8 Types Of Digital Content For Online Business in India

Everything that is happening online is because of the different types of digital content. I bet you’ve heard this quote ‘Content is king’. Ever wondered what this quote actually mean? You are watching that new movie trailer- content. You looked for movie reviews- what you found is a website that has relevant content to your query.

Content is the heart and soul of the internet. If a business wants to grow online, content is the most important thing that needs to be done right. While businesses use content to grow online, digital content creation itself is a huge business opportunity, which anyone with good writing skills can start immediately. 

The demand for digital content is ever-growing, and there is no slowing down. Let’s learn about the 8 types of digital content that can be created to make a very profitable online business in India.

What is Digital Content?

Digital Content refers to a piece of information that can be created, published and distributed using digital media like web or social media platforms and can be consumed by the digital audiences.

This piece of information can be anything from a simple FaceBook post to detailed research, audio files, videos, live streaming, downloadable PDFs and Ebooks.’

Types of Digital Contents

Different typesof digital content creation

To do anything online, content is the key. And trust me, digital content creation isn’t as easy as it seems. That is why it is a huge business if you consider yourself a ‘creative person’. People who started creating different types of digital content like blogs and videos on the internet a decade ago are now earning in millions.

The need for content is still there and growing as the day passes. If we see the statics from the last two years, over 2.5 quintillion bits of data are added on the internet every day.  There are multiple types of digital content you can create for the online audience. Like:


Blogging contributes to a huge part of the online business economy. ‘Blog’ is a shortened version of ‘weblog’, which means a website that provides updated content on a particular subject (niche) on a regular basis. The format of this information can be conversational or informal. Blogging has become popular for the last 5-6 years. 

How to know if blogging is right for you? Well, answer these simple questions:

  1. Are you really good at something and can talk about that topic endlessly?
  2. Can you sit in a chair for hours and write?

If your answer to these questions is a yes, you should note this idea down. There are so many ways bloggers make money online. There are different types of blogs you can start writing and become a blogger like:

  1. Personal Blogger – Where you can share your opinions, personal experiences.
  2. Business Blogger – generally businesses use blogs to show their expertise to the online audience.
  3. Niche Blogger – Bloggers who write about a specific niche are called niche blogger like Neil Patel, who writes blogs about digital marketing.
  4. Affiliate Blog – These blogs are generally educative about some products or services and reviews.
  5. Video Blogger (Vlog) – Bloggers who use video as blogging media are called vloggers.
  6. Freelance Blogger – These kinds of bloggers don’t have any specific platform, but they write for other platforms like news portals, entertainment sites, or youtube channels. 


Every other brand is looking to prove that its product or services are the best in the industry. The best way to prove is to spread word-of-mouth. 65% of online shoppers will go and look for reviews of a product online before making a decision to buy that product.

Do your friends take your advice before buying a new smartphone or dress? ( You must enjoy all that attention they give you.)Then this can be exactly the online business idea you are looking for. Writing reviews and creating review videos online can make a very profitable business.

Ones your audience starts growing, companies will pay you a handsome amount of money to review their products and services. And you will also get a lot of free goodies! Sounds exciting! Isn’t it?

Always remember to be very honest with your reviews. People will truly benefit from your reviews and recommendations. It will also help brands to make improvements in their products. Blogs are the best way to start writing reviews.

But if you want to start small, you can join any online review community or a survey site. The sites like ReviewStream provide a wide range of products and services which you can review and make money online. 

Images/ Photos

If you are a photographer or a graphic designer, who enjoys creating images and vectors than this can be a very profitable business idea that you can build online. Images are the most useful visual content and there is always a constant demand.

Everyone from large scale businesses to individual bloggers looking for images and vectors online. The largest audience is bloggers and small to medium businesses.

There are multiple ways to sell your images online. While creating your own website to sell stock images is the best way, you can also sell your images on other big-stock websites like Adobe Stock, Shutter Stock, and Alamy Or you can choose to sell your creative work on Etsy.

Though Etsy is not the most common place to look for stock images, it still has a large audience than most stock websites. With the right kind of marketing, you can actually make a good amount of money with this online business idea. 


Video content is one of the most valued types of digital content on the internet these days. It is the most effective and popular way of communicating the content to the digital audience. You must have heard the stories on video entrepreneurs who made millions with their videos online.

