rubber Band

Many people don’t have time for the gym, so they opt for other options like a home workout, or training in parks. Here, people can use resistance rubber bands for exercises, which can be anywhere.

Experts predicted that this market would grow around 12 percent between 2018 and 2022.

35. Yoga Mat

In a recent period of time, Yoga has become a new cool thing in the fitness industry. Awareness of yoga also increases sales of yoga mats. 

The market value of the yoga mat industry is expected to reach $2.35 billion by the end of 2025, which is good news for new dropshippers as it is an emerging market.

36. Yoga Leggings

Yoga leggings are no longer just for yoga, it’s usage is increasing in jogging, exercising, and even in offices.

On many lists, it’s one of the high sold products in recent years.

37. LED Collar for Pets

The Pet wardrobe industry is in booming mode, and a new addition is an LED collar for pets. It’s a safe option for pets as well, because it doesn’t heat up, and lasts much longer than others.

38. Pets Toys

It’s a niche market where new dropshippers can enter. It’s an emerging market that will definitely boom in the future.

39. Swimsuits

You will find many swimsuit makers globally,  but in India, it’s still in a developing phase. Here, you can offer well-designed swimsuits in different designs and colors that look fresh in the eyes of customers.

40. Unisex Clothes

Unisex fashion is becoming a new entry in the fashion industry and is widely promoted by celebrities as well. Its main purpose was to offer clothes that are suitable for males and females.

41. Movie Canvas

Movies have no boundaries all over the world, and many fans are obsessed with their favorite actors and movies. Once you start targeting the right audience, you can easily sell these movie posters without any hassle.

42. Air Purifier

An air purifier is a device that is used to remove impurities from the air surrounding the room. In countries like India, it is useful as we have many cities on the list of most polluted cities in the world.

It’s market size around the world about to touch $7.3 billion by 2025, with annual growth of 8.2%

43. Baby Carriers

Babies accessories have been increasing for a long time, especially baby carriers demand, and its market is expected to hit near around $623 million with a growth rate of around 4 percent.

44. Board Games

Board games demand rises in 2020 because of quarantine, and it helps families to get entertained in their homes. Profit margins are also attractive in board games.

45. Vaporizers and E-cigarettes

It’s a belief among the crowd that vaping is less harmful than cigarettes, and it can be customized in different flavors. It’s a growing industry that is estimated to reach a $48 billion mark worldwide by 2023. 

46. Sleeping Bags

Sleep bags are normally used by travelers, where it offers space for a single person to sleep under harsh conditions.

Sleeping Bags can also be used in the home for kids.

47. Portable Mini Air Conditioner

It is one of the best dropshipping products that sell in countries that experience warm temperatures.

Before setting a margin for this product, you need to know that it’s a seasonal product, and the timing to promote this product should be right.

48. Detox Products

Although this category has been growing slowly in the recent period of time, suddenly this industry has seen in recent 1 to 2 years, and as people are getting enthusiastic towards health goals, more people would opt for detox products.

49. Drones and Accessories

Having a variety of drones and all accessories on your list is a great niche. It’s a $5 billion industry already, and still showing good signs for the future.

Target customers are mostly travelers or vloggers, but still, you can target local audiences as well.

50. Eyelashes Extensions

It is expected that this industry will grow around 4 percent annually by 2023, and it’s a great niche in the fashion industry.

So, what are your choices?

Above we have seen some best dropshipping products which you can have in your list. Now it’s up to you how you can benefit from this product.

Just remember, final selection should be based on proper research of products and its demand in your demography.

While researching, some basic points to be considered before the final selection :

  • Your Products should be unique
  • Must have good margins to have healthy earning
  • It should not be easily available nearby shops and must be difficult to find anywhere else


This list of best 50 dropshipping products in India will give you the opportunity to have good earnings. But, Measuring demand for a product is important in starting as there are many competitors in the marketplace selling their products.

So firstly, there is a need for proper research before the final selection of products which can be done through Google keyword tools, Google trends, measuring competition for your product, etc.

It can help in approaching the right kind of audience from where we can generate sales.