How to Start Affiliate Marketing Without a Website in India – 8 Practical Ways

Affiliate marketing has become a trending income source for youth. One of the most searched questions on Google is ‘how to start affiliate marketing without a website’. If you are also curious to know the right answer to this question, the answer is: Yes.

Yes, folks, you can become an affiliate marketer without having a website. In this post, you will be introduced to the most common ways to start affiliate marketing without a website and making money. Get the first commission through selling your affiliate products in these ways.

start affiliate marketing without a website

Why should you have a website for affiliate marketing business in India? – This is Important

Before we get familiar with the ways you can start affiliate marketing without a website, you should know something important about why you should have a website to start Affiliate Marketing. This basic concept of affiliate marketing will be helpful.

You can promote affiliate product links in various different ways. If you’re promoting affiliate links on other online platforms, then it’s up to them to promote these links. They might choose to ban or close down your affiliate links.

For example, the online platforms you will use to promote affiliate links will be a property you rented. You are not the owner of that website.

Therefore, if you own a website and do affiliate marketing with it, it protects your income source. It will be up to you only to choose the products to sell on your website.

You should have a long term goal for affiliate marketing that you would want to achieve. It can be achieved with your own website. If you have a website, then it’s easier to drive traffic to your site from search engines.

Now, let’s look at effective ways on how to do affiliate marketing without a website in India.

First, Basic Info About Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to earn money online in India. In affiliate marketing, you get a commission by selling products from merchants.

You join online affiliate programs from these merchants like Amazon to get affiliate links for different products. Later on, you can promote these affiliate product links on your website.

If your audience buys the desired products through your affiliate links, then you will get a specified commission for that sell. You don’t have to worry about overheads of shipping, packaging, and managing the inventory.

Affiliate marketers earn thousands of dollars as a commission on the sales that they generate. In the affiliate marketing business, you don’t need to have a huge amount of traffic to earn money.

Even if you are getting 100 users on a single day on your website can also get a good lead. Now, let’s discuss ways to start affiliate marketing without a website one by one:

1. Posting on Forums and Online Communities

Forums and online community sites have a huge amount of traffic. Create your profile on the forums sites and provide people valuable information about your products.

For example, Quora is one of the best platforms where people search for answers to product-related questions. You can join in with your Gmail account and start working from today.

Ensure that your profile is genuine. Don’t write spammy content on these portals. If your content is flagged or marked as spammed then, these forums and online communities can ban or delete your account permanently. Therefore read the policies before joining the forums and follow accordingly.

When you’re building a strong online community and gaining good attention from them, at that time it will be fruitful for you to share your affiliate product links with them.

But try to promote products that are of reliable quality as well as useful to your viewers. It builds trust and transparency between you and your audience.

Another good point I want to tell you is that you should try to answer those questions related to your niche. When you get high authority on forums sites, then Users also consider you. 

If they feel that the product you are promoting fulfills their requirements and solves their problems within their budget, then they’d like to buy it.

The first key to being successful in affiliate marketing is to build a solid relationship and establish trust among your niche audience.

When you are successful in building a strong relationship you can start promoting products and exclusive deals to them. Give people a reason to trust your recommendations, it goes a long way in being a successful affiliate marketer.

2. Utilize Social Media Platform/Advertisement

If you have a huge crowd on a social media platform, you can start promoting your affiliate products or services that your followers might be searching for.

You should make strong profiles on social media platforms. Join Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest to promote your affiliate products to your audience.

Check out the pro tips to use social media for the affiliate marketing business.

1. Create a Facebook Page

Facebook has millions of users. You should create a Facebook fan page and start paid advertisements to promote the product affiliate links. But you should not post affiliate links only. If you post affiliate links only, then Facebook can block that link or account.

2. YouTube Channel

youtube affiliate marketing channel

If you are comfortable showing your face on camera, then you can create your YouTube channel and talk about your interest. On your YouTube channel, you can start reviewing products and share affiliate links in your video description.

To record your video, there are various recorders available. You can use Screencast O’Matic or Loom, which are free video screen recorders.

3. Using Hubpages

If you don’t have a blog to publish your content, then Hubpages is one of the best platforms where you can start writing.

You can start writing good content for viewers. The only thing you should keep in mind is that published content can be removed at any time by Hubpages authority.

If you don’t read and follow their guidelines carefully and provide the original high-quality content on their platform, Then they have full rights to delete or ban your account at any time.

4. Create Viral E-books

Affiliate marketing can be done in various ways. Creating a Viral E-book and embedding your affiliate products link into it is one of the best ways to sell affiliate products.

