About Us

What We Stand For

OBI- Online Business In India is a brain and heart child of thinkers and doers. Who wants to share the knowledge and learning about starting an online business in India, to the go-getters of the world. We stand with our tagline- Learn. Start. Grow. We are here to learn and share that learning with you. When you start chasing your dreams, it makes us happy. So, YOU are the center of our universe.

Our Vision

We envision OBI as a platform for knowledge and guidance for everyone who is looking to build a successful online business. We are building a community of online business nerds and marketing geeks, a community of entrepreneurial minds, who are ready to share their experiences.  So that OBI becomes a synonym for ‘Success in online business in India.’

Our Mission

We believe there is an opportunity for everyone to be successful in online business. These opportunities are mostly in front of us, and we don’t even realize. The increase in online engagement with technological advancement has given us a way to learn and share. Our mission is to become a magnifying glass for all those seekers who want to make it big in online business in India.

How We Make It Happen

We learn, we make mistakes, we improve, we succeed and then repeat. The creation is as beautiful as the creator’s vision. Inspired by the following quote-

” As we look ahead into the next century, Leaders will be those who empower others.”

The information we gather for you goes through a refined process, to ensure authenticity and usefulness.


Explore this website to learn about online business opportunities that match your profession and your passion. Slowly but steadily we will make this a one-stop platform for every resource you will need to build a successful business.

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