While YouTube is one of the top platforms to make money with videos, there are a bunch of other ways you can monetize your videos easily.

There are three ways your videos can make money for you:

  1. For the content
  2. For the audience
  3. Affiliate Selling of products  


If you are from an educational background like a teacher, professor or research scholar and looking to start a profitable online business in India, e-book writing and selling may be exactly the idea you are looking for.

For those who don’t know what an e-book is, it is an electronic version of a book. This electronic version of books (e-books) can be published, distributed and downloaded over the internet.

Even if you are not from the educational background but you consider yourself really good at your professional expertise or any other subjects, you can choose to write and publish an ebook and make a profit when people read your ebook.

Creative writers like story writers, poets, and fiction writers can also choose to create an ebook and make money online. 

There are several ways to publish e-books online, creating a website or landing page, can be the best among them. However, if you don’t want to make the initial investment of building a website, self-publishing with Amazon Kindle will be an equally effective and profitable way to publish an ebook online. 


Do you remember how many times did you Google Search about ‘ How to do something?’ Probably a lot. This goes with everyone. The major section of google queries is ‘ how to’ queries.

So if you think you are really good at something like fixing electronics, using different software, cooking or maybe you are really good at making friends with cats (which I could never figure out myself) you can start sharing that expertise with others using different online means like videos, how-to guides, and blogs. Or you can create a course around that particular subject and sell that online.

Once you create a satisfying amount of online audience for your tutorials, you can start giving private tuitions, coachings or sessions to those who need. 


You might think how can someone start an online business by creating memes? Ask yourself, don’t you enjoy those really cute Baby Yoda memes? Won’t you follow that Instagram page related to cute cat videos instantly? If your answer is yes, think about how large the audience is for those memes? Yes, Right.

Huge. and every kind of online audience is significant if it is put to good use. If you are unaware, all huge brands like Netflix, Uber, Disney and use these memes for marketing from time to time.

If you are really funny and very good at creating ROFL kind of memes, you can showcase your talent online by using social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

If you grow to a significant amount of audience than you can redirect this audience to any affiliate account or your website. You can also offer meme marketing services to brands who are looking for it.

Memes are a great way to interact with an online audience and if done right, memes marketing can give significant exposure for brands.

While it entertains the customers, it also creates brand awareness. Humour is the best way to win hearts, whether you are trying to impress your date or your customers. 


What is a podcast?

‘Podcast word is a portmanteau of iPod and Broadcast. This refers to a series of digital audio and video files that can be broadcasted using electronic medium and internet and available for online users for downloading.’

In current times, podcasts, especially video podcasts are being popular and young people are actually enjoying them. Just like blogging/vlogging, podcasts are direct interaction with the audience.

Voice over artists, Radio Jockey and anyone with good speaking skills can start creating podcasts. Once you grow a relevant audience over your channel, you can start creating sponsored podcasts for different PR agencies.

There is more than one way to make money with podcasts. Some affiliates also use podcasts as a platform to engage with their targeted audience. By providing reviews and recommendations. The content of podcasts should be entertaining, educating and clear. 


  1. The digital content is a piece of information that is generated to be distributed over digital media. The main types of digital content are blogs, images, memes, podcasts, ebooks, tutorials, videos, and reviews.
  2. The demand for digital content is ever-growing, there is no slow down. Content creators are building online businesses solely by creating and distributing different types of digital content over the internet.
  3. There is more than one way to earn money by creating digital content. You can get paid for the content, you can charge for the audience of your content and you can also start an affiliate marketing business, these are few of them. 


What are some tips to create digital content creation?

Digital content is there to solve queries of the people on the internet. The first tip would be to create content that solves those queries. To create digital content do online research and find out what people are writing under your chosen niche. Quora can be a very useful platform to generate content ideas.

How can one make money starting a blog?

There are multiple ways of making money by starting a blog. Such as Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, sponsored advertising, and promoting your own products and services. How much money you would make will depend on the amount of traffic and nature of the audience.

I want to do content writing. I am good at English. What skills should I be focusing on?

To get started with content writing you will need to start reading and researching your niche. Write down your thoughts and ideas and learn to organize them. I would suggest you learn SEO as well because, in the end, your content needs to be put in front of the audience. It all comes down to keep writing, the more you write the more you will learn.