When somebody clicks on your affiliate links in the ebook and makes a purchase, you get the commission.

It sounds easy in theory, but writing 30-40 pages isn’t easy in practice. You will have to invest your time to write a quality e-book and provide real value to your audience.

Don’t compromise with the quality of content and don’t just stuff affiliate links, instead try to provide valuable information.

If you are honest about what you are providing and try to help people, they will also reciprocate the trust towards your recommendation and buy stuff from your affiliate links.

To learn more about using e-books to grow affiliate marketing business, check out this article – Can I put affiliate links in Kindle e-books?

5. Utilize PPC Advertisements

PPC (Paid advertisements) affiliate marketing is the fastest way to see the result. But you will need to invest to run your advertisement to target specific users. Most affiliate marketers use PPC advertisements to sell their affiliate products.

If you want to use PPC advertising then Google Ads and Facebook Ads are two great platforms. You can create an ad according to targeted keywords and run it. When anyone clicks on your ad, you will have to pay a fee.

PPC for affiliate marketing

There are many advantages in using pay per click advertisements but if you are new and running PPC ads without a website, there are several drawbacks.

Like if you are advertising products of poor merchant sites, then it will increase your ad expenses. Suppose that multiple affiliate marketers are advertising for the same products and deals, then your advertisements can be cancelled or deleted.

As a new affiliate marketer, you will have plenty of chances to learn from your mistakes and improve your game. Without a website, you will need an attentive approach for PPC advertising to make it worthy of your investments and risk.

6. Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a great way to start affiliate marketing without a website. If you have email subscribers that are interested in hearing from you, then it can be quite beneficial for your affiliate marketing efforts.

For email marketing, you will have to build a list of email subscribers interested in your content. You might have come across websites that ask their readers to submit their emails so that they can send updates and newsletters.

email marketing

Now you have a question in your mind, how do you build an email list without a website?

There are vendors that provide sign up form their services. You won’t need any website to drive traffic towards your sign up form. You can advertise through paid marketing on social media platforms.

You will have to convince people to share their email addresses. You can email them a free tutorial guide that is helpful for them. You can also email them access to your ebooks.

Once you’ve collected a list of email subscribers, you can start promoting your affiliate products by sending emails regularly.

7. Web 2.0 Site

Web 2.0 can be a great place to start affiliate marketing without a website. You can create a profile and publish content on Web 2.0 sites like Medium, Google Sites, Apsense, and Blogspot. These are free platforms where you can promote your affiliate products in the blog posts.

Medium has nearly 100 million traffic and high domain authority on Google. You can work regularly to create content so that it can rank on the Google search engine.

While writing on Medium, inform your viewers about affiliate links. Follow the guidelines of these platforms. If you don’t, then moderators can delete or permanently ban your account.

If you want to build a website for free, then you can build it on Blogger.  It’s a self-hosted platform by Google. If you work with consistency, then you can drive traffic to your Blogger site.

8. Retargeting

Affiliate marketers work for merchants who want to use performance-based marketing techniques. Retargeting is a way of online marketing for showing an ad in front of audiences that abandoned your website after visiting it once.

For these websites, you can run the retargeting paid ad campaigns and if someone completes a purchase, you will get a commission.

use retargetting

The CTR for retargeting is 10 times higher than regular ads, which makes it better for you as the affiliate marketers. Because, for the same ad expenses, you will get 10 times more sales.

Retargeting is used mostly in product based websites. E-Commerce is an example of using retargeting. For example, when you visit an eCommerce store and leave that website without making a purchase, then your information is tracked using a tracking pixel.

After you leave, using this tracked information retargeted product ads will be shown to you on different sites if you play a video on YouTube or search for something on Google or browse through your Facebook wall.

Can we do affiliate marketing without a website?

Yes, you can do affiliate marketing without a website. Below are the ways for that:

1. Post on Forums and Online Communities
2. Social Media Platform
– Facebook
– Instagram
– YouTube Channel
3. Hubpages  
4.Create a Viral E-book
5. PPC Affiliate Marketing
6. Email Marketing
7. Web 2.0 Site (Google Site and Blogger, Medium)
8. Retargeting

Can I be an Amazon affiliate without a website?

Yes, you can become an Amazon affiliate without a website. If you have your YouTube channel, then you can join the Amazon affiliate program.  To become an Amazon Associate, you have to clear 3 qualified sales in 6 months.

How long does it take to be a successful affiliate marketer?

There is no time period to get success in Affiliate Marketing. But I would like to suggest that you should invest at least 12 months to see the desired